Employment V/S Self Employed – Sadhguru At BHU

sadhguru when I try to see myself as a
youth and when I try to see myself as a passengers in university then one
feeling that hurts me the most is the unemployment one and in the final this
is the most interesting you can apply so it gives me a very much interesting I am
also afraid of the ink eraser but I won’t do it
you saying you are from the town of Shiva he wore a snake always around his
neck and watch that is a good point check it out
so for me how I should become like you cool dude like that you can apply for the job we will
process the application of course see we must understand this in this country in
1990 only 7% of India was employed 93% was self-employed all kinds of small
small businesses and things because there was really no organized employment
now I do not know the exact number maybe it’s gone to 15 percent or 20 percent
maybe so still over 80 percent of the people are self-employed we are talking
this employment business already I mean lot of trouble on the social media
because of I spoke about employment in the I am Bangalore and these are all you
know business masters people they are doing MBAs and they’re asking about
employment I said in a developed in a developing country you shouldn’t be
looking for employment a developing country means there are still lot of
things to be done in this country when there are so many things to be done
instead of looking around and seeing as youth what can I do and how can I make
something out of that you are sitting and waiting for somebody to come and
give you an employment well this language of what is the employment
rate in the country comes from United States because almost everybody is
employed Excel except a small segment of entrepreneurs so that’s a different
nation this is a different nation here there is no organized employment of that
scale you cannot employ 1.3 billion people in a factory or an office or
wherever else they have to find their way and they are finding their way the
rural population is not employed it’s only the urban youth the moment they get
educated somehow they get crippled those who are not educated are finding a way
to live is did hello those who never went to the
college university they’re all finding a way to make a living but the moment you
get educated should you be more capable or less
capable you should be more capable so you should give the employment to them
and you should become the employer yes tell me if you look around in Kashi and
there are thousand things that you can see on the street that you can take up
and do and make a business out of it can you or can you not there are so I am NOT
saying there should be no employment generation yes that needs to happen on
one level but don’t ever believe 1.3 billion people can be employed in a
factory or office or some organized sector it’s just not possible
we don’t have that level of organized employment generation and it’s just not
possible at all it is just that we have to see in a developing country how we
can develop this country every one of us if you can’t do it by yourself ten of
you should get together and do it but right now the problem is general you
cannot get together two people can’t get together let’s change this one if 10 of
you students get together you think you can’t start something and run
successfully can you or not you can but you ten people can’t get
together but you want to go into a company where there are million people
working together this is unrealistic so this is going to be super unpopular
video I know a whole lot of people a whole lot of people I’m on camera a
whole lot of people are going to scream at me oh he’s this is that he doesn’t
know what the employment Oh become a guru
well trying why don’t you try you can try that also that is also useful apply
to be a mistake that you don’t have to apply anyway it happens now you didn’t
get the there is something called as mystic and a mistake you

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  1. You know there was once this small kingdom that was far hidden in the northern snow fall area, the kingdom had no crops or agricultural support of their own because it was situated near an icey plains at the most harshest climate. For a long time now they were living by the support of other trading countries for food, then a large scale continental war was occuring and so the king of this small kingdom was asked to take sides, because both sides of the war was important to him he was not sure of which side to take and he took the side that promised the small northern country that they'll receive food support if the king took their side. Fearing the situation of the country the king immediately accepted because the supplies were very essential for his country to go on, many people were dying out of famine and starvation. But then the other party among the two sides of war also came, they sent their minister, this one didn't not offer anything to appeal the king to take his side as a reason. However, he looked around the entire country, all he saw was full of icey plains and hills and people conserving their low amounts of food and some dying out of shortage and realised the situation of the king as well. While he was looking around the whole country he saw that the there was a small thin area which smelled extremely awful and people refused to go bear it, the minister was wondering what this smell is and then went on trying to figure it out. To his surprise, he found lots of residual corpse of dead birds that existed there long ago which had gotten frozen and turned into certain type of rotten smelling thing. He also noticed that these certain bird corpses that had been frozen had developed strange chemicals which can be turned into a powder that can enhance agricultural growth if it was tended and manure to the crops. To put it simply, the rotten smelling corpse of those certain frozen birds can be converted into a very rare type of manure, the minister of the other side noticed this and told the king that if he used that to transport to other trading countries that supply things, he could prosper. Thanking the minister, the king of that small nation took his side instead of the other, and later on that nation became a bussiness of manufacturing that. Why I said this is because, despite all the harshness of this country and its wastes, if you look at the circumstances and situation properly there are many things that people don't notice but can be utilised to opportunities and well being if an organised effort to convert them into something else that brings enhancement properly happened. Every country, irrelevent of what economic or climatic situations they face may itself contain a loop hole that can become an opportunity as an advantage if tended to properly. Its all about looking at the disadvantages of the surrounding situation and turning them into an advantage

  2. I follow less
    But i follow by my heart:
    Radhanath prabhu
    Gour gopal das
    I really love to listen when these individuals speaks. It always ends with something which help us grow internally, and that's the beauty.

