‘Deal with the Devil’ Ep. 8 Preview | Power Season 6 | STARZ

I want you to leave the street
behind you or it’s gonna be too late Tariq. Just like you did, huh? Be careful, ’cause after today, everything you do,
is being watched. If anybody gives you a hard
time, especially the cops, you just come and tell me. The feds are closing in
LaKeisha. You’re loyal to Tommy,
but is he loyal to you? Your father is capable of
whatever he sets his mind to. Just like you.

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  1. All that damn work for Tariq just for Tasha to push him harder into the game…I get it she's trying to keep him alive but damn everyone is feeding into his bullshit…Ghost and Tommy now gotta work together to get Jason out the picture…"Lure him into a spot"…could that be Tommy's new house? Is he putting up a "dream front" for his girl? Cause she's a loose end…she'll end up like Holly. Will Sax continue to use Dre even though is on leave? Will he use Dre to reach a plea deal to keep his ass out of prison? Also we still need to know what Proctor left in that memory card…uncle benny will definitely still be lurking around.. shits getting good!

  2. Predictions based off the synopsis… ghost stops working with Tate, lakeisha dies at the hands of Tommy or tasha…oh yea, and ghost smashes ramona lol

  3. Tasha is the most awful parent ever I swear and y’all kept blaming Ghost for they’re son being like this but how many times has Ghost been trying to get out the game but Tasha & Tommy keep dragging him into shit. Tasha has sold out Ghost and lied on this man so much I mean she can’t be trusted at all. His entire family has turned on him and all Ghost ever did wrong was cheat with Angela. Other than that Ghost is the most real one out of everybody

  4. I’m back again & now instead of saying Tariq gotta die, no. Tariq AND Tasha gotta die. Shit of a mother. Saying her and ghost gotta meet eye to eye for Tariq and yet she’s gonna go behind his back and play him too? Naw.
    ****As a side note // Power is turning into a drama more than anything else. I used to see a bigger picture coming at the end of the season — I just feel like there’s no direction at all. Just two grown ass men fighting

  5. I honestly don’t know why everybody hates Tariq, look at his dad, Tommy, Keenan, his father lies, Tommy is a lot and Keenan was a psychopath, I actually respect the kid

  6. My predictions for This episode is Ghost kills Dre or Tate , LaKeisha becomes a snitch and tommy is gonna be forced to kill LaKeisha

  7. man legit keisha and tariq have to go. i feel so bad for BG and dre also needs to die and i’m actually so happy that the fed guy got sacked

  8. I get Ghost wants to stop Tariq from dealing but he should open his eyes and realize you can’t get nothing in Tariq’s head every time Ghost tries to sound sincere with him he always throws it back at him with a smart remark. 🤦‍♂️

  9. Tommy should have pushed tyriq off The ledge when he had a chance Good one Tommy he is right about tyriq he can't trusted him no more

  10. So here's how the show ends. Ghost kills Tommy. Tariq kills Ghost. And with the help of Tasha, Tariq becomes the new Ghost. The end!

  11. Tariq has no reason to get in the game. The kid is smart af and can get watever material thing he wants from his father. The fuck you sellin drugs and killing niggas for??

  12. Keisha finna die this episode. They really teased that shit last episode having her do Holly-esque shit, but they done teasing it now. THAT BITCH GON DIE A GLORIOUS DEATH.

  13. I think Vincent is the only one who truly cares for tariq. He makes sure he has his 5 a day 🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊

    Everytime you hit that like button Tariq gets an extra 🍊
    Keep him healthy

  14. GHOST SON is the new ghost without a doubt but after his mama teaching the game to him.He will be much sharper after that.My thing be careful what you ask for.Power fan 4life

  15. I think Keisha will die in this episode positively. It's the final season everyone is going to die except a few people will survive. Tariq will be king if not killed or jailed.

  16. Predictions and reality of this season finale is that:

    1) Tommy's definitely on 3-4 people's hit-list to get bodied: Benny, Jason, Ghost (potentially) or even 2Bit and Spanky after firing them for the missing weight.

    If not, he's definitely pending for a lifetime sentence.🤦🏾‍♂️

    2) Ghost & Ramona will definitely smash/hook up together; he just got cockblocked by an aggravated Tommy last episode and run for governor😅

    3) Tariq and Tasha will be biz partners in the drug game low-key, but Tariq may still slip up under Tasha's guidance due to his infancy in NY.

    4) Lakeisha may end up killed by Tommy or snake to feds about him to preserve hers and Cash' welfare (Remember back to what Tommy's mum said about Keisha not being a ride-or-die long-term).

    5) Dre has a 50/50 chance of surviving as even snakes still get their heads crushed under pressure.🐍👞

    6) Tate's campaign may fail or be overthrown by Ghost's intellect and Ramona's hots for him.

  17. When is Dre going to pay for killing the good guys? Please let him suffer. Julio, Donavon and now big Grim were all pretty decent even for criminals and a Fed. Cooper Saxe also needs to suffer. He's indirectly dropped bodies this season. Can't we get some karmic justice on them both Starz?

  18. Dre might get a spin-off at this point. If you think about it. Him and Tariq could be the new Ghost and Tommy and they both have helped each other along the way

  19. Tariq’s face when she said “ Your father is capable of anything he sets his mind to “ was soo satisfying😌to me.Tariq was like 👁👄👁 SHIIIT!

  20. I honestly didn’t like when Tasha said “ You’ll be better than Ghost ever was “ like if because of her Ghost is where he is at,like if she knows it all.She knows the game thanks too Ghost & Tommy.She learned from the best not the other way around but i do believe Tariq is possible of becoming better than Tasha,Kanan,Tommy & Ghost but if they all accept who Tariq is now & teach him the game but not with only Tasha herself.

  21. It’s obvious Ramona likes James, but I don’t think he feels the same way. He just doesn’t seem to be reeled in.

  22. Tasha should be ashamed of herself telling Tariq she will teach him the game now I see why Ghost wanted Angela even though I didn’t like Angela but I feel like Ramona is her replacement for the show

  23. I hope a spin-off series doesnt come out about tariq. Dont really like the idea of him tryin to be bigger than his dad and his mom helpin him

  24. Without ghost there is no show. Tariq everyone hates. Ghost will be the governor and Ramona his wife. That will be the follow up no one wants to see Power without James St. Patrick

  25. it’s crazy how hard everybody is on tariq..this man was raised by GHOST, KANAN,TOMMY,and TASHA.. all y’all would be fucked up too 😭 but Tasha teaching him the game gone make him a savage. 💪🏿💯

  26. Tariq's whole basis revolves around him looking to spite Ghost. Raina got killed behind his bullshit and he still want to ruin his life for another he wasn't made for

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