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hello friends today we will talk on very different topic mostly we will heard that stock invester like jhunjhunwala ji and dolly khanna ji has
invested somewhere and you started running and investing or trading on that stock…so
exactly today we will give you some surprise package from that what strategy does a stock
invester will use while investing…and get successeded in very less time…there are
many successfull invester who earn alot in very less time..from them there is one very
known name that is “dolly khanna” heard alot about it…that dolly khanna has purchase
some stock and you start running and started trading on that stock…so today we will tell
you the whole truth behind that…this video is eye opening video..this is my promise.this
video will gonna be very eye opening video…listen it carefully..and you will get a very big
lesson…like as i already provide you the video related to “idea vodafone” ana”yes bank”
the way they are the eye opening video…it is my challenge that it will also be very
big eye opening video…dolly khanna is a housewife and do you know who managed her
portfolio???you heard that she purchase the particular stock…but who manges her portfolio??? do you know? her portfolio is being managed
by her husband “rajeev khanna” you know about this fact..i don’t think many people
will aware of it!so we will now discuss about rajeev ji ..think… in picture there is dolly
khanna and picture is being made on rajeev khanna…it is surprising!and many of you
will not aware of this fact….no problem so today we will discuss about dolly khanna’s
husband mr rajeev khanna and understand his stock picking strategy and earn alot with
less money…and again don’t forget my promise you will get life learn lesson..i guranteed…try
to under every little thing if you understand all the thing you will achieve alot in life…
so the home city of mr. and mrs. khanna is chennai.and mr rajeev khanna has degree in
chemical engineering in year 1968 from IIT in starting rajeev ji worked In
“JAGATJEET INDUSTRIES” and after that he worked in ICI ltd as a research person but he always
wanted to do business so after that he get shifted towards business. rajeev ji has good knowledge of business so
his business will grown day by day and his “kwality ice-cream” yes!!! his kwality ice-cream
who has eaten???his kwality ice-cream is purchased by ‘hindustan uniliver” yes!!! his company
is being purchased by hindustan uniliver…after that his business also grown very fast in
the year 1966 rajeev started investing in share market yes! 1966 is the time when he
started investmenmt in stock market in starting he will not get good return from stock market
and even he will also bear losses in starting…but after all this he will stay in share market
and he develop his skills about 7-9 years and never get dissapointed from his losses
and mistakes and keep on learning and point out the things from his mistakes and never
repeat the same mistake.listen it carefully..what you will do keep on repeating the
mistakes again and again and again…but he did not repeat his mistake he keep on noteing
the mistake..but never repeat the same mistake…i am human you are human and humans will make
mistake but correct person is that who never repeat the same mistake .the success story
of rajeev ji in stock market is started from 2003…when he is searching for flat in delhi
then he will came to know about a real state company name “unitech” this is the point where
i told you that..i guranteed it will be the life learning point…”unitech” remembered
in todays date it will be treated as rubbish dump…that point of time they heard about
unitech and he analysis the whole business model of unitech and he is also a businessman
so he undersatand the strategy,growth level,and fundamental very well and then he invested
in it and earn 900% return on unitech…900%… much? 900% but think if he is like you then he will
keep on sticking with unitech but he understands the business model and “chance and four” he
know the right time of entery and exit…which is the very big quality of stock market…story
is not begains from here, keep on listening…thats why i told you that this video will gonna
be very important… rajeev khanna always give preferance /priority to that company
whose product will come in daily use…he invest in the product which come in daily
use or which can seen daily.if any product will impress him he will study the whole business
model and analysis them and invest on he studied about daily use hawkins cooker
and after analysing he invested on that and earned great profit.first “unitech” second
“hawkins”…when his daughter use famecare product he noticed and enquire about famecare
company understand the model and invesed there and he get 10 times return. in this way he opt good product good in demand
and the company who has good growth…he see the things from the business points of view…and
you see the things from the gamlblers point of view…the person who see the stock market
from the busines point of view they will grow in this field. as a businessman he always invest in small
cap company and micro cap company. he investigate about the quality of the company
when he wanted to buy the whole company then he invest on that company. one very nice thing about rajeev ji that i
already told you that he exits on right time..the person who has opt the method to exit on right
time that person will always remain on the stock market…if he holds the stock and did
not exit it on the right…its big example is “unitech” which give him a return
most important thing that if rajeev ji wanted to purchase that company then only he will
invest on that company…otherwise not that means direct feeling..are you geeting my point…you
people will miss this thing that is most important…until we think that it is ours so we will not be
able to connect with investment discipline is very important factor and for the disciline
you will have to give time… at the age of 52 years he started investing
and in this time the value of investment is increased upto 1000 present at the
age of 70-72 he is continue investing.and if you heard about the name of “neel kamal”he
invested on that and he earned returned from neelkamal company around 900% and from rain
industries thirumalai etc…from these kind of company they earned alot..if we will talk
about rain industry he invested on rain industry and earned money and other people will suffer
from loss…reson….i know some person who has purchase at botton but they did not book
the profit on the right time if they dis so they will earn in crore reason is they thing
we will get more and more and more….only they heard about the market and not happeing
of the right exit is very important,stock selection is very important,and in stock selection
when i am giving you the stock for investment i always give you that stock which will uses
in day base thats it…which you are usiong regularly…our childern is using regularly
its demand will increase and the companys management will also be good…so for this
stock selection is very important their management is important too exit from the stock on right
time is also very important…and if you like the information on rajeev ji and his strategy..if
you learn a single thing…what you will learn from this please comment us in comment box
…please do like and subscribe our video share it with your friend… investment is
never wrong…the important is to do the things in right way….we will wait for you in comment
box…thankyou so much…

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  1. You have mentioned it correct. One should look to the stock market like a businessman and not like a gambler. Entry and exit should be in the correct time.

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