Day at Work: ER Nurse

Hi I’m Will Cristobal and I’m an
emergency room nurse. A typical day in the ER is not really
that typical because it’s always it’s different everything’s different
every day I mean granted you’ll see similar scenarios but each person is different. So you have the non-critical to the extreme critical. I mean, for example I’ll I’ll get a guy with with the laceration. I will clean it up and the doctor will stitch it up. Nice. Or someone will come up with abdominal pain. I’ll put an IV line in them. Get their blood work. Starts IV fluids and give them pain medication to get them comfortable. Or a guy will come in with complete
cardiac arrest the whole team is inside the the resuscitation room and we’re pumping were pumping were
pushing medications. Uh, we’re putting IV lines and shocking the patient’s seeing if we’ll
bring them back to life sometimes it successful sometimes it’s not. Nursing school is really cool. Uh… I actually enjoyed it a lot. At at first it’s very nerve-racking because you’re interacting with patients,
you’re touching patients. I was one of the very few men in the… in the classrooms, but I mean it was no problem. The perception in nursing is
typically, you think a nurse is a female, when there’s a 10
percent in the profession are males. I mean there’s times when I’ve actually come in, saw my patient, “Hi doctor how are you?” I’m like, “No I’m your nurse.” And then when the female doctor comes in it’s kinda like, “This is your doctor. I’m your nurse.” So I mean it’s just really interesting like, the dynamics with patients sometimes and that I actually have to correct them. And, they always go, “Hey, you never thought about going to medical school?” And I’m like, “No.” (I want) I wanted to be a nurse. I
enjoy nursing. I enjoy being at the bedside
and taking care my patients. My career path after high school,
I actually, um… thought about doing physical therapy.
I actual want to be in the health field. I didn’t want to be a doctor because I knew it was
going to take so much time. So I thought about physical therapy. So
when I was in college I ended up taking classes geared toward
therapy and decided I don’t really like this stuff, but I still wanted to stay in health care. After college I just ended up trying to find odd jobs, things to do. I worked worked for health insurance. I worked for HR – just trying to fit my
personality. At any rate, I thought it was boring and so, um, one day my uncle, my wife’s uncle
was like, “Why don’t you do nursing?” He was a nurse. And so I said well let me
look into it. I volunteered at this hospital, observe the
nurses and everything like that and doctors and decided this is actually a cool gig.
I’ll do this. And so I applied to nursing school
and luckily I got in. “So so this is going to bend out like this right. We we have to cock up it a little bit.” “There you go.” When it’s really really busy you may
have a critical patient in one room, and then a person that’s not so critical
turn critical and in the other room and you’re trying to balance everything out while
at the same time your doctor wants you to you know, discharge a patient in the
other room. So, at at any given time I can have four
patients but all four patients can want something all at the same time. You have to really, like, people cause you have to deal a lot of
personalities. If you enjoy interacting with people, uh,
helping people, make people laugh, make people smile. I mean this is this is a great career for
you. I mean, if you love math if you love sciences, I mean this is this is
a great career to get into, ’cause you use a lot of that stuff. I mean,
you have to. You have to think about disease processes and so you have to think about
your anatomy and biology and how the cells work and what not. The advice I’d give for high school students, volunteer, go to a local hospital volunteer. It will give you a chance you know, to know whether or not you
want to do this, because you’ll be in direct contact with
nurses. You’ll be in direct contact with patients. You’ll be in direct contact with doctors
and so you get you get an overall chance, uh, to see exactly what this is about.

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  1. Will go to nursing school… I'm a guy who is very much interested in the medical field specifically nursing… I'm a CNA at the moment but have already begun the process to get into Rasmussen College…

  2. its funny, at my college i always see the group of nurses flocking in and out of the library, this past Tuesday i saw more guys than women. Nothing wrong with that people 🙂 On another note, i know math is a must to be an RN, but what exactly? Are we talking about basic algebra? Geomatry? Ive always been so bad with math, ALWAYS. I'm lucky if i get a C in algebra, i don't know how i passed Geo. my senior year. Anyways anyone know?

  3. You are very inspiring! I'd love to interview a registered nurse before I make a decision of becoming one. Thank you for this video! Keep it up! I'm proud of you!

  4. im a guy and a nurse. going into my 3rd year the only math I needed was grade 12 calculus and in the program they make you take statistics. I hate math more than anything but if this is what you want to do then you'll make some sacrifices 😉 goodluck

  5. Your math depends on your school's technical requirements. There is a pharmacology portion of your education and you will learn to calculate dosages and its basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Though, your university might require you to take a useless finite mathematics or statistical math course. If its a special IT school to become an RN then you just need basic math and english under your wing.
    My school only requires up until algebra 1 so everywhere is different.

