Evenings with Sraddhalu – Part 40 – On Astrology, on what astrology is not

Welcome everyone to our continuing
series Evenings with Sraddhalu Before we begin I’d like to say a few
words of thanks to all of you who have contacted me written to me and have
praised this series. You may continue to write to me whenever you feel you have a
question to be answered and we will review them and address them. [email protected] Today we are continuing with Sraddhalu on astrology. In
our previous discussion on astrology we had made a kind of a broad survey of the
whole symbolism on which astrology is based and we saw the framework of the
horoscope and the role of the planets the zodiac the houses and how they
represent the relationship between the individual consciousness on one side the
universe are representing God or the absolute on the other side and then the
play of nature represented by the nine planets and the complexity we got a
glimpse of the complexity involved in the whole representation.
I wanted to rather than going in-depth on the nature of astrology what will be
more useful will be to look at some examples of how as what astrology is not
and then maybe in the next session we’ll look at how it can be actually applied
in what way it will be useful or what is its utility in the context of the yoga
particularly. So as example of what astrology is not because there’s
a lot of misunderstanding the first idea people have is because astrology is
mathematical the whole of your fate is as a frozen in a mathematical timeline
because astrology gives you these cycles of planets beginning on this date to
that date such-and-such planet rules and then within that sub cycles within that
sub sub cycles and things will happen when this date changes and so on so
typically a person goes to an astrologer and ask questions like when will this
problem be solved and the astrology gives a date or says after this is your
good period now is your bad period and so the idea people have is somehow if
they wait long enough for that date then suddenly things will become okay and the
problem will be solved implied is the idea that your fate is fixed and even
this problem was the occurrence of a fate predictable from the chart and it’s
resolution is predictable and in fact this is a complete erroneous
understanding even from an astrological point of view so yes absolutely
in fact the astrologer himself is only fulfilling the role that you have
assigned to him as let’s say counselor who is going to give you based on his
understanding what’s going to happen next okay so the game is like this when
astrology first of all the moment you approach him his solution will be
astrological if the same filler went to a financial analyst
his solution would be stock market is down a wait for six months it might rise
so he will give you a financial resolution somebody who’s a medical
person will say ah looks like your mental faculties are low here take some
pills it’ll boost your mental faculties so the fact that you approached an
astrologer means that you’re going to get a response which will be in his
worldview the next problem with the astrologer is he is going to be
assessing in a way that fulfills his self-importance and because it’s also
his business very often ensuring that you come back to him if he does
something which does not make you come back then he is lost a client
potentially isn’t it so the game goes like this I’m going to
lay out a typical scenario of astrology let’s say you go to an astrologer
already on your face he can see that you’re in distress
you wouldn’t be approaching him otherwise if you knew the solution to
your problems you would have solved it you’re approaching him because it’s like
a last resort you don’t know what to do and so he looks at you a very difficult
period he looks at the chart okay a very difficult period in your life and
obviously the fellow is very impressed the astrologer made out that I am going
through a bad patch but all you needed was the fact that you’ve come to an
astrologer then he says oh right now you have the shiz the term used in sanskrit
the phase of a particular plant oh you have Russia or Saturn’s Russia now
Saturn Rahu typically these are the ones which are the malefic or in common
language they’re understood as malefic planets so you have the phase of Saturn
or you of the phase of Rao you’re in trouble so the guys is when will it end
further the skilled astrologer well they are all they pick up this psychological
skill of assessing way whether what they’re saying is fitting your
expectation so typically the problem will be three types and often everybody
has all three problems and it’s only a question of which is more important mmm
let’s say financial which is the most common health and romance what else is
there for which you’d go to an astrologer these are the three things
which throw at you uncertainties everything else you know what to do so
they play on this money problem health problem
marital problem or romantic problems and then they look at typically the planets
associated with these things what gives you money or the houses which give money
or health and so on and they’ll feed you things which for you are interesting the
problem is everything they tell you has to do with your future and so you have
no way of validating whether what they’re saying is true whether it’s
genuine or whether it’s just some rule of thumb is applied you could go to a
stock market analyst and they’re the good ones and the bad ones you can never
know the difference because each will give you his justification maybe one day
we have to talk about palm readers also yes that’s the whole interesting field
and you may be after this the series on astrology mother was a promised they