  3. Self employment is the most difficult thing in the world. Either Idiots with zero INSIGHT manage it or the Awakened ones (like Sadgurus)

  4. Nalsar university students should see this video
    Learn something from this people !

    They are enjoying each and every moment because there are sitting in front of sadhguru to learn
    Not to argue and teach !

  5. The real problem with India is it's massive over population. To be precise India has just 2.6% of the world's land area where as India alone has 16% of the world population. What a joke and disguise that instead of controlling/limiting/minimizing the burden we always talk bullshit. Corruption, poverty, unemployment, pollution, malnutrition, accidents, low score in HDI, slums, illiteracy, law and order issues, all this is because of over population. Who is going to solve? No Ram no Pandit, no Allah nor any mulla wake up people admit that we are highly over populated and we only can change it, unless very bad and distressful time is waiting for all of us.

  6. Sadhguru is Spreading the light of joy, Music of ecstasy, Vibration of energy, Finally a new dimension of Life. Pranam Sadhguru

  7. Sadhguru's answer reminds me Gandhi's principles.
    "Change yourself instead of expecting some change in the world".
    Sadhguru and Modi were correct in their statements.
    Practically it is not possible to employ everyone.Youth should effectively use their skills to make a livelihood and life isn't easy as it was shown in the movie like the people love and get married and the story ends.
    Youth Blaming also shows how incompetent they are,if these people are employed as Software Engineers,sure they would blame their employer that the work is quite boring.(I've seen many Software Engineers who quit their job because they felt boring and joined NGOs or any other institutions).Yes,if we have the instruments that assist us in making our livelihood why can't we use those skills.

  8. Is it so easy to start a business! If these people could start a business why would they work for someone else in the first place.
    I am an entrepreneur for 17years and I know how difficult it is to start and run a business. In India they will lend crores to a Vijay Mallya without any collateral but for a small businessman they ask for more than 100% as security of the amount of loan you seek. Why will I go to a bank if I already have more money to give to the bank than what I am asking from the bank to lend me.

  9. Why everyone trying to ask questions to others and expecting answers from them why don't they ask questions themself and why don't they answering themself because no one not try to open our mind fully and not find to answer because we always impress with others answers only

  10. Being a Sri lankan – who worked for many government and international organization in various parts of the world for 35 years, I agree with what he says. Self-employment gives more power and security and your 100% is put on your own well-being. No bosses – no rules – no time tables. 100% your earnings and profit is yours – no need to worry – I am retired but on a self-employment of EPublication support service – which I have given employment to 100+ around the world (Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Singapore and Philippines) and each one is now earning around $2500 a month. Being the owner and organizer of this self-employment opportunity – you too can be a rich person soon – Rich in the sense of power, authority, money – of course – and reliable work force, which you can train and use for another endeavor to make more out of the youth around.

  11. wow! They look like they are actually here to enjoy the debate rather than to prosecute Sadhguru… Delightful people these moderators

  12. NALSAR's uncivilized rowdies/students should see how beautifully these students are carrying out discussion on country's issues.

  13. I have never seen a politician or minister or MLA who is people's representative engage interactively with youth of this nation.
    This man has almost answered questions that every youth in this country have.
    Hatsoff and pranam to Sadhguru.
    This series can be regarded as"na bhutoh na bhavishyati"

  14. 0:01 why do you try to yourself as a youth, try to eat some food, try to grow up your chicken hands and legs, and then try to see as bachelor

  15. Well nothing's impossible creating organised sectors for country's population the job of elected government that is if this country needs to go from developing to developed having said that yes self employment is better than unemployment

  16. Engineering guys are relatively(average) are more scientific and logical in their arguments but.. humanities people think and act otherwise(including management fellows who did engineering earlier.)

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