1. I graduated in CS back in '06 with only $7k debt at a respectable university. I have no idea what kind of majors and colleges you all are in, but clearly overrated and waste of time.

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  3. Congrats on paying off the debt i definitely agree with you with people discouraging you from paying off your debt… I am working on paying off my debt. I hate owing money, i dont understand how people normalize this…

  4. Great storyline. The part about getting angry is so critical; that hit home with me. These financial instruments are engineered by the most evil people. These people will be posted outside the social security office willing to offer another bear trap in the form of a check when it is needed most. Designed to funnel funds away from your significant others, and your retirement for as long as possible of which the effects reverberate the longer you wait to chew off your appendage to save yourself. The sooner you chew it off like a fox, the sooner your paw will heal and grow back bigger and better. His video, "Student Loan Debt: How Much You WILL Save (FACTS)" is important to watch.

  5. Following…because you said you'd feel like a piece of s ….if you disnt pay them…same. I made my laying in it.

  6. I'm a doctor and I've paid 82000 just in interest since graduation! Now I'm freaking out, realizing how broke I am. I'm gradually appreciating Dave Ramsey's steps.

  7. Currently a senior & stressing about loans. What did you major in? I plan on doing Accounting next year. I’m probably going to be about 65-80k in debt.

  8. I heard about Dave Ramsey through Shay too! Totally works. Although our situation is unusual, we have still made it work. Only 5K left on a car and 43K in student loans 😩. BUT we started with 80K. So we are getting there!

  9. Based on how you have the interest rates written on your board behind you that would be the Avalanche System and not the Snowball.

  10. Jarrod, I'm in 8 minutes into this video and I truly believe that you are probably one hell of a server.

  11. I'm about 18 months into the Dave Ramsey plan and feeling the midway slump. I'm working the day job, a part time job 3-4 nights/week, pet sitting, even photographing weddings! Anything that will make a buck! Thank you for this video, I'm feeling fired up again! Debt free is the way to be! 🙂 Also – yes… the friends that I've made at the second job make it enjoyable! Just like you said, we're not out relaxing and enjoying our weekends like everyone else, but I can still go to work and have fun and laugh my @$$ off with my coworkers.

  12. what if you can't find a job ? can you do a video on how to pay student loans without a job ?

  13. Hey Jarrad, I follow Dave Ramsey but this video of yours is totally motivating. Thanks for sharing your experience, just what I needed to get me going man!

  14. I work in corporate too at a bank and have an interview for a 2nd job. I have a lot more debt than you but the hustle will be the same.

  15. Hi Jarred great video..I have 70 000 debt as well..but we have 0 per cent interest in New Zealand and no monthly repayments..we just pay 12 per cent our income if we are working. Is it worth even trying to make voluntary payments..or should I just leave it and wait for inflation to make the amount smaller and smaller ?

  16. I relate to this video so much! I recognize all the hard work and sacrifices you've made. Great job!!!

  17. {Math at bottom}
    I appreciate this video. My credit score from January to now went from 528 to 698. After I pay off my student loans, 722. After a year of great credit payments at a 1% utilization ratio on statement date; 745+. I only have $12.5k left on student loans. I work 3 jobs, so I can have anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 a month go to student loans. TIME TO GRIND! THANKS!

    3 jobs:
    $2,000 weekend, Outback Steakhouse
    $4,000 weekdays, Estancia Resort
    $2,000 eBay Drop Shipping
    So that's around $8,000 with potential to hit $10,000 a month (extra shifts on my 2 days off, extra work on eBay…)
    Fri, Sat, Sun = 12 hour days
    Mon, Tues, Weds = 6 hour days
    Thurs = Always off
    Friday = Half / Full day off (varies)

    So I get 1-2 days off and technically 5 days a week I have 10 hours available BECAUSE my main jobs are restaurants and low HOURS but high WAGE ($30-50/hr)

    My budget with my wife in San Diego is $2,800. So I can pay this son of a b___ off in 2-3 months, easily.

