Dhaam Dhoom Tamil Full Movie

Subbu, fill the fuel tank. We’ve to shop for marriage. lf you remove your laptop from your plate,
l can serve some idlies. l’ll answer the call. Hello, who is this? – Hello, l’m Shenba here.
– Hi! New bride. – Give me the phone.
– l’ll talk.- Give it l say.How are you?Uncle keeps watching your photo
sleepless all the night. Pooja, give me the phone. – Hello.
– Hello sister. ls Gowtham at home? – l’ll talk.
– Morning you spoke to him for an hour. Gowtham went to hospital
to see his father. Reach him on his mobile. – Please mom.
– Okay dear.New ways have been sketched
for you to make an impact…New opportunities are beckoning
us surge ahead…You’re born onIy once…But we pIay many times in a day…Bear a gIimmer of hope in our heart,
and thunder in our eyes…Okay…Okay…Okay…New ways have been sketched
for you to make an impact…New opportunities are beckoning
us surge ahead…Fun with girIs in day…And roaming the city at night…Chatting everyday…Our fingers have turned into wings…Turn earth into stage of music…Turn sky into a basketbaII court…New ways have been sketched
for you to make an impact…New opportunities are beckoning
us surge ahead…New ways have been sketched
for you to make an impact…New opportunities are beckoning
us surge ahead…You’re born onIy once…But we pIay many times in a day…Bear a gIimmer of hope in our heart,
and thunder in our eyes…Hard work brings victories,
Iaziness wiII not earn you food…OnIy the brave treading new frontiers
wiII be victorious…Let’s do it!What happened? It came…It came… Great!
It passed away…Ask the damseI who Iit up the
dark skies of your heart…Come and see in Chennai…When you are romantic,
the worId seems to be interesting…The Iost seconds means
you’ve wasted your Iife…A day wasted is a big Ioss…CeIebrate music to make Iife beautifuI…SaIvation is in your hands…AIways be on top…
Fear not…New ways have been sketched
for you to make an impact…New opportunities are beckoning
us surge ahead…You’re born onIy once…But we pIay many times in a day…Bear a gIimmer of hope in our heart,
and thunder in our eyes…Okay…Okay…Okay…The 2nd patient in the lCU is
developing breathing problem. This is a respiratory problem
not a cardiac problem. ARDS. Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome. No need to change any medication. Just put him on to a respirator. He will be fine if he gets oxygen for 24 hours. He is right. – Put him on to a respirator.
– Okay sir. – Amazing knowledge.
– Thank you. But zero responsibility. l will become responsible after marriage. – What?
– l’ve got the Visa & tickets to Russia. That’s great! At this age, it’s a great opportunity. Government has selected you to attend
a conference abroad. Keep it up. Take the surgery videos and…
Understood? Also take the case sheets of patients… There is so much work left
for the marriage. Do l have to go to Russia now? Your only job is to tie the knot. Still 15 more days are left.
You can go. What are you saying, sister-in-law? You don’t seem to understand
my problem. Grandma, do something and make
father cancel this trip to Russia. He won’t listen to me. Your upbringing is not so good. Rap on his head and
he will listen to you. Go. Have coffee. lt is said that the groom
shouldn’t go abroad. Who said? Our elders. Mother, you’re the eldest of all.
Come to the point. His marriage is just days away. Think twice before taking a decision. l’m not asking him to go to the moon. Russia is just 6 hour journey from here. Government has selected 5 doctors.
lt’s such a great honour. That’s what l’m trying to tell her. But she doesn’t seem to understand me. l heard that it’s very cold in Russia. Take 2 sweaters with you.
Call us frequently. And for food, shall l pack pickle
and home made goodies? Oh mom! l’m going there for
a week not for a year. Since you’re there for a week, concentrate on the conference
and not on your phone calls.She wiII not run away.What does he know about love? Uncle, what did you keep in
your suitcase now? Perfume. Don’t lie. – l saw you hiding it.
– No. You hug this photo & sleep, right? – l will tell this grandpa.
– Oh my God! Pooja, stop. Pooja, give that to me. ls yours love marriage or arranged marriage? No love marriages during my time. We marry any girl my parents’ select. Nowadays, neither boys nor girls
listen to their parents. Your uncle is an example. What are you hiding from me? This is not for those who
haven’t fallen in love. Little brat! Gowtham, your jacket. Thank you. Take care, son. Grandma… – Hello.
– Hey Shenba. Don’t talk to me. Are you angry with me? Remembered me just now? Sorry dear. l had a lot of work in the morning. My big family is always around me. Then why are you talking to me? – lf not me, who else will talk to my wife?
– Stop it. You’re going to Russia without me. Just a week.
l’ll be back in a jiffy. Saying it is easy for you. But l’ll find it difficult even
to spend a day. You want me to go or not? lt’s your wish. What if l don’t come back? Wherever you might be in this world, you will come to me
the moment l think about you. Do you trust me so much? No. l trust our love. Gowtham, come fast.
lt’s getting late. Just a second. Bye mother.
