32 Replies to “Did I Accidentally Queue for Constructed??”

  1. and this is basicaly the only reason i bother watching Amaz, he gets so easily triggered by the smalest thing he doesn't understand


    I….am going to guess that they're trading because their hand is weak and board control is key….? Oh look, another Stone Sentinel. A good card but bad against AoE's….

    Wheaton's Law has led to Karmic Justice.

  3. TO be fair Amaz plays around NOTHING so when they have a half decent deck it would fuck him but that's just ridiculous.

  4. Hey , today i drafted warrior, 1st game super unlucky, opponent had exactly spells that would win him the game, second one mage, 2ND turn glyph, got cs , next i took him down to 8 hp, but then he constantly dropped 2 taunts and 2 divine shield taunts, then firelands into drake agent, then exact leathal with pyro… and then i retired a deck

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