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I’ll get you an important point. four-starting map needs to be reconnoiter earlier. And I wish I could completely block the entrance. But This map has a wide opening
and cannot completely block the entrance.
And you have to block strategy
like “9 pool speed” well in the beginning. So I will try 11 barracks, 11 Scout and play the game tight. The start is 11 barracks 12gas mechanic. (Q. 13 Scout=impossible?)
A. 13 Scout may slow the opponent’s strategy.
So 11 Scout is safer. The point of the this build is (that)
there are so many people who use the “9 pool speed” strategy in this score band. So we have a great advantage
if we block the “9 pool speed” strategy well.
Really. The score was that they used a lot of
“9 pool speed” strategies.
I’ll show you the “1factory expand” Because I’m in a good mood today! LOL One SCV will scout and one SCV will build a barrack. The most important thing is for SCV
to stick one piece of minerals together. You can see now.
One SCV for each piece of mineral.
That way, the collection of resources is efficient and fast. Beginners make the mistake of collecting resources by putting SCVs in only eight minerals or seven. I always send SCVs to empty minerals.
I think resource optimization is very important.
You have to attach SCV to the empty mineral. If The first scouting is when we did 11 scouting and
if there’s a hatch being built in the front yard
then you can see 12 hatch. If the opponent is 12 hatch,
it’s easier for me to play games.
I’m not under pressure to use the mechanic strategy. Attach the SCV to the gas and attach the worker to the empty mineral as well. The opponent guy’s here, right?
This will eliminate the disadvantage of 11 scouting. And Build depot and factory on population 16. And take out all the workers who dig up gas.
That’s why we’re going to take it out after dig up 100 gas.
And, Produce one Marin. And then we produced the SCV
and the population was 18.
Keep going producing SCVs. And population between 20 and 21.,
When mineral 400 gathers, the command center is built. “Q. When do we get the gas back?”
A. Once the factory is completed, the gas can be collected again. We’re gonna get a worker to the front yard. When the population was 20, we stopped producing SCVs for a while.
We’re going to build a 20 command center Just following my play,
I’m going to give you a lecture on winning the game. And the factory was completed.
Get SCV to collect gas and produce one Vulture. And produce SCV.
And build depot. 23 Depot And I’ll send my Vulture to the other’s front yard.
Build “Armory” after producing the second Vulture. And then we produce the third Vulture. And they build a second factory.
If the HP of the command center under construction in the front yard is 1300, the SCV can collect minerals immediately. And then I’ll move six SCVs to the front yard. And the point is that we produce this third batch and then add-on.
Engineering bay construction time after construction After We started the range-upgrade research at the same time as the Goliath production,
we’re building an Engineering Bay. Because they use a lot of two-hatch mutal strategies these days.
Nevertheless Zerg’s lair is completed. At this time, Goliath will be upgraded from range to range.
We can see that the opponent is very defensive. We’re gonna build another depot.
Keep producing the Goliath. The opponent is building a Hydralisk Den.
Because he is conscious of Wraith.
He thinks I could use the 111 strategy. It’s obvious. That’s why the opponent is preparing for my Wraith.
I just produce Goliath. You had better didn’t show my Goliath to the opponent’s Overlord. And produce the Goliath up to 3 stages. Because we will use a five-factory Goliath strategy.
Start a defense upgrade study at the Armory. Then infiltrate the opponent’s front yard with the three vultures you have produced. Infiltrate the enemy’s front yard and attack the enemy’s workers. We killed three drones. And now I haven’t seen the enemy Spire but
I think The opponent will collect Larva because of producing the Mutalisk. Well, then we’re just in time for Engineering Bay to be completed. Calmingly P Control , P Control Okay. And build two missile turrets in our front yard. We need to build a missile turret from where the other guy’s
MUTARISK’s travel is closest. And it also produces one missile turret here and one missile turret here.
I get five Goliaths together just in time.
Research on upgrading range will also be completed. Move the barrack towards my front yard. Then the opponent’s Mutalisk won’t be able to attack me easily. Terran’s situation is really good.
Because they don’t have a third hatch right now. And build a third factory. Goliath just doesn’t have anything to control, so it’s comfortable, guys.
And building a third factory, building gas in the front yard. And here’s the other guy’s “Overload”
We can just go and attack Overload. Move Attack Move Attack And then, be careful not to fall under the population limit
and continue to build the depots and continue to produce the Goliath. It will also build a fourth factory while collecting gas from its front yard.
Goliath is already here, right? Then move one SCV toward the other’s entrance
Secretly to figure out the opponent’s intentions. I like Goliath because it has a long range. It’s just, uh, I think the attack will work. You can do it.
Really. Predict the route of the opponent’s Mutalisk and follow it. And then we build the fifth factory. Check what the opponent is doing with the SCV you sent to the opponent’s front yard. You don’t have to worry about this.
You don’t have to worry about it, but you’re good at it. Very strong! The Goliath of this timing is very strong. The game has already become very advantageous.
Attack the opponent’s front yard and the game is over. Just keep producing Goliath. Really Just Move Attack Move Attack As soon as the defense is upgraded, Upgrading your offensive capabilities. Then attack the opponent’s front yard and destroy the Sunken Colony first. Game over. Goliath is very powerful. It’s like Zealot in Protoss. In the early part of the game, it looks very powerful. If this strategy is used, there is no need to struggle with the bionic system. This way, you can win the game very easily. The 5Fac Goliath strategy is very powerful in vs. Zerg.

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