Bye grandma. Since you’re going away for a week. Give me something before you go. Don’t you understand? Keep quiet. ls everyone looking at you? So, shall l come to your place? Will you?I’m sitting next to you.A beautifuI shining pearI…A ravishing beauty…ShaII I turn into a cooI breeze
and caress your tresses?ShaII I become your upper cIoth?ShaII I become your breath?ShaII I become your cIothe
to experience your warmth……and attain saIvation?A beautifuI shining pearI…A ravishing beauty…ShaII I kiss your cheeks
and your heart?ShaII I teII you aII my desires?ShaII I put a ban on your ”Eyes” & ”Nose”?ShaII I put an end to your siIence?The pIeasure given by your divine
beauty is unforgettabIe…Neither horizon nor the most beautifuI
flowers can match your grace…Beauty…!WonderfuI beauty..!Hello… Hello… Hey Shenba! My daughter’s mobile fell down.
Find it. Make it fast. Hi Gowtham! Feeling bad that Shenba didn’t call you? Bye father. – Bye.
– Bye. Look here. Dial her number, sir. Found the cell phone sir. MOSCOW, RUSSlA Hello! Stay here, l’ll meet him and come. Come. Hello…excuse me. Miss, your coat. Come on. – Come Gowtham.
– Excuse me. Everyone speaks Russian here. Nobody speaks English. Nobody should go out alone. Russia has changed a lot. Drugs, smuggling…
ever increasing crimes. We have to be very careful. Shenba, why are you sitting alone? Are you upset for not speaking
to him on phone? Call him ten times?
You are still a child. l used to tell everyone that my daughter
is a tomboy and is fearless. How could you be like this? Did l disappoint you? Nothing like that. l can understand your feelings. But l am helpless. You’re going to marry.
Must be very happy. Okay? Excuse me. Excuse me. l just need to make an international call. Call to lndia. Listen, do you understand English? lt’s okay. Airport. What? The coat. Come. Are you a model? Your name? lndian? Thank you. What? Thank you.StiII 21 days to go for the marriage?But he has started the
preparations now itseIf.He wants the marriage to
be a grand one.– Shenba, are you ready?
– Yes, ready. Where did l leave it? My love story is a big one.
First… Oh God! l’ve heard this 10 times.
Please leave me. l can’t hear anymore. l’m not tired of narrating my love story. Are you tired listening to it? Tell me where l met him first? My mother must be waiting
for me at home? l will listen to your story tomorrow. Welcome. We are not here to relish your feast. Your aunt is here. Wonder what all problems
will crop up…! You promised to give your
daughter to my son. But now, you’ve chosen someone else. She liked him.
He is a doctor. What’s wrong with my son?
He earns millions. Welcome.
Why are you talking to them outside? She is upset. Marriages are made in heaven. No one respects me in this house. As your relative,
l’m bearing all insults heaped on me. Please come inside.
Bless Shenba. Listen to what l say. Good morning doctors.
Welcome everybody. We are assembled here to discuss about
world network for organ sharing. According to the latest statistics from
the united network for organ sharing1038 chiIdren were waiting in United States
for heart transpIant per month.Any surgeon out of medicaI schooI has got
a ruIe that must never be vioIated.When transpIanting a heart,the heart must be compatibIe
with the patients bIood type.A mismatch heart leads to rapid death. Good morning everybody. We have successfully treated
valve problem hearts in lndia without a heart transplant. lt’s not possible. – lt’s possible.
– Let me prove it. Could you please play that. This is Amudha. When she was a year old,
we diagnosed her with …. What is he saying? Congenital weak heart. So, we decided to perform the operation. …without the heart transplant,
now she is normal.My heart is pounding…You are ravishing…Who am I? Am I a new man?If I go on search,
wouId I find heaven?Is it you?
Passionate fire in my heart…PainfuI kiss…WiII you make it true?Give up shyness…TaIk with kisses…Show your Iips…Don’t stop yourseIf…With a gIass of wine
in one hand…With the gIass of wisdom
in one hand…Let’s share between these two…Wine is consumed
here by wine…Intoxication is getting
intoxicated here…To discover yourseIf…
to know yourseIf…It’s a chance of Iifetime…You took away my heart…
and vanished…You say it’s not enough…My heart is pounding…You are ravishing…Heart is wiId…
jumping over the fence…It’s a wiId stream that wiII fight
any obstacIe to reach the vaIIey…I’m on cIoud nine…It’s sweet smeII of Iove everywhere…Can I find a heart by this night?Touching the heart…Sweeping it away…Giving up shyness…Reach the peak…Who am I? Am I a new man?If I go on search,
wouId I find heaven?Is it you?
