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  1. I know that I was affected. I had my identity stolen and a bank account compromised, so I'm trying to figure out how to maximize my settlement.

  2. I was affected as well and I can tell you, after reading what this settlement allows, we are in no way being compensated for our loss. That is not their intention, their intention is to limit liability of their part. If you read the contract carefully, you will see that you are giving up your right to sue equifax if your data is used fraudulently after you file the claim. So, if you file the claim and I am not saying not to do it, understand that you are technically giving up your right to sue at a later time. Of course, as we know in this country, you always have the right to sue no matter what a document says, it just lessens your chances of winning or winning more than what you might win otherwise, in a lawsuit.

    As you can see, it says that if you feel you have been impacted and you have spent more than 10 hours correcting, repairing or otherwise reversing any damage caused by identity theft caused by the breach, you must provide… Now this is not word for word, but simply to say that, they are making it harder for those impacted by this so-called breach to hold Equifax accountable and receive just compensation.

    I do not know about you, but since the breach and I have spent a lot more than 10 (even 20) hours protecting my data, and possibly repairing the damage but we all will not be able to provide the limited scope of documentation they are requesting. Bottom line, I am going to file my claim, but if my identity is used fraudulently at a later time, I will be taking Equifax to court to reimburse me cost not reimbursable through my current credit monitoring services. Oh, and yes, I know you can file an additional claim up until Jan 2024 if theft happens, but the contract does not detail the limits of an additional claim, just that you can file one. I say this to mean, damage can exceed 1 million dollars, so if it is, are we just supposed to suck it up, I do not think so…

  3. Hi. Will you speak to suing the bureaus if they refuse to validate the accounts via certified afadavit disputes?
    Also my last few disputes the bureaus stated that they are not required to validate and that the creditors should do so only. Please speak to that. Thanks.

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