haven’t she neo palmistry very well by the way so here’s the problem you have
no way of validating until the period passes so he says well in six months
you’ll be fine so you wait for six months and at the end of six months if
things have got better you say are you see that fellow said it and your belief
in the extra larger and astrology grows if it doesn’t happen either you don’t go
back to that one you go to someone else until it happens and then you say oh
this guy is the better astrologer and so often it becomes a self-fulfilling
prophecy there’s another trick that is often played not always intentionally
some of they are very sincere but they’ll say well based on this
numerology or chart the answer to your question is three this is I have long
when will I get my money well three three days three months or three years
now I see what happens three days the fill awaits it doesn’t have Nokia now it
must be three months you wait if it doesn’t happen three years
well eventually something has to happen and that’s the game that’s played and
that you use the world trick yes because unfortunately and many astrologers know
that they’re playing a game they have the knowledge and I’ve seen
astrologers good ones and bad ones and really gone in depth with them to see
how far it actually works and the bad ones are just doing rule of thumb they
have passed an exam which gives them a certificate that just knows they have
the rules of thumb and that’s it that’s not enough to do an analysis in a chart
typically consider nine planets influencing whatever question you have
raised you have nine different influences pulling or pushing and
modifying how do you assess it needs a very high level of intelligence or a
deep intuition and if the astrologer is successful in most cases it is intuition
and the rule of thumb is only an indicator so I’ll give you an example
now I had a friend who was in business and in the real estate and that’s one of
the most uncertain tricky cyclic businesses and he was himself an
astrologer because that’s how he maintained his sense of certainty some
reference of stability where numbers give you a sense of fixity and then he
would consult astrologers and then one day he tells me that he’s passed away
now one day he tells me I’ve found the perfect astrologer this man is so good
he can tell you things down to the hour and I said okay with having studied
astrology deep enough I knew it doesn’t work like that of course you can
describe influences to the hour but that’s not how things happen they are
just influences so you can describe for example looking at your website the
weather forecast for the next few days but the forecast changes from now you
watch it six months six hours later the forecast has changed because the data is
changing all the time well so I go when I was next in Delhi he brings this
friend of his and I asked him what do you do and he explained to me he took a
chart out of the chart derived a second chart into that chart went into further
complexities and then compared that with the original chart and at some point it
was such a quagmire in Hindi will say jalebis such a mix of so
different things that he himself was lost and it was a way by which he got
his mind so confused that the intuition would kick in and catch something so and
then he would say something and if you asked him why he would hesitate he would
think and then look for the justification and read it to you so well
I saw that and then we were in the car driving and my friend turned to the
astrologer and said okay he was wanted to show off the astrologer skill he said
astrologer okay look at him and tell me what is his ascending sign now the
ascending sign is the sign which is on the east at the moment when you’re born
that sign of the zodiac has a strong influence on your overall physical
appearance so there are only two signs for example which are associated with a
tall build so looking at me any astrologer worth his name would say it’s
either this or that okay it’s so basic and the the moment my friend asked him
the question I said okay let me test whether this guy is really using
astrology because I thought it was more intuition or mind-reading so in my mind
I pictured six and angled it in front of his head and so if he is a genuine
astrologer it’s there as a suggestion if he is intuitive mind-reading he’ll catch
the suggestion and catch it as his own if it is a real astrologer he’ll say oh
this doesn’t make sense and he’ll cut through to what’s real so I’m dangling
the six and then he says six and as the sixth sign is not for a tall person so
my friend was so shocked he said how can you make such a basic mistake okay try
again now look if you I asked you a second time after having made a mistake
at least you would think the second time okay so this guy again stops gets into
his state of confusion for the intuition to kick in and I again dangle six I
didn’t change the number and again he says six now you can see the level of
intelligence so poor that he was not aware even he
has made a mistake once and he is repeating the same mistake he’s not even
conscious you can see what a low grade of mental development it is when you say
intuitive it’s not intuitive mind no it’s more like an instinctive interest a
mix of intuition with some skill of psychology and so that was enough then
my friend was so disappointed he said I don’t know what has gone wrong with you
and then I had to tell him please don’t worry it was my fault I held the idea of
six and he caught it but then I explained to him that this man is not
really doing astrology he’s picking things so when he meets a client he is
picking things things from the clients thought emotion or his expectations his
