Epiphone Factory Tour in China [English Sub]〜室長が行く!エピフォン中国青島工場【デジマート・マガジン特集】

Welcome to our show. I’m Dr. Idonuma of Digimart Basement Lab. Today we’re here from Japan to visit the Epiphone factories in Qingdao, China. It looks like there are two of them in Qingdao. So what’s the secret behind Epiphone’s high quality and cost-effective guitars? First, we’ll check out their main one, the GQ factory. Let’s go! Here we are at the wood storage warehouse. Looks like wood is sent here from around the world after being roughly cut and seasoned. Here we see bodies and necks being processed at the same time. Why? I’d like to ask Mr. Lewis about it. It looks like a lot of handwork is involved. Let’s ask Mr. Lewis about it. Meanwhile, cutting edge technology seems to be used too. I’d like to ask Mr. Lewis about it. Making the neck is one of the most important processes. The “Quality Control” people here are carefully inspecting the neck. I’d like to take this opportunity to actually feel one. Pardon me. It’s already extremely smooth. What a comfortable grip! These press machines are exclusively for Casino bodies. Had they always been used? Let’s ask Mr. Lewis. I hear this line is quite new. Could you tell us about it? The paint line seems to have greatly changed too. Let’s hear some examples. Your factory is indeed a spectacle! Here we are at the final assembly line. All these people form this line for the final process. What a sight to see! Look, everyone! Above these pickups it says in kanji what we read as “pickup-sound-device”. And all the way here we see the word…… “above-strings-pole”? It seems to mean “nuts”. So nuts are “above-strings-pole” in Chinese. Chinese characters literally symbolize meanings. It’s great how we Japanese can guess them, right? So after all these processes, the products are finally checked in these cells to be delivered to Epiphone fans around the world. Wow! I suppose this is where finished products are stored. Rows of guitars are here, ready to be shipped. There’s more? This is awesome! Look at all these guitars waiting to be shipped! Now we’re here at the other Epiphone factory in Qingdao called EQ. Models made here seem to be different from the ones at GQ. Let’s go see. Here is where wood for necks and fingerboards are stored. Seasoned wood is brought here to be stored under the right temperature and humidity. This is for an Epiphone Joe Bonamassa signature Firebird model. You can clearly see that it’s a “thru-neck” construction. Mr. Lewis, we saw a similar line at the GQ factory yesterday. Could you tell us about it? Now we know that both factories focus on efficiency. Let’s hear about the differences then. Please tell us about one of EQ’s latest machines. What a smooth touch! High quality guitars are being shipped around the globe from this factory! Right on!

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  1. Why China? They could've gone to the Korean Factories

    and I could've literally be on the vid since the korean epiphone factory is just around 5km from my place

  2. no wonder china can make Gibson copies so easily !!!  people work for epiphone in the day then work for illegal Gibson factories at night !!!!Gibson shot themselves in the foot!!!!e

  3. Go watch the Gibson Factory tour and tell me they do anything better than those chinese workers, now tell me why are Gibson usa guitars any better than Epiphone. We could argue about the Gibson custom shop doing things better but the Gibson Usa plant produces just more expensive epiphones.

  4. Iv a second hand epip sg a 2004 made in Korea I did some research today and it’s good news,,,, they s said the type I got was epip trying to recreate the old SG,s from the 60s but for a better price ,and playing it for 3 years now they did make a lovely example, I had a sg before but had to sell it so when I was going to buy the thing I was so lucky they had it to sell , it was the SG or they has a Korea teli I think the tellycastor was 40/50 £ more ,,,, I say the epiphone gods blessings was given to me that fateful day

  5. why is the neck pocket soooo deep yet the neck has no tang ? gap no good !! I no buy your junk  !!! no dollar for you !!

  6. Hey,you must bring back the Japanese emperor thin and thick from Matsumoto,Japan… Plus you must bring back Japanese Sheraton and. Casino.this is must….,!!!!!!!!!! Or else "no sale"..!!!!!!!!

  7. 🌒 I didn't know about this guitar brand and I never saw a guitar factory inside, really a useful video for any well-meaning person, a useful product made by a useful factory by useful people for a useful audience. ☕ 🧡💛 🌘 💬 🌒 🏁 gooD

  8. I own two Epiphone Les Paul's and though I really love these guitars, I did notice something in this video that explains why I have some slight damage on the fretboard near the 17th fret of the first one I bought. If you watch the person doing the neck fitting (5:10) they clamp the neck with a C-Clamp and do not protect the fretboard from the clamp. If you look close you can even see the scratches she puts on the fretboard from clamping it down. If you watch the "Gibson Factory Tour 2019" you can see how well they protect the fretboard from the clamp. Dont get me wrong, I love my guitar and wouldn't part with it for the world. I'm sure there are rigorous QC measures these guitars go through. This is just something that's being overlooked. Unfortunately it's a big oversight IMO. Maybe if someone from Epiphone reads this they can have them change that part of the process. All it would take is a padded block of wood between the clamp and the fretboard.