Passionate fire in my heart…PainfuI kiss…WiII you make it true?Give up shyness…TaIk with kisses…Show your Iips…Don’t stop yourseIf…l came here for peace but
she has become a headache. Taxi! Move! Where you want to go? Hello…go to Komosky.Stop singing and teII me,
where do you want to go?Stop! Hey please! Watch your… Come. Hello. You leave! Coming! Yes? Who ordered it? What? Who are you? Leave me!
What’s happening? Tell… Leave me now! No…l didn’t do it. No! l didn’t do it! l didn’t do it!Name?Gowtham!India?
Yes.You are charged with rape and murder,according to the criminal
court of Russian Federation, article 105.1 and article 213. That’s not true. l’m an lndian and l need help. l need to talk to my lndian Embassy. Please. Shut up! Can be more easy if you
confess your crime. Why should l confess? l’m not a killer. First you’ve to obey the
laws of Russian Federation. Why don’t you understand
when l say l’m not involved in this. Do you know whom you killed? No. She was our Commissioner’s daughter. Sir…l’m sorry sir…
l know how you feel sir, but l’m not responsible
for the crime sir. Put him in jail. Sir! l didn’t murder your daughter sir.Sir pIease understand!Sir trust me, pIease!My name is Balbir Ajit Singh, l want to ask you few questions, – l’m from lndian High Commission…
– l don’t know Hindi, speak in Tamil. Just a minute please. Hello Gowtham! l’m Raghavan Nambiar
from lndian Embassy. You’re in despair getting caught up
in this country, right? What do you want? Nothing much…few informations. How do you know Anna? Where did you first meet her? l saw her in the airport first
and then at the night club. Why did Anna come to your room later? She was drunk and
l didn’t know her address too. So… How did Anna behave with
you in the room? What do you mean? l mean did Anna talk to you
about anything else? l want to call my family. What? – l’ve to call up my family…
– Hello? l want to call my family. l’ve already talked to Delhi
about your case. The official talk is going on. We’ll ensure all the help that
lndian Embassy can do. You don’t worry, be brave,
l’ll be with you. – Okay?
– Thanks.- Victory to lndia!Stay…stay…I’m teIIing you daiIy to get change
but you aIways give a note.Won’t I if I’ve?
You troubIe us everyday.Hey stop the bus! Hey stop! Hey look there! Forget it man! Stop the bus! Stop the bus l say! Come! Come! Come! Come fast! Leave her alone l say! You don’t know anything, stay out! Whatever it is let’s discuss to settle. Come on take out your Rs.10. Hey moustache! Take out your Rs.10. You didn’t touch the bus, he helped you. Aren’t you ashamed?
You couldn’t beat me in the race. But cite silly reasons. Take out the money,
don’t stare at me, get going. Let’s compete again tomorrow. Rs.50 for win. Shall we compete? Every man entering village
considers himself a big hero. What are you looking at?
Give me way. Brother…are you going to the village? Yes. Hop on. We have been watching
this scene everyday, you tried to become a hero saving
a damsel in distress. You can walk to Mavur village,
take your bags. Where do such people come from? Right! – Who is this new man?
– Ask him. May be it’s the groom your dad invited to see
you as bride, got delayed by eons. Sister! Sister!Sister Sarasa!Sister!Is he such a big man?Ask him not to troubIe me,
I’II not take it easy.Ask him to quit, that’s good for him.If he continues to troubIe me,
I’II show no mercy, I’II bump him off.When did you come, brother-in-law? Just now brother-in-law. lsn’t sister at home? Where did she go? Sir, she told you and went to the temple. – She’ll come back now.
– Okay brother-in-law. Hey Gowtham! When did you come? At last found the way to my house. You don’t talk to me, you haven’t
visited us for 2 years now. What can l do? Your brother-in-law is totally
dependent on me, he’s helpless without me. More over a lot of work at home. She’s lying, brother -in-law,
l’ve asked her to visit you many times, l want to enjoy a break from her
and it’s not happening. Don’t l know about you? lf l go out for half an hour,
he’ll go to the town asking for me. Forget about our tales,
your brother has come, get ready some good chicken dishes, food must be delicious,
a rare visitor is here. – Freshen up quickly.
– Okay brother-in-law. You’ve become very handsome in 2 years,
you look like an Englishman. Fathers with girls of marriageable age
will flock to you if they see you. Don’t make fun of me, brother-in-law. Game over! Buddy, this is too much! – When did you come?
– Yesterday. – All this in just a day?
– Nothing, just for fun. – Just for fun?
– Couldn’t you find anyone else?- Why? You make rocks to melt,
would you leave a snowball? Who is she? Her name is Shenba, playful girl,
her dad is a village headman. lf you get caught, they will rip you apart. Who is he, junior? – l told you many times not
to call me like that.- Okay. – That girl’s house…
– What? Mind your business. Go away. Junior! – Give it to me, bloody mongrel!
– Don’t beat me. Look at him! – l found out who is he!
– Who? The man who hugged you. l don’t care whosoever it may be. l wanted to tell you,
l’ll leave it if you don’t want to hear. Okay, as you wish, tell about him. – Guest of Sarasa.
