Facebook Executive On Claims Company Profits From Misinformation | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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  1. Nick Clegg gets the big bucks for spewing up a bunch of words to justify accepting millions of dollars for political ads which contain stark lies, when he knows that many Trump supporters have a very difficult time discerning what is true versus what is opinion. He knows this sort of targeted ad affected the 2016 election with the help of Russian trolls posing as Americans. He says all these obfuscations for one reason: Facebook wants money. They are interested in money over social well being. They say they shouldn't censor but they do censor when there is sufficient outcry from the public, just so they can keep a facade of a company who cares. The only honorable act is not not accept political ads.

  2. Mark Zukk is a creep a liar and greedy fraud who will do anything for a buck. Do not use Facebook. Boycott Facebook. Take his money, stop using Facebook. The Creep Put Putin in the WH. Close down facebook

  3. Regulations YES, breakups YES.

    These tech giants are misusing their powers of monopoly to the maximum. Do the same with banks.

  4. Criminals are NOT JUST criminals because they ARE criminals. Criminals are criminals because they know they CAN get away with it. A person doesn't do something without validation knowing they could, or especially that "they should".

  5. @KaraSwisher🐦: Keeping Tech Honest
    #RealTime with @BillMaher🐦 (@HBO🐦)
    on YouTube @realtimers🐦 https://youtu.be/4O2kPL_7f4g
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  6. Nick Clegg the Power Mad man that help David Cameron give Britain 11yrs of Austerity, I wouldn't trust this man as far as I could throw him, he's only goes where there's power or money is, if you believe this man you need your brain examining.

  7. Lying and misinformation is FREE Expression? Facebook are scum! The only way they will change is when people abandon it.

  8. The fact that student journalist WERE NOT allowed to ask him questions just SAYS IT ALL!!! How is THAT free expression?

  9. Yep as Zuckersberg gets paid $1Million per week for fake/false MAGA Propaganda Ads!!! All under pretense of freedom of speech!

  10. We should be careful about about our approach to regulating platforms like FB. They are also an outlet outlet for an individuals' creativity or an amplification of an individuals voice. And our free speach is at jepordy. Existing laws for New media will not fit for FB because these are different types of media. Don't put FB in a box. I really think Zuckerberg have a point when as he relates it to China. They have a Social credit system that puts massive restrictions on the countless people in China and directly affecting their freedom. Zuckerberg sees these dangers and doesn't want this happen. One law to stop lying politicians won't only do that, it will affect many tech companies and cover broad cases. (one bad apple destroys the bunch). The caveat is we still need to find a way to stop the real "fake news"- those fictious stories and lies on our networks. So we need smarter regulation that targets only that without restricting freedom of speach. I think its a good idea for FB to continue working on their guardrails but also look into finding a set of standards that might work for other tech companies also. If they are able to form some type of nonprofit committe dedicated to this and communicate their solutions to satisfy government regulators and it should even improve public image.

  11. Misinformation, propaganda,alternative news, etc., cannot be dealt with one PUBLISHER, when intentions like Fox, National Enquirer etc., are to twist 'free speech', 'democracy', etc. As for blackmailing the people, stealing what belongs to others, plunder resources by force proves more of a matter of regulation, moral, ethics etc.
    Zuckerberg gets out of the problem blaming China. With big ambition comes big expectations.

  12. Nick I don't need anything from Facebook just tell me whose video I'm watching tell me who gucifer is and don't be shy this is a Russian disinformation site that's all I need

  13. It's arguably a trivial thing, but using the word "folk" repeatedly throughout this interview seemed like a very deliberate language choice by Clegg. The "folk" at Facebook probably think injecting that sort of language into interviews benefits them somehow – perhaps by making them seem less threatening and more empathetic? Of course, it doesn't work as intended, as it's not natural, day-to-day language. Back to the drawing board for Clegg, I think!

  14. Trump had advertised on Facebook against immigrants with some hateful words. Facebook didn't removed it. Zuckerberg needs to step down.

