Demographics and Marketing – #4 of the 101 Marketing Ideas

and welcome back to BizDev Weekly
the business development show. I’m here with Chris Hamilton, the two of
us uh… host the show and that chris is the author of Chris, thanks very much for joining.
Thanks for having me Kersten. So Chris, today you want to talk about demographics
uh… boy it sounds like a broad term maybe you can sharpen the pencil a bit on that one. Absolutely Kersten, it is very much brighter pretty generic when you
look at it but what i mean by this is know your customer. that’s really when it
comes down to and the best advice that we can give on
something like this is uh… create an avatar for who your
customer could be and what do I mean by create an avatar is
understand or create persona for that person, how old are they, what do they do, do
they have kids, how much money do they make Where do they live? those sort of aspects is what you pull
into the demographics and the reason why that is so important is because that’s the
people or that is the person that you want to hone in on when you’re trying to get your marketing
message out You know, as you look at it is if your demographic
is a certain area in north america, why would you target people in china, india,
Australia or anywhere like that you know you cannot spread on wide net if your product can’t be used in any of these
places or even if its cost prohibiting to even implement them in some instances so
ideally what you want to it’s figure out exactly who your client should be get a list of those people and figure out a way to start marketing
to them. Kersten, do you have any thoughts around that. So I have heard the term avatar so
essentially what you’re doing is you’re lining up… you’re starting from would you call what bob and then you’re
building up a campaign based on who Bob is, is that what you’re talking about? Absolutely, it could be bob, it could be sue, it could be a female, it could be male, could be if someone who’s older or someone who’s
younger uh… and and and literally start at a very high level just
think about that demographic of person and who it is and then ultimately
scaled-down to get it very pinpointed to to who that person is and then
ultimately what you want to do what you want to go to find out who that person
is i’ll give you a prime example I use to play in the oil and gas world uh…
the best client for us was a CFO of a mid-sized oil and gas company so what we
would do as we would create that kind of uh… persona for that person who worked
in a publicly listed company who’s a CFO between a certain amount of
barrels of oil a day to another certain amount of barrels of oil a day and once
we sort of honing in on that marketplace Boy did our sales take off. So it works very well Kersten. well great so if you’d like to learn more about that follow the links below the broadcast or uh… follow the credits following the uh…
they’re closing statement. So Chris, thanks for joining once again uh… we
are uh… obviously uh… gonna show more of your talents on biz dev weekly i
will bring you back for the next show and see again thanks everyone for joining

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  1. Thanks a lot Kersten & Chris for your show. Since you started it's really inspirational for all of us new Worldwide Entrepreneurs! I wish you all the best for this new 2013!
    Cheers from Venice! Alberto

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