– He’s a Doctor. – Sister, he’s eating the third dosa.
– No, she’s lying. l had two only. Then? Has he come to see you as bride
to know his personal details? We can’t leave it, any guest here,
and we must inquire. No sister, it may lead to trouble. You know me, right?
Nobody can dare touch me. Why is here? How long will he stay?
Get me all the details. Money for it? He’s always after money. – You had dosas, right?
– Stolen dosas. Bloody creeps!
Always stealing food from my counter. – Great urine alley!
– Why are you stopping here? – To steal a few puffs.
Sister has won!In the card game,
King may be great,but onIy Queen’s writ runs Iarge here.Show!Next!Lost everything.Sister, leave me.
l’ve taken loan of Rs.100. Winning and losing is part of the game.
Play. You took away everything,
l can’t repay the loan anymore. He’s younger than you, he’s playing,
aren’t you ashamed? Play boy! ls he a little boy? Ask his age. Leave me sister, l’ll go to home. You want to play? Why? Are you scared? Why should l? Rules change for elders. You know it, right? Stop blabber and start the game. Buddy, listen to me. She’s a cheat, she’ll play trick to win. l’ve played, come on.
Put this down. Discard this. Super! What’s the stake? Yuck! Look there! l don’t have money. Stake your cell phone. Show! – You lost the cell phone.
– lsn’t this all for fun? Fun? No way!
Bye! Tell her. – Hello…excuse me…
– Let’s go. Excuse me…hello… The number you dialled is not in use. lf my dad calls now, l’m finished.
l’m dead! You should’ve thought about
it before playing cards. You didn’t listen to me. Why didn’t you come out
with some money? We only have pockets in the shirts,
but never any money or purse. Shall we pay for the cell phone
and take it back from her. We haven’t pledged it,
we lost it in the game. My cell phone is gone! What shall we do now? – Hello!
– Hello, l’m Gowtham here. – Okay, what’s the matter?
– l need a help from you. You want money? No need, just don’t answer any
call coming to my phone. This is my phone,
l’ll talk to anyone calling me. Please don’t say like that. l’ll buy you anything for this help. l’ll get you a new phone too. ls it true? Trust me, l’ll get you a new
phone tomorrow morning. Till then don’t answer any phone call. l must get a new cell phone
by tomorrow 10 am, or else l’ll call all the numbers
in the phone book, and tell everyone that you lost
the phone in a card game. Please, don’t do it,
l’ll definitely buy you a new phone. l will try. Buy a new phone? You’ll buy anything for girls. What if your sister comes
to know about this? l’ll say you lost it in a card game. l’ve been working here for very long time, please for God’s sake,
don’t spoil my bread & butter. l’m your favourite son,
it’s an open secret! My path is…hey stop there! l’m here and you’re just going away. We don’t talk to juniors. How many times l told you
not to call me as junior? l’ve an awesome name Ondipuli. – Call me by my name.
– Come on kid. You know me, right?
You know, right? Junior, control yourself or else
l’ll let your secrets out. You carry on prince! Be good to him or else
he’ll spit into your coffee. lt’ll be poison to you. Your spit it poison to me. Go boy! ls doctor at home? Who are you boys? Lakshmi is not well,
they want the doctor there. Doctor? – Your guest.
– Brother-in-law! What is it, brother-in-law? Some Laksmi is not well,
go and visit her. Come in…please come in. What happened to you granny? What’s wrong with me?
l’m fine, leave me. – Then, who is Lakshmi?
– This is Lakshmi. Are you playing fun with me? Who is playing? You or me? Where’t the phone?
Time is now ten past. Cheat! Played this trick to get the phone. Don’t talk, take out the phone. Who are you? What are you doing? They said somebody is ill and l’m a doctor. Doctor? l never saw you here. l’ve come from Chennai. Whose guest are you? Vishwanathan’s house. Would you dare enter house
if you’re a doctor? l’m sparing you because you’re new, don’t come here if anyone calls, got me? Go!OgIing at my photo!I’II kiII you, switch off the phone.l’m a man of deeds… Buddy come, let’s go to watch a film. l can’t watch film in a touring talkies. You would’ve seen many colourful films, but this film is a single tone colour, a film liked by everyone without
any language barrier. What’s so special about the film? Come, l’ll show you. Are they here without knowing
it’s an adult film? Just kids! How would they know? We must enlighten them. Are you here to watch the film? – No grandpa, l’m here to buy ration.
– Ration? They say the film is not good. Why then it is so crowded? We got bored at home so… We too got bored at home, so… ls it? As you wish then. Show will get cancelled today. – Be calm, oldman! You can’t argue well.
– Yes. Come quickly. Why are you calling me now? All are embarrassed. Why is everyone hesitating?