  15. Let's not undermine the freedoms that FB and other social media brought us. FB is wealthy simply because they found a solutions to effectively connecting people at the ripe time for disruption. I'm not saying they are perfect but they still brought a good product into existance. Let's just focus on solving those unique issues FB and other social platforms are having today with unique solutions.

  16. Have to wonder – if someone took this video and altered it so that Clegg appeared to be holding forth at length about how much he loves amorous sessions with sheep – how long would that last as a Facebook shared post? …and how many million likes it would get…

  17. FB is not about free expression. It's all about bringing in the dollars at any cost. Putting money above ethics results in moral bankruptcy.

  18. Wow. Mr. Clegg’s spin is as crafty and self-serving as anything you can find on Fox News or from the WH’s finest. How do these people get off on these obfuscations. They don’t have enough of our money? Or, more to the point, they don’t own enough of our gullibility?

  19. Nick Cleg is a Dodgy Individual lying through his teeth Zuckerberg has not come to the UK to Answer too what he had a Hand too in During The Referendum .

  20. Zucker likely thinks free speech should allow yelling "fire" in crowds, which is similar to the lies on facebook. Lies are NOT speech and should not be free. What happened to a christian based legal system?

  21. So now we are allowed to do like the Chinese not to said the truth and we are doing the same thing ,let the untrue make it and don't care

  22. Facebook does not stand for free speech; it stands for profits above all else and it does not value your privacy in the slightest…

    It is all about exploiting you and it shapes your opinions for the highest bidder, which happens to be the Russians and their GOP dupes when it is not massive corporations…

  23. I hope that Ron Wyden's proposed bill to jail or fine CEO's that data mine people for profit without their permission or knowledge passes…

  24. When the likes of Hannity, Limbaugh, Levin and their clones stop poisoning the airwaves with hateful and divisive propaganda, maybe this will be a valid subject for debate.

  25. Zuckerberg you’re a phony, your „ values“ are just as phony. let’s all delete our accounts on that platform and teach them a lesson.

  26. Ha little posh boy Cleggy doing his pre destined role as tea boy for the real men in the room, do yourself a favour Zucker and employ an actual talented person and not just a poor little failure of a rich boy. If Little Cleggy had not been born into money he would be working for minimum wage in a zero hour contract job, he is, and proven to be by action, less than useless.

  27. US viewers might want to know that Clegg is an utterly discredited UK politician who was ejected by the centrist party he briefly and ineptly led. He has virtually no technical expertise and only a vague smattering of sinecure experience prior to his political career, mostly in the field of corporate lobbying, at which he was at best mediocre. Despite his connections from his time as an MEP, MP and party leader, he was pretty much regarded as unemployable following his departure from politics. It was a mystery when he suddenly popped up Stateside as VP of Something or Other for Facebook.

  28. Freedom of speech was meant to protect the possibility of the ordinary person to question the government, now it is used to allow anyone who choses to bully and or prosecute anyone they choose especially since the possibilties of the courts are too expensive to allow the ordinary person to defend himself. Again, money speaks

  29. Free speech for Russian trolls and Chinese hackers. You see the result of that kind of freedom of speech when you look at the coward and criminal in the White House.

  30. I cannot believe Clegg…a person of principal, fairness and egalite, has lowered himself to take the Zuckerberg shilling as a PR lackey. Sorry to say this…but totally sold out.

  31. Facebook is about profits. That's why they don't wanna factcheck ads, they don't wanna shut down any potential customers. It's laughable that anyone wld take sucha self-serving statement at face value. If Facebook values free speech so much, why do they use their billions to crush – or buyout – their competition, so they can have a virtual monopoly?

  32. Ah… the ex deputy Prime Minister of the worst coalition government in UK history. His Liberal Democrat party lost 49 of their 57 seats in 2015 after they propped up the Tories for a term.
    How he landed any job bigger than a local supermarket shelf stacker is beyond understanding.
    He's as open to regulation as Trump is to investigation. Of course he'll say so in public, but get them sat down at the table to discuss it, and they will use every dirty trick at their disposal to make regulations work for them rather than have anything that even looks like it might cost them market share.