fears that is got by this fellow and feeds it back to you and the chart is
for him only a reference a starting point which gives suggestions or as in
his case it’s such a complexity that it completely numbs his thinking mind and
allows something deeper to kick him now a modicum of intuition is there in all
of us but astrologers particularly this type who have more mind-readers have it
more fine-tuned to the person before them and so like I said they look at you
they know you’re in distress and then they’re trying to sense and they catch
things they don’t necessarily know how they do it and that was the only value
he had and of course my friend very quickly lost interest in that so this is
an example I want to give a few more examples like this of how people are
fooled by what seems to be a strategy but is not okay another type of
astrology a variation of this which is also mind readings skill is where they
tell you your past in great detail with great accuracy which is so surprising
that you begin to say wow if this span can be so accurate in my past what he
says for the future must be true also so that’s the skill there so this comes
into two categories they are called in India we have text
is called Nadi Granth so Nadi is what William word you will use line of flow
of energy but the grant the text itself is often said to be many hundreds or
thousands of years old in which supposedly all possible horoscopes are
described or in variation they’ll say your horoscope will be described written
by some Rishi many thousand years ago and when you go to that guy he pulls out
your horoscope and tells you everything about you including your name where you
live your relationships and things like that but not past lives sometimes they
tell you past life could be but that’s the catch how do you verify it they can
make up anything and you’ll never know yes so the Communist game in this and
this is a game really I’m sorry to say it’s a massive deception but there are
two kinds of these Granth Nadi Granth –is they are called the dead ones and
the live ones and I’ll explain the difference so the dead one is one where
the text is frozen it was written many thousand or hundred years ago the guy
reads out but he needs to first check is this yours so when you go to him he
would say look I have got thousands of these which one is yours
so I’m going to go through an index and he pulls out this bundle and he says I
will ask you a few questions to check whether we have your chart and he lasts
my I start by asking some questions like you were born in a hospital your name
has six letters after if the problem is you’re talking to a guy who is writing
in Sanskrit or Hindi or Tamil and letters there will be syllables so in
English you have to translate from the English script so he will say but will
tell me what is your name so you till the name and then it’s our kid so many
letters so that’s the wrong one and he goes to the next sheet and he keeps
flipping the moment you say no he flips the sheet the moment you say yes he
asked the next question and through a yes-no process he’s
zooming in on specifics about you you have two children you have one child
okay before that they’ll ask you’re married or not married etc then it gets
more complex because today people are often divorced and they’re divorced a
second time and so these guys are not used to that so they often mess up their
on those details anyway so having gone through for about ten minutes of asking
questions like this he has got a pretty clear picture of you including your name
given your parents name or which town or city you are from the rest they’re
filling in from the chart which you’ve given them already and from there you
can get a pretty good sense of your interests likes dislikes now meanwhile
there’s a third guy who’s sitting with you who supposedly has also come for the
same reading and before you get your chance to read while you’re in the
waiting room this guy is chatting with you and he digs out information from you
feeds it back to them it’s a big scam yeah we have been to a place in
Tamilnadu it is called the white t-shirt and coil I’m going to take names it’s a
temple where they claim to have these palm leaves anyone can go there they
will actually pick out the leaf that says nodded and give you a reading
you were born in the United States and it’s a try it cetera catch is this all
this material they have dug out from you they’re feeding back to you and then
they asked you questions like your gurus name is beginning with sir sure / okay
you say yes or no now they’ll zoom into the next your
gurus name is show a sir and he said no they go to the curb / so they’ve got a
list of like five or six common gurus so I happened to be there with somebody who
had come from the United States who wanted a reading so I tagged along to
see what happens and of course he is guru Sri Aurobindo
so that guy doesn’t know she Aurobindo he’s never heard of him
say say sir sure and the guy and he gets an answer yes
so finally says okay we have your sheet my goes inside brings a palm leaf bundle
now meanwhile all this was supposedly written intimate I can read them in so
I’m looking over his shoulder and looking at the text to figure out what
is he reading he was not reading what was written later and most of what was
written was junk the palm leaves were fresh they were new and so what they had
done was they created these bundles of palm leaves with stuff scrawled on it
and it was a big drama to flip sheets until they claimed to have got your
thing and then he gets this bundle which is supposedly you’re reading all
brand-new leaves maybe maybe a decade or two old and now he starts reading except
he is not reading because I’m watching what he’s reading and he feeds back to
