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I guess these 3 animals all live in the sea
but to say each of their name is… Try to guess At least you have to guess right
2 on 3 things, right? I’m not good at guessing fish type, this one.. These are 3 animals, right? 3 Animals or objects Come on 1 Fish Fish? – There is a fish
– A fish? There is 1 fish, 2 points 1 Flying saucer Almost there, try to guess again It’s wrong, minus 1 point And the last one Fighting Hit point I don’t know that whether
this is an animal or a thing? It’s an animal, animal Its face is like a frog
but the tail is like a tadpole I don’t, I give up
I don’t know what this one is I don’t know what this one is Please subscribe! To watch the latest shows of
Dustin On The Go! Hello to the audiences of Love Is Blind I’m Ly Tieu Nau, everyone calls me Sam I’m feamle, 28 years old Currently working in the operating
department of a traveling agency My hobbies are.. Traveling, working out, cooking and reading Coming to Love Is Blind
I first wanted to find.. Firstly, a person who can
understand and share the… Things in life with me That person must also
has hobbies similar to mine Must be dynamic, like sport Someone who is open and straight As for gender, I’m looking for a male partner Today, Dustin brought
To Nhi A a girl Dustin called “- Hello, Tieu Nau?
– Yes” “Did you sign up for Love Is Blind?
– No, my friend did it for me” This girl has a friend who knows her very well And Tieu Nau has also had
a considerable time being single That’s why her friends are impatient So coming here today is it
for you or for your friends? I came for me… My friend also notice that
why does this girl keep… Going from point A to point B Heads off to work in the morning
and gets home in the afternoon Sometimes would head to the supermarket to buy food That’s it! When you go from point A to point B
have you ever noticed that… There is a guy…
– Point B, point C… Who is very handsome? Or will you always look straight? Sometimes I did but most of them already
had a girl in the back hugging their waists – Oh.. Are you afraid of this, Tieu Nau? It’s… Now people are talking
about the conclusion of life Good men are often.. Occupied If you really want to compete… I don’t mean to say that you’re old I mean all the young ones out there You have to be super young
to join the competition So now you’re very interested
in going from point A to point B Or maybe the other way around? Do you ever feel that it’s putting pressure on you? Is it really hard for you to find
someone who is safe and suitable? I never worried about not having someone… Other beautiful young girls will take away
the current number of men in Vietnam I know what I’m doing.. And what I’m waiting So I want to really take care of myself first When that person shows up, I’ll be ready During that process, I discover that There are men who are not necessarily good Full of weaknesses that
have been robbed by other girls But there are men who are on
the road looking for a female model Who knows, maybe I’ll be that role model There are two categories
of men like you said .. Some good men will have
young girls walking up to them However, there are some who
are still on their career paths They still don’t have time.. Just like me I think men and women There will still be different categories
and I will find them at a certain point Not afraid of being single* Man, I like this girl so much and
I’m also extremely worried about you Because emotional people
like this are usually… Inside there are waves… You may also call
them underground waves Secondly is the appraising they do on
the other side of the curtain is very fierce But the thing is, I really like Tieu Nau The reason is that…
I found someone Which proves what I always
tell my students in class While you guys haven’t met your partner You should focus on fostering the inside because
if you want to marry a prince, you must have the mind of a princess The prince hasn’t appeared, so right now
I must work on becoming a princess first That is the way of Tieu Nau Although I’m very open-minded Easy to communicate, because
the character of my job is also very open However, in love, I act quite
safe and a bit cautious I am.. Wondering if I should develop relationships Some friends who I’ve acquainted
for 5 years, 6 years, 7 years I understood them since we’re friends When I fall in love, it is safer
and I have more faith Or should I start a relationship
with a brand new person If there is a risk
then as you say .. – But it’s stimulating Stimulation is a part I really like but… – But this…
– Because she… It happens in a split second
For example, it stimulates in 1 week, 2 weeks But if it’s for a long time
I don’t think it’s fair Do you think men find you hard to conquer? For those of you who know each other
so much you will know that Ah! She’s strong, righteous She is also quite successful But I still feel it’s easy to communicate
with her because I am already a friend But with a whole new male character In fact women who are too good I’m not sure how good you are
but with this image It’s actually not a something that makes… Men feel confident They nay feel pressured
while facing you… – Is that so?
– Yeah… I don’t know about men, but I feel
very happy standing in front of Tieu Nau I don’t feel that much pressure… That’s because you don’t have
the demand to conquer her Some share, they are afraid to conquer but.. I do not welcome those who are afraid because.. – If they are afraid then they are not brave enough…
– You’re scared, you’re out You also acknowledge that we cannot be
attached to a man who’s is not strong enough Because respect comes before love It’s not like people look at you like this
means they try to conquer you I still have models that I try to conquer Anyway, you’re here now If I sit here, then I’m probably a whole New person Yes, I am also very excited to see.. The role model Dustin
brought to the show I also believe in the word “Destiny” What kind of person does Dustin bring to you.. Well, it doesn’t really matter Because sometimes Dustin himself make
the arrangement in a very charming way I also briefly read about
what your friend wrote about you You’re expecting that male model
has to be someone who… Cares for his family I expect someone who is
well-groomed and I always look at him… And wonder whether
he’s a family-person Usually there’s a trap When we fall in love
we often rely on feelings So these are signs
to show that it is.. You’re family-friendly at the time that often
doesn’t reveal much during a relationship That’s right, we can’t know right away So, at that time, I’ve already
had certain judgments Have you ever been in
these situations before? The relationships that
I went through before… The main reason… Why the two of us can’t continue
does not belong to that category However, the model that I shared in the… Registration form A man whose heart is towards his family Even if i haven’t started living together or
experience differences in marriage like you mentioned before Or maybe after i get married and there are
some changes that i haven’t considered However.. In the process of learning
and getting used to him, i can still.. Somewhat feel For example, the way they care
about their mother, sister, or father In their family If i happen to enter his room
i’ll know whether he’s tidy or messy Or a man who just spends
an entire day chatting to his friends Or a man who strives for
his work, his career and thinks… About his family Well, there are many factors
for me to work on I don’t know if that’s correct or not but.. It also helps me feel I must have a feeling I have to see if that person
is truly the one I’m expecting And if I have to wait for marriage Just because of a loving
feeling it’s very difficult – This friend is very alerted!
– Absolutely It’s like talking to a partner Are you attracted to someone
who’s fierce and clear Or a person who’s very
passionate, warm, and emotional? He can be serious and calm at work but… Must also be a really active person He shouldn’t be too restrictive to bring
the work image into external relationships I think it’s not difficult I think it’s not – The first time seeing Ms. To Nhi A being…
– No one accept that… They are demanding The whole process needs to be forged from
a young age with educational implications… Really… really proactive… It is then that the final model
is found in an adult man And I admit to you that those people exist