  33. The only reason Zuckerberg stole the idea for/"created" Farcebook was to scam people to share their info. They monitor all of that shared content and use it to create psychological profiles which they use to sell ads. He's a champion of selling users data and not of free speech.

  34. Good grief, Mark; no one wants to end free expression of ideas. The demand is that you stop the mis-information. There are Americans and non-Americans alike who use this platform to stir people up. They use the memes they created to intentionally lead people away from truth. That you profit by that is repugnant to the concept of integrity.

  35. What a crock of bull. There are both shadow bans and full out account closures, that are strategically done through facebook; that shapes the "community" of that site. They still allow hate groups to organize on that site, while shutting down activists, and marginalized communities. Facebook is far from a site that celebrates "freedom of expression". It has a clear agenda.

  36. Nick Clegg broke his promise to U.K. students over tuition fees, ruined the Liberal Democrat party in the process.He accused Nigel Farage of scaremongering & denied the existence of plans for a European army, well that was a complete lie !
    What happened afterwards ? He got an effing knighthood & a plum job with Facebook…..ya couldn’t make it up, that’s the elites for you,
    Masonic effers just lookin after each other, Clegg is a disgrace!!

  37. Hypocritical Facebook (and Google) censors people discussing peer-reviewed published health studies. Facebook's values can be summed up in one symbol: $

  38. Well I never, I didn't know that Nick Clegg was working for Facebook. He was a totally inept Politician in Parliament and I doubt he will be any better working for Zuckerberg..

  39. Nick Clegg is an absolute disgrace & a toad as Lib Dem leader he not only went back on a campaign promise it became very clear quickly that his party never intended to stand by their promise, which is the only reason they got a chance at the election, he & his party sold out the country & joined the tories in government which helped the tories put the deathnail into the NHS & backed austerity which has killed over 100 thousand people. This man is a liar & a fraud & the fact that Zuckerberg hired him speaks volumes about him & facebbok.

  40. How come FB has almost 100% success stopping terrorist propaganda but none of the Russian propoganda? Nick Clegg reminds me of a used car sales person in a town where everyone was layed off last month.

  41. Breaking up Facebook is probably necessary since Zuckerberg has already said they are not going to fact check political ads for facts. Didn't we learn anything from the Russian interference in the 2016 election? Do we really want them self regulating? How did that work out in 2008 with the mortgage and financial markets? They were supposed to self regulate, how did that work out?

  42. I do not use Facebook anymore. Mark sold ads to Russia. China wants to take over social media. They have been buying movie studios, and are now seen all over the net. Mark helped Russian hackers get Trump elected.

  43. Kinda disagree, smooth talker huh. Listen to what this smooth talker says. Zuckerberg, now that he helped get Trump elected. is setting rules to monitor his site. This is a little bit disingenuous.

  44. Mark F’rburg can f* off. He is about being a billionaire and couldn’t give craps about free speech. Delete your Facebook accounts people! Get on another social media platform.

  45. Nick Clegg is famous in Britain, he used to be leader of the Liberal Democrat party,
    who were in coalition with David Cameron in his first term of government.
    The libdems were a small party supplying the extra seats needed to give the conservatives a majority.

    Nick Clegg is basically a Murdoch man, he was groomed by Murdoch long before he became famous,
    the info on this came out in the Leveson inquiry in Britain regarding the Murdoch News of the world newspaper's phone hacking scandal which led to the closure of that newspaper.

    Murdoch groomed Clegg via Murdoch operative Frédéric Michel,
    where Frédéric Michel just by coincidence would always be doing something similar to Clegg

    a URL which mentions the connection of Michel to Clegg is this:

    obscure quote from that is:
    In this period he became friends with another veteran of the Brussels scene. Nick Clegg and his Spanish wife Miriam, who live close to Michel and his Spanish wife in Putney, became regular dinner party companions. The couples each have three children of the same age who attend the same school. The two men played tennis at the LTA courts in Roehampton, though relations have cooled since Clegg entered government.