  18. Take a chill pill man, ur annoying. I watched hoping there would be something more useful…really all u said was look at Dave Ramsey

  19. Thanks to Obama death does not make the debt disappear your assets will and your heirs will be paying off y0ur debt

  20. Why are the like and dislike bars disabled? Are you afraid of some honest criticism from the internet? lol

  21. This man!! I'm about to go looking for a weekend job today. I am a huge Ramsey fan so thanks for kicking me in the butt. No Excuse!!

  22. The only thing I will say its always better to work smarter, not harder. I personally use the weekends to study and grow within my career. I have been able to get a new job every year with better pay (around 20% increase) each time, which in my case its well over 12k a year. I do agree that you do have to tighten your budget. good luck to everyone on their journey on paying off their student loans!

  23. Hey Jarrod I'm really encouraged by your story. What if student loans were interest free as in my country. Would you still pay them off quicker and why?
    Thanks man

  24. In todays society, 1K is way too low for emergency. I'd say at least 5k. I graduated with 165K loans in Aug 2016 and currently have 94K remaining, and have 5K in emergency which has come in handy a few times. Ive had no help from family/friends so it is def doable. Im hoping to pay my loans completely off by 2020. 3.5 years hopefully!

  25. Congratulations on your huge debt snowball success! Super solid video, your story & testimony needs to soar across America. Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps are a priceless & proven path to escaping debt and building wealth. “Live like no one else so that later you can live & give like no one else.” Keep it up, you’re well on your way to becoming a multi-millionaire brother!

  26. Dude we got the idea. Now explain the whole thing. You continuously repeat the same thing over n over again." I work, it was hard." My god.

  27. I got out of debt last year and now my fiancé (whose also out of debt) and I are planning our wedding. It feels weird to have so much income to put towards having a very nice wedding.

  28. lol Am I the only one who was checking his loans statements every month cringing the entire time wondering how fast I can pay this shit off?

  29. I see Dave Ramsey on your board… & your video was posted on here 2016. I just found out about Dave Ramsey this year 2018. Congratulations on paying off your debt.

  30. It may have been a couple years since this video was posted, but it's never too late to say CONGRATULATIONS! Way to go on the debt payoff, all your hard work was definitely worth it!💙

  31. the problem I have currently right now is that I'm married, and getting my wife to wrap her head around the fact that we really can't go out and spend money on very much of anything unless it's food or things to take care of ourselves with is going to be a huge mountain in and of itself. I have $62,000 in debt. She has her own school debt as well, which she has under control, but mine have been spiraling out of control because of past mistakes. I didn't pay for close to a year and my interest went so high that everytime i make payments now (which I've managed to be better at being responsible with over the last couple years) it feels like I am not touching on the principle, even just a small amount! I watch Dave Ramsey often, for motivational purposes mainly, I've tried talking to my wife about sacrifices being needed, I've even been looking for weekend jobs that so far, I haven't been able to find because of my full time job. I have a hard time finding hours around my job schedule and I don't want to leave this job because it's good money right now but i would make a huge difference in my life if i had a second job right now. I don't know what to do. I feel lost and i don't fully feel understood or supported at all. I'm not saying my wife is a bad person or someone who doesn't care about me, because that is NOT the situation i'm in. But she is young and doesn't understand sacrifices. She can't seem to live with out seeing her parents who live in Arizona, she can't seem to go for very long without going down to see friends and party once in awhile, she has a hard time saying no to ANYONE. I could go on… maybe this is all excuses to you, but i feel trapped sometimes.

  32. You are so inspiring!!! I loved this video and you can see the passion you have for this! Recently, I've paid off all my "consumer debt" meaning i have no credit card debt. I'm also working on my credit score so I just have a small reoccurring bill on the cc now. Now starts the work on my student loans. Thank you for the prep talk and motivation!