you all the stuff he is read he’s asked you questions and finally says and your
gurus name is Sai Baba so everything was accurate the Guru’s name was totally
round and my friend was so disappointed and the guy was shocked that this is who
is you good luck it’s a scam it’s a huge scam it plays on
some elements of astrology with which you can guess a person’s overall
interest in but they must be very astute at reading people absolutely that’s a
skill yeah that’s a skill really and they have they have gamed you from the
beginning from the point of entry yes it’s it’s a skill of psychology of
person reading sometimes they refer to it as face reading but still that’s not
it this more to it I’ll come to that so this is one kind which is called the
deadly Maddy some of these are actually genuine books I have seen printed books
of Ragusa mijita which is another famous one so the dead version of Ragusa mijita
is a full-fledged book which has all typical charts so let’s say a chart
where the Sun is in this house then the chart with the Sun is the next house and
so on with all possible combinations you can imagine how big the whole text
you can’t have detailed readings for all so you have broad readings so the fact
that for example you’re likely to live in a place which is close to or has the
character of the sign which is in that house which represents your residence
okay so if the sign is a watery sign you’re likely to be living near water if
it’s a earth sign you’re likely to be living in a soil field and or if it’s a
take and claim you have probably go near a mountain or on a mountain so they’re
things like that you can pick out from the chart and feed that back so you live
in a place which is close to water now you’ll probably say yes isn’t it yes yes
okay how does one know that because the sign is watery but that’s the
interesting part there are correspondences if you had to
choose a house would you be happier being in a place which is close to water
or in a place where is where there’s no water you personally with this model why why something in your nature is drawn to
water where is that coming from and that’s seen in the chart in the imprint
of the influences at the time of births these are tendencies in your nature
which have been so to say stamped you could change it but as long as you’re
following your inborn inherited nature you will tend towards these types of
things so she Rubin the explains that the chart is much more accurate in
describing your character rather than events as a result of your character
certain types of events are likely to happen and the timings or the dashes of
the planetary influential phases often indicate when certain aspects are
amplified or dulled and with that one can get a broad rough tendon sense of
tendencies in your life so they are playing on that if they are good
astrologers but otherwise they’re pure scamsters so now we come to the second
kind of the Nadi which is the living Nadi this is more interesting because
here you actually have the text appear it’s not pre-written the text appears in
response to your presence now so I’ll give you an example of that I went to a
place in Orissa a friend of mine had told me this one very famous one
Achuthan and the Mallika is the name Achuthan and there was a very famous
tantric some five hundred years ago very powerful extraordinary he’s like a
household name in Orissa he did extraordinary miracles and even the way
he died was faint amazing he had literally they say discovered the secret
of immortality and youth and healing any illness and when he found that secret
his son said I’m sorry I cannot allow you to share this with the world you
will be messing around with God’s scheme of things which needs illness and death
to keep the cycle of life going so I have to kill you because that’s how I’m
going to protect the world so the father says yes you are my son
you have a right to kill me and only one condition first let me call my assistant
and his assistant happens to be a being of the subtle world yak sheeny female
being young cheney Yaksha and yevgeny are low-level vital beings not very
crude but reasonably they can be helpful and they often preside over different
natural bodies like water bodies and things like that so here’s a year cheney
as assistant he summons his action ii and she’s okay now you
he gives instructions and tells his son now you can chop off my head so his son
chops off his head the achene picks the head puts it back
and he’s back to life and he says now that you have killed me
your role is finished and my role in the world is finished so i am leaving and he
says the action ii let’s go and poof he vanishes well that’s the story
officially so there’s a text apparently written by him or a set of metal leaves
which are created by him it’s called Achuthan and the mallika which is in the
hand of a priest of a temple so a friend of mine who was a notice i said to me
this is fantastic you must come and see it i said okay why not i had a day free
let’s go so I go with my camera and recorded I want to record this and the
guy says well you’ve come on a Wednesday sorry Wednesday I don’t do readings that
is a children on Thursday but I’ll answer your questions so I asked him how
he got it fascinating story I don’t know if you
would like to hear that okay so he says he started with saying I was a priest in
this temple and he’s still a priest there and says like all priests I didn’t
believe in God interesting and he was doing his ritual worships daily and then
he says one day I thought I would like to have that tion of the Devi the
goddess and so I started doing certain practices asked him what did you do if
you know meditation pranayama something or other and then he goes on with his
