Difference Between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

Today we’re talking about Google Ads versus
some traditional print advertising, and by the end of this video you are going to know
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be notified about new videos that we release each and every week. Today we’re talking about Google ads versus
some older or maybe a little bit more traditional types of print advertising. Now, what types of print are we talking about? I’m not necessarily talking about magazines
or newspapers. I mean, there always is going to be a place
for those, but what I am talking about today are the types of print advertising that you
receive in your mailbox. Now, I know that we all receive what we call
junk mail each and every day probably, and a lot of the time I will take, literally grab
the stuff from the mailbox. As I’m walking in the house, I will sort all
the junk and literally throw it in my recycle bin in my garage before it ever even enters
my home. Now, I do know that this is not the case for
everybody. I do know that some people use these and that
sometimes it does work, but I want to give you an idea of the types of advertising that
this is versus Google Ads. Let’s start with Google Ads. Google Ads is obviously, when you’re putting
your business out there, you’re putting it out in front of people who happen to be looking
for you at that particular moment. There is intent, and I talk about this all
the time. You maybe have heard it in my other videos. There’s always that intent. People have to seek you out, and they’re going
to Google to seek you out. They’re going to look for a plumber. They’re going to look for a carpet cleaner. They have a pain point, and they’re looking
for a solution right now. Now, if you’re looking at this other type
of print advertising, I want to give you some examples and show you just why I don’t believe
that it’s a very good place to put your advertising dollars. The first one we’re looking at is this … I’m
not going to put the names. In fact, I’m going to blur a lot of this stuff
out, because to be honest, I just don’t want to get somebody calling me up and saying bad
things. I just want to avoid that controversy right
now. But I want to give you these examples. This is like a home style magazine. It’s delivered to the community, and it just
basically has a lot of home services advertising in it. There are no stories, there are no articles,
nothing except ads for basically your home. Now, in this particular print advertising
medium, I want to give you some numbers, because I want to explain the problems with some types
of advertising like this and why I still don’t understand why they allow people. In this one magazine, there are five ads for
companies who rebuild bathrooms. There are six companies that are HVAC or heating
and cooling type businesses. Two of them will replace your blinds or fix
your blinds. Two landscaping companies. Four garage door companies, three floor refinishing
companies, and 10 home exterior companies. Those are types of companies that will do
roofing, siding, windows and gutters. 10 of them, and two of them are on the same
page. The problem with something like this is, you
are literally hoping that you are, number one, either first in that magazine so people
will see you first, or I don’t know what. I truly don’t. When you’re advertising against nine other
companies in the same magazine, I guess I just don’t look at that as as targeted advertising. You’re hoping that somebody is going to trip
over your ad. Now, let me give you two more examples. This is another type of print advertising
that you will see sometimes in your mailbox, and you literally open it up and it’s just
a bunch of miniature flyers, and it’s just stocked full of them, and I went through this
as well. In this one, there are three blind companies,
two landscaping companies, two garage door companies, four HVAC companies, three carpet
cleaning, and seven home exterior companies all within this one little pack. Of course there are other ones as well, but
there are so many little flyers in here that it took me probably 10 minutes just to go
through them, and then if I do go through them, I’m hoping that my company stands out
from seven other exterior companies. That’s the problem, is that you’re hoping
they trip over you again. It’s just not targeted enough. Now, the last one I want to show you is, it’s
basically like this. It’s like a miniature newspaper that you’ll
receive, and it’s just kind of folded over in the mailbox a lot of the time, and all
it is, is just flyers for ads again. Now on this one, this was actually the best
of the three. It had one HVAC, one dental, one vision, two
bathroom, one air duct, two paving and one tire company amongst some other ones as well
that were singulars. But I wanted to give you an idea. If you are going to throw your money away,
that’s just my opinion on this type of advertising, at least make sure you’re the only company
in there. That you’re not competing against seven or
eight or nine other companies in your industry. At least make sure that, but one of these
companies is saying that they will give you a 60% to 70% increase in business. Now, if that was the case, I don’t think they
would have room to advertise all of these in one envelope. Everybody would be doing it. There was another quote in here that said
between 100 and 200 clients. That just seems a little bit far fetched for
me. Maybe for the entire 10 years they’d been
doing it. Now, I did a little bit of research on sometimes
what it costs to advertise in some of these things and it says between two and three cents
per home, and I think that there is a minimum of 10,000 homes, and contracts tend to be
a minimum of four to six months. So if you were going to, let’s go with the
easy number. If you are going to advertise to 10,000 homes,
at three cents a home, that’s $300 a month. If you were going to do a six month contract,
that’s obviously $1,800, but that’s also spread out over six months. If you are going to invest in advertising,
when I invest, at least nowadays, it used to be when you invest in advertising you would
have to send it out to the newspaper or magazine or a TV company, whatever it might be, and
they would basically go through the ad and go back and forth, and you’d have to get it
all set up correctly and get it recorded or get it printed, and go through approval processes
and all that. And it could take months to get all that taken
care of. Nowadays you can literally make an ad, put
it up online, and within two hours it’s showing, and usually faster than that. It just depends on the approval process that
Google has. And yes, on Google, you are advertising against
other people, but if you happen to have a better ad, Google will basically reward you
for that. If you and somebody else are advertising the
same company but your ad is better, yours is converting better, yours is doing what
Google wants it to do, Google will literally put your ad above everybody else’s and they
will charge you less per click for all of those other competitors. There are so many times when we have clients
who are ranking above competitors, and these are small local service businesses who are
ranking above the huge corporations, that there’s no way that we could compete with
them on a dollar to dollar budget. But because ours is converting better, we
can be placed above them, and I guarantee you we’re paying less than they are. And we’re also advertising to people who are
looking for what we have to offer. We’re not throwing it in their mailbox, hoping
to make it past that recycle bin and get in the house, and then hoping that somebody has
time to open up that envelope and start ripping through it, and then hoping that we will be
the one out of maybe nine competitors that they choose. See what I mean? It’s all about intent. I would much rather put my business in front
of somebody who is looking for me right at that moment because they have intent. They have a problem. We have a solution, and they want to buy. We want to put ourselves in front of them
right then. I don’t want to wait for six months and hope
that somebody trips over my ads. Now, I’ve also run into clients who have used
some of these advertising platforms before and literally been charged $2,000 or $3,000
a month. Actually, do me a favor and let me know in
the comments below. Have you tried these, and what has your success
rate been? And I don’t want somebody to put down there,
“It worked because my phone rang.” That is not a measurement of your marketing
dollars. If you’ve actually measured and figured out
where your clients have come from, do me a favor, put it down in the comments below and
let us know if it’s worked for you or let us know how much you were charged to run one
of these things, and if it works for you or not. To bring it back around, we’re talking about
Google Ads versus traditional or maybe some more print advertising that you might receive
in your mailbox. What I wanted to do here was I wanted to compare
your Google Ads versus some of that more traditional type of print advertising that you might receive
in your mailbox. I hope I’ve pointed some things out to you. If you do decide to do it, that’s fine. It is your advertising dollar, and I wish
you the best of luck. But if you do it, make sure you’re exclusive. Make sure you’re the only company of your
industry in there at any one time so that you’re not competing with everybody else. But if you are comparing different types of
advertising, I hope you will take this video into account. If you like videos like this, take a look
over on the right hand side of your screen. You should see a link to another video that
we did titled Google Ads Versus Facebook Ads. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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