‘Dirty Jobs’ star Mike Rowe says America’s workforce is ‘disconnected’

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  1. Yes, your not TRAINING people anymore. People are forgetting how to do the jobs we really need done, like plumber, electrician and other jobs like this. Everyone wants a job in computers now, or so many jobs want hands on experience and then you can't find ANYWHERE to get that experience unless you want to pay a fortune which sadly a lot of Americans can't afford anymore.

  2. "The President was very skeptical. Given Ukraine's history of corruption, that is understandable. He said that Ukraine was a corrupt country, full of "terrible people." He said they "tried to take me down." In the course of that conversation, he referenced conversations with Mayor Giuliani. It was clear to me that despite the positive news and recommendations being conveyed by this official delegation about the newPresident, President Trump had a deeply rooted negative view on Ukraine rooted in the past. He was clearly receiving other information from other sources, including Mayor Giuliani, that was more negative, causing him to retain this negative view." -Kurt Volker, U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine

  3. Doctor Marc Siegel, Fox News medical correspondent expressed
    his opposing view on Varney & Co., of Senator Elizabeth Warrens Medicare
    for all Plan, but there is something he did before his appearance that tainted
    them forever, he dyed his hair, and by so doing like most appearing on
    televison perceived some advantage by so doing, and with that, a personal “axe
    to grind”…

  4. The industrial arts are a on-the-job educational experience. Even when we do fill these positions, the people who take these jobs are demoralized and are prone to be incompetent because of attitude. We are stunted in innovation because few will work hard for a long time to become trade experienced enough to innovate.

  5. Mike Rowe seems like such a good guy, down to earth and real.
    Such a breath of fresh air compared with all the fake media.

  6. How much more money does a college degree really get you over a career as a skilled tradesman when you spend a lifetime paying back tens of thousands in student loans? When you're learning a trade you're getting paid while you do it vs. going in debt like you do in college.

  7. I became a journeyman sheetmetal and iron worker started out de burriing building crates and grinding very little pay at first but I learned a lot entry level jobs are so important

  8. Most tech and trade jobs (some of our most critical jobs) pay poverty wages. Improve wages and the workforce will be there.
    That said, our community college or "technical vocational institute" in the 90's, was then the brunt of jokes. In the last 10-15 years, it's become one of the largest 2 year colleges (>20,000 students) and both it's 2-year tech programs, academics, and full range of trades appear to be thriving, and putting a challenge to our state university. Caveat: the graduation rate is <50% and again, many of those jobs are minimum/poverty wages with little room for advancement.

  9. We've maligned our workforce by paying them less, and less, and less. Mike Rowe's book is 35 stories of famous people and, while maybe interesting and great to start discussion, it's not a treatise on the intricacies of our workforce, skills/student debt, or sociological view of labor. It's both more complicated than that and it is very simple: Pay the base more.

  10. How about a living wage? A minimum wage that people can at least get by on? Lower tax rate on that first 20K? (5%?) Health insurance priced accordingly, especially for back breaking entry level work? Retirement protection? Dignity = fair pay for a fair days work. Pay them and they will come.

  11. Government should draft a bill giving heed of Mike's counsel. And we know President would back this man, being a builder himself.

  12. Rome fell because there was nobody left. That could rebuild the City. That had the skills . So their Millennial's lived within the ruins. Till the Muslim moved in and sacked them for the next 900 years..

  13. That's an awesome story ! Spaceballs is 1 of my all time favorite movies. The flying camper and the acting was priceless n hilarious. No movies like that anymore , it's sad.

  14. Blamed on the reggeton and trap 👏 young people just don't want to get dirty anymore they prefer food stamps and section 8 .

  15. One of the wealthiest people I know started out as a plumber, then grew a plumbing business, then morphed into a construction company. It’s more about work ethic than the type of work that leads to success.

  16. Problem is that the school systems tend to make that people who work with their hands is not good. Total democratic party propaganda

  17. Got to love Mike, he’s this generation’s Paul Harvey. If Mike Rowe had a brother Mack Rowe his parents would’ve covered the whole spectrum from Micro to Macro!

  18. That is why Trump loves the blue-collar worker most college kids do not know what a hammer looks like let along with hard work!

  19. I own a construction co. I have a very very difficult time finding qualified, skilled labor that will work and not stand around. My lowest paid is $30 hr. Offered guy $50 hr. Turned us down. Skilled labor will soon pat more than Drs

  20. Mike Rowe is fantastic. A wonderful story teller and very much on target in his analysis that there are many career paths. College may not be for everyone and the importance of the trades. Very happy to see attention being brought to this important issue. Thanks Mike!

  21. Trade school paid off while I worked, no debt, no loans, and make 6 figures a year, do have a college degree (engineering)chose not to use it because I make more with my trade skill.

  22. Mike you were cool and I watched every dirty job. You are wrong.

    Its prejudices that prevent those skilled labor jobs from being had by skilled minorities .
    Easy if you are certain color to get into really

  23. Oh if young people don't want to do these jobs? Maybe your not paying enough to attract them. Maybe you need to double the wages or triple them. That mean you the owner gets to take home less. Or maybe hire some illegals and train them your selves.

  24. Great story but in 1976 and 77 we had auto shop class and carpentry class and wood shop class and
    Electrical class in high school .

  25. I love Mike Rowe,
    Common sense but an uncommon sense of humor.
    And real. Earth WISDOME.

  26. The other TRUTH is job are being outsourced. I am a Master Butcher 35 yrs experience my Job My trade is outsourced now to the Phillipines call Amazon late at night you get someone from the Phillipines or India or other countries how it happens thank our lawmakers who have awesome salaries benefits and retirement plans.

  27. Why don't we bring people like Mike on TV more ,in talk show, instead of idiot politician to MAGA . These are the people who can MAGA and not the idiot we have in office now. Sorry, that's my opinion.

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