Duplicate a report object: SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.0

Duplicate a report object Once we have created a table or chart in a report with the appropriate dimensions and measures, we can copy that report object and then make changes to the duplicate. The data that displays in the duplicate depends on how the report is organized and at what level the object is copied. In this example, we will copy the table in a report and then convert the duplicate table into a chart. Note that the report is set up to display state, store name, and sales revenue, broken into sections by year. We can copy and paste the object, or we can hold down the CTRL key and then drag and drop the object to duplicate it. The duplicate object is not connected to the original version, so we can change it as desired. We will turn the duplicate table into a column chart. Now we will scroll down to review the results of our changes. Note that the data in the chart reflects the different data for the section. Visit www.SAP.com/LearnBI for more tutorials on Web Intelligence and other SAP business intelligence products.

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