so that we have the right to expect But there aren’t many Therefore they’re not easy to meet What you’re demanding isn’t too much That requirement is something we all have We all want our partner to be there Giving us satisfaction in
many different circumstances But as I’ve said Between expectations and responses
in reality there’s always a gap And again Please believe in the word “Destiny” Why must I repeat it? It’s because… Well, finally let’s just accept the word So that you can take the other person
with some points that you lack in But this is already predestined
so let’s continue the exploration Love Is Blind is not just
a place to find your lover It’s an opportunity for you to
acknowledge one more personality Another soul And then maybe you
don’t love each other But you can accompany each
other in a lot of other paths That’s what I like about Love Is Blind
I hope that Tieu Nau can… Feel it and experience it. That is… When we sit alone and
we re-live our experience We often have prejudice against ourselves I only want A, not A’ And from there naturally
we omit a lot of opportunities Or we walk away from plenty
of interactions that help us… Gain other experiences Then Love Is Blind is here I believe one thing that the show
doesn’t care whether you’d… Get married or not The important thing is… Eh .. When you sat here you thought
you couldn’t accept him But maybe with a later experience You then realize
– Yeah, I’m not that difficult This person is fine, and also has a nice side That something is extremely valuable Hello to all the audiences of Love Is Blind I’m Quang Dat, 28
I’m a pilot I like travelling and what
I do most in my free time is to travel and become a travel blogger I see myself as quite ambitious I hardly feel satisfied
with what I’ve achieved It is both a strength and a weakness because… I hardly feel satisfied
with what I have now It could create unnecessary
tension in some cases My personality is quite complicated When I am by myself is different from When I am.. with my close friends and when I am with strangers I’m quite good at adapting
to the surroundings Though I’m not good at
communicating with strangers I like.. women I like a person who has
a great passion for doing something Physical appearance
is an important factor That’s why I’m quite excited But also anxious when
I accepted the offer to join Love Is Blind I want to see when we
play down the physical appearance will the chemistry between two people Still go strong and beyond? Now let me introduce
you to another treasure A treasure… Sis! We had to.. go through all the profiles
read through all the introductions It seems like we could see
the deep down inside them It takes such a long time We have to try organising everything – To bring this treasure here
– I have to go to great lengths Quang Dat – I have to go to great lengths
to bring you here
– Because you said that Because of what you said, I also had to
go to great lengths to be here with you -We appreciate it
– Thank you for having me here I have a problem, which is… Maybe… I don’t love see
as something important to me Love just happens to me If love happens at a right time
I’ll gladly go with it I never thought that I had to
find love because… As a man under 30s
I have many other commitments So I don’t think love is
something that I have to have So when I accepted the love
offer to join Love Is Blind … I remembered saying this to Dustin My first question is… “I don’t look for a relationship now so
I don’t know if I’m eligible for your show?” – Totally eligible! What you said is totally understandable It seems hard because
you make it become hard I bet that many ladies out there would die to become your lover
in a somehow crazy way People might have read
about you on the news They might know that
you were in a relationship So what made this relationship come to an end? As I am still growing up
I have to change over time That relationship last for 3 years As we had different thoughts and other different commitments… So at a point, I thought
that we should not be together Though we still have respect
and care for each other So even until now, though
it’s been a while since then, I still think that it was
a right move for both for us We have become better
compared to us back then And how long have you been… – Single
– Single since that relationship? About 1.5 year I always crack jokes saying that
I am still happily single From what I know, you used to
work with a news agency – Right? I used to work with Hoa Hoc Tro He’s got the brain, he’s got the passion
he loves travelling, and he’s also good-looking A Hanoian man Don’t get mad at me when I say this but.. Hanoian men share some
similar bad habits Should I say this or not… I’m afraid that your fans are gonna – Don’t worry
I’m afraid that your fans are gonna ..speak ill of me You seem to have read a thousand years of books A thousand years of books..? People normally say Hanoi has
a thousand years of culture But there’s a type of men who.. Likes to do flattery “It means that you might be a hypocrite” You can do sweet talk But deep down inside… I think you are quite domineering I want it this way that way
I want this and that – Like that
– I agree with you I don’t disagree with your saying but.. Being domineering and being
a Hanoian are two different things – Yeah yeah, right
– So I’m gonna split your saying into two parts The first part is about the flattery? I don’t think I tend to flatter My exes all said that.. Why what you wrote on
the Internet was all sweet – Yeah, that’s flattery
– But in the relationship, you were not – That’s how you show yourselves to others ..
– It’s not your real personality Yeah, I think everyone’s like that Yes, everyone’s like that
Everyone chooses a side of themselves to show in their social relationships And then a layer inside is to show in their
close relationships like families and friends And then core layer is all about themselves.. When they’re by themselves I think that… To see the core layer of someone
shouldn’t be an easy thing to do Just like what you said
you’re ambitious in your work I believe that with such instincts If you see something
that you want to have You’re gonna be motivated to get it till the end That’s right And it’s better to be a war
[to see the core layer of someone] But now it seems like people
don’t create such wars like that People show off many sides of
themselves on the social media I feel like… – Do you think that …
– It’s easier… Do you think that you judge
everything on the surface? People might also see you on the surface They might not have tried to see the real you But I know that we don’t have such time To try to understand all of the people we’ve met So we chose to understand who
had the chances to match us most It’s up to you As it’s what you think
the choices are still yours And then time after time
they are still your choices It’s just how you want it to be I like it this way and that way
So all of your choices might be the same They are quite similar – What if the results are still the same?
I think that… I still made the same choice
now as when I was 25 But the results might be different When I was 25, I did that But when I am 28
I might do it differently That’s what makes the results different Everyone has a type and
it’s hard to change over time We can’t solve a math problem
hoping to see a different result If there is no variable I think that I am that variable Not the other person He’s such a confident man He’s well armed He knows what he should do
how he should do, and where he should be But… I think that sometimes Everything seems to
revolve around you He’s armed but he doesn’t
know what to use And it seems like He thinks everything is up to him If he wants the relationship
to go on, it has to go on If he wants the relationship
to end, it has to end Are you that confident? I’m confident that
I can get what I want You said that love is not
something important to you now How about marriage? I don’t believe in marriage I’ve read a book recently called Homo Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind The book discusses.. Why marriage is an invention But not an instinct Love is similar to a TV or a lightbulb When the needs for it in a society rise, it then Bom… appears! At that time, when the Agricultural Revolution
and Industrial Revolution happened, Properties started to thrive When people used to harvest And lived day by day There was no need for them
to reserve their properties But when their properties started to pile up They had the needs to
hand down their properties Of course, people didn’t want to hand
down their properties just to strangers They needed to have someone
