EPIC event – Engage, Promote, Innovate, Collaborate

Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria is basically just a place, but within that place are lots of organisations who
provide health and social care. These kind of EPIC events are just brilliant. The enthusiasm in the room this morning was palpable. You could really sense
people’s appetite for working together because they knew that this is the way
that they’re going to get results. More than 100 people presenting, looking at
really, really good examples of local work from healthcare, local government,
social services and voluntary community / faith sector about how
those connections and that work is making a difference for individuals.
Partnership working is key because we need to provide consistency to patients. It’s an
opportunity to bring together all the different elements that can make up
improving health and wellbeing for all populations. And it’s about recognising a
lot of the things that are impacting on people. It’s so important not to just be
in a silo because you can’t work on your own, you’ve got to work in collaboration for the good of the patients and the rest of the staff. We’ve heard from some fantastic speakers around the work that they’re doing in their
trust. Some great opportunities that we need to be sharing far and wide,
both workforce related and just in terms of clinical developments and clinical
services. We’ve had a great insight into some new technologies that could really
help our patients. You can’t have a culture of trust unless you bring people
together and talk and listen so I think it’s vital that we do days like today. The ICS is doing the right thing. It’s feeling its way, it’s finding its way. How
do we do this right? And they’re doing it from a bottom-up approach, which is
absolutely key. The wealth of passion that was in the event from the different
professionals that presented here and projects that I’d heard about but
actually listening to the people delivering those projects and what it
means to them and why they’ve driven that project forward has been massive. And also and ideas from other areas that we can actually now take forward, with a
little bit of tweaking, that will pay dividends for our families and
that’s really where I came, so I’m quite pleased with that. I’ve made lots of new contacts, I’ve had an ambition within the Innovation Agency
to take a bus around our footprint and today I found a bus. We need to work very
closely with our partners in the NHS and we need to also raise our profile within
the NHS as well. So to come here and make contacts with so many people. It’s a great
opportunity to be here. Yeah, I think it’s an opportunity to come away from the day-to-day, share what you’re doing, get some recognition of that and I think the
number of people that we had asking how do I contact you? How do I get in touch
with you? How do I learn more about what you’ve been doing? Is the best part of the day. What I’ve learned from today there’s lots and lots of change going on. There’s a huge appetite for change and lots of people
want that to happen. So let’s do it!

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