  6. As far as I know, most programs require the student to take a college-level algebra course as well as a statistics course for pre-requisites. It is important to have these skills down because you will take medication-calculation exams and of course, know how to calculate dosages when you are giving patient care. If you are considering this path, I say go for it! I'm proud that I did 🙂

  7. I will be done with my first semester in Nursing School after my final on Monday. My first path did not lead me to nursing… But here I am now.. and it was the best decision I have ever made. I am not much of a sensitive person, but just after one semester in nursing and seeing patients I have grown to be a better person! I would highly recommend nursing school for anyone who wants to make a positive influence on the world and yourself!

  8. ER and ICU nurses are among the most intelligent AND friendler staff members in the hospital! Telemetry nurses tend to be more lazier and not as caring… at least in my experience of working with them. Had a situation in a hospital where a patient from the ER that I worked at was transferred to the floor with an active infection of the foot… they didn't even bother to get his CBC until a doctor showed up some time later!

  9. Hi Cheyenne. Im almost done with my BSN. Nursing school will teach you how to prioritize a large workload and manage your time efficiently. The material is not difficult but important. Best decision of my life.

  10. im going to be a male nurse! im also in ROTC so im going to be an army nurse. im so excited i just want to graduate already.

  11. Hey roo718roo … I know its hard to go through what your going through, I can relate to that hole process and at 16 your are an amazing brave young person. I know god doesn't put anyone through tough situation if he knew they couldn't handle it.. and even you been told you don't have long, don't believe in it.. Believe you will live a long time, and believe in that dream of being a RN.. May god help and provide you with health. As for what you said of having wonderful RNs I know I met some too.

  12. I plan to join ROTC and become an army nurse as well can't wait till I graduate high school and sign up for it 😀 !

  13. HOnestly, I've been looking into becoming a nurse and it seems very rare to find positive feedback about it. Most nurses seem to hate their job and don't recommend it. A big complaint seems to be that hospitals understaff in order to make more profits, which causes patients to be at greater risk, and more work for the nurses. Are there actually nurses who like this career and recommend it? Because most of what I've read is terrible. Not trying to be a downer, it's refreshing to hear some good.

  14. I love this video! My goal is to get done with my core classes and apply to nursing school. This video has inspired me to volunteer!

  15. I got a question. I heard of this before is it true places like the ER the nurses can do things without the doctors orders like place IV's and order tests to be done. I thought the nurse could not do a single thing with a doctors orders. What do you mean they have protocols in use.

  16. Great video Will. It's great to see other guys in nursing. Nursing is definitely one of the best professions in the world and we need so many more guys going into the profession. I am consolidating in the emergency department right now and it is so interesting and exciting. There are so many great nurses (both M and F) who are willing to teach and show me the ropes. For any young men and women thinking of this as a profession, I say go for it. The schooling is tough but the job is rewarding X100

  17. I also volunteer in this same hospital in that ER!! Going towards the 2 years and loving it. I am also one of the few males in nursing school.

  18. 18 years a nurse, 3 countries, not pocketed. " Are you a doctor?" No! I,m a nurse, and proud to serve! Please keep your positive attitude, employ knowledge network and increase challenge thershold. Nurses are the font of wellness, balance and learning. We are the catalists of the future!

  19. I finally graduated and I'm searching for a job. I want to work in a hospital and at the same time I don't want to. I'm so afraid! 5 years studying to be nurse and suddenly i'm my worst enemy.

  20. Great video for aspiring nurses! Nurses not only save lives but can make people smile and laugh. Respect to nurses!  #NursingTips   #NursingJobs

  21. Check out our newest Day in the Life, featuring a career in #nursing! His story is a little different than Will's!

  22. Hey I am currently taking my math classes and bio. This is the field I'm interested! From my research, nursing jobs are on the climbing 25℅ in the next 5 years! I was wondering how long does it take to actually finish with the nursing program? (RN)

  23. This was almost my exact story! I went for physical therapy and once I was in it, didn't like what I was doing and the pace but no question I wanted to stay in healthcare. Spent about four years trying to find where I fit, did phlebotomy in the hospital and came across nursing. I'm now in nursing school and starting a job as an ED nurse tech and am working toward ED nursing.

    For those of you considering going into nursing, have faith in yourself. You can do it, they will teach you, but mostly it will all be learned on the job anyway. Don't let any nurses that may be burnt out or in the wrong field or simply having a bad day make you question whether you want to go into this field. It will be what YOU make it and how YOU treat YOUR patients.

