Does Your Referral Team Give You More Leads Than Referrals? Business Coach Maile Collmer

Hi I’m Maile Collmer and I have a tip for
you from Maile’s Referral Iintelligence! A lot of people ask me how do I get better
referrals, you know I’ve got some people and you know they’ve maybe given me some
leads more than referrals. How do I really get those quality quality referrals?
Well there is a five-step process to giving a high quality referral which I
share in Referral Success 101 as well as in my Certified Networker workshop. One of the most important things is to know that the it’s not just
“oh I’m gonna drop a name” it’s actually what are the words that your referral
team needs to know in order to speak well of you and your business and to
also ask the right qualifying questions and when we just follow the five
steps and really getting that other referral source to know what they should
be doing is part of getting higher quality referrals that’s why so many of
my clients bring their referral team to a Referral Success workshop, so they can
together work on that referral process. One of the biggest mistakes I see
business owners make is just assuming – and we all know assuming is bad right?
Assuming that other people know how to refer and when it really comes to a high
trust, service-oriented business that we’re referring, there are some nuances
and some really great strategies that we can use to easily make that referral a
higher quality referral. So if your referral team hasn’t joined you at
Referral Success 101 or in Certified Networker while we go through the five
steps. Invite them and get that higher quality referral process going for you
and your team I’m Maile Collmer and that’s Maile’s
Referral Intelligence.

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