Engage America

SECRETARY KERRY: In today’s global world, there is no longer anything foreign
about foreign policy. [BACKGROUND MUSIC] More than ever before, the decisions that
we make from the safety of our shores don’t just ripple outward. They also
create a current right here, in America. How we conduct our foreign policy matters,
more than before, to our everyday lives. NARRATOR: How does the United States
conduct its foreign policy? How are American principles, values, and interests
communicated to the rest of the world? Who speaks to the world outside
on behalf of Americans? [BACKGROUND MUSIC CONTINUES] All around the globe, every day,
thousands of diplomats, and the local staff who support them, work hard to keep the people
of the United States safe, help them grow their businesses
and cultural ties, and help build understanding. [BACKGROUND MUSIC CONTINUES] The stakes are high. The work is as simple
as engaging school students to combating deadly disease
and global challenges. Diplomats are on the front lines of all of it. The State Department works every day
in the name of the American people. That is why Secretary Kerry has
called on American diplomats to take their efforts home
to talk and learn… and to make Foreign Policy,
a little less foreign. As you hear of events in your hometown,
we hope you’ll join us. For more information on how the
State Department works with your state, visit state.gov and follow us
on @EngageState. [TEXT: #EngageAmerica] PRESIDENT OBAMA: There are those who
criticize our commitment to diplomacy, for investing so much effort in trying to
resolve conflicts that seem intractable. But here’s the truth: Conflicts and wars do not end on their own. Breakthroughs do not just happen. Agreements don’t write themselves. It takes diplomacy… To engage with the State Department,
please contact [email protected] Follow us on Twitter @EngageState
facebook.com/usdos [LOGO: United States Department of State]

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