Factory Built Homes

Jim: There’s truly advantages in building in
a factory we do the same work with the same people in the same location all the time so we’re not moving crews from one
site to another. We never worry about the weather, we have heat when we need heat we have cool we need
cool and the controlled environment makes the
construction better. Because we do the same work in
the same locations we have to right tooling in every
location and because we’re repeating processes over
and over again we have the opportunity to create jigs and that jig will, on a wall, will square it up. It will ensure the proper spacing and
wall studs is in place. Those are all things that we
capitalize on. We also have a roof. We have abilities to lift assemblies. We can build concurrently so we can start your floor when we’re
building your walls while we’re starting the roof build, the
cabinets are being built the same time so a lot of that reduces
the actual construction time in a factory. A house
will move down our line from start to finish in less than two weeks. It takes longer to arrange for
materials and finishing the design with the customer than it actually does to build the house in the factory. Creek

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