Go and talk to them. How can l talk to them? l feel shy. You’ve three wives but still feel shy? Why is everyone quiet? Go and tell them only then
he’ll show the film. Few guys join me then. Excuse me… Nothing…nothing… Kaput! Money gone down the drain. Madam, l’ll pay Rs.500,
please leave the theatre. Rs.2000 is the total collection, if l don’t run the show they
will damage the theatre. Then run the show! My fate! lf you want l’ll run a special show
tomorrow exclusively for you. Please! That’s much better!
Got Rs.500 as we had planned. You too! Only we must come. What a fate!
Girls have come to watch blue films. You’re coming hiding, they went out
watching majestically, you come in.Sister!Sister! – Sister!
– What brings you here Shenba? Just casual visit.
Just wanted to meet you. You live in the next street but
have no time for me, right? We have come closer, right? What do you mean? l mean our tastes match. Come. Who is he? My brother, he has come from Madras. l heard it. We generally hesitate
to talk to strangers. lt seems she hesitates
to talk to strangers. Hesitates? Do you know 3 girls went to watch
blue film in the theatre? Blue film? There was a commotion in the theatre, don’t know how people go shamelessly
to watch such dirty films? Can’t trust girls of our village anymore. – Who are those girls?
– l don’t know. Nobody from your house went, right? No way, isn’t it brother? – Buddy, will it be your brother-in-law?
– Shut up! l’m escaping! Appearances are deceptive. What do you mean? What to do? There are Dr. Jackylls
and Mr.Hides amongst us. Okay, l’m leaving now. You… – What happened?
– Nothing sister. – Hey girl!- Are you fine?
– l’m fine. Come. – Let’s go to temple on the way.
– lt’s on the way. What are you doing?
Somebody could see us. You came yesterday to meet me, right? My dad and uncle will search for me. Dad and others, shall l tell them
you’re with me? – What do you want?
– l want to talk to you. Leave my hand. We must finish the sanctorum
by next year… Where is Shenba? She was here only. She was with you,
won’t you keep an eye on her? – Why are you doing like this?
– Do you like me? l like you. – Say it aloud!
– l like you very much! Can l go now? l’m sorry. How dare you misbehave
with a girl here? Sundaram, take your hands off him. Take off your hand. Don’t you know, once if l tell you? What do you want? Sir, nothing has happened. What else do you want to happen? This isn’t a city. To take things for granted.. You don’t know about us. l won’t spare you alive. Stop talking. Didn’t l tell you
nothing has happened? Why don’t you understand me? lf l tell you once,
won’t you leave this place? Get out of here. Else, l won’t spare you alive. Did you come here for this? Why did you do so? People wait here to create problems. Sister, l didn’t do anything. Do you know what had happened? l know everything.
You leave this place. No time to analyze the situation.
You leave this place. Sister, don’t threaten me. What can they do?
Let’s face it. Brother-in-law is also not here.
Let him come. l’ll inform him and go. lf he comes to know about it,
he won’t spare you. Leave immediately. Uncle, we should’ve taught him a lesson
on that day itself. You left him. – He isn’t alone.
– So? What can we do? lt’s all because of her pranks. First we should reform her. Brother is leaving… lt’s true, sister. l don’t understand anything. l don’t … l need an interpreter. Will you keep quiet? l don’t know what’t going on here? – Won’t they provide a translator?
– We’ll request. No.. l’m Aarti Chinappa. l’ve been appointed by
the government for you. l’m no way connected to this murder. l didn’t do it. Calling Asst. Commissioner of
Criminal Department. When did murder took place? How do you know? We came to know about it,
when bearer rushed up on hearing the sound. At what time? 6.05 AM. You can go now. They are calling the bearer. What is he saying? They came late night. And she ordered two bottles of whisky. lt was only one. He says two… l’m telling you, she ordered only one whisky. Will you agree accused? You don’t know about this country’s law. lt is very severe. l trust you. Something is fishy in this case. Better raise your hand. Raise your hand… – Excuse me…
– Yes. l’m Aarti, Advocate. Oh! l’m Raghavan, working in lndian Embassy. l need to know further details
in Gowtham’s case. That’s why l’m going with him
on special permission. Oh! lt’s good. l need your help. Sure. This is my number. Anytime you can call me. – Thank you sir.
– Welcome. Sir…did you inform Gowtham’s family? – Yes. We have informed.
– Okay. – Embassy will look after that.