    URL about Michel's shenanigans with politicians:


    the numerous coincidences are engineered, eg Murdoch did the same with David Cameron, where Rebekah Brooks, editor of Murdoch's news of the world moved next door to Cameron by marrying his neighbour! and would dine with the Camerons each weekend, she also arranged Cameron access to a retired police horse.

    Murdoch usually grooms politicians via a go between, only rarely does he directly groom a politician, which he did with Alex Salmond leader of the scottish nationalists, who also was a personal friend of Trump. eg Hannity and others are go betweens for Murdoch and Trump.


    Trump fell out with Salmond because Salmond refused to remove the windmills in the sea spoiling the view of Trump's scottish golf course!

    with the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook was by stealth promoting Trump, you can see a stealth cabal, with
    Trump — Cambridge Analytica — Facebook — Clegg — Murdoch

    Zuckerberg feign's surprise and disappointment about Cambridge Analytica, but in fact he is probably complicit.

    I personally dont use Facebook, because its a non sequitur. I use Youtube because its a venue for videos on anything.

    Nick Clegg's dad's mother was an aristocrat, from wikipedia:

    Clegg is of one-quarter Baltic-German descent: his paternal grandmother, Kira von Engelhardt, Baroness von Smolensk, was a Baltic-German noblewoman, niece of Moura Budberg, adventuress and suspected double agent,[20] and the granddaughter of attorney general of the Imperial Russian Senate, Ignatiy Platonovich Zakrevsky.[21][22][23] Through this Russian connection, Clegg is distantly related to Michael Ignatieff, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada from 2008 to 2011.

    the man is a total insider, and is very pro EU, because he had quite a career in the EU burocracy:

    quote from wikipedia:

    He took up a post at the European Commission in April 1994, working in the TACIS aid programme to the former Soviet Union. For two years, Clegg was responsible for developing direct aid programmes in Central Asia and the Caucasus worth €50 million. He was involved in negotiations with Russia on airline overflight rights, and launched a conference in Tashkent in 1993 that founded TRACECA—an international transport programme for the development of a transport corridor for Europe, the Caucasus and Asia. Vice-President and Trade Commissioner Leon Brittan then offered him a job in his private office, as a European Union policy adviser and speechwriter. As part of this role, Clegg was in charge of the EC negotiating team on Chinese and Russian accession talks to the World Trade Organization.[41]

    You can look at the russian interference and trolling another way, by innoculating the users, basically if american schools teach american kids basic critical thought, and also to forewarn of russian trolling, then they can troll all they want but it wont have any effect. a basic example of critical thought is to be able to doubt anything you are told. Dont just blindly accept things.
    Another is to ask what the origin of an idea is:

    1. is it fact? give a URL, eg I give URL's above for facts I allege
    2. is it conjecture?
    3. is it deduction or inference or correlative? explain the deduction, inference or correlative data.
    4. is it total guesswork?
    5. is it an intuition? eg when a person doesnt answer a question. eg "isnt … corrupt?" "I'll tell you what is corrupt….",
    where they pivot on the keyword to something completely different, the MO of Kelly-Anne Conway, the way of the con! Intuitively one believes the answer is affirmative. they didnt answer the accusation so its true.


    every idea has an origin, its either newly minted just now via conjecture, deduction or intuition, or its from earlier or elsewhere.
    the origins sometimes do get lost, but in many case one can remember. eg I dont remember when I first heard of Obama.

    Generally speaking you should reject talk or writing that is laden with swear words. Adverts that contain swearing are usually scams. Information ought to be devoid of swearing. Sometimes of course one yields to the temptation.

    so its like with drugs, you can either try to stop the growing of drugs, or you can try to stop the trafficking of drugs, but you can also just educate the end users to not take drugs. eg my advice to people is if you take drugs only take safe natural drugs such as caffeine, alcohol and marijuana, all of which are tried and tested and relatively harmless. But once you go beyond these you are courting danger, and you should research very carefully and avoid any drugs which arent well known.

    its important to be truthful about drugs, because someone who has taken some drug and then been told something that they know from direct experience isnt true will then not believe anything else you say and you lose credibility.

    another example is the stock exchange, you can only lose money on the stock exchange if you have money on the stock exchange, I have a few dollar's worth of money on the stock exchange, entirely as a placeholder to keep a tax free account open. The account will close due to inactivity if I only keep cash there. So if the stock exchanges all crash, I will lose at most a 2 digit amount.

