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SPEAKER 1: There is a
saying amongst entrepreneurs that the easiest part of starting a
business is coming up with the idea. The hard part is deciding whether
it’s viable, and then making it fly. To recognize the strengths
and weaknesses of an idea through proper evaluation
and prospecting, and knowing when to proceed
or not, is vital for success. And that’s where we come in. Through a strategically
focused, step by step process, you’ll learn how to identify
opportunities, act on them, and turn them into a real business. We’ll teach you about the
entrepreneurial process, and why innovation is integral. We’ll go through the creative
process, and provide insights into why we have mental blocks. And we’ll get you thinking about how
you can overcome these, to improve your ability to think creatively. Through internal and
external analysis, you’ll gain an understanding of the difference
between ideas and real opportunities. What’s especially
exciting about this course is that it’s all within a framework
of real life business examples. You’ll see interviews from
entrepreneurs, innovators, venture capitalists, and others led
by experts, Noel Lindsay, Zrinka Tokic, Diana Lucic, and
Wendy Lindsay, and be exposed to an evaluation tool
built to help you decipher the best path to your success. Are you ready to turn
your idea into a business? Enroll now in this free course, and
get ready to let your ideas fly. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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