– Thank you sir. What happened in the court? l couldn’t understand anything. Hotel bearer, Asst. Commissioner
have accused you as guilty. Court too believes the same. You don’t have a single defending witness. Why did you ask me to raise my hand? Judge asked you, do you accept your crime? You raised hand acknowledging
your crime. Why should l accept the crime
which l haven’t done? Court will trust the witness
which we’ll produce tomorrow.. l’m going to re-examine
this entire case. Just wait and see.. Do you believe that l’m innocent? You are not guilt. l can prove it. Thanks. Hey Gowtham, don’t run…
Stop… Excuse me.. l need some syringe, cotton.. Cotton… Glucose… Here… Spirit please.. l need a syringe, injection… l need a needle.. Please… injection… lt’s okay… l pay you money. He is an Asst. Commissioner. He is investigating Gowtham. He wouldn’t have committed the murder. That’s what l’m also confused. Why did he abscond then? Sir, what did they say? lf we get any news about Gowtham,
they want us to inform them immediately. Gowtham… Had your tablets? You look tired. Sir, even in my dream,
l feel like someone’s chasing me. That’s why l told you… Jail is your safest place. Why are you taking such risks instead? No sir. You don’t know the facts. Everyone here is trying to corner me. Sir, didn’t you tear this paper now? No. No sir… l saw you tearing the paper. Like this, we start imagining things. New place… unknown language… Strange people.. You suspect everyone, don’t you? Gowtham, sometimes your eyes may
also cheat you. You imagine that somebody is chasing
and beating you… That’s why l asked you to
surrender to the police. Why do you risk your life unnecessarily? – You better surrender…
– Sir… Gowtham, you’re an lndian citizen. Nobody can harm you. lf anything happens to you,
would our Embassy spare them? Or would our Government remain silent? Why are you getting scared? Now you need protection. For that, let’s appeal it through Embassy. l would like to meet my lawyer. l’m not going to trust the police anymore. Get into the tram which is before you. First tell me, where are you? Listen to me….tram is about to move… Hello, where are you? l’m here only. – Are you in the tram?
– Yeah. Get down at the next station. Why are you troubling me? Police is watching you. What do you want? Why are you putting my life
also in risk with yours? Without getting angry,
please listen to me for a while. Please leave me. l’m not ready to help you. Why did you escape despite my warnings? Don’t talk without knowing the facts. You know about everything, don’t you? lf you decide things by yourself,
what for am l here then? Then why did you agree
to become my lawyer? You raised my hopes that
you’re here to support me. Even now l didn’t call you here in fear. l want to disclose the truth to atleast
to one person who believes me. What do you want me to do now?
Tell me…. Gowtham… Gowtham… Are you okay? Take this. That’s my family. My dad got a job in Moscow University,
and settled here itself. Actually, this weather didn’t
suit my mother. She longed to go back to lndia. She is my sister,
he is my sister’s husband, Vishal. Now they are in Germany
with my sister. l’m staying here alone
for the past 10 years. What are you looking at? l’m hearing this from my childhood. When l hear the church bell,
l remember my childhood days. Whoever rings the church bell first, ls it true that their prayers
will get answered? Yes dear. People believe that Lord is
hearing this bell sound. You pray to the lord. By God’s grace, your prayers will
definitely be answered. Oh Lord, please forgive me. l don’t know how to pray you. l haven’t visited this church before. l strongly believe that you will
hear my prayer. l’m not able to forget Gowtham. l want my Gowtham. You must answer my prayers.Oh my beIoved! I was Ionging to see you…Oh my dream! I’ve Iost my sIeep
forgetting this worId…I can feeI heat of summer
in your eyes…And it’s chiII winter in your heart…Your Iove is pouring rain…Come cIoser to me…
Let’s have a pIeasant time…If you’re a river,
I wiII faII into you…WiII I float on your Iap?WiII I be aIive to touch
the banks of your Iove?The river merges with the sea…Desires in our hearts merge
with siIence…O my Iove! I was Ionging to see you…Oh my dream! I’ve Iost my sIeep
forgetting this worId…You issue new edicts, and I wiII obey
them in true Ietter and spirit…I wiII win over this worId
and gift it to my angeI…We know not what we gave & took…We know not where we got Iost
and found ourseIves back…O my Iove! I was Ionging to see you..Oh my dream! I’ve Iost my sIeep
forgetting this worId…I can feeI heat of summer in your eyes…
And it’s chiII winter in your heart…Your Iove is pouring rain…Come cIoser to me…
Let’s have a pIeasant time…Do you know how much l missed you? l always remembered you. l feel like you are with me
wherever l go… You will laugh if l tell this… Even while sleeping,
l feel like l’m hugging you. l’m talking emotionally here… What are you looking at? That will come to my hand. Hey, why are you behaving mad? lt will come… wait and see… lt will go along with the air.. lf you believe in a thing sincerely,
you can definitely get it. Do you believe this? Come with me then… – Where?
– Come… Look, how he is going… Hey, can’t you listen to me?
Why don’t you stop? Showing heroics with girls. Holding her hands and going… Dare to show it to me… – Sir, he has entered our place…
– What do you mean? Doctor is coming here holding
our girl’s hand…. Sir, they are troubling our Doctor. – Who?
– Landlord… – Where?
– Near Panchayat office… Let’s go…. He is walking holding our girl’s hand… Are you all simply watching it? Thrash him away… Hey, don’t talk rubbish. He hasn’t eloped with her. He has brought her here only. Who gave him the right to touch our girl? She was brought here by her beloved. What’s wrong in that? How long do we have to
support oneupmanship? End it today. Uncle, he has marred
our family reputation. Why are you keeping quiet? They make a great couple. Why do you want to create problem then? lnstead of performing their marriage,
why are you fighting with each other? Stop it.. This is our personal problem.
We will solve it. What do you want? l want to marry your daughter. l like her. Do you like him? Why do you want to stand
against them? Time has changed.
Leave your obsolete customs. My daughter’s wish is more important to me. Why should l stand against her will? Do as you wish. We are very lucky to have
such a good daughter-in-law. Fix an auspicious day then… lt’s destined that he should
be our son-in-law. Shit! Place the plantain here… Don’t lecture for placing this fruit. You will assemble first
in all the functions. Shall we perform the marriage here? How is it possible?
Marriage should be in groom’s place only. Wherever it is, you are not going
to give any cash gift.Shut your mouth!Let’s be ready to visit Madras.Ask them to fix a day quickly. She wants to marry quickly. – Coming January 27th…
– Fix it… Look, he is very eager. Gowtham, have it.. What are you thinking? – What’s today’s date?
– 24. Why are you asking? When l was in my place,
l was counting days.. After coming here,
l’ve forgotten dates and time. l’m very eager to go back
to my place. Now you’re in danger because
of that Anna, aren’t you? Still, l can’t believe she’s dead. You don’t know anything about her. But you’ve danced with her
and took her to your room…. You didn’t believe me? Problem is with her. A small clue will be useful to me.. Will you remember anything
if l take you to that dance hall? Hey, stop… Why should he take my snap? That day, she was talking
to someone else on phone. This isn’t a Russian language. Do you know Anna’s number? Excuse me… – Aarti…
– Sir… That is… where is Gowtham? Are you still with him? Why did you bring him here? lf somebody sees him,
we may be in trouble. Okay. Why did you come here? lf l get Anna’s phone number
and details, l can get more details
about this murder. We can trace out her last caller. Okay. Do one thing… Go to counter No:12. There will be a person called Gladys
in lnternational division. He will give all the details. Excuse me…
Mr.Gladys? Please l need it today. Not today… tomorrow.. lt’s urgent… please.. Tomorrow.. Did you get it? He asked me to come tomorrow. Let’s go. Where can we go? Do you want me to go shopping with you? Let’s be on move… Why are you getting tensed? Why don’t you come out of it and
relax yourself for few minutes? l’m really scared to see you tensed… Don’t keep on talking….
please be quiet.. Leave me. l’ll get down. l can’t be a dumb like you….. Get down… They are waiting to gun you down.The pain in my heart is
seen in my eyes…O sweetheart!
Your memories haunt me…O fuII moon!
You taunt me, day & night…O river! Your waves caress me…There is someone in my heart
and in my dreams…Are you the one who is in my heart?Are you the one who sparked
the fire of Iove in me?I’m a bamboo and
the breeze is forcing me to pIay…The bamboo has no words…
It remains siIent…The pain in my heart is
seen in my eyes…O sweetheart!
Your memories haunt me…– You smiled, didn’t you?
– No. l saw you smiling.My heart has turned heavy…Your memories pound my souI…I am conch amidst the
sound of waves…You are so compIete.
I am so void…WiII we ever unite?There is someone in my heart
and in my dreams…Are you the one who is in my heart?Are you the one who sparked
the fire of Iove in me?It was your eyes which
admired my beauty…It was your sweet taIk
which fascinated me…Can the eyeIids refuse to see the eyes?The moon is so hot…
My eyes fiIIed with tears…Am I just a mirage?There is someone in my heart
and in my dreams…Are you the one who is in my heart?Are you the one who sparked
the fire of Iove in me?I’m a bamboo and
the breeze is forcing me to pIay…The bamboo has no words…
It remains siIent…The pain in my heart is
seen in my eyes…O sweetheart!
Your memories haunt me…O fuII moon!
You taunt me, day & night…O sweetheart!
You memories haunt me…The pain in my heart is
seen in my eyes…O sweetheart!
You memories haunt me…The pain in my heart…All are getting married
and having fun. l’m suffering over here. Why? Are you so eager to marry? Whatelse could be the happiest moment
in one’s life other than marriage? You could’ve marrried then… l’m going to marry… l’m getting married in a week. Someone is waiting for me.. ln my home town. Shenba! She chased me to fall in love. You won’t believe it… Our marriage was fixed
within 15 days… But l fear now whether
l may go there or not…. No man commits crime wantonly. That too, when his marriage
is just a week away… l’m getting married in a week.. But till now…. Hey look!Doctor Gowtham Subramanium of Chennai
who went to Russian MedicaI conference,was been charged for murdering Anna,
a popuIar modeI of Russia.Sister, it seems police have
arrested our brother. Come… What’s all this? They say murder and so on… l don’t understand anything. Please be calm.. Something somewhere has gone wrong.. He isn’t that type of a guy. We haven’t brought him up like that. Let’s see. l know MLA, MP… let’s see. Don’t worry. Be confident. l’m not worried.
l’ve confidence on him. You don’t worry. l told you to check his horoscope?