story and asked him will did you get your darshan he says yes of course I
heard my version I was expecting this as an example of a
priest who as easily said I didn’t believe in God as saying yes I had
darshan of the Devi and for him it was like okay it’s the most normal thing and
she appeared to him in dream one day and showed him the image of a place and said
you must go there and as if visually he was shown instructions of how to get
this bundle so he thought about it and said well why should I do this it’s just
a dream and he ignored it and the dream came two or three times finally he goes
looking for that place and it was a location near coda Rock where there was
an ashram called Kalki arum and he was shown that he must enter a well so he
goes looking for the well and the head of that ashram comes and recognizes him
and says oh yes you are the person I am supposed to take you there so
interesting I went to that place to verify and that head had passed away
someone else from the ashram was there who claimed he had seen the whole event
so there’s a lot of objective verification for this this man was put
on a special program of diet and fasting to prepare him for what was to happen
and he was extremely weak from his fasting he was not allowed to eat for so
many days and then the head of that ashram holds him by the hand and takes
him into this well and there steps you go around you’re in the water so he
takes him into the water and then he pushes him into the water and for people
who are watching outside they said the fellow vanished for a long time this man
says when I was pushed into the water I found myself pulled into a tunnel it was
dark so I kept on walking and they were roots of trees poking because oh it was
all sandy on the side and then he said I came to a room and it was full of these
bundles of palm leaves and there was this one which had been shown to me in
the dream so I picked it up and I came out so I said I can not hang on you went
in all the way you picked up the bundle and how did you get back she said no I
don’t know I just picked up the bundle and I found myself thrown out of the
water so something very odd in the description
and the people days confirmed that they saw this man gone for a long time and
then he would jumped out of the water with this bundle in his hand and so the
head of the ashram said well that’s all I had to do with you you can go now
this guy comes home with his bundle he doesn’t know what to do with it so he
leaves it lying in his temple for a long time then he said the sod who came from
my rashtra who said to him you have a bundle lying let me show you how to use
it and then he teaches him how to use it so this was the story quite fascinating
and like I said it’s a validated certain elements of it I took photos of those
places I took the photo of the bundle and then I said to him well how does it
work he said okay let me show you so just a moment back he said I’m not doing
a reading but now he’s going to show me how it works I said great he pulls out
their two bundles one is copper plates the other is what looks like tin plates
and he shows me that the copper ones he says it can show any text from a dozen
languages and the tin one he uses for European languages so for my purpose he
brought the tin one he showed me metal plates separated them and showed that
they were all blank he put them together put it in a plate which was part of the
device then he takes a piece of like a chalk and he holds it to his head and
then he takes a little stone which is like a shilling puts it on his navel
plugs it like a plug then he goes like that and flip he opens the whole set of
bundles and I can see texts itched in it in English now when I was going they’d i
knew the process was that you have to have three questions and then he answers
the three questions so I had put in my mind three questions the third question
was specifically when will India and Pakistan reunite now the first – I don’t
remember but they had to do with something generic of that kind way I
could validate the accuracy of this and third one was specific to India and
Pakistan reuniting so he looks at this and then he starts doing a reading
except that he said because it’s a Wednesday I am NOT going to give answers
and I’m just going to tell you about your questions were so he takes out this
sheet of metal edged in English and he starts reading and he doesn’t know
English supposedly he could follows a smattering but and then he starts
reading and we’ll heavy Oriya accent dancing in your mind is distraction at
all shush law I couldn’t follow half the words were dancing in your mind and he’s
going on reading and I can only see two lines so it’s like he’s reading one
paragraph okay so I had my tape recorder and camera I did I didn’t have a video
camera in those days but I took photos and then I asked him how does it work so
he came to the third question India and Pakistan
so I said how does it work what happens he said you know the question which is
in your mind is picked up and then it is transferred and then it appears here I
said but you were reading out more than what was written there he says yes I am
seeing more than what is written so there were three interesting miracles
if you can use that word the first was the text appeared itched on metal as if
rigidly freshly etched with a sharp tool it was not like a scroll of pencil it
was etched into the metal and it was previously blank and yes yes well so
there is a catch there which I’ll come to later but I’m assuming it was a valid
blank and the text appears bit quite deeply etched in the words India and
Pakistan are so clear I wanted to bring that I forgot to bring it you can see
you can read it and I’m wondering it’s not a question anyone else would ask