  24. I was in the ED a few months ago and it seemed like 40 percent of the nurses were men, it's only 10 percent?  Ouch

  25. What do you have to do to become an ER Nurse? Right now my school has RN but, I'd like to do a lot of action and hands on! And the ER seems my passionate! Any answers?

  26. I'm planning to major in nursing and at first I was like "Wouldn't it be too tough for me to handle?" But the more I look into it the better I wanna do this. I think it truly is one of the most awesome jobs out there.

  27. Better to be a Nurse Practitioner than a Doctor anyways, which is why I am heading there. Less school, better pay, and you still are hands on with patients.

    Edit: Better pay than nurses. Come on people, use your heads.

  28. I don't like math and I'm pretty awkward around ppl… hate small talk n so on. would u say there's a difference amid working w/kids (CHOP) vs a regular hospital?

  29. hey guys I want to become a nurse can you suggest me, what should i learn before the nursing program to be successful

  30. Does one have to become a RN in order to become a ER Nurse? or is there a specific path necessary? please, I would appreciate any information that might help me.

  31. "i was one of the very few men in the class room, but uh, it was no problem"

    ROFL. hahaha. i bet it wasn't a problem. . .quite the opposite my friend = P

  32. ER nursing loses its thrill value after a few years. You get tired of dealing with the same drama: drunk, manipulative, patients. Long waits and angry patients. Drug seekers and patient complaints, the list goes on and on

  33. Do I really have to be super good at science and math? I personally am not good at either. But I love to help people

  34. Ugh, I hate when men say its hard to be a nurse because it is female dominated… The majority careers out there are male. We're left with nursing, teaching, hair dressing, and other stereotypical careers.

  35. I'm currently still exploring career choices and I know what I want to do have no idea if any careers fits my description. What I'm looking for is a career that doesn't take a whole lot of years of studying, let's me get involved with trauma patients, fast pace, good salary, and puts me in a position that's higher than a nurse. The only career I could find that came close was a Trauma Nurse. Problem is that it's a "nurse" career and from this video it doesn't mean so fast pace. I have a strong stomach for bloody and gory stuff and I would like to put that into good use. I'm not saying that becoming a nurse is a bad thing, I would just be comfortable with a higher position in the ER.

  36. Im assigned in ER starting 11 july , i don't have enough experience and im really scared 😭 I would appreciate any advice that might help me 💜

  37. I'm a recent graduate majoring in an accounting degree. would it be weird to change and pursue a nursing career?

  38. i would love to be a nurse! im still in school and have just started GCSE's and im very scared about the future but i think being a nurse would be a fun job

  39. This is REALLY important to me

    1. Can anyone tell me how much an average emt gets paid ( If you tell me that it varies,, and dont even give me a rough estimate based on your knowledge, I will mail you a steamy bag of shit to your door)

    2. How much time is spent sitting in the ambulance? Are you allowed to sit in the ambulance and talk to your partner all day, if not where are you located and what are you doing all day? This , is far more important to me than the cost of schooling,etc…the usual shit everyone else worries about.

    3. Ive noticed that you work stupid asshole shifts like 20 hours on 20 off, not sure who in the fuck came up with this shit, but why in the hell do they not make 3 x 8 hour shifts instead of having one tech working 24 hours? Its sounds asinine as shit..

    I dont think I can work 20 hour shifts.. Plus I heard you are on call all the time? Thats stupid. I dont mind working 12 pm to 8 am shifts, but it better be 8 hour shifts.

    4. Im not a big peoples person, but I like helping them. I.e. if there is little girl with a doll that Im transporting to the hospital, I cannot use, and refuse to use baby language to talk to her. I talk to kids like I talk to adults. I dont have my own and dont want them. Can I still pursue this carreer even tough I dont like to talk to people much? Are you as an emt, or have you had a partner who was kinda quiet and still did this job?

    If you can answer this thanks you.

  40. Wait, what if you're a new grad nurse working in the ER? Are you considered an ER nurse or do you need another bachelor or something to be considered an ER nurse???

  41. I'm going to school this Fall and I want to major in Nursing. The thing that scares me is the 'people dying' part. I mean like, how do you handle the weight of someone's life on your shoulders? Or is that mainly the doctors job.. lol. Someone help me, please!!

  42. i regret i did not pursue nursing, i am probably in america now.. but anways..glad to see there are people who made it and stands this profession as i find it really one of the hardest job..thanks for this people who's aims are to save lives…

  43. i want to become a docter but i dont think that will happen because my grades are always horrible i always get all F's so i am looking forward to working a McDonald's😟😟😟😟😟my life is so miserable

  44. I had 0 clue that you could volunteer in a hospital until I watched this video for the first time. As of now, I have happily been an ER volunteer for over a year! Thanks, Will!

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