Erin Moriarty Dishes on What It’s Like to Work on The Boys

-I want to talk about
this real quick, because Season 1
of “The Boys” — I need to read this,
’cause this is just phenomenal. It’s not only the
highest-rated show on Amazon, but the highest-rated
superhero show ever made. Okay? So, tell us about it.
Tell me about “The Boys.” -So, “The Boys” — I think the
reason why people are responding really
well to it is because it’s a totally fresh
take on the genre. Like, I remember when I was
first sent the script, I’m going to be honest,
there was a part of me that, like, did
a little baby eye roll, ’cause I was like,
“Alright, we’ve seen a lot of superhero stuff, okay?” And then I read the script. And, basically, it’s Seth Rogen
and Evan Goldberg, okay? So it’s dark comedy. And it’s a satire on the
superhero genre. It’s, like, superheroes
but inverted. The superheroes
are the bad guys. And it poses the question like,
“If superheroes really did exist in our world
and they were, like, worshipped and they were like celebrities
combined with politicians, would they really be
good people?” And the answer is,
power tends to corrupt, so they’re all just
not good people. They’re drug addicts. They’re, like —
Like, one of the characters in the first episode
sexually abuses my character. Like, it gets dark. My character is the only
good superhero on the show. She earnestly, like,
wants to save the world. And then you have
a bunch of vigilantes who are trying to
take them down. And, so, it’s, like,
a dark comedy mixed with, like, some kind of underlying
real zeitgeisty issues. And I think —
-I mean, it sounds awesome. -Yeah. It’s fun.
It’s really fun. -You’re in production of
Season 2 right now. -We are, yeah.
-Look at that. Killin’ the game. Killin’ the game.
-Yes. -So, I know there’s just such
a fan frenzy around this show already. But there’s such a fan frenzy,
do they restrict you from posting things
about the show? Because I’m sure there’s a lot
of theories and whatnot. -Yes. So, they do. And the problem is — Season 1,
we were really tight-lipped and we were really good at that.
but then the show came out, and people responded
really well to it. And I think that we all got
really jazzed about that, like, the whole cast, and so we like
to feed them little things. So, one of the things that,
like, I posted a little bit about
is — There’s a running joke. Like, Jack Quaid, who is the
lead of our show — he’s always covered in blood. Like, throughout all of
Season 1, he’s cloaked in blood. -And you posted this. -Okay, so, we were filming a
couple weeks ago, and I posted a video of him,
and he’s covered in blood. -Wait. We have it. We have it.
-Yeah, you have it. -Let’s take a look
at this first. Let’s take a look at this clip.
-Okay, okay. -No, he was like —
-Oh! Did you that? -That’s a lot of blood.
-Yes. -That’s a lot of blood.
-That’s a lot of blood. And that’s the most —
And that’s what I said. It’s the most quintessential
Jack Quaid moment ever, because he and I have this thing
where just him and I — I always make eye contact
with him. I always catch him doing the
most awkward things you’ve ever seen in your life. Like, that —
I remember one time we were at a bar,
and he was at a bar — like, at the end of the bar
completely alone. And he took a sip of a drink, and I’m pretty sure it was a
drink out of a pineapple. And I guess it tasted
really good to him. He was totally alone. I happened to look up the moment
he takes a sip from the drink, and he literally just took a sip
and he goes, “Ooh!” Alone. And, so, the other day,
I see him eating a taco. He’s an awkward dude.
Love him to death. -I love that preface. “Awkward dude,
love him to death.” -Love him death. One of the best
human beings I know. He’s awkward in
the most endearing way. I see him eating a taco,
and it’s windy out. And I was like,
“This is not gonna end well.” So I was like —
And he’s covered in blood. I was like, “This is like –”
So, I take my phone out, and then, of course, it
turns into that, where the taco goes flying, and
he’s trying to catch it. And he looks up and he knew. Like, at this point, he’s like,
“I know you saw it.” So it’s a thing now.
-I love this. It sounds like you’re having a
lot of fun on the show. -It’s really fun.

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