isn’t it it starts a typical question someone asks mostly people asked will
ask questions about their money the wedding or some etc so how could those
two words appear so clearly so he has then he explained that you do
this and that is how the thing goes in and so first miracle was text appearing
etched second miracle was that he was speaking in a language which he did not
know and he’s obviously not reading English he is reading the words which
are being shown to him so that the third miracle that whatever my question is is
being articulated in some script probably in Oriya which he can read but
which has the language linguistic pronunciation of English so I thought
this is quite a fascinating experience but except I couldn’t get a reading
second and validate its accuracy for the future many years later I had gone with
the TV crew to record this and this time he again showed and we had the video
cameras recording and when he opened the same palm leaves the same metal leaves
I saw the leaf where exact same text India and Pakistan was there now it’s
either a coincidence that because I am there the same text appears or it could
be that is it’s a scam and there were there were already some leaves with
itched writing but why would those two words appear three words and there were
a few more words around that very unlike very strange and I pointed out to him
and he was a little flustered when I pointed out there is the same text which
he had shown me many years ago so but so the category of nerdy’s which are called
living Nadi’s is where text appears not always H Tim but often to the person it
is visually seen and they really read out to you but it may not be the actual
physical etching I have heard descriptions from others
who have seen on palm leaves the similar thing text written in ink black ink and
as the person read out the text the writing would vanish so this is a
category of reading where your question and something of the answer is being
somehow written out or show to the inner sight of the person who
then basically feeds it back to you who does that not the person in this case
the credit was given to a chit Ananda but is it so I don’t know so I’ll come
now to a third category which is a variant of this basically which will
then explain how this works so in the tantric occultist lines of well text
literature they have descriptions of categories of be beings most of them are
low-grade white he means and then there are also higher beings most of them are
vital typically though only those ones would be interested in messing around
with human affairs normally so the lower ones particularly there’s a category
called karana Bashar Cheney karana is here Bashar Cheney is D – so it’s a day
– which sits in your ear and whispers to you and they have a whole let’s say a
ritual to enter in relation or call those beings and make a pact with them
and the result is that this the female will diminish now has a pact with the
human being where in return for favors that she
needs she gives you this service let’s say where she sits in your ear and
whispers to you and what she’s doing being in the vital claim she senses what
is in your mind picks out what you are thinking including things you don’t
remember which are there in your mind and whispers into his ear and the guy
speaks out as if he is read from your mind except he knows nothing he’s not
reading mind he has no ability except this pact and the pact is quite terrible
in the sense that what she demands in return is so horrible you will probably
if you knew it you would not want it probably so I admit a person who was who
didn’t have this but well I met a few will give you few examples so does a guy
in Bangalore who was an astrologer and again it was a
friend who said oh you must meet him this guy’s father was wonderful I had
met his father and the father had demonstrated this to my friend
he said you write any three questions on a piece of paper fold the paper and the
father told you what was it the question and then based on your chart gave you an
answer so it was pure mind reading but he had something of this canopy Shachi
any type power or being which gives him that access and the person we went to
meet was the son so I asked the son don’t you do this he says no my father
never taught me now think about it if it was a worthwhile power wouldn’t he have
given it to his son obviously and this is the point which you will see in that
literature the being of a very low order demand things are very low orders and
sometimes the demand animal sacrifice blood sacrifice and all kinds of other
things they interfere in your life they demand you to do something not do
something do you think the being is happily giving a service of reading
other people’s minds and not bothering with the rest of the time they’d
continue to harass you 24 hours if it serves their pleasure or their perverse
pleasure and so people don’t realize what they get into when they make these
pacts they become slaves of the means more than the other way and the result
is it’s such a miserable existence some of them then say I want to get free of
this but you can’t reach it stuff and so the father never taught his son he had
done with it and it ended with him it’s the reason why many of these low-grade
things are dropping out thankfully but and they remain only with a few black
magicians which are very filthy wives generally because they align with these
beings and their energies fill them eventually maybe this is not exactly a
proton but is there any evidence of serial killers being motivated by these it’s I believe there is I don’t know if
there is evidence but mother refers to this she says that people who do these
