#CursoPR Queres MESMO ser TRADER desportivo? – Comparação com mercado de ações

I already had the opportunity to speak
about this topic in some places, especially when they ask me, when they invite me to speak
at congresses or universities, they ask me to address these topics further. So I’m going to tell you a little bit about this. They are the advantages and disadvantages
of being professional traders. I imagine that all of you who
are here like betting. I imagine you all would like to become
professional traders one day. That is, to do nothing else in life and make money
only from betting. It’s possible. There are some professional traders in
this room, beyond me, that I identify. But you will have to be aware
that this is a occupation that has advantages and disadvantages. And that is not for everyone! I can start quickly … I don’t think it will have much interest
here but I can tell you quickly, by comparison with the stock trader or financial markets, in general, be it coins or whatever,
of Forex, whatever it is, the specific betting market is a market that presents a more
evident cause-effect relationship, than the stock market, for example. To give you a quick example,
in the stock market, if a news comes up, with the financial
results of a particular company, it can mean,
for certain analysts, that the company’s stock should
rise because it made a profit. For others, it should not go up
or down. It should be the same. It was the profit they were expecting while for others it may even mean
that the stock should go down because although the company has
profits, they were waiting for more. What I’m doing is giving you an
example of relevant news, such as the disclosure of results, that can be interpreted
in different ways. In our case, what interests you, in betting there is no such
double or triple interpretation. If, for example, Messi gets injured, we know that this is a
bad news for Barcelona. We know that Barcelona’s odd
has to go up. There is no second
 possible interpretation. There is no one who says:
“Wait a minute, now Messi is injured, Messi’s substitute will come in
to try hard to replace Messi.” This is not a possible approach. So if Messi gets injured,
it can only mean one thing: Barcelona’s odds have to go up. If Messi is on the bench
and jump into the warm-up, it means one thing:
Barcelona’s odds will go down. We, the Portuguese, had
a very evident example of this cause-effect relationship
and, precisely, with Messi, and that’s why I’m telling you this, in the last game of Benfica
 against Barcelona. It was impressive! The variation of Barcelona’s odd … In the last game, Messi
did not start playing as a starter. As soon as he started the warm-up,
Barcelona’s odds started to go down, to go down and finally when Messi
came in it went down one last time. It’s really amazing the variation
that the Barcelona’s odd suffered, because Messi gives his
contribution to Barcelona. That is, the cause-effect relationship
is much more evident in betting. What does this all mean?
It means that it’s easier for us, professional traders,
to study the betting market, than properly studying,
to try to understand, the stock market, that it is difficult to do it in another
way that is not in a team. It takes several people,
specialists in several subjects, that master several areas,
so a multidisciplinary team to be able to take advantage
 of the stock market. In betting this can be done individually.
 It is an advantage that we have. Anyway … I made this PowerPoint a few years ago and there was not yet this
question of taxes in Portugal. Anyway, in Portugal, at this moment,
this is a topic that, as you know, is being discussed. There is a new law that is being drawn up. I can tell you that this
 week I went to parliament, at the invitation of a parliamentary group,
to give my opinion on this subject, to give my contribution
about this topic. In Portugal, it is not yet established but in London, across the UK, we, the professional traders,
we don’t pay taxes of the profits we get from betting. The bookmakers pay an extra
tax and we, gamblers, don’t pay but in the case of profits in the
stock market we have to pay. We have to pay taxes. That is, if you are equally good
in both areas, in stocks and betting, at least in betting you
have this tax advantage. You have a more advantageous tax treatment. And then finally, this on a personal level, isn’t it? There will probably be people
that think differently but they will have to take into
account that we are really lucky to be able to watch football
games and make money from it, for those who like football and
for who likes trading in football. Anyone who likes trading in
tennis, is an asset, really, it’s more fun to be watching tennis,
football games, boxing, formula 1, whatever it is, than being
analyze reports and accounts, balance sheets, financial statements
results, it’s not so much fun. To bet we have to take into
account, at least one bookmaker. Which bookmaker should I choose? I should choose those that
offer the product I’m looking for. For example, if I like betting
on the NBA more, I should take into account that
the bookmaker I choose have offer on this sport. I should have more
than one bookmaker? Some bookmakers offer, periodically,
bonuses and promotions, that we can only enjoy if
we have multiple accounts. But the main advantage of having
open account at several bookmakers is to be able to bet with the
best available prize. For example, for this game,
if I want to Back Lille, I can get more money by betting
on bet365, at the odd of 2.75, instead of betting at 2.50,
which is William Hill’s odd. But if my analysis
indicated to bet on Everton, I should place my bