Dabangg – The Warrior | New Hindi Action Movie 2017

Give me the money. Come on. Hurry up! Out with the money. Give, give, come on! What are you doing?
– Come on. That’s better. Come on, you too. 20 bucks?
– I don’t have more. No more? You idiot. Next time on, give 50 bucks!
Hey you, come on, come on. Come on, come on, give! Out with the money. You too. What are you waiting for?
Don’t you have money? – No, I don’t. I don’t have any money. I couldn’t drive my auto
for 4 days. Out with the money. You don’t have money?
– I am telling the truth. I have no money. No, I don’t. You don’t have money?
– No, I don’t. Your spectacles… I’ll treat you the way I treat
these glasses. – I won’t be able to see. I just have these 5 rupees.
I don’t have anything else. 5 rupees? Idiot! Run!
– Run! Patel. I’ll see how you keep
your auto here. Come tomorrow, I’ll give you a cup. You can sit at the
roadside corner and beg! What is this you’ve done? What did you do?
They held out their palms. And you just paid up. If we don’t pay they will
take our autos out from here. They spoke to the chief at
the police station and got us.. ..this auto stand. That is why we give
them Rs. 50 every week. Is this the police
officer’s personal property? That we have to
give rent each month. Brother, you’re new here, you don’t know how
terrible these people are. All by myself I beat up so many
of them yet you call them terrible? They must’ve reached the
police station by now. One man alone beat
up so many of you. And you couldn’t do a thing? He is not alone sir, him
alone is equal to a 100! He knows a lot of
techniques of fighting. He uses both his arms
and legs effectively! Just you wait, I’ll remove
all his technique from him! I’ll bring him here and beat
him up such that he will.. ..forget all his techniques. Mr. Jagdish, come here please. We’ve to go to pick
up an auto-driver. I’ll go definitely. But I can’t tell you what
the fare till Mukundpur will be. Oh! But there is no
other auto at the stand here. Have you been to
Mukundpur before this? Been there? I live at Mukundpur. Then you know what the fare is. I give Rs. 20. Give me Rs. 20. Come in. Actually, I live at the
orphanage at Mukundpur. Therefore, daily I. Hey, come with me! Where? To the police station,
the officer has called you. Go tell your
officer I’ll come later. Right now, I’m taking
sister here to the orphanage. Come. Okay, you can stop it here. Here, there’s Rs. 20. Wait for me at the stand,
I’ll come tomorrow. Mother, it’s 3 o’clock!
You’re sitting sewing now. Don’t you want to eat? Wait, Ratan is not back yet. Have I ever eaten
without Ratan? Tell me. Brother has taken the auto
for the first time today. Who knows when he will return. He knows, I won’t
eat till he returns. He will be here any time now. Tell me, are you getting
customers for your auto? Yes, mom. There’s no problem. Brother, you said you’d give
me money for a postal order.. ..so I can apply for a job. Wait! Let him eat in peace.
It’s money, money and money! Mother, why do you rebuke him? Besides me, whom else
can they ask for money? How much do you need? If I don’t get Rs. 1000 per month. I’ll remove that
auto stand from there! That new auto-driver of
yours won’t be able to save you. Who are you to
remove that auto stand? Have you bought that land? Hey, who are you? How dare you enter my
cabin without permission! I’m Ratan, the auto-driver
for whom you had sent constables. Oh, you’re that
bastard auto-driver?! Sir, I come from a decent family. I’m driving an auto to
earn an honest living. If you speak rudely to me,
I too will be rude to you. We, poor people word
hard all day and earn money. You sit here in your chair and ask
for a share, don’t you feel ashamed? Haven’t you seen
beggars on the street? They beg with such sad
looks on their faces. You too must beg with
a sad face from today. If you shout at the top of
your voice and beg. Will anyone give you alms? Hey, watch your tongue!. Or I’ll grab you by your neck
and throw you into the lock-up! There is no one born yet,
who can hold this neck of mine. Now tell me, why you want to
throw me into the lock-up? If I feel I’ve committed a crime. I’ll walk into the lock-up myself. If you put me in the lock-up
now, you’ll have to present.. ..me in court tomorrow at 12 noon. And I’ll stand in the court and
shout at the top of my voice.. “Milord, this swine of a police
officer had asked me for a bribe!” And because I didn’t
bribe him, he put me in lock-up. How dare you! You stand here in the police
station and call me a swine! No, I’m not saying it in the
police station. I’ll say it at court where many
more people will hear it! Now tell me sir. Should I go to the lock-up
so we can go to the court tomorrow? Or should I go around my
business of driving the auto.. ..so I can earn some money. Alright, I’ll see how you keep
your auto at that stand from tomorrow. I’ll keep my auto at
the stand tomorrow. If you have the capacity,
remove it from there. So many of you
couldn’t handle one, lone boy? What can we do, sir?
Him alone equals to 100. His courage matches
his physical strength. You could’ve gone and told the
officer at the police station. What do we say? He went to the police station
himself and there in front of.. ..all the auto-drivers he abused
the officer to his heart’s content. Do you know where this boy lives? He stays next to
Nando from your group. He used to drive a
cycle rickshaw earlier. He sold that and bought an auto. Alright, you go.
I’ll see what I can do. Get going. Brother, it would be nice to
have a boy like that in our group. He can be given good training.. ..and be made into a spy
or guard for us. Well, take it that
he is already with us. If he is driving an auto, it
means he isn’t moneyed at all. We’ve to buy him over. How much will you give me? You tell me, how much do you want? I tell you. Yes, you tell me in front
of all your family members.. ..how much money you want. I’ll give you whatever you want. First, tell me what I have to do. It’s been 3 months
since the elections. The next polls will be
after 4 years and 9 months. For the next 4 years and 9
months you will take money.. ..from me the way you please. And a few days before the election. Just a few days before
you will work on my behalf. The fact is, I’ve to
win the next election. Getting a cheat, liar and
corrupt person like you.. ..elected through wrong
means will ruin the locals here.. ..I can’t do that. Brother, are you crazy? Do you know whom you’re talking to? I know what I’m saying! This time before the elections,
he went around door to door.. ..with folded hands and said
I’ll build new roads for you. I’ll set up new tube-wells for you. But after winning, ask him
which of these he has done! Early in the morning,
when you are all asleep.. ..I’ve to get drinking
water from a mile off. Just because of this corrupt person. Brother, listen to
what he has to say. What? Some more lies from him? I know the state of the roads in
his locality, I drive you see. Which means, you
won’t cooperate with me. Pardon me, sir, my
hands are still clean. I don’t want to soil my hands by
joining hands with your corrupt hands. Mother, why don’t you
try talking to brother? What do I tell him?
Ratan, sell your soul. Listen Mr. M.L.A. They were small. When their father died, Ratan was 10. He took on the responsibility of
this big family at that tender age. He would start working
at 5 a.m. in the morning. After doing odd jobs at 4 or 5
places, he has run this house. He hasn’t earned a
single penny by foul means. A M.L.A.
like you has visited our house. And to please you do I have to say,
Ratan go ahead and do wrong things? It’s true we’re poor, but
we can hold our heads high. How can I tell him, Ratan
go ahead and join the wrongdoers?! Is this your final word? Yes. My mother has answered for me. Ratan, you push away wealth
that comes to you un-beckoned. I’ve pushed it away,
but it’s not wealth. A so called leader like you
cannot be the harbinger of wealth. You just drive an auto! An
auto-driver with such airs! Don’t come to close sir,
those airs might blow you away! Shut up! If I don’t get your
auto licence cancelled within 7 days. My name is not Pradeep Roy! Listen, Mr. Pradeep. If you cancel my auto licence. I’ll see that you lose
the next election. What?
That’s my challenge to you. Brother. Brother, you have no common sense. How can you pass up an
opportunity like this? I want to go on being
hopeless like this all my life. Hey, Renu, why do you
touch my feet all of a sudden? Honest brother, I feel proud
to have a brother like you. Am I not proud of all of you? Despite our hard life,
Tapan has passed his B.A. Swapan is studying for B.A.
and you are attending college. When your father passed away. It was darkness all around me. Ratan was very small at the time. Just like he hugs you today. He hugged me around my neck with his
tiny arms and said, I’m here, mother. I’m here! How dare he! Says he will cancel my
win in the next election? Don’t you see what a fool he is? A mere auto-driver wants to
take up cudgels against you?! I called the cabinet minister
after coming back. He has gone to outdoor with his
family for a couple of days. Once he returns, I’ll ask him
to cancel that rascal’s licence. “If you love someone, go on.
If you want to die for love, do so.” “For love is the
most loveable thing.” “Love is life, love is happiness.
In love, you can.” Oh brother, your fight yesterday.. ..was perfect Bachchan! Never! How can I be
Bachchan? He is tall. You’re right, brother.
Bachchan is tall. Then you are
Shahrukh Khan from Baazigar. “Oh challenger.” Hey! You see a lot
of movies, isn’t it? Yes, I do.
– Come on. I was waiting for you. Where was the need to wait?
I would have taken another auto. You could have taken another auto,
but what about this? What is this? Yesterday, while paying the fare,
you dropped this Rs. 200 in the auto. Oh, it fell in your auto? I looked for it high
and low at the orphanage. Here, take it. I had given up hope
of getting this money. It’s okay, you keep it. Sister, why should
I take your money. Guru, if she is giving it,
take it. We’ll share it 50:50. No Chhotu, I won’t bow my
head to money that I’ve found. What I earn with my head
held high is enough for me. There are such people
still in this world. I can’t believe it. Here. Guru, may I go with you? You want to? Come. Come. Guru, let’s go in. They won’t mind I hope. Why would they mind? Let’s go. “I wonder when
the day will come.” “When the darkness will fade.” “Our lives.” “Will become so beautiful.” “I wonder when the day will come.” “When the darkness will fade.” “We’re companions in joy and sorrow.” “We are companion of day and night.” “We will be together forever.” “Pray for that.” “I wonder when the day will come.” “When the darkness will fade.” “Day and night are the cycle of time.” “Good times will surely come soon.” “Day and night are the cycle of time.” “Good times will surely come soon.” “The flowers will bloom in the garden.” “The earth will become colourful.” “We are the companion of joy and sorrow.” “We are the companion of day and night.” “We will be together forever.” “Pray for that.” “I wonder when the day will come.” “when the darkness will fade.” “There’s no relationship
r bonding between us.” “But still we are together.” “There’s no relationship
or bonding between us.” “But still we are together.” “Though we are strangers.” “There’s still oneness in us.” “We stand by each other
during difficult times.” “We’re companions of day and night.” “We will be together forever.” “Pray for that.” “I wonder when the day will come.” “When the darkness will fade.” “Our lives.” “Will become so beautiful.” “I wonder when the day will come.” “When the darkness will fade.” Tanu, what happened?
– What happened? Get up, Tanu. What happened? Tanu.
– What happened? I don’t know. Take her inside please,
take her inside. Take her inside. Come. Bring her fast. Put her here. Over here. Okay. Tanu. Tanu. Tanu. She suffers from Thalaessamia. She needs to be given 4
bottles of blood every fortnight. Last week she wasn’t given blood. Why not? Actually, this orphanage
runs on people’s charity. At times when we don’t get
enough donations.. ..we’ve such difficulty. Don’t you get any
grant from the government. Yes, we do. But after passing
through so many hands.. ..when I finally get it,
almost 80% of it is gone. While I’ve to sign
for the entire amount. She fainted today, she
must be given blood tomorrow. It’s the end of the month.
Along with what I have.. ..I’ll need about
200~300 rupees more. Don’t; worry! Chhotu, what’s going on here? Allow me to open the locker,
then I can get to the money. The key, oh here it is. Come on out, here it is. Come on out, here! Where did you get
so much money from? Guru, I rise when it is still dark,
and so many autos, you know. Each auto-wash gets me Rs. 5. I earn a lot, expenditure is less. A simple meal in the afternoon,
fish once a week. Dinner is bread and vegetables,
that’s it! And your cinema? I’ve made friends with the
guards at the cinema hall. I don’t need to buy
tickets at any hall. I watch movies sitting in
the balcony with the bigwigs. Chhotu, you remind me
of my childhood days. I too used to slog
all day long like you. But the only difference is
that whatever I earned I used to.. ..hand over to my blood
relations at the end of the day. While you are spending
your hard earned money on.. ..someone who is no
relation of yours. If you were older than me,
today I’d have touched your feet. Guru! Sister, just see
what rubbish he talks! You’re my teacher and a student’s.. ..place is always
at the teacher’s feet. Chhotu has relieved you
of one responsibility. You don’t have to worry about
Joba’s blood transfusion from now on. Joba and I are both orphans. One orphan will provide for
the treatment of another orphan. One is taken care of,
what about the others? The way donations have dropped,
how will we go on? Moreover. Moreover, what? This land and house were
donated by a lady named.. ..Anuradha Devi to run an
orphanage for little ones. There was no written transaction. Couple of months back,
Anuradha Devi passed away. Now, her husband, Dilip Dutta demands
that we hand over this house and land. What does this Dilip Dutta do?
Where does he live? I hear, an auto-driver
named Ratan has taken on the.. ..responsibility of
running that orphanage. Rubbish! He is a useless dunce! How much will he
earn driving an auto.. ..that he can run his home
and the orphanage? That’s exactly what
I’ve been thinking. How will a mere
auto-driver run an orphanage? I’ve asked all the donors to
stop giving money.. ..to the orphanage from this month. This means all donations will
come to a stop from this month. I’ll also see that they stop
getting the government grant. Anyway, the orphanage will
shut down without funds. Send them. Uninvited guests. Ratan’s two brothers
have come to meet me. Really?
– I’ll kill poison with poison now. May I come in, sir?
– May I come in, sir? Come in. Greetings, brother.
– Sit. Sit down! Tell me, what can I do for you? The other day, after you left,
brother realised his mistake. He’s been saying for the past
two days that he shouldn’t.. ..have behaved with
you in that manner. He would have come
personally to apologise.. ..but he is embarrassed. So brother sent us, he
said apologise on my behalf. I will do whatever he says. And, you say it. What will I say?
Brother asked you to say it. Just tell me what he
asked you to tell me. The festival is nearing. If you could give us
some money as advance. That’s no big deal.
How much do you want? Are you guys crazy? You bought a shirt worth Rs. 150
for an ordinary auto-driver like me. They bought me two sarees. Do you know the cost?
– How much? One is Rs. 250 and
the other is Rs. 500. What have you done? They have both done
such crazy things. They bought me such
an expensive saree. Even when your father was alive
I didn’t wear such an expensive saree. Father is not alive, but these
two sons of yours are alive. Now tell me where did
you get so much money? We got Rs. 15,000
from M.L.A. Pradeep. 15,000? Why did he
give you so much money? We told him in the next polls,
you will work for him. If necessary we’ll
capture booths for him. You used my name! What? You said you got a good job. The owner gave you Rs.
15,000 in advance. It is a job. Pradeep-da has said now that
brother is ready to work for him.. ..he will give 15,000 everyday. There’s still time for the elections. If you feel like you can capture
booths or we brothers will do it. Let us earn good money now. You can do what you want. Why did you use my
name to ask for money? He wouldn’t have given the money
if we hadn’t mentioned your name. That’s why we used your name. How much have you
used from that 15,000? About 4,000. Give me the rest of the money. Why should we give you the money? We planned the whole thing. There’s still time for the elections. If you don’t want to work, never mind. We’ll arrange for
the money and return it. Yes. That settles it. No, it’s not settled. Tomorrow everyone will know I’ve
joined hands with Pradeep for money. So be it, what is it to you? It’s better for you. Once the neighbours know that
you’ve joined hands with Pradeep.. ..they will respect you. I’m an auto-driver.
I work and earn a living. I don’t need anybody’s respect. Give me the money. Brother, you don’t understand. I don’t need to understand.
Give me the money. Brother, give him the money. No! I won’t give the money. You’re asking for trouble.
Give me the money. You can’t fool
around with my good name. You’re an auto-driver,
what good name are you talking of? You know, people consider
auto-drivers servants these days. What? What did you say? He provides you with
your meals and you insult him? Give me the money.
– No, I won’t give it. Give it to me. Give me.
– I won’t give it, mother. I won’t give it, mother. Mother! How dare you!
You beat mother today? You beat mother, you did?! I won’t spare you. I won’t spare you. Give me the money! 22, means 11,000. My brothers have spent 4,000. I don’t care. I want
the money right now! Right now, how can I
give you the money? I know you very well. You wanted Rs.4,000. You sent your brothers
for 15,000 and took it. And now you return 11,000! Brother, you misunderstand me. Have you brought your auto?
– Yes. Keep the auto here. Return the 4,000 and take it back. Am I crazy? You will sell my new auto spare
parts if I leave it here overnight. I will sell the auto parts? I know politicians
like you too well. If you’re challenged, you
cut up people and remove them. This is a mere auto. Stop the crap! You can’t take your auto
until you pay the 4,000. What’s this? You didn’t give me the money. I will give the money to those you
gave it to. They will return it. I shall leave. Bye. Cabinet minister Deven Chakraborthy
has come back. Tomorrow itself have him
cancel his auto licence. Yes. Hello. Mr. Deven. Sir, whom do you want to meet? To meet the minister. Where have you come from? We live just across. You can’t meet him without appointment. No, we don’t have an appointment. Sir, you can’t go. But it is very important
for me to meet him today. I told you, you cannot meet
him without an appointment. Go now! If I don’t meet him today,
I’ll suffer a big loss. Whatever your losses
you can’t meet him! Nando! Bring him up. Come.
– Come. Okay, tell me why have
you come to meet me? We have a small
auto stand near the market. Some goons from M.L.A.
Pradeep’s group collect money from us. As I denied to pay, the police
officer at the local police.. ..station said he would
abolish the auto stand. When I’ve said I’ll remove it,
I’ll remove it for sure! No one can stop me. Yes. Last night, I called the
tourism minister and asked him to.. ..revoke his auto licence. Why don’t you call tourism minister,
Deben Chakravarty right now. When his licence is cancelled
he will run to save himself. And then, he won’t have time
to look after the orphanage. M.L.A. Pradeep. Hello! Mr. Deben? Speaking. You’re such an established
and respected minister of our country. How could you take up
for a lousy auto-driver! Stop! If Ratan is such a bad person.. ..why did you visit him on the sly,
late in the night? You tempted him with
a lot of money. Is he bad because he
didn’t accept your offer? The boy, who since the
tender age of 10 has worked hard.. ..to provide for his three
siblings and educate them.. ..is a bad person? If you find some more bad
boys like Ratan send them to me. I’ll see if I can do
something for them. I’ll certainly not cancel
Ratan’s licence. On the contrary from what I’ve
heard from Ratan, I’ll see how I can.. ..remove you from post of M.L.A. Don’t believe him? Whom should I believe, you? Someone, who has
rigged the election and won. Yes, I know what I’m talking about! Whatever you do, I’ll make
their auto stand permanent. With his blessings, our auto stand
has become permanent. I request Honourable
Tourism Minister.. ..Mr. Deben Chakravarty
to say a few words. Please come, sir. If everyone abides by the law
and drives autos like Ratan.. ..the government will do
it’s best to help you. They need not park
their autos anywhere. No one will be able
to ask for bribes from them. You’ve my word, I’ll arrange
for auto stands in all localities. “We’re auto drivers.” “We’re auto drivers.” “We’re auto drivers.” “We drive along the streets all day long.” “We have the passion in us.” “We have the passion in us.” “We’re auto drivers.” “We’re auto drivers.” “We sweat profusely.” “We drive all day,
when the world is asleep.” “We keep walking.” “We don’t stop.” “That’s the reason” “we don’t do” “any crime in our life.” “We drive along
the streets all day long.” “We have the passion in us.” “We have the passion in us.” “We’re auto drivers.” “We’re auto drivers.” “Everything is fine, don’t ask for more.” “We have no tension.” “We have no worries.” “We are happy.” “With what we get.” “We have.” “No demands.” “We drive along the streets all day long.” “We have the passion in us.” “We have the passion in us.” “We’re auto drivers.” “We’re auto drivers.” “We’re auto drivers.” “We’re auto drivers.” “We’re auto drivers.” “We’re auto drivers.” Come. Come. Hey! You, a Hindu, Brahmin
boy touch my feet.. ..and I’m an ordinary Muslim worker,
I feel very bad about this. Uncle Siraj, when you
say this I feel even worse. Father used to work in your garage. After his death, if you
hadn’t taught me how to work.. ..my entire life would
have shattered to bits. Where did you get so much food from? Your brothers got job,
they bought all these things. Have you returned M.L.A.
Pradeep Roy’s Rs. 15,000? He doesn’t want to take it,
and he gave us another 10,000. Pradeep-da has said that he
will give us Rs.10,000 each month. What are you going to do for him.. ..to earn this 10,000 a month? What have you done for that? We earned our first pay today
and went marketing so the meat. Tomorrow, we’ll market separate. Eat separate. When we told Mum that we’ll
be eating separate she told.. ..us she can’t cook separately for us. So, from tomorrow, Ratna
will come and cook for us. Who is Ratna?
– My friend. Why will she come
and cook in our house? You’ve never loved
anyone but yourself.. ..so how would you know why
Ratna will come and cook for us. Renu, you decide which
group you want to join. If you join brother’s
group you’ll have to eat dry.. ..puffed rice in the morning. Plain rice and lentils in the afternoon
and once a week some little fish. If you stay with us,
Swapan tell her! If you are with us, for
breakfast you will get bread.. ..banana and boiled egg.
An omelette sometimes. And for lunch, different
fish everyday. Big ones! And of course, the usual
vegetable etc. as side-dishes. And for dinner? You tell her. Should I? For dinner, there will be
meat, fried bread, pilaff. And of course desserts galore! I’ve given you two sarees. We will get you five sarees
before the festival. And we’ll send Ratna to new market
and ask her to get cosmetics for you. Of course, if you want you can
go yourself with her and get it. You can pick up stuff you like. Why are you thinking so much? Your eldest brother
is a mere auto-driver. He doesn’t have the capacity to buy you
many things and get you fancy foods. It’s better, you join them. Besides, they are
your blood brothers. I’m not your real brother. I don’t know what is
real and what is not. I’ve considered you my
eldest brother since childhood. Whatever I’ve got
so far, is from you. I can’t leave you and
join any other group. Well, then give us the meat back. I’ll give to the stray dog. You’re really something.
You give your sister meat to eat.. ..and then you snatch
it away from her? Why are you tell
them anything, mother? They want to separate me from
eldest brother by dint of their money. They’ve forgotten how much
eldest brother has done for us! That’s really unfair.
– Calm down. Why are you leaving? They will take away meat from my
sister and I will stay silent? I’m going to the Punjabi restaurant
and getting Renu some meat. You’re my own sons. Therefore I’m warning you. You’ve hurt Ratan deeply.. ..one day this very hurt will multiply
manifold and come to haunt you. Mind it. I warn you! I know.. ..why you feel so hurt. But what can I do! If they choose to forget
the past, what can I do? It’s quite late, won’t you sleep? A mere auto-driver.. ..has driven my sleep away. It’s too much, daddy! A mere auto-driver has
snatched your sleep away?! He is not average you
know, he is a tornado. He can play havoc in a shot. Will you believe it? In just
48 hours he won over.. ..the tourism minister.. ..and got permanent auto stands
made all over the place! He won over the tourism minister! I’ll win him over! In just 48 hours! Mother!
– Mother! Mother! Mother! What happened? Mother, we went to the
market and in the meanwhile you.. ..took bananas, eggs and
bread and gave it to them? What do you think? All the hens in the
nation lay eggs for you? Bread is baked in the
bakery just for you, is it? Do bananas grow all
over only for you? You brought only meat from
the Punjabi restaurant yesterday. Where did all this come from? I brought those. Now I’ve
brought this sweet betel leaf. They will have it
after their breakfast. Where did you get
so much money from? Where did I get the money? Sister, auntie, please go inside. Why should they go inside? I want to open my locker. Chhotu, you’ll get a whack! When he heard this morning, that
you took away the meat from Renu.. ..he went and bought eggs,
bananas, bread.. ..and a huge Hilsa fish! The fish was
jumping when I bought it! I’ll slap you!
You’re talking too much. Because of your brother,
you grew up to be capable.. ..but if I bought things from the mall,
you get angry? Hey, stop talking rubbish! Where did you get so much money? He hasn’t begged money
from the M.L.A. like you. It’s his hard earned money. With a rag and water I
clean autos and earn money. I wish one could clean
minds with a rag and water too. Then, I would have asked
Chhotu to come every morning.. ..and clean your minds. Their minds have rusted,
water will not help! You will need acid! Hey, what’s going
on here? Scram! Go! Aren’t you ashamed brother, a
little boy like him works hard.. ..and earns money and you
use that money just like that?! Oh I..
– Do you know who he is? Who? He is my guru (teacher). “Guru, you’re my mother and father.
I don’t want to live without my guru.” “Hence, I didn’t miss my father.” “Hence, I didn’t miss my father.” “I am an orphan,
I will serve my guru all the time.” “I am an orphan,
I will serve my guru all the time.” “I don’t know anyone
or recognise anyone.” “I don’t know anyone
or recognise anyone.” “Whoever spoke to me with love,
I accepted them.” “Our guru is our parents.” “I don’t want to live without my guru.” “Hence, I didn’t miss my father.” “I am an orphan,
I will serve my guru all the time.” “I lost everything.
I was left in darkness.” “I became lonely in no time.” “I again found everything.” “When I found a guru like him.” “Guru is my mother and father.” “I don’t want to live without my guru.” “Hence, I didn’t miss my father.” “I am an orphan,
I will serve my guru all the time.” “Father, mother, friendship, affection.” “I received everything from my guru.” “I can never forget
what my guru taught me.” “I can’t spend my days without my guru.” “You’re my parents.” “I don’t want to
live without my guru.” “Hence, I didn’t miss my father.” “I am an orphan,
I will serve my guru all the time.” Ratna! Come in. What a place you live in!
No one could tell me where you live. One leads me this way,
another says that way. I got late finding this place. Does an auto-driver stay here?
– Do this. Come on in. I’ll go in. But first tell me,
how could you give your house.. ..on rent to an auto-driver? Your standard will be lowered,
throw the auto-driver out! The one you are debasing
as an auto-driver.. ..is your friend’s elder brother. What? Tapan, your brother
is an auto-driver? Impossible. Tapan, last night you
mentioned her, right. She is the one who will cook for you.
– That’s right. By her attire and talks I
don’t think she can cook mooing.. ..lentils tempered with
cilantro and onion seeds.. ..and light fish curry. She will probably cook Chinese. Fried rice and chilli chicken. Hey, why do you
interfere in our matters? If she can discuss about
our family, why can’t Chhotu? Renu, are you crazy?
Are she and Chhotu equals? He is from the slum, who
earns a living cleaning autos. What more do you
expect from an auto-driver? Don’t mind my dear, it is only
because of that auto-driver.. ..that his little siblings
could survive and get an education. And Tapan could associate
with a decent girl like you. Tapan, you had said,
you’ve a big house, a car. Is the auto your car? After marriage,
do I have to live with.. ..an auto-driver in the same house? You are not a
daughter-in-law of this house yet. If you keep saying
‘auto-driver’ over and over again.. ..I’ll be compelled to
throw you out of this house! Mother, don’t
speak to her like that! She is our guest.
Besides, she is right you know. Auto-driver, fish-monger,
vegetable-vendor, these do.. ..not count as genteel folks. If you’re so well informed why are you
trivialising your brother’s dignity? Leave the house and let
them live with dignity. Brother tells me you will be working
part time in our house as a cook. The kitchen is that way,
go start cooking. Waste of time. I don’t know what salary
has been offered to you. If my brothers don’t pay you in time. You can ask this auto-driver,
he will pay you. Can’t you say something? Renu, watch your tongue,
speak politely. We speak politely with ladies,
not with paid cooks like her. Hey, watch what you say! Come now, these are illiterate folk. What do you expect from
an auto-driver’s sister? Come, we have a room over there. Come inside. Listen you old hag. I’ll come to this house and
drive each of you out one by one! Hey you, lady! Enough is enough. You’ve been calling me
an auto-driver for some time now. I didn’t say a word. Tapan and Swapan may
tolerate my mother being.. ..insulted but if you dare.
– Ratan! Take her in, or I’ll
throw the three of you out! Okay.
– Go! I’ll see who will drive
whom out! Come, Swapan. He insulted you so much
and you didn’t say a word? What can I say? If they ask
me to leave, I will do so. And you think I’ll live with them? Whatever troubles come. You’ve to stay here, mother. After all, you’re their mother. Where can you go, leaving them? What’s the matter,
hello, what is it? Why have you taken my car keys? Why did you hit my auto? The steering wheel turned all
of a sudden, what could I do? I’ve taken the keys so that,
in future, your steering wheel.. ..doesn’t turn suddenly! I will give my auto for repairs
at Siraj’s garage at the crossroads. You can ask there how
much the repairs will cost. Plus my daily earnings of Rs. 500. Pay all this and get your car keys. That’s okay, but how do I go now? Take an auto. Oh, I don’t know your name? My name is Jhilik Roy. I’m M.L.A. Pradeep Roy’s daughter! That’s it! Now I know, why your
steering wheel turned toward my auto! Like father, like daughter. Both of you, please
give me a photograph each. I’ll put it up in my house. Bye! Aren’t you that auto-driver? Why did you enter my cabin,
without permission? Sir, I’m an uneducated,
unmannered auto-driver. I don’t know the
protocol in a police station. I won’t tell anyone that you
were counting bribe money. You too don’t tell.
– No. What do you want? We’ve come to lodge a complaint. What complaint? I was driving the auto
with sister here as passenger. MLA Pradeep Rai’s daughter
rammed into my auto. My auto tilted and both of us fell. See, I got hurt here, and
sister has a bruise too. Do you have proof? Proof? Of what, sir? You just said, M.L.A. Pradeep Roy’s
daughter, Jhilik rammed into your car. Do you have proof of that? Do you think we’re lying? Can’t you see
the bandage on my arm? I hear you are not on good
terms with M.L.A. Pradeep Roy. What is the proof that
just to frame his daughter.. ..you’ve had her arm bandaged? In that case, you may call the doctor
and check if she is really hurt or not. She may be hurt, but that it
was the M.L.A.’s daughter who did it You’ve to give me proof of that,
isn’t it? Oh, this means you
won’t lodge the complaint. I told you, get me evidence. Evidence? What’s this? Why did you slap me? I slapped you? No. You slap me and say
you didn’t slap me?! Do you’ve proof that I slapped you? Isn’t there anybody here? There, on the floor! Mr. Biren, how did you
fall off your chair? Sir, the chair
slipped all of a sudden. Do you need a hand, sir? No! I can get up myself. Well then, you get up, we’ll leave. You won’t go anywhere,
you will stay here. I did what I had to.
What else can we do here, sir? These folks will give you the
evidence you were asking me. But no one, can give the evidence
of how you fell off the chair, sir. Bye!
– Come. Why were they here? To lodge a complaint
against your daughter. It seems your daughter
rammed her car into his auto.. ..his auto tilted and they
were both injured. Imagine? He took away my keys. You will get it back. Pay for the damages and take the keys. How much? It’s simple. Ratan earns
Rs. 500 every day.. ..and the repair cost Rs. 400.
Total Rs. 900. Give her the key. No. Give me the
money and take the key. What’s going on?
– Give me the key. What’s going on? No, pay the money and take the key.
– Give it to me. I said…
– Give it to me. Give me the key. Madam, you thought just
because Uncle Siraj is old.. ..you’d get your father’s
goons and snatch the key from him. Another Rs. 100. Why? Why another 100?
You asked for 900 and gave you that. Yes, but you wasted
so much of my time.. ..don’t you have to pay for that? Pay up soon, madam. Or else the rate will
keep rising like a taxi meter. I make you pay for this. The day you decide to, carry
extra money in your purse. A small push cost you Rs. 1000. What will you do if it is a big push? What is to be done?
We’ve finished eating. The dishes are all
lying in the kitchen. Just clean it up and put it away. You want mother to
wash your dirty dishes? What’s new about that? Mother has always
been doing the dishes. That was when we
used to eat together. Now, brother has brought her to cook. Whom he intends marrying in the future.
You get a maid to do the dishes. Whom you can marry in future.
– What was that? How dare you try to slap Renu? You don’t know what she said to me. I know everything.
I heard everything while entering. What happened, mother? Nothing really.
They cooked and have finished eating. Tapan was asking
me to do the dishes. Listen to me carefully. Tapan, you’re not
doing the right thing. If you utter one more
demeaning thing to mother.. ..I’ll throw both of
you out of the house. Throw them out? What do you mean? Is this your house alone? They have as much share
in this house as you have. Hey lassie, you’re not
yet a member of this house. Why are you interfering
in our matters? I’ve given her the
right to talk, mother. I had a registered marriage
with her a couple of months back. I know you can buy property, cattle
and the like through the registry. I didn’t know you could
buy a wife through registry! Hey, shut up! Just like you’re a lowly person. You’ve another lowly
person as your friend. Quiet! Whatever you have said so far.. ..I’ve listened quietly. If you utter one
harsh word against Ratan. What will you do,
mother? What will you do? Beat her up?
– Yes, if necessary, I’ll do that too. Come brother, let’s leave
this house and move into a flat. Come, let’s do that.
– How much do you earn to buy a flat? You will go flat yourself,
if you go to buy a flat! Renu, be quiet. Mother, I’m hungry, give me food. Mother, what about
our dirty dishes? Mother won’t go to your
part of the house from today. You can arrange to have
your dirty dishes washed. Let’s go, mom. You told me, you
had a 3-bedroom flat. You had a cook and a maid.
What do I see here? Just be patient. Pradeep-da has said he will give us
everything. A flat, a car, everything. Flat, my left foot! You two had
said that you’d get Ratan over. And accordingly I told you
that I would get rid of Nochi. Brother said..
– No more lies! Deb-da you said you’d
demolish our house and.. ..build apartments there. I’ll do it all. Let me first
lay hands on the orphanage. Then, everything will fall in place. There too, your
brother has obstructed me. I never thought an auto driver
would put us in such a big trouble. A smart girl like
my daughter was pushed.. ..over trying to teach him a lesson. Auto, auto, wait. Thankfully I found you. Let’s go. Madam, where’s your car
today, you board an auto? I don’t have a driving licence, so
daddy didn’t let me take the car. Right. Where to? Your fare. Take a look, please!
There’s something on my back! Oh God! Help! Help! Somebody help! Help me, please! Help me! This auto-driver is
misbehaving with me. When I was traveling in his
auto he was talking dirty to me. As soon as I got off from the
auto, he saw his chance.. ..and made a grab for my blouse. Lies! She is lying! I may drive an auto to make a living. But I belong to a decent family. Madam, if you want to fight me, do
so in a decent manner. Just because I’m poor, don’t
insult me in front of so many people. Madam, I’m not
educated like you folks. But the way,
you’ve behaved with me today. I think I’m better off,
without education. To gratify your father,
you insulted me today. Just stop and think whether
you were happy doing this. Bye! Just stop and think whether
you were happy doing this. Let’s go for a movie today.
– I can’t go today. Some other time.
– Please let’s go. No, not today. Please let’s go. Who is with Renu? Where are you going with him? He is my friend, Noche Chowdhury. He came for a job to Ben Fisheries.
– Stop! I don’t need his introduction. I know him very well. He is
a hired goon of Pradeep Roy. You’re mistaken, brother, he
is not Pradeep Roy’s goon. Ask him if he goes to
Pradeep Roy’s house or not. Does going to Pradeep
Roy’s house make him his goon? Our brothers go there everyday. Does that mean they
are his hired goons? Don’t argue with me.
Come along with me. Brother, let go my hand.
I need to talk to him. What can you have to
say to a thug like him? Come with me.
– Brother! He is my friend, I love him. Love him? Didn’t you
find anybody else? Come. Let go, let go of my hand, brother. Or I’ll scream and gather people. Let go her hand. Brother! If you touch him I’ll
report it to the police. Women are strange, Ratan. If they love someone.. ..then they can leave their brother,
sister, mother, father, everyone. They don’t understand reasons. They don’t want to
understand anything. Uncle Siraj, I can’t believe
that my Renu, my little Renu.. ..would let that horrid fellow.
I only wanted the best for her. This is one time, when women
don’t know what’s good or bad. That’s exactly why she
needs to be explained it. No Ratan, don’t say anything
regarding this matter to her. She will misconstrue even if
you say something good to her. She is blinded by love now. He behaved badly with me
in the centre of the street. I hadn’t even dreamt of it, mother. When Ratan asked you to
come back in his auto. You should have. You could’ve spoken to
him once you got home. Mom, what are you saying? How can I come with brother?
Won’t Noche feel bad? You don’t know in what a
temper brother was at the time. Brother has gotten thick-headed
driving the auto all the time. He has become lowly! How dare you speak so of him?! Have you given it a thought? The brother who has done so
much for you folks. You call him lowly? Thick headed? Doesn’t mean he behaves like that on
the street because he looks after us. Now I know, an outsider
can never be one’s own. You know brother, I told
elder brother so many times.. ..that Noche is my college friend. Yet he kept saying such
ugly things about him. Noche too got angry and hit
brother so hard, he fell down. Noche hit your
brother in front of you.. ..and you didn’t say a thing? This is just the beginning, mother. Brother wants to lock
horns with M.L.A. Pradeep. He will get beat up badly some day. Don’t worry, Renu.
Both of us are with you. Tomorrow morning,
I’ll go get Noche here. Next, I’ll take the two of you
in front of elder brother’s eyes.. ..to Temple and get you married. Let’s see what he can do! Yes! Now, you’re very capable. You don’t ever stop to
think of bygone days. There comes his! Come, come to our rooms. You will eat with us from now on. Come. Mum, may I have a glass of water? I’ll get it. Renu, you will make a
terrific match with Noche. We will get you married. Don’t worry, we are with you. Renu, he is right. We are with you. Then why do you worry? We will get you married. When did Renu return? Just few minutes back. You.. Don’t say anything more to her. She will mix with just
anyone and do what she pleases.. ..and one can’t say anything to her? When she doesn’t want to
accept what’s good for her. Mother, I’m her elder brother. I’ve brought her up
since she was so little. She will make one mistake
and die a thousand deaths.. ..and you expect me to
stand afar and just watch? Yes! Do that. She is dancing to
her brothers tunes. If you say anything,
she will insult you. What more can they say
to humiliate me, mother? In front of so many
people, Noche hit me. And when I was to hit him, she
said she’d go to the police. How much more can
they insult me, mother? When father was dying,
I gave him my word that.. ..I’d always take
special care of them. I’ll never let them
feel the lack of a father. I can’t hold back in
fear of insults, mother. I have to pull her
away from this wrong path. Please call Renu.
Tell her, I’m calling her. Mother, what happened?
Go, call her. The three siblings
have gotten together. If you say something,
they will charge at you. A goon like Noche, hit
me on the street today. Now, may be my two little
brothers will hit me at home. So be it. But I’ll try one,
last time to get Renu back. Go mother, please get her. Go! Renu, come here.
Elder brother is calling you. Ratan, don’t lose your temper. Did you call me? From tomorrow, don’t leave
the house without asking me. Not go out? I have
my college to attend. I saw for myself today
what you do at college. You don’t need to go
to college anymore. Just because you’re an illiterate,
do I too have to be one? What did you say? Mother, don’t take up
for your eldest son.. ..and hit me any time you wish. I haven’t said anything wrong. I’ve called an
illiterate auto-driver just that. Brother, Swapan and I’ve decided to.. ..go to Temple tomorrow morning and
get our sister Renu married to Noche. Mum and me are here, who
are you to get her married? We’re her brothers,
her blood brothers. Her own brothers will
decide what is good for her. Not her step-brother. What? How could you
speak like this to him? Swapan, I may be her
step-brother or not. I insist, Renu will not
leave this house from tomorrow. Look, I am not her real brother,
but you two are. You have seen that Noche
at M.L.A. Pradeep’s house. Do you think a swindler,
goon like Noche is fit for Renu? Take a look at this. What’s this? Renu, you gave that to brother. Is he educated that he can read it? Brother, that is
Renu’s birth certificate. According to which she is now 22. When girls turn 18
they become majors. No one can do
anything against their will. When girls make mistakes
after they grow up.. One has to watch from afar
whatever mistakes they commit? Yes. That’s what the law says. What sort of a law is this? This piece of paper will take
my little sister away from me. What sort of a law is this?
I can’t say a thing. Not a thing. Not a thing. Renu, I’m your mother,
I won’t curse you. I’ll just say this, a single
tear drop fallen from Ratan’s.. ..eyes will turn to a
deluge and sweep you away. Finally, victory is ours. See, how I let brother have it. Don’t weep so, Ratan. Your
tears will bring Renu bad luck. You’ve only given to this household. You never got anything. You can’t say that. I got a mother like you. A mother who can’t
do a thing for you. Those three siblings are insulting. You’ve finally done
something worthwhile! Now go, go and collect
money from all auto stands. Ratan is now your brother-in-law. He won’t harm his sister’s
husband, he will pay up. Once Ratan pays, everyone will pay up. Are you still angry with me? Not just my father, I too have
made a mistake in recognising you. Have you come to add
salt to the wound? Guru, forgive her! You will make a couple. I’ll slap you! Give me. What? Money, what else? Noche, I’ve told you,
these auto-drivers will not pay.. ..you anymore. If you don’t pay me how will
I feed your sister? Tell me! Noche, I request you,
leave this place now. No, I won’t leave without the money. You are my brother in law. Think about your sister and pay up. Jhilik got into Ratan’s auto? He didn’t pay us, instead he
thumbed his nose at us.. ..and left with Jhilik
right under our noses. “Hey, listen to me. ” “No, I won’t listen to anything.” “I’ve told my father.
I’ve found the one I desired.” “I’ve told my father.
I’ve found the one I desired.” “Come over to my home
and enjoy some snacks with us.” “Oh no, I won’t fall in love.
Pardon me, leave me alone.” “Oh no, I won’t fall in love.
Pardon me, leave me alone.” “No. No.” “I’ve told my father.
I’ve found the one I desired.” “I don’t let go what I like.” “It is easy to fall in love,
but difficult to stand by your lover.” “I don’t let go what I like.” “It is easy to fall in love,
but difficult to stand by your lover.” “You will surely fall in love
with me one day.” “Oh no, I won’t fall in love.
Pardon me, leave me alone.” “Oh no, I won’t fall in love.
Pardon me, leave me alone.” “No. No.” “I’ve told my father. I’ve
found the one I desired.” “My heart is as hard as rock,
it will never melt. Do you understand?” “Patience is a virtue,
I don’t give up so easy.” “My heart is as hard as rock,
it will never melt. Do you understand?” “Patience is a virtue,
I don’t give up so easy.” “Why waste time?” “Don’t go away from me.” “Oh no, I won’t fall in love.
Pardon me, leave me alone.” “Oh no, I won’t fall in love.
Pardon me, leave me alone.” “No. No.” “Go away.” “Go away.” “Listen.” “Darn it.” I am coming. What? What? So late in the night? If we don’t come late, we won’t
meet your elder son the auto-driver. Why? What’s the matter? I will tell your son what happened. Brother, brother!
– What’s the matter? Why did you beat him up today?
Why did you beat him? If I would’ve really beaten him up. You wouldn’t have
walked here with him. You would have to
bring him on a bier. Did you hear that, mother?
Did you hear what he said? What happened? I had stopped the
auto-drivers from.. ..paying money to these people. Today, Noche came to the
stand asking for money. He thought just because he
is married my sister I will. Watch out, brother!
Don’t call me your sister any more. Your sister is dead. If you ever hit him again. I won’t give a damn
to who is older or not. I too will beat you that day. Come on. I’ve become very weak,
isn’t it Ratan? Renu insulted you to such an
extent, and I, I could not.. ..take off my sandals and beat her. Do you know why? Because he
would have left her here forever. That’s the only reason.
That’s the only reason. After his father’s death.. ..I am somehow running.. ..this family with my pension. Both of us manage to make
a living with great difficulty. Now all of a sudden
you entered our family. Daughter-in-law what I wanted to say.. ..is that till Noche gets a job.. ..if you could
talk to your brother.. ..and give me 2,000
rupees per month.. ..then it would be
less burdensome for me. Don’t worry mother, I’ll speak
to her brother’s and mother. You have to pay 2,000 each month
or I’ll leave her here. Noche gave us a warning,
if we don’t pay Rs. 2,000.. ..by the seventh of each
month he will leave Renu here. Ask the ones who
forced her marriage.. ..to arrange for the money. Yes I told him that. I will not be able to
ask Ratan for the money. You siblings, insulted
Ratan in every way you could. Now show us, how much
you love your sister. They forced this
marriage only to insult you. They were insistent. Now let them realise. I’m their mother yet
I’m telling you Ratan.. ..don’t pay them a single rupee. If Noche, gets Renu
back here, so be it. To hell with her! Even if I want to I don’t
have that kind of money, mother. I’ve to pay the bank Rs. 1,000
against my loan for the auto. How much do I earn anyway,
driving the auto all day? Swapan and Tapan told
Noche point blank that they.. ..could not arrange
for so much money. Noche is also a shameless cad. He said in front of Renu. I didn’t want to
get married I’ve no job. You were hell bent
on getting us married. They, with their attitude
have ruined my daughter’s life. Mother. How could you think
that Renu’s life will be ruined.. ..as long as I’m alive? No matter how much Renu insults,
after all, I am not her real brother. But, I’ve never seen them
as anything but my own siblings. Don’t cry, mother. If I’m alive. I’ll send Rs. 2,000 on the
first of each month to Renu’s in-laws. I feel ashamed of myself. Which is why I gave birth to
heartless pieces of coal like them. Or I would’ve borne
a diamond like you. This is my greatest regret. You may not have
carried me in your womb. But you gave me place in your heart. Not one day did you let
me feel that I am not your son. I’m an uneducated lout, mother. I don’t know if there is rebirth. If there is. I pray to God that I’m born
as your son in the next life. Don’t tell me, you will see. The work has to be done. My daughter is educated
and Ratan is an illiterate. I’ve to remove Ratan from this
world for the future of my daughter. What did you say? Ratan has gone to the police
station and got my warehouse closed? What were all of you doing? What do you know, sir?
He is very strong. He knows different
kinds of ways to fight. He is alone equal to a 100. Alright, go! After a while the local
police officer will be here. Let me see how much
he will sell out for? 25 rupees is not less! The Lord Shiva temple
underneath the tree.. ..we take a donation of Rs. 50 from
every person for the festival. This is Durga Puja. Goddess Durga has 10 arms.
If you give one hand 25 Rs.. ..what will the other hands hold? Give at least Rs. 250. 250? I can’t give Rs. 250. You want do business in our area.. ..and you can’t give Rs.
250 for the local Durga Puja? I told you,
I can’t give you more than Rs. 25. Well then uncle. I will take this tyre. I will sell it to my brother-in-law. What’s the matter, uncle Siraj? I can’t pay Rs.
250 for the festivities. So he is taking my new tyre away. What’s going on, Noche? Uncle Siraj is old now
and can’t work like before. Where will he give Rs. 250 from? Give him the tyre.
– No. It’s okay,
go take the tyre and go. Go. No, he won’t take the tyre.
Give him the tyre. Tell him to give Rs.
250, I’ll keep it. It’s okay, let him go. Uncle Siraj, you’ve taught
me since childhood not to do un-justice. Today, they do injustice before
your eyes and you remain silent? No, now that you’ve come. No, uncle Siraj.
I won’t beat them today. You’ll take the tyre
from them yourself. Me? In childhood, when I got into
trouble you stood by me. Today, I will stand by you. If anyone harms you, I will kill them
and bury them here in this garage. Go, take your tyre from him, go! Uncle Siraj, snatch your tyre away. Come. Your sister has improved
Noche quite a bit. Only 1 rupee. If each
auto-driver from our state of.. ..West Bengal can donate
Rupee 1 to this fund.. ..then we can save that orphanage. We can save, 100~150 orphan kids. From this Durga Puja we will start
our campaign to save the orphanage. We will bring smiles
on the faces of those orphans. We will celebrate Goddess Durga
festival in that orphanage. How many days are
left to the Durga Puja? At today’s meeting, Ratan
said he’d take over the orphanage.. ..along with the auto-drivers,
on this Durga Puja festival. You had said you’d bring Rs.
500,000. Did you bring that? If you say so, I’ll give it. The auspicious period starts
from 13th of this month. It is a new moon night. We’ve to see that not a
single lamp near the orphanage.. ..is on that night. Noche, Shama, that night
you will take over the orphanage. Throw the children out,
lock the gates of the orphanage. Come on. Take it away. What are you doing?
– Get away. Let go!
– No! Destroy everything. Destroy everything. Break everything.
– Please stop it. Take them away. Take them away. This is Renu’s saree.
Tell me how it is. They get Rs. 2,000 each month. Why did you get another saree? It’s Durga Puja soon.
I have only one sister. Shouldn’t I give
my little sister something? You drive the auto from 5 a.m.
till 11~12 p.m.. ..and get a saree
for that ungrateful sister. Who doesn’t even. Mother, she is young. Just because she has made a mistake,
I should commit one too? This is Renu’s mother-in-law’s saree. And this is your saree. For me? And this is your son-in-law’s outfit. These have to be given at Durga Puja,
isn’t it mother? How do you know all this? I know. Here, take this 2,000 Rs. Last time, you sent Chhotu
with the money, saying.. ..Swapan and Tapan have sent it. Tomorrow you will go
yourself and give these. I will take it? Yes, tomorrow morning.. ..you will say you’re going
to the doctor and leave with me. I will drop you in
front of Noche’s house. You will leave exactly in an hour’s
time and I will drop you back home. I have to. Mother, you’re our mother. When you give Renu the
saree for Durga Puja.. ..and bless her,
she will be so happy, isn’t it? She treated you so badly. Mother, forget all those things.
One more thing. Promise me, you will not
tell Renu I’ve bought these things. Tell her that Swapan
and Tapan have sent it. It’s so beautiful! Brothers sent it through you? Why didn’t they come themselves? Mother wanted to meet them. Puja is round the corner,
they’re busy with M.L.A.’s. This is Rs. 2,000. Take it. Brothers Swapan and Tapan have
spent a lot of money for me this time. I’m feeling so bad. Please tell them mother,
that I’m very happy. They not only gave me
in marriage over that useless.. ..lowly auto-driver’s objections,
they also saw to it.. ..that I live peacefully
and happily at my in-laws’ place. Promise me, you will not
tell Renu I’ve bought these things. Tell her that Swapan
and Tapan have sent it. What’s the matter, mother?
Why are you crying? You are away from us now. We used to all live together. Mother. Mother, where did you go so early? I was feeling a little feverish. So I went with Ratan to Dr. Hemant. Tell her. Mother. Durga Puja is round the corner. We need to give Renu a saree. Plus Rs. 2,000.
We didn’t give it last month too. Why ask me for that? You didn’t ask me before
giving Renu in marriage. Speak to your eldest son,
he too has some responsibilities. What responsibility
are you talking of? You two have snatched all
responsibilities from that.. ..step brother of yours. I won’t tell him a thing.
If you want to, you tell him. Now what? I’m thinking. We can’t tell anybody at home. That even if we go
and sit there daily.. M.L.A. Pradeep Roy
is not giving us a penny. We’ve to give Renu a saree. Just four days left for the festival. Oh my, a complete outfit?! Do you like it? It’s very nice! This is from me for
this festive season. “Play the drums with passion.” “Play the drums with passion.” “There’s happiness all around.” “Sing and dance.” “Play the drums.” “Play the drums loudly.” “Play the drums loudly.” “There’s happiness all around.” “Sing and dance.” “Play the drums.” “Play the drums with passion.” “There’s fun all around.” “Sing and dance.” “Hail Goddess Durga.” “There’s fun all around.” “Sing and dance.” “Hail Goddess Durga.” “May our future be bright.” “Pray for that.” “May there be happiness the entire day.” “Pray the Goddess.” “Hail Goddess Durga.” “Play the drums loudly.” “Play the drums loudly.” “There’s happiness all around.” “Sing and dance.” “Play the drums.” “Play the drums with passion.” “Play the drums with passion.” “There’s happiness all around.” “Sing and dance.” “Play the drums.” “Goddess visits.” “Our houses every year.” “Our hearts rejoice.” “Goddess visits.” “Our houses every year.” “Our hearts rejoice.” “Goddess’s smile is so beautiful.” “Her happiness lies in our happiness.” “Goddess’s smile is so beautiful.” “Her happiness lies in our happiness.” “Hail Goddess Durga.” “Play the drums with passion.” “Play the drums with passion.” “There’s happiness all around.” “Sing and dance.” “Play the drums .” “Play the drums with passion.” “Play the drums with passion.” Come, come in dear. Be happy. Be happy, son . How was the Puja festivity for you? Not good. He was not home all four
days of the Puja festivity. He was sitting at the Puja
center and drinking all day long. Where are brothers Swapan and Tapan? One minute, mother? How are you? How am I? What happened? You touched everyone’s feet. Won’t you touch eldest brother’s feet? Why should I touch his feet? He means nothing to me. On the day of the festival,
your son, the auto driver.. ..beat him up so bad. He was not beaten up unjustly He was trying to takeover
the orphanage in a drunken state. Mother, don’t take up for
your eldest son all the time! Listening to you talk,
one would think he is your only.. ..true son and the
three of us are foundlings! He is a mere auto-driver. Why so much attitude
from an auto-driver? How dare he beat up a gentleman? Brother, I don’t feel good at all. I was planning to go on
a holiday to Khandala. That’s great, go ahead. If you could give me next
month’s 2,000 rupees now.. ..it would be really nice. I know you will find it hard. You’ve given me 2,000 just.. ..before the Durga Puja
and then clothes for all of us. You must have spent a lot on all this. See if you can still
give me the money. I understand, it’s the
end of the month and to come up.. ..with so much money. Eldest brother is very ill,
he has high fever. He is lying down inside.
Go tell him, he will arrange for it. Stop it, mother!
I know how much an auto-driver earns! And I cannot beg from that
animal under any condition! I don’t consider him
my brother at all, never! Renu, don’t utter another
bad thing about brother. Or you’ll have to
suffer all your life. You won’t get peace even for a day. I have to weep for him?
Why, what has he done for me? What has he done? Yes, tell me. What has he done,
that speaking ill about him will.. ..bring down the wrath
of the heavens upon me? In spite of being a step brother,
he has done so much for you.. ..maybe even a father
can’t do so much. Tell me, what has he done? I had promised your brother,
the auto driver.. ..that I will never tell you about it. But I’ve to tell you today.
If I don’t tell you, I’ll have sinned. This vermillion that you
wear so proudly in your hair.. ..was sent to you by your
beastly auto-driver brother.. ..through me, before the festivities. What? You wore this saree and
bowed to Mother Durga.. ..your mother-in-law and to me. But the person whom you were supposed
to seek blessings from wearing this saree. Who bought this saree for you. That beastly auto-driver
brother of yours. To provide you with all
these things for the Durga Puja.. ..he used to get up at 5 a.m.
and drive up to midnight.. ..days before the
festivities approached. That beastly auto-driver
brother of yours. Only so you could hold your
head high at your in-laws’ place! The festivities are over now.
He has fallen ill. I’ve been telling him to call
for Dr. Hemant, but he refuses. He says, a poor auto-driver
will get well on his own. He doesn’t need a doctor. He doesn’t need a doctor. Guru, your fever is increasing.
Let me call Dr. Hemant. Chhotu, the doctor
cannot cure this fever. Why not? You won’t understand. You get this fever when your
heart breaks into a million pieces. Come. Brother! I was mistaken, dear! Chhotu.
– Yes. Touch my forehead and
see if my fever has gone down. Hey guru, this is magic,
the fever has gone! How can the fever stay? My broken heart has been mended again. Here, take this,
I had kept this 2,000 for you. Give it to him and go to Matheran…
not Matheran.. ..it’s a jungle. Go on a holiday
to some other place. Also offer prayers at some temple, go. Why should I go so far
to see a temple, brother? A house, where a god-like
brother like you lives.. ..is a temple for me. Guru, you’ve become totally
entangled with sister Jhilik. You will get married someday soon! You won’t dump me when
you’re married, will you? No silly! You’re the essence
of my soul, who can ever dump that? Guru, when you get married,
I will have the most fun. The marriage fire will burn,
the priest will be chanting. I will only keep watching the two of you. I will put your hand
in sister Jhilik’s hand, okay? Brother, I’ve convinced promoter
Dilip with a lot of difficulty. He will pull down this house
and build a 4 storey building here. I’m not for this at all! Your father had built this house
with great hardship, brick by brick. And a stranger will come and break it? Stop being sentimental, mother. A chance like this
doesn’t come very often. Look, we will get 4 flats
of 1000 square foot each.. ..in the building that comes up here. Mother, it’s not a bad idea.