kinds of serial crimes generally are possessed by beings and when they are
given capital punishment you will find immediately after somebody else
replicates the crime I’ve seen this repeatedly newspapers news reports and
mothers say this because the being now jumps to someone else so the right thing
to do in such a case is not to give them capital punishment keep them locked up
it keeps the being trapped in the body but what happens in this case and I
think I don’t know if that Europe wind or the mother explains this that when
they associate with these beings through the association the being actually
begins to enter you possess you and fills your vibes instead of you relating
to the divine you have aligned yourself with this very low level low grade
beings they give you some power in return for it they own you so give me a
few examples so this fellow in Bangalore that I met he didn’t have it but he was
one of those rule-of-thumb West Rogers and he would not even bother to look at
your chart the moment you asked the question he would say well now the Sun
has set so the answer is no that’s not astrology but that’s what he was but I
give you another example of these types this is a friend of mine in Delhi who
was into this sort of thing for a long time so many of these stories I had
heard from him and he was going to all kinds of people and then one day he told
me I found the man he can tell you everything he gave me all accurate
description so I had explained to him look these are Turkish any types they
are mind-reading no use but anyway he dragged me along so I said okay when I
went I invoked mother’s presence as a protection so I went to that fellows
room he had a big bowl where you throw in 100 rupees the vibes were so filthy
but anyway I stayed in my protection and the guy barely looks at me and starts
mumbling you at the age of 18 you try to enter the Indian army you failed in the
Indian entrance exam then you went try to enter
the Air Force and then you went da da da da da every single statement was wrong
perfectly accurately wrong and my friend knew enough of my background to say I
don’t know what happened he was 100% wrong with me he was a hundred percent
right and I said well because he could not see through you see because I had
invoked mother’s protection and that’s it it was like a scream yes and this is
so effective too you know it completely blocks their sight but what is
interesting is the being still fed him trash and the fellow doesn’t know one
thing from that he doesn’t know what is true what is false he’s just repeating
what is being whispered in his ear and there’s another example I want to give a
positive example this was a friend of mine whose family came from Karnataka
and their entire family in some very unusual circumstances suddenly shifted
to Pondicherry and then he joined our school his brother was in my class and
they had no contact anymore with the relatives in Karnataka and these were
you know 50 years ago you didn’t have easy communication so someone there was
concerned whether they were safe so he went to one of these types so in the old
days every village had someone shaman type you know who had access to things
of the subtle worlds so he goes to this guy and the guy tries to see and says
it’s very strange normally I can see where a person is but here I can see as
if they are enveloped in some kind of a white protective light and I’m unable to
penetrate through it interesting just the fact that they were in the ashram
under mother’s protection it was the time and mother was physically present
also and he couldn’t see through but he said all he could say was it is a
heavenly region it is like a heavenly space but I can’t look into it and
blocked so that’s what happened in this case also but so this has given us an example of
people who are basically mind-reading but they don’t read it’s some spirit
which does it and it’s the similar principle of a COS
in a seance which was very popular in about 100 years ago in Europe everybody
was doing it and they were even trying to understand the science of it so what
would happen typically a dozen people would be sitting in the room it would go
dark and then a form would appear and it might be a grandmother who was passed
away and now she appears with the full appearance and she talks to you and
tells you things which only you knew including things which you had forgotten
by the way and then she vanishes and then some other form appears relating to
someone else and talks to them and so on so that the trick they play of course is
there is only one being it takes the image from your mind and kind of puts it
on its face the rest of the body is the same it’s only the face changing and it
reads what’s in your mind and feeds it back to you and so everybody is in press
so many spirits came maybe a dozen spirits came and they were all busy
talking about none of them have taken birth obviously you can invoke Napoleon
he is dead he is not taken birth he’s still waiting to have communications
through seances which is odd if you think about it and often the spirit
itself to be able to materialize needs material substance dense enough to
materialize which is taken from the medium the medium then goes into often a
cataleptic type trance or close to cat Alexis
so mother Anna reached this incident when she had somebody who she knew had
gone to a seance he was a scientist and the being which had materialized was
walking by and he had suddenly reached out and pulled at the dress of the being
and tore off the dress the being shrank back and the dress was torn there being
vanished and instantly as he did this the medium screamed and had a shock and
when she was revived it was it cocked her because it was her body