But nobody cared. Who knows what is written
in their horoscopes? Nobody here respects elders. You too got married after
checking horoscopes, Didn’t your husband elope with
your sister after 3 months? Mind your business. Get lost, you stupid! What has happened has happened. Let’s take necessary steps. What can we do now? Let’s stop the marriage. No…don’t stop the marriage. Let’s wait till marriage date, sister. Doctor Subramanium, please come. He is my son Gowtham.
He is in Russia. These are the details about him. This is known information that we have. lf we have more information,
you can talk to us immediately.What wouId you do if I don’t come back?Wherever you are in this worId…If I think of you, you wiII come.Are you so confident about me?No…our Iove is true.Government only sponsored him
to go to Russia. He will definitely not be guilty. We are trying our best. lf we get information,
we will inform you. Better you go & meet the Home minister. Just a minute…
l’ll be back. Bye… Mr.Gladys… What about the phone details? – No details..
– What? But Mr.Gladys… No details… Come on… Oh my God! – Hello!
– l’m Aarti here sir. Hi Aarti… Few people are firing at Gowtham. Where are you now? – l’m in Telecom office.
– You wait there Gowtham, do you know what you’re doing? lf you beat a man in public,
will your problem get solved? l hold a responsible post in Embassy. l can’t help you anymore. No criminal thinks before doing a crime. A thinker can’t be a criminal. Do you want my help or not? Hello…thank you…
Okay thank you… thank you… Thank you…thank you… First know what’s going on around you. lf violence is your way,
please leave me. lf you carry on like this you’ll be
shot dead on street like a dog. Will they? l’ll kill 10 people before l go down. lf l’m left with no choice, l’ll kill
everyone who got me into this mess. How dare they make me run for life? l’ll turn their lives miserable. Only a stick can give them pain. Come in that car with the luggage. Sister… Come here.. Are you lying? Tell me… tell me… Who told you to say this? Tell me…. Tell me, who told you to say this? Aarti, ask him to tell the truth… Tell me.. Gowtham, stop…. Tell me… Didn’t he say he will tell the truth?
Leave him. Tell him that the man in this photo
has sent us here. Ask them to go inside… Go… go… Ask him to tell the truth… Ask him to tell the truth… Go… go…. Ask him to tell the truth… Ask him to tell the truth… Who is your boss…. Tell me…
Ask him to tell me…. Who is your boss? Call your boss… Call your boss. Call your boss… Greetings, Chennai. Gowtham Subramanium speaking. Shall we have our deal in Tamil
or Russian? Hey, Gowtham… lt’s Gowtham… Start the car. Hey, start the car… You are paid to help lndians
in this country. Are you minting money
by charging innocent lndians? Are you an higher official? l’ll do anything for you.
Please leave me. You’ve committed this crime. Do you want me to get punished? Who killed Anna? Tell me… Tell me.. That day, Anna might’ve been
caught with drugs..You were there then.With your heIp, I made her to escape.Later, she started avoiding us..We feared she may teII
the truth to the poIice.If she reveaIs the truth,
not just me…Mafia and poIice wiII aIso get caught.Fearing she may turn an informer, You killed her and blamed me, right? ls it so? Tell me… One wrong move, and you’re dead! Are you regretting to have come alone? Who is guilty will be know when
Commissioner arrives, Raghavan. l’ve checked all the flights
coming from Russia. He hasn’t come. l couldn’t contact Embassy also. l don’t know what to do now… What can we do? She is not serious about
marriage getting cancelled. Do whatever you wish… l can’t watch all this. He gets emotional for everything. What? Didn’t get betel leaves? Marriage is itself in doubt! He will come. l’ve faith on him. Definitely our marriage will take place. Those who believe can stay back. Look, marriage isn’t a game. lt’s a prestige issue. lt was our mistake to agree
an unknown stranger. Don’t know where and how he is now! Who knows? Why are you still thinking of him? We can’t wait anymore. We aren’t ready to get humiliated in public. Now l’m telling you… This marriage will not happen. Make her understand, uncle.
Tell her… Sir, atleast you speak out…
Who will tie the knot? Elders should take a good decision. Oh my dear son!An Indian was kiIIed by poIice whiIe
searching for Anna’s kiIIer Gowtham.Russian poIice have sent
his body for post mortem.Indian Govt. is in contact with
Russia over this issue.Do you like me?After the investigation, it is proved that
Gowtham Subramanium is an innocent.This court apoIogises to him
for the inconvenience.Thank you.I forgot you in the happiness
of going back home.You faced many problems
because of me, didn’t you? You entered my void life. l never saw smile on your face. l’m seeing it today only. Hey, next time when you come to Russia,
you should come with Shenba. Okay? – Happy married life.
– Thanks. Bye… Didn’t you pinch that girl’s hip?

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