Give it a thought. These two can get two flats.
I’ll give one to Renu. And the two of us
will live in one flat. Here, sign on this stamp paper. What’s written here? I shouldn’t have given it to you.
You can’t read. How will you read it? It says here, that if this
house is broken down and a.. ..building built here,
you’ve no objections. You typed two pages
to say just this much. We’ve not typed this.
The promoter’s lawyer has typed this. Legal papers are always lengthy. Whose house was it, where was it? Who lives there now?
Why do they want to leave the house? They have to write all these details. Oh what a fool I am! Brother, you’re holding
the stamp paper wrongly. Hold it like this. Here is the pen, sign it. You say, it says here.. ..that if this house is broken
I’ve no objections, right? Yes, that’s it.
Here, it’s written here. I may have held the stamp
paper wrongly by mistake. But you’re purposely
telling me an untruth. There is something else written here. How do you know that there
is something else written? How do I know? I, Shri Ratan Chowdhury,
son of late Avinash Chowdhury.. Now residing at 36,
Atlot street. What, should I go on? Or should I stop you here itself? Ratan, when did you
learn to read and write? You had asked me why I get out.. ..of the house at
8 a.m instead of 9 a.m. Yes, you told me, you had
to get out early to look into.. ..matters concerning the orphanage. Yes. I used to go to the orphanage
one hour early not to look after it. But, to prepare myself. And it is their misfortune,
that sister Tapati.. ..of the orphanage used to teach me
to read and write for 1 hour. Do you know what this says, mother? It says that I, of my own free will. Am giving over my
share in this house.. ..to Swapan and Tapan
for the sum of Rs. 100,000. I have no right to
this house after today. Tear it, tear it up!
These two useless boys! If you can’t give it to me.
– No mother, if they want it. Does that mean you
will leave the house? Yes, mom. What is the use of a house
when they have no space.. ..for me in their hearts? Ratan, where will you
stay if you leave this house? In the orphanage. You will live in the orphanage? Yes mother. Those who live
in that orphanage are orphans. They have no parents. I too.. No, Ratan, no!
– Give me the pen. No, mom. Let me sign it.
– Give it to me. No, mom.
– No. Listen to me.
– Mom, wait. Listen to me. You won’t sign it.
– Mom… Ratan.
– Give me the pen. Take it.
– Ratan, listen to me. Ratan, please don’t.
– Mom, allow me to sign it. Let me sign this plot
that they have hatched. Don’t, son. Mother. Mother. Mother, mother! What’s the matter, why are you shouting
for mother early in the morning? I can’t find mother, where is she? We’ll look for our mother,
you can go now. Can’t I just touch
her feet before going? Look, you’re the eldest son. Mother may not be able
to bear to see you go. So she must be hiding somewhere. You go, we will handle it.
Don’t worry. Go. Okay. Mother? I was looking for you inside,
but you’re here. You wouldn’t have taken
me along if I had asked you to. So, I came here when it was dark
and have been waiting for you. Mother, you are Tapan
and Swapan’s mother. Why would you leave them? Am I just their mother,
not your mother? Mother, your leaving with
me doesn’t look good, you know. They will think that I’ve
snatched their mother away from them. I don’t care what they think,
come now, get into the auto. If I don’t go,
who will take care of you? Sister and many others
are there to take care of me. Here, there is no one except
you to take care of Tapan and Swapan. Forget them, have they
even bothered to find out where.. ..their mother has gone. Go and see,
they must have gone back to sleep. Mother, I think you’re wrong. Wait. Brother. Brother. Why are you calling those
who threw you out of the house? Come here. Hey, you left the
house a long time back! Haven’t you left yet? Why were you calling us? Mother is waiting in the
auto saying she will go with me. Take her and go inside. Move! Mother, come down. You will leave your own
sons and go with your stepson? You’re right. Instead of staying
with my own sons who are liars. I’d rather go with my honest stepson. Go! You’ve thrown out
a god-like brother like him. I don’t want to see you again! Listen, don’t mind what mother said,
she’s angry. Go, take mother inside. Mother, come down. Mother, come out! Come on. Mom, get down. No matter how hard you try,
I won’t come until I am alive. Kill me first. Then, you can take my dead body! Alright, you take mother with you. If we give a salary of 300~400 rupees,
we will get many.. ..servants like mother
who can cook and clean for us. What did you say? Mother, a servant? Mother, take this, give it to them. How do you like it, mother? It’s wonderful!
I feel I’ve come to a land of flowers! It’s wonderful!
– Here, give them. Aunt! Bless me. Dear, bless you. Mom, she is our sister. She takes care of this orphanage. From now on, I’m responsible
for their food and nourishment. You will take care of the teaching.
– Okay. Mother. She is the one who taught
me to read and write. Yes. Guru, give me the auto key,
I’ll take a spin inside. The key is inside, drive carefully.
– Okay. Aunt, let’s go inside.
– Okay. Mother, go in, I’ll get all the stuff. Drive carefully! Come on, children. Go inside. Go on. Sister Jhilik, you here?
Come in. Come in, come in. Have a seat. I won’t sit, please call Ratan. Brother, doesn’t live here anymore. Doesn’t live here? We had promised your father,
if he doesn’t cooperate with.. ..your father we’d
teach Ratan a lesson. So, we’ve thrown out auto-driver
brother from the house! He left with mother. Ratan.. What are you saying? In a way,
we threw him out on his ears! Dad, what’s this? You said you’re the
smartest politician in the entire world. Why, what happened? How much have you paid,
Ratan’s brothers Swapan and Tapan? Around 10,000 to 15,000
a few times. Why? They had said, sooner or later, they
would bring Ratan over to my side. Just like you cheat people
to get votes, similarly they’ve.. ..taken you for a ride
and taken all of your money. They have no connection
with Ratan whatsoever! Ratan has left home. They said just the other
day that they have almost.. ..brought him round. Oh no! Don’t ever say, there
is no leader as intelligent as you. I feel you’re the stupidest
politician ever. Hey Shyama! Babla! Get that Tapan and Swapan
to return my money today itself! He they don’t give the money,
thrash them. It’s good we threw him out! Now, there is no worry. You’re right.
– Don’t worry. Tapan, return all the money
that you’ve taken from brother. Give me the money. Let me go!
– Return the money and take her! Come. Get mother back and come home,
brother. Brother, forgive us. Brother, I’m the cause of all trouble. Come back home, brother. It’s not possible
for me to return home. But remember this. Even if you don’t think
of me in good times.. Do remember me in crises situations. I’ll surely come. Ratan’s group is now
running the orphanage. You won’t be able to remove
a single child from there. You mean,
I lose so much land and the house? Wait, I’ll come up with something
to vacate the orphanage for you. Ratan! What’s the matter, mother? Come quickly!
Tanu is unconscious again! Doctor! I will give an injection, bring it now. Give it to me, I’ll get it. You’ll go. You stay here, guru.
I can drive the auto now. I’ll be back in no time. Here’s the key. Come.
– Come. Hello? Tell me what are you doing? I’ve fit a time bomb in the auto. It will go off exactly at 4 o’clock! There is nothing to worry, sir.
I’ve fit it in the right place. Jhilik.
– Yes. Where are you going? I’ll be back soon, father. I hope the bomb is
not visible from outside. You are here? I didn’t see your auto
outside and panicked. Why? My father’s goons.. ..have fit a time bomb to your auto. Time bomb? It will go off exactly at 4 o’clock. Okay. Look guru, I’ve the injection!
What are you doing here? I’ve learnt to drive the auto! Chhotu, come away! You can’t get me now!
– Chhotu! Chhotu, get off, come away! Chhotu. Where are all of you,
swine, come soon! Hey! “Guru, you’re my mother and father.” “I don’t want to live without my guru.” “Hence, I didn’t miss my father.” “Hence, I didn’t miss my father.” You will marry your lover. Will you forget me
after you get married? Stop it, you silly. You’re my soul. Can soul be separated
from the body? Guru, when you get married,
I will have the most fun. The marriage fire will burn,
the priest will be chanting. I will only keep watching
the two of you. I will put your hand
in sister Jhilik’s hand, okay? He was very keen
on seeing you married. He gave his life. So you could be together.

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