  33. You're an inspiration man. I have a 6 figure student debt and I'm just starting my career in physical therapy. I just landed my first job and it's paying more than I ever made before in my life but it's still not enough. It's not fast enough. So I'm already looking for a weekend job to do PRN work and pick up any extra shift I can at the hospital I'm working at right now. I barely started and already people are telling me "you're making enough money, lets go out to eat." The backlash is for real.

  34. My main debt is a new house and about a year into it I looked up up everything i detail and when I saw how much was going towards the interest alone I got pissed off, research everything I could find online and now every extra money i make I send it towards the principal and plan on paying it off as soon as possible. I already had an ideal that the interest would be a lot in the beginning but when I broke down how much, I worked on a plan to knock it out asap. Did the same with my first car and was working 2/3 jobs and would send in two car payments a month. payed it off in half the time.

  35. Oh thanks for tips. As a single I can totally work 7 days a week! Then a part of my money will just got to baby sitters but hey I’ll still have an extra $5 to put towards my loans and will miss valuable time with my kids. I can’t stand the “stop making excuses” people with no kids and actually got a good job after college

  36. Student debt is so imhumanly insane. I have a strong interest in something unrelated to STEM, and also suck at STEM related things due to dyscalculia. I need a degree for the field I'm going into, but the pay isn't great…hopefully I won't be up shits creek…

  37. With a larger income and two jobs, I'm very curious how your taxes are. I took out my first loan this year for $7,500 and am thinking about getting a second part time job. I don't know where you live, but Texas thankfully does not have state taxes.

  38. Great video. I no longer have to explain why I did what i did. I can share your link. It’s completely spot on with what I went through. Crazy thing is, my debt was 70k as well.

  39. after all the deferments/forbearance I had around 150,000 in student loan debt. it was a combination of FAFSA and private loans that I used to cover school and living expenses. it's been a rough road and feels like it's never going to go away but it's important to every once in a while put things into perspective and acknowledge that the number is smaller than last year. just got to keep pushing and it'll go away! keep up the good fight my fellows buried in mountains of debt, we will come out of this ok and a wee bit wiser!

  40. I have $20,000 stay at home mom , only my husband works 😔 and I’m the reason we can’t get a home 😢 because of my mistakes my family don’t have a house of their own ….

  41. Honestly, I truly felt how passionate you are about this through this video because of how much it affected your life. I’ve been debt free for the past 3 years of my undergrad because I’ve been working my face off throughout the semester to pay out of pocket with the help of a scholarship. But I got accepted into a graduate level program that allows me to start in my senior year for 2 more years which will cost me around 60k total. Everyone is backlashing me discouraging me from going into this debt because they think I’ll have this debt for the rest of my life. But, just like you, they don’t know my work ethic and discipline that I have been building on since I was 16 and don’t know what I’m capable of accomplishing and willing to sacrifice. So at this point, I’m doing it more to prove everybody that I CAN. and that I WILL. And that after all those sacrifices, I’ll still come out on top. Thank you for this video, I needed it.

  42. Those dog pictures were too adorable 😍 I'm about to get into that lifestyle too. Beginning a full time job while I'm "out of school" for the summer. I'm also keeping the job I'm working while I'm in school. It will be a long hard year for me because I will be taking stats and calculus over the summer and studying for the PCAT. I have to get rid of a credit card and those unsubsidized loans🤘🏻

  43. Join the military and serve your country to get your loans paid! You will leave with a life long values, life long VA healthcare, and a strong understanding of what real assault rifles are and not the AR semi-auto rifles. You will learn to work hard and fight for your flag and the freedoms it represents.

  44. Aaahhhh bro you completely crushed it! That was a ton of debt and you went at it guns blazin! Very commendable and you were spot on with the description of the process. It's definitely a grind, and well worth going through. Congrats and continued success! Those pics killed me lmfao

  45. I worked with a girl who did this with her husband for their mortgage. They both had great jobs and then took on jobs at a local bakery to throw as much money toward their new home, which they ended up paying off completely in 5 five years

  46. God bless you! You are so genuine. It’s refreshing to see how can inspire me a 51 year-old and help me inspire my daughters, nieces, my nephew and my high school students.

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