  9. 意外とイイです。
    私のバーニーレスポールの中華製です かなりカスタムしてますが

  10. omg. im not sure if this video leads to more epiphone sales. if u compare that company to fujigen company factory thats embarassing. all that "qc" is fake, etc lol

  11. I'll buy an Epiphone over a Gibson any day. They are equally as good at a fraction of the cost. I've owned two Epi Les Paul Standards, and have played them along with a Gibson Les Paul Standard side by side. No bloody difference at all, except the price.

  12. you have to bring back emperor thick and thin ,sheraton and casino from 1979 and 1980.YOUR JOB MAY DEPEND ON THIS.THIS IS A MUST.GET ON IT.ASAP

  13. Though I think Epiphone should still be made in Korea, it truly baffles me that they still have American management in the factory to try and keep things running as though it were just like Gibson (despite the inferior electronics). There's definitely still a lot of care that goes into production, and if Gibson just allowed them to utilize their full capability I have little doubt that they could produce guitars nearly indistinguishable from their American counterparts. I don't own a Gibson due to my more budget-conscious nature, but I've played my fair share of them and can confirm that at least my Korean Epi SG sounds just as good with US electronics.

  14. Electrostatic finish is inferior to catalyzed urethane finish. It's just much cheaper and more environmental friendly. But, they do not have the adhesion and durability of urethane finish.

  15. I guess thats where my Sheraton II was born. Its a really nice guitar, but I did have to resolder the pots. I like it and for $500 its a great deal.

  16. Now I understand why I have to spend more than I paid for my SG Special at a music store repair shop to get it to sound and look like it should

  17. Great movie. I loved this beautiful story. Behind is : you pay the brand. The Epiphone is just like any other chinese made guitare . Cost of good : 50 USD. Resell price : 600 USD. High profit margin product. Shit, now i think that Epiphone is just some piece of wood glued together.

  18. This was produced for a Japanese audience, likely the English speaking plant manager's words were subtitled in Japan but it was still very interesting. The first thing I noticed was the horrible air pollution and our host covering his face through the whole show.

  19. I have two and they both had faulty controls out of the box,the Chinese cannot produce anything of quality just cheap imitation crap if you don’t care for a good product go ahead!

  20. Sad all those American people out of work because of this shit! it's everything made overseas…. they sold America out for a few dollars of profit and I love their guitars very well made it's not about quality .

  21. As an American I don’t like seeing foreign made products, but now I have seen this video – I am a much prouder owner of my Epiphone SG. Seems like there is more hands on than at the actual Gibson factory in the USA

  22. The interviewer seemed more legit for me than the actual general manager. The guy looked like he just randomly strayed there from a big night out from a tavern in the suburbs of Nashville.

  23. Why is "mask-dude" nodding in agreement at 8:30 like he knows what party-boy is waffling on about? If he understands the language then this makes one person surplus!

  24. Translations/Comments:
    1:50 – Basically I've got wood
    4:32 – Feel my wood
    4:43 – slop that stuff in, I won't ever be seeing this again
    5:10 – Tight enough? don't worry about a packing piece
    6:50 – That'll do, next
    8:55 – This piece of crap
    8:58 – Or fit this junk
    9:33 – WTF this ones all back to front! – Reject!
    9:43 – This ones for James Dean Bradfield
    10:25 – Holy Fuck! You really need to sell some of these
    Then I bored………….

  25. I have an old epiphone from kalamazoo, maybe built in the late 70s, but it has a back plate at the base of the neck that also says made in japan, was abused by family but still sounds ok. a piece of the scalloped bracing came off from under the saddle, but i put electric strings on it for less tension and its still running fine lol…..

  26. There japanese scientist favorite Band is for sure slipnot-nerds.
    I need new freds could I lay down my neck for quick there ?

  27. It way more clean than the Gibson factory, also it seems to be way more safe. In the Gibson factory tour, the guys painting and sending aren’t wearing mask.

  28. Listen, i never tried out a China guitar, I’m sure there great but I can’t get over the fact I would be supporting China in some way! I am a compassionate person and I don’t like how the Chinese treat animals and how they treat the environment. They build fake Gibson’s in China and take advantage of young inexperienced players who never owned a real Gibson … if I want a epiphone il buy a pre2004 made in Korea and you should too!

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