ectoplasmic substance which was being used by the being so the shock of the
being being hurt of the rest being Todd was on her body but this material which
he tore off then stayed materialized and mother said she he showed it to her and
it was like plastic substance and in the days before plastic was invented it had
similar kind of feel but this is to show you I’m broadening the whole issue
there’s a whole class of phenomenon which passes for astrology or
materialization or communication with the dead which is all done by beings
which are basically taking stuff from your mind and feeding back to you and
improve impressing you by the fact that they’re hundred percent accurate on your
past and therefore to you it looks like they might they must be accurate for the
future so I give you one last example of this may be another so this happened in
in Pondicherry there’s a guy in Pondicherry who’s doing
stuff like that and he I don’t remember how it was but somehow I was made to go
to him and so I had a very specific issue it was something had happened in
relation to a person I knew there was a medical negligence accident and I wanted
to know was this intended or was it an accident and I said well okay this type
of person should be able to see that or sense that because it’s already in the
past and he gave me a very accurate description of key words injection
kidney something something key words were alright and then he did a whole
reading I came up a very impressed and then I said to myself what happened
everything he said to me was 100% accurate as far as past is
concerned and there was nothing which I didn’t already know
as regards future he had caught a few elements of my plans for travel or some
other activity vaguely and that’s about it the only thing he said to me that
lady like this like this here she will give you a lot of trouble
I said what like this hair and he was as if trying to catch some name and he
couldn’t but he was seeing a picture so he could describe an image and it so
happened a couple of months down there was a person who gave me a lot of
trouble and later I realized it fitted that description but what is interesting
is if in my mind the name had been cleared he would have caught it but
there was a picture he caught and fed it back to me and he was similar then and
with him I could have a frank chat I said where do you get this power he said
you know these are beings which do it and he said he had also dabbled in
materializations and he had done that for a while
and he said it’s no big deal there’s just a being which brings to you what
you want so he said it’s like keeping a servant you pay your servant and you say
bring me soap from the shop and he goes and buys the soap and gives it to you
what has he done you paid the money he got it for you and the difference is
that here is a subtle being you have to pay it what it demands and then it gets
you what you asked for what’s the big deal so you know these
are incidents where I got the sense of this whole game but so much of what
passes for astrology is just this and I’ll give you one last example which is
what they call face reader this was a classmate of mine in Pondicherry and he
was very excited he said you must come you must come this guy he’s so good in
astrology and all he does is he looks at some shells and makes your horoscope so
I’m putting it in the context of astrology because say I saw what he was
doing he was redoing readings for others and then it came to my turn I really
didn’t have any question but I was just watching what he was doing he takes
these seashells scatters them on the table and then he starts doing a reading
except when he is doing a reading he is not looking at the seashells he’s
looking at your face and he would say something and watch you and then tilt
his head and again say something and then watch you tilt his head and again
say something so it was clear he was either picking what was in my mind or he
was listening and feeding back and waiting for a response in my
consciousness to catch the next idea to feed back so several times I interrupted
him how do you say this what’s it got to do with astrology you
know he said this is Jupiter that is Saturn I couldn’t distinguish it was so
the trick was he distracts you by saying I am using this shell it has nothing to
do with the chart it was melting two little shells there are others
variations in India where they do a thumbprint they ask you to put your
thumbprint and reading the thumbprint they tell you things another variation
where they measure your shadow length and tell you it all that is just a
diversion letter I use the word scam it diverts your attention to a cause when
in fact it’s just mind-reading feeding it back to you so this is a whole class
of phenomena associated with astrology which is not astrology but which has
very high accuracy as long as it’s speaking of your past it creates in
people the idea that fate is fixed and so things will happen but by exposing
yourself to things like that and accepting the idea that you wait six
months for the problem to solve you’ve only delayed the resolution of the
problem and yes sometimes the problem does fade out but not always sometimes
it just changes because you waited too long and I would warn people not to get
stuck not to get caught into these kinds of scams and gone into it in great depth
to tell you what astrology is not and do not get caught by these things once you
understand how it works you will stay away from these things so
in the next session we’ll discuss what astrology can measure can describe and
what it’s what is its utility or not good right now it seems that we should
never go to the strong well none of these types of leaves

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