‘Danger Zone’ Ep. 5 Official Clip | Work in Progress | SHOWTIME

[UPBEAT LATIN MUSIC] Any news? Oh, hey. No. She’s just went in, so– you went to Saigon Sisters? Yeah, it’s on the third floor. It’s awesome. I’ll have to try it out. Oh, OK. Yeah, Chris, coming to the
hospital for Vietnamese food. Yeah, I do. I used to come here when
I worked down the block. It’s amazing. Hey, Abby, uh,
Chris has something he wants to talk to you about. No, I don’t. – Yes, you do.
– I don’t. – Yes, you do.
– I don’t. Yes, he does. OK, somebody needs to tell
me really fast, so what is it? Chris didn’t know that your
father’s wedding was in Galena. Oh, home of the best fudge and
taffy shops in all of Illinois. Go on. And he isn’t sure
he wants to go. Hey, is it because my
family’s super annoying? Because if that’s the
case, we don’t have to hang out with any of them. No offense, Mike. None taken. No, no, I like your family. Don’t get cocky, Mike. None taken. It’s just a small
rural town like Galena isn’t always the safest
place for someone who isn’t straight or cise. Cys. Cys? Cys. Cys. Hey. You know that if you don’t want
to come, you don’t have to, hon.
– I know. For real. I know. But also, before you
decide, my band is playing. Danger Zone. Yeah, Danger Zone. Danger Zone is playing
at dad’s wedding? Oh, yeah. Well, now I’m on the fence. [UPBEAT LATIN MUSIC]

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