    As regards american political adverts, perhaps all political adverts in the US whether on Facebook or elsewhere need to be vetted by some government institution as acceptable. Where any advert is rejected, the institution has to give their reasons and the advertiser allowed to appeal. They could give a vetting number, so that users can verify if an advert is authentic, with a reward via the fine for unregistered adverts. eg fine is $5000, reward is $2500.

    Same way that if you invest, you should check if the investment is regulated, as unregulated investments could run off with your money.

    To not be scammed you have to teach people how to be scammed, that way they can detect that a scam may be underway.
    eg most scams involve bait. The classic bait is eg "I will show you how to make $500 a day without any skills or doing very much", cost of course $200. But the only money made will be the $200 taken from you by the scamster! The info will be something which could work but doesnt, essentially a broken machine.

    Basically "money for nothing" is usually bait and what you get is "nothing for money". You cannot make money for nothing! To make money you have to do something significant somehow, an advert devoid of that something significant is a scam.
    Scamsters usually also exert time pressure, I want a decision right now. That is to prevent you mulling over the idea as you will eventually see through the scam. If an advert makes you feel uncomfortable its usually a scam.

    So with political trolling, one can be warned as to what an act of trolling looks like. I think the russian trolling is partly about creating division and conflict in the west. The russians want other countries to be fighting each other, to weaken them and thereby strengthen Russia.

    I think a lot of the trolling is very brief comments laden with offensive language and incorrect grammar.
    and a lot is non sequitur, not relating to the current topic and almost certainly created by automated software.

  46. Something about this man is flat creepy. He is liar, a mega millionaire who is lost inside his monstrous creation. My wife is addicted to Facebook. I have never even looked in that direction. It is run by a alien or something. He just doesn't give out any thing to me, that is worthy of our time. Wait, hasn't there been invasions from robots?? Maybe that's what he is, an alien programmed robot. He stands up there with a creepy smile on his face. Maybe his batteries will run out, and he simply slumps over. Done. These platforms feed off people who for some reason must spread their nonsense. Try to find a true car review on Facebook or Utube. They don't exist.

  47. I am boycotting all advertisers on Facebook. I also am going to individual advertisers I see on my Facebook news feed and letting them know exactly why. You can't rely on the veracity of their advertising. I urge all Facebook users to do the same. Regardless of your political affiliation, this is bad news.
    Has anyone noticed that Zuckerberg sounds an awful lot like Stephen Miller?

  48. Zuck is full of it. Ideas that challenge us are fine, but they can't be complete and utter B.S. Those are lies, and they don't help the discourse at all. It's like entering cheating into a game — it wrecks the outcome.

  49. The only thing you need to know about the odious "Sir" Nick Clegg is this:

  50. Monopoly capitalism has returned just in digital form. If the government broke up big oil, and Bell Telephone, it can break up social media.

  51. What about Alex Jones why ban him if your pro free speech this mark guy is a weasel liar fooling alot of people but not me

  52. Facebook, by not acting in good faith and running a clean, honest platform, have demonstrated that they need to be regulated. Indeed, their actions have been so morally bankrupt in publishing enemy propaganda, I'd argue they should be broken up.

  53. It looks like Nick Clegg has fully sold out any principles he ever had.
    Or maybe that was when he was a UK politician and signed up for coalition government with the Conservatives who imposed grinding austerity on the people for a decade. 🤮

  54. He simply cant say that facebook is not willing to take responsibility for white hate crims and will ban it! At the sametime a few years ago openly alienated muslims as terrorists. Smh

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