related to them by blood to hand down their properties to That was when marriage happened
after the Agricultural Revolution, I believe If I remember it correctly People used to live quite freely For example, when a child was born In some tribes all of the men who had love affairs with
a child’s mom became a child’s dad A whole tribe could help raise a child People believe that our society
is going back in times Which means, if a woman or a man Wants to have a child That is related to them by blood It’s an easy thing With the help of the whole society It doesn’t take two to
raise a child any more That’s why now.. Many young people’s marriage Is going into a dead end, as.. it doesn’t help to solve
anything in the society Personally I don’t believe in marriage As I think its definition is not quite right Marriage means that a couple has to be
faithful to each other for the rest of their life There’s no other love in between I think it’s not gonna happen If it’s not possible, why
I have to do that, right? If you can’t do the wedding
vows or something like that … to swear that you’re gonna
be faithful to the other person Until you’re 100 years old then… Why do you have to vow? And talking about marriage If the old concept of marriage doesn’t
work any more, then don’t call it marriage Call it something else So I don’t believe in
the old concept of marriage So you don’t believe in its name – The concept..
– I don’t believe in that model – That model
– That model… Actually it seems to me that
people all believe in fairy tales As all tales end at a same point Actually it ends at
a wedding scene – Right Not any fairy tales end
at when they are 90 As fairy tales are not gonna be
fairy tales any more when they are 90 But I believe in romance I consider family important I like kids, I like my genes to be
handed down to the other generation Do you think that you
can be a single dad? – Yes I can, in some ways Financially, it’s a not problem But in terms of love
I have to find a partner who also shares
similar views with me If we’re gonna.. raise a child together
my partner should also agree that we’re raising him as
his parents, not by the name of love It would still be better.. If a child grows up in his parents’ love I think that some people are
raising their children in a wrong way.. Don’t fool a child If his parents don’t love each other
Just tell him that They are not in love, don’t try to fake it Don’t try in vain to stay together A child might be able to know his parents’
feelings as he knows them since birth A child can sense it Everyone’s gonna
change over time Everyone’s gonna grow up or.. If not, they’re gonna change anyway Who you are now might be different
from who you were when you were 20 and who you are in 5 years For me, change is
good and inevitable And it’s gonna happen It’s something natural Changes make us who we are today So I think that maybe
we should start from today? Try to change your perspectives Change your deep-rooted
perspectives and prejudices In how you do and in
how you choose a partner I don’t think that.. You have to date right now But first, try to change
your deep-rooted perspectives In how you used to judge a person In how you might be attracted
to someone try to change it Try to change in how you do 2 years ago, I was quite possessive I couldn’t accept the fact
that someone I liked or someone who was in a relationship
with me had feelings for someone else But now I’m different It’s all about being honest
with themselves and with me It’s more important I’m quite comfortable with it now It’s more flexible now Because I used to be a control freak
like you said, I felt betrayed and … – You… Because I used to be
a control freak like you said, right? A control freak might go nuts if The other person doesn’t do what I likes… – Then..
– Crazy.. I’m not like that any more Of course, since now
your energy is all spread, Unlike when you were young When we were young, we didn’t
put our energy into too many things So we could be extreme in
what we put our energy into But now you’re grown up
you have other things to worry about Everything is spread evenly You don’t have that much energy
to go nuts like you used to do Unless.. You meet the right person It’s gonna like thunders and storms It’s gonna electrify you
and make you go crazy I hope that if you’re lucky, you’re
gonna meet someone like that That’s what we have to try – In a few moments?
– Right There’s gonna so much
fun behind the curtain The story is yours to tell Lady first And this is Paloma – a mix of Tequila Jose Cuevro And Grapefruit Lemonade by Thomas Henry – 1, 2, 3
– Cheers I… Maybe we can just refer
to each other as man and woman So it can be mysterious I’m under 30 My occupation… because I work multiple jobs
so I have no idea what to say about my job So the nearest definition of my job is I’m… A teacher Hi “man”, I’m Sam I’m also under 30 I’m from Hanoi but
currently living in Sai Gon If I can choose my favorite time of the year Then it will be… the afternoon
before New Year’s Eve It’s the time of the year when everyone, no matter
where they are wants to be with their family To prepare for the New Year’s Eve My mom will be cooking I must have the motorcycles washed Out on the streets they are selling The last Kumquat trees
or peach blossoms trees As fast as they can so they
won’t miss the New Year’s Eve What about you, Sam? For me, New Year’s Eve
is not my favorite holiday My job… I often have to work on these occasions so
when others are enjoying the holiday then I have to work So on those holiday or occasions I felt… Incomplete to me because
I don’t get to spend time with my family So my favorite holiday is Christmas… Or some of the holidays that scatter
throughout the year like Independence Day Yeah, me too, I mean… There will be… Years when I couldn’t
enjoy the New Year’s Eve with my family Being unable to enjoy holiday with my family… Doesn’t mean that I don’t love the holiday itself So those years that I can share
those sacred moments then it will be… More excited, it makes me want to
treasure those moments more This is a landmark in
Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia – It used to be…
– Petronas Tower right? – 1 point It’s the symbol of Singapore… That symbol is on the Marina Bay? Merlion Park or Marina… Marina Bay Sands – Correct Next up is… The symbol of England located in London – The Big Ben Tower In Sydney… The symbol of Sydney Sydney has 2 symbols Sydney Opera House or
Sydney Harbour Bridge – Sydney Opera House – Correct The symbol of Egypt
– The pyramids This is one of the most
grandiose construction of China – The Great Wall of China – Correct You think of the color white
when refer to this location There are many penguins there – Uhm… South Pole – Correct A landmark you can’t miss
when you come to the USA In which city? Time Out! You guys play really well… How can you guys… Earn so many points? I feel like Sam is the kind of person that has… A lot of knowledge about
geography and like traveling right? Like on the question about
Sydney you know 2 landmarks I only know about the Sydney Opera House I forgot about the harbour I have already gone to Sydney once For me, beside the Sydney Opera House
there are many remarkable landscapes There are times when you know too much
you will end up being confused For me Sydney has many other symbols But the first thing that came to everyone’s
mind is the Sydney Opera House so… So it was a lucky guess Have you been traveling to many countries? Luckily that I have got to travel a lot About more than twenty countries I’m not sure Do you usually go alone
or with your family? I mostly go alone or with my friends But I always try to… Travel with my family once a year Because there are many sites
that are not suitable for family Among the countries
that you have gone to… What is your favorite country and
what country impresses you the most? During different stages
I have different opinions on the matter For example, this year
New Zealand is my favorite country It’s peaceful and very
different from the life that I’m We’re currently living in Sai Gon Similar to Australia but Australia has
the hustle and bustle if you’re in Sydney Other cities in Australia like
Melbourne seems a bit more peaceful And especially when
you’re in New Zealand… It’s a vast color of green right? And I even think about
trying to make a lot of money so… When I retire I can buy
a small house there, by the sea – Wow…
– There Even though it’s pretty tough but It’s a thing that I’ve been
thinking when I was there Everyone can dream And if I dream
I will dream big No problem Gifts exchange time Your gifts Are hidden behind
the trees behind your seats You guys must find your gifts I think this is a hand moisturizing cream? With a note My gift is a picture frame The card is written “Dear honey! Do you like the sea? If you like, I hope that we can take a picture on
a beach together then place it in … This frame” If I can choose between the sea and
the jungle I always choose the sea Because the jungle
is somewhat very Creepy like… I just have a conversation
about this matter it’s like Always having someone watching you It doesn’t feel safe The sea always has that blue color
that can easily make you feel… Relaxing and that’s why I must
go to the beach every 2-3 months Thank you Sam for such an adorable gift Thank you this gift is very… Meaningful From the men’s point of view I remember a person
by their body odour I choose this scent because Jasmine is a scent that I really like I hope that you will… Like it as well Among all the animals
dog is my most favorite animal. But if I were to become an animal
I would like to be a bird Because the bird can fly.. and freely look at the large sky Even if the dog meets the right owner,
it will have a very good life But if you meet someone
who doesn’t love you right Then it isn’t a good life anymore I like being a bird the most Give me the freedom to
explore my own sky It is a very good idea, but actually… When I think of the image of me
being a bird, for example… It will fly alone A bit lonely It’s free but freedom always
comes with loneliness right? I think that it has some features
that look like my personality Be alone for a while To explore a sky of my own Until I find someone… And find a male bird A male bird.. It is still possible to marry
and have a family There is no animal in this world
that lives alone What does it mean?
The one who believes in the story… Will live with another person for life, won’t they? No, because you have just shared
that the bird looks lonely Maybe we saw it alone because.. He hasn’t found a mate yet But after finding a mate.. It will still have a family So I don’t think the bird is always
associated with the image of being alone And the thing that
I can stick with someone Of course, everyone
is looking and of course.. Because of that
I’m here However, to stick with
someone for a lifetime… I don’t think there is
absolute in this world, so … Can’t say that it will be a lifetime Just hope it will last
as long as possible About me… I don’t believe in the concept
of a lifetime partner I believe that… At that time, I wanted to
stick with that person I just don’t believe that… When people stick together,
they will think of living forever together Because today I feel like this It isn’t sure that
I will feel the same tomorrow, right? I was so embarrassed when talking
about mate, sticking or something I really like freedom At the moment, I’m relatively
afraid of a binding relationship I want to believe that.. In this world, there is a person… For others but… Actually, in reality,
I don’t think it…will happen One person, there must be many people
suitable for him at the present… or in the next 3 months,
he will have a more suitable person That thought of me.. I think it’s a bit negative
and to many it’s too negative Have you experienced such a situation? What makes you think that? Actually, I only speak
from my personal experience. I have a belief that a person.. can have feeling for
different people at the same time Love isn’t a possessive thing Some love is also unilateral love I love someone, right? I give my love to that person Not because I love that person
for loving me back So it is the love that is given And every day,
I give my love away a lot I give love to my parents, children Even friends, it’s all love Only one is.. Maybe that in love, which I don’t know why
it suddenly becomes so possessive That’s what makes the problem I’m very young so I’m also.. In the process of.. Perfecting my thoughts About all the issues which is also
about love and some kind of… Marriage It is important that everyday…
I live honestly and kind… I give my love to someone
who deserves it Or it can be several people Or maybe several… But I… really don’t believe in possession I don’t own anyone
and nobody owns me Actually, if I could choose again
I would still want to be human. We don’t know
what those animals are like Maybe they are
really miserable, right? I feel that being
a human is very lucky After a long and very serious story
should we cheer our glass? Yes, please 1… 2… 3 – Cheers
– Yes Begin Gosh, this is too hard Hope you can guess what this is Timeout, how many thing have you kneaded? Only 1, bro Only 1? – Then how many animal have you kneaded?
– I have done 3 – 3 animals?
– 3 things 3 things, okay So now you can exchange them
by giving under the curtain to each other Strawberry 1 point I guess these 3 animals all live in the sea
but to say each of their name is… Try to guess At least you have to guess
right 2 on 3 things, right? I’m not good at guessing
fish type, this one.. These are 3 animals, right? 3 animals or objects Come on 1 Fish Fish? – There is a fish
– A fish? There is 1 fish, 2 points 1 flying saucer Almost there, try to guess again It’s wrong, minus 1 point And the last one Fighting Hit point I don’t know that whether
this is an animal or a thing? It’s an animal, animal Its face is like a frog
but the tail is like a tadpole I don’t, I give up
I don’t know what this one is I don’t know what this one is.. What you called the UFO
is actually an airplane And the last one
is actually an animal. Which animal has a tail? What has a tail? The frog has no tail So is it a tadpole? Is it a tadpoles? It’s a mouse Yeah, I’m sorry.. To see a side of
personality, right? But you… You calculated in your mind that you needed 3 animals,
proving that you have to try to make 3 animals. By any cost, you must shape 3 animals because
if two of us had just made one, we would screw up. For example if you pretended to say… For example, if I had guessed this is a tadpole,
then you should have said, “Yes, that’s a tadpole, that’s okay.” Because.. – This mouse doesn’t have legs
– Well, let’s drink, let’s drink Yes, to let the pain go down The most amazing trip I think it was the trip across Vietnam It took me 23 days to travel
from the south to the north By.. A vehicle Along with a friend What kind of vehicle was it? One with roof One with roof? Yes What was it? It was a car Oh So you travelled by car? The trip was unplanned It means on that day, we just intended to go on a trip half
a month after I came back from the US My friend really wanted some time with me
so we decided to go to Vung Tau Then when we arrived at Vung Tau, we decided To take some more time off to go to Da Lat We stayed at Da Lat for a few days then we thought we would visit Nha Trang as well
since it was a couple hundred km away We decided so it turned out our plan now
included going to Nha Trang And when in Nha Trang, we thought that
the way back to Saigon was 450km long It was kinda halfway there So we asked ourselves
if we would continue the trip After that, we went to a supermarket
to buy some shorts and shirts then came back and continued From the northeast and
the northeast to Hanoi We only used Google Maps
for the whole trip We went through both large and small roads During that time, I remember that the raining season just left in
the northwest and northeast We saw some roads being hit by
landslides and getting repaired My friend was a great driver He drove past chasms and passes On unknown roads Without any plan Any food or anything During the trip, we got 2 incidents One was due to our romanticism We had car, we had hotel bookings
but we didn’t stay there We borrowed a tent from
one of our friends in Da Lat and then camped next to
the sea in Nha Trang We got drunk that
night and fell asleep so we got theft, we lost our
mobile phones and personal belongings The next day, we had to buy a new phone but it was dual-sim so we had to share it for the whole trip When we returned to Saigon
my friend bought a new phone So I continued to use that phone That’s it, so that trip is very special for me, very memorable Honestly, I used to like
going on a trip when I felt like it One morning, I left home and
thought that I would go somewhere for a while It lasted for about 4 days It sounds like you went
with your boyfriend, right? I’m not sure but I feel that it’s really a romantic story – That’s right So I love it very much And you, what did you
do during those 4 days? I also went with my friend, it was Just like your story We just decided to go.. somewhere and then we felt like.. “It’s too late now
maybe we just spend the night here” We rent a small room to spend the night
and then continued the next day We kept going and going – Yes We also went to the supermarket to buy stuff from underwears to chargers and other things Speaking of the worst trip perhaps being unable to
answer that question is the worst because for me, every trip is memorable The same goes for me Such moments are what make life experiences amazing so there are not really bad trips For example, there was a trip that we tried to reach Hanoi
from Dien Bien overnight We passed through a chasm when another car coming from the opposite
direction had its light too bright So we lost control for a moment Then our car spinner
360 degrees to the other side of the road In that moment.. I felt like I was done But at least I was together with someone that I really wanted to be
with in that very moment Fortunately, the car
only got sidetracked and there was no other car coming The people in that neighborhood noticed
the noise of breaking and came to see us then we just turned and resumed our trip Now do you want to be with that person? It was a long time ago Probably 2 years or so
now it’s just a memory The way you said about that guy is… Kinda gentle Right? Like the way people would often
say about their important ones so let’s get back to the topic
that whether we love or not one or many people, I think that with all those memories, it doesn’t… Actually, the question
is quite awkward to me I think that such things
would remain inside me It means that… for those exs, I still have some feelings in a particular way so it proves that we can have feelings
for many people at the same time Whether it’s just a little bit or a lot Do you want to be invisible or
able to read others’ mind? 1, 2, 3 – Invisible – Able to read others’ mind You guys lost points, why? I feel that if I were able to read others’ mind, I would become crazy and life would lose its meaning That thought never occurs to me whether it’s to be invisible or able to read others’ mind But there are only 2 choices so
I choose to be able to read others’ mind Perhaps it’s related to my personality I don’t want to be invisible in front of others I always want to do something special for others so that kind of thing never occurs to me Do you prefer iced
black coffee or iced milk coffee? 1, 2, 3 – Iced milk coffee
– Iced black coffee Do you prefer having more money or having more time? 1, 2, 3 More time Dogs or cats? 1, 2, 3 – Cats
– Dogs Because I think cat looks cooler Dogs are predictable I choose otherwise As dogs are more predictable While cats are so unpredictable even though the cats are close to
their owners, they are still quite kinky Even though we raise them,
we hardly have any control over them I want to see how they would act That’s why I like cats I feel like I don’t prefer predictable things I regret to say that you lost this game Please drink 1, 2, 3 – Cheers
– Cheers I… Don’t accept Keeping in touch can have many different ways I was going to analyze like that but…. I thought that whatever
way of keeping in touch is honestly, I wouldn’t be happy with that It’s just a matter of how unhappy I’d be So actually I don’t like that but I used the word “accept” here, it means I can sympathize in case
the ex has some real trouble and has nobody to rely on
so she/he has to call that person I can listen to the explanation but
fundamentally, I don’t feel happy about it But whether to pursue it further or… something like that
probably no but still… Unhappy I think I’d be more unhappy
with new potential targets I think that if people broke up
they had reasons I’m confident that I can be
jealous with my partner’s ex So the fact that they still keep in touch with each other means
there is something necessary between them to do so Of course, things should have a limit but whether to say
I’d accept or not, I’d say I do Because it’s difficult to
have a lasting relationship For now, I don’t contact my ex as there aren’t anything
common in our life But if there is one, I think making contact shouldn’t be a problem I think not In the past, I once loved a few people
whom my family members were against But… Of course I just felt unhappy about the commotion I didn’t think much about how their family was or whether they were worthy or not Because it doesn’t matter I will sympathize when I love them But in case I don’t fall in love yet I’d still consider those factors Except when I’m lovestruck when I meet someone, I’ll consider what’s their education background
whether I can enjoy talking with them How is their family And then When I fall in love, I can ignore the rest and sympathize However, family background is a factor that, when we get to know someone or we have feelings for someone
we should consider it, right? I don’t believe in love
based on choice When I’m in love, I don’t think of anything else It’s not really about
being lovestruck Maybe I know someone for a long time But in that moment, something happens that
I have feelings toward her The last thing I think of is
how that person is Maybe it’s something
reckless but… what else could be done! I only love the one
I fall in love naturally Actually, it could be said that
I’m a man so it’s easier I’m not afraid of… the girl’s family background I feel that if I love and care hard enough
then I will be her family, nobody else right? Maybe it’s for her and even for her family as well still it doesn’t really matter But I understand that most women don’t really think like what I do That they want someone who can take care of them so I fully understand that it’s not really a problem You’ll have 10 seconds to decide Whether you want to continue
getting to know the other Or not.. Based on what you talked to each other so far If you want to continue to have a second date Then just drink one last time When you finish your drink
the light on your side will turn on When both lights are on The curtain will be raised If either one of you
don’t turn on the light You won’t be able to see each other 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Among all his answers
I was impressed the most by “If I love me then I’ll be your family” I think that this person is somewhat deep But regretfully not enough to… We are not suitable for each other it’s fine if we could become friend
but if we were to go further Than just being friends, it’d be… I think not, we shouldn’t
waste each other’s time Ah… Here I think I’m not so surprised, because To meet a stranger here That after just one hour of talking And then we decide to have
a second date, it’s hard, right? But still, it’s an experience that I think You will remember it forever And so to preserve this memory
I have a few gifts from Lam Moc – Botanicals These are some haircare
products made from herbs They are made in Vietnam, for you Next is a lipstick from M.O.I Cosmetics It’s “Stronger – Number 8” And M.O.I picked this color for you Thank you for joining us Of course, I still have my curiosity about how Sam would look like When we were talking, I imagined in my mind that She would look like this… like this… But then I still need to confirm Nevertheless, the curiosity isn’t enough
that I could decide to have a second date so I’ll wait until the show
goes live and then I’ll see how she looks like She seems to be an interesting
person who travels a lot Also a bit introverted Let’s say, her stories Don’t often open up Like she wanted to talk about herself It may be fine if we could be friends But to date each other, that’s… It’s like why I prefer cats I appreciate your steadfastness and you know what you want And of course, just an hour of talking couldn’t help us fully understand a stranger, right? but your presence here Answered those questions People also got to know another side of you, which is very
different from what they often see I also thank you for This amazing experience It’s not about the date but
I’m satisfied with this experience I was glad that I managed to have time and Got invited to the show So clever For you I have a bottle of
Jose Cuervo Tradicional Tequila And a gift from Lam Moc – Botanicals A haircare product for men Thank you very much, thank Love Is Blind Yeah, thank you! To join Love is Blind, fill out
the casting form in the post below And send a minute self introduction video to our email [email protected] Don’t forget to subscribe
Dustin On The Go channel For watching more episodes See ya!!

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  22. Admire mẫu ng như chị Sam….😍
    Còn a Đạt này thì mình k biết vì a có quá nhiều sự mâu thuẫn… Nhưng có cảm giác a cũng là 1 ng đơn thuần nhưng a k muốn bản thân như v….😊😊😊
    k biết nỗi sợ của a là gì? 🙂

  23. ♥️ oh my god, đối với mình, bạn nam ấn tượng hơn trong tập này. Xem LIB vì mỗi tập lại kéo mình đi một bước xa hơn khỏi mấy quy chuẩn, giới hạn, khuôn mẫu, ràng buộc và mang đến một cách suy nghĩ mới. Mình mới nghe 2 người nói trong gần 1 tiếng nên chẳng có quyền gì kết luận 2 người là người như thế nào, nhưng ít ra bạn nam đã khiến mình cảm thấy bị thuyết phục dù trước đó mình chưa từng nghĩ như vậy. Bởi vì quan điểm của bạn rất nhất quán, không vòng vo, sống tự tin và tự do tận hưởng tình yêu theo quan điểm đó. Trời ạ, làm sao mà đánh giá được quan điểm nào là tốt hay xấu, mỗi người có 1 cuộc đời mà 😀 Đã bảo love is blind , nó nên thuần lãng mạn trước đã, sau đó như thế nào thì sau đó tính =)))

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  27. 1-2-3 Dz ô . Sam rất dễ thương và thẳng thắng. Khi ai quen Bạn sẽ rất thú vị và dễ dàng trao đổi các vấn đề với nhau. Chúc Bạn trai nào may mắn sớm xuất hiện

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    Mình khá thích show của Dustin, tập nào cũng đa chiều, with fruitful discussions <3

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    Bạn nữ: quá cool!

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  38. Rất thích LIB ở chỗ là rất nhiều quan điểm, cá tính khác biệt. Những vị khách của chương trình sẵn sàng nói ra những suy nghĩ và quan điểm rất khác biệt với số đông, khác với nhiều chương trình truyền hình khác khi khách mời diễn quá nhiều.

  39. – Đầu tiên thì chị Huyền CoCo có 1 câu nói chí mạng khá tuyệt vời!
    – Thứ hai chị Sam cưng quá!
    – Cuối cùng thì Mr Đạt tự tin đến khá cao ngạo, gia trưởng và bảo thủ hiện rõ mồn một. Anh ta tự lập cho anh ta 1 rào chắn rồi vịn vào đấy mà bào chữa cho mọi thứ anh ấy làm với lại nếu anh ấy cứ giữ vững quan điểm về tình cảm và hôn nhân như vậy thì mình tin chắc cuối đời anh ấy sẽ có 1 khoảng thời gian khá kinh khủng đấy.

  40. Chời ơi, e yêu chị Tiểu Nâu quá xá và em lại thấy mình trong chị. Em mới 22 tuổi nhưng mọi ý nghĩ và quan điểm về tình yêu lại giống như chị. Nhìn chị em đã hiểu chắc có lẽ đó là phiên bản của mình ở tuổi 28. Chúc chị vui vẻ, mạnh khoẻ và sớm tìm được nửa kia lí tưởng của mình chị nhé ❤️

  41. Nhìn bạn nữ này thấy là cưng rồi ớ. Thấy bạn nữ cũng bình thường mà, có gì đâu mà sợ khi đối diện nhờ?

  42. Có ai có cảm giác vừa xem vừa sợ hết giống mình không 😂 ?
    Team Dustin ơi, nhà mình cho ra tập thường xuyên hơn đi ạ !!

  43. Từ trước giờ mình khá là không thích giọng nói của người miền Nam và rất thích giọng nói người miền Bắc, nhưng riêng tập này mình cực kì cực kì thích Sam, từ giọng nói đến cách bạn nói chuyện rất dễ thương, câu từ rất sâu sắc. Mình rất thích mẫu người yêu giống Sam. Còn Đạt thì mình không có gì để nói vì Đạt khá hoàn hảo nhưng cũng rất gia trưởng. Đó cũng là một cái gì đó mình không thích ở Đạt mặc dù mình rất thích nghe con trai nói giọng Bắc. Đối với tập này thì mình thích hơn so với tập của Cao Thiên Trang. Mình chúc chương trình ngày càng thành công ra thêm nhiều tập hay hơn nữa !!!!!!!!

  44. Tập này thấy thích nhất là chị Huyền Coco, mấy tập mới thấy chị ấy nói nhiều nói thẳng và nói câu nào ăn tiền câu đấy.

  45. QĐ là một lựa chọn thêm phần màu sắc cho LIB 👍🏻, nhưng là một lực chọn k phù hợp cho nữ chính 🤭. Giả sử nữ chính 25t thì mình thấy việc 2 ng k đi đến đâu cũng như là trải nghiệm mà thôi 👌🏻. Nhưng Sam 28t và cô ấy cần một ng hẹn hò thú vị và thích hợp, nếu k làm ny thì cũng có thể làm bạn, chứ k phải là kiểu nói chuyện bôm bốp vào mặt ng khác như vậy. Mong Sam vẫn luôn và sẽ tuyệt vời hơn của hiện tại để gặp được một người xứng đáng biết trân trọng giá trị của Sam nhé.

  46. Từ khi số này phát sóng đến giờ mình xem đi xem lại tận 4 lần.
    Thực sự LIB không chỉ là 1 trương chình đơn thuần về hẹn hò, nó là nhiều hơn thế. Hơn nữa, LIB rất có giá trị, mỗi tập sẽ đc gặp 1 kiểu tính cách, 1 kiểu tư duy, góc nhìn mới mẻ. Mình thường xem đi xem lại là để suy nghĩ nhiều hơn về các góc nhìn của mỗi nhân vật trong mỗi vấn đề, từ đó mình rèn tư duy đa chiều hơn. Và đồng thời cũng học đc cách lắng nghe và tôn trọng những quan điểm khác mình.
    Và còn 1 điều kì quặc nữa,tuy LIB không đảm bảo về kết quả nhưng khi xem mình lại có cảm giác mãnh liệt hơn về tình yêu 😄

  47. ENGLISH – VIETNAMESE SUBTITLES ARE AVAILABLE! Please let us know any error/mistake in order to build a better stronger language speaking community at DUSTIN ON THE GO! 🔥🔥 Enjoy guys!

  48. Vô tình đọc được bài share của ai đó về số này mà mình chọn xem. Mình có biết sơ thông tin NV Nam một cách khách quan từ cộng đồng mạng nên cũng xen lẫn một chút tò mò. Có khen chê, đa số đều cảm thấy hai người đều không thể "giao nhau" được, nhưng mình không bài xích quan điểm của bạn Đạt 🙂
    28 tuổi sinh học nhưng tuổi tinh thần/tâm lý của Phụ Nữ lúc nào cũng đi trước 2 năm, nên sự điềm đạm chín chắn rõ ràng thể hiện trong phong thái và cách giao tiếp cũng như quan điểm của bạn Sam rồi.
    Còn với Đạt, cũng như mọi bạn nam khác, đều cần quá trình dài để trải nghiệm từ đó nâng cấp bản thân từ teenboy –> người con trai —> người con trai có kinh nghiệm —> người đàn ông. Nên việc bạn nêu quan điểm về hôn nhân, về duy trì gen… thể hiện giai đoạn trải nghiệm của bạn đang dừng lại ở đó, mình không thấy có gì lạ nếu không muốn nói con trai trước tuổi 30 đa phần đều có nhiều suy nghĩ đan xen, vật lộn với việc xác định mình muốn gì, thích gì, tìm kiếm điều gì, nghĩ và tin vào lý tưởng của mình. Bước qua khủng hoảng 20,25, tịnh tiến tới 30 sẽ còn rất nhiều thay đổi nữa mà chính Đạt cũng không biết trước được. Bạn ấy rất thẳng thắn và chân thật với hiểu biết của bản thân đó chứ, dù có "nghìn năm văn vở" cái này lại là bản sắc riêng, không nên đưa ra so sánh 🙂

    Khen chê là chủ quan, với mình tập này là tập có nhiều điều để mổ xẻ, đặc biệt nhất là nhìn thấy rõ Nam – Nữ đồng tuổi, dù đặt ở tình huống hay lứa tuổi nào, cũng sẽ có sự khác biệt nhất định cả. Quan trọng nhất là sự tử tế với chính mình và đối phương, thẳng thắn trong chọn lựa thì ai cũng xứng đáng và cũng sẽ tìm được tình yêu theo cách của mình.

  49. Thật ra, các em trẻ bây giờ yêu bằng lý trí, tính toán và thực dụng quá! Những loại người này luôn tỏ ra là người khá hoàn hảo nhưng trong suy nghĩ của họ luôn có 2 phần âm dương đối lập. Họ yêu bản thân nhiều hơn họ yêu một ai đó, nên họ chỉ thích hợp sống một mình.

  50. Anh Đạt này nói chuyện mâu thuẫn quá, cảm giác cứ giả dối, màu mè, văn vẻ và quá tự luyến, cho rằng bản thân có thể kiểm soát được hết tất cả mọi thứ. Hy vọng chị gái sẽ tìm một người khác phù hợp hơn. Đúng thật quả nói không sai “ Trai HN nghìn năm văn vở “ :))))

  51. Cảm thấy Sam thật điềm tĩnh và duyên dáng, có lẽ Đạt biết rõ bản thân mình cần gì, muốn gì nhưng chưa thật sự tìm được cách đặt những cái đó vào cuộc sống thực tế. Dù sao Đạt vẫn đang ở giai đoạn "chuyển mình vào tuổi 30".
    Sam đã qua giai đoạn đó sớm hơn Đạt. Sam đã tốt nghiệp rồi, chúc mừng Sam (in my opinion only)

  52. Anh Đạt đang yêu chị Hà Trúc mà. Chị ấy xinh lắm, ảnh trên insta rất rất đẹp luôn ! Hồi trước hình như anh Đạt yêu 1 chị và chị ấy đã có con trai mấy tuổi rồi. Mình nghĩ đó là lí do anh Đạt nói k quan tâm đến gia cảnh của người yêu (và gia đình anh Đ phản đối) ! Nói chung mình khá thích tư tưởng anh Đ, chỉ là nó k hợp với chị Sam và phần đông đa số người Á Đông thôi. K bị áp lực bởi hôn nhân và chỉ làm những việc khiến bản thân hạnh phúc 🙂

  53. Dude, u r a player. If u don’t believe in marriage and commit to 1 person, stay single the rest of your life and play all u want. Practice safe s.x and don’t procreate, otherwise, u will ruin somebody’s life.

  54. Thật sự 2 người này không hợp thiệt..1người wá gia trưởng..còn 1người thì wá mạnh mẽ 😔

  55. no war, but i really find that Đạt just came to the show getting fwb because Sam's words made a ton of sense but he did not even care :)))he built a brick wall. So Sam, i am sure that you obviously deserve a better man

  56. mình nghĩ bạn Đạt này trước cũng là tuýp truyền thống chung thủy đấy nhưng chắc cuộc sống có biến cố gì nên mới thành con ng của hiện tại. ko tin vào tình yêu nữa. ko quan trọng bạn đúng hay sai, hy vọng trong tương lai bạn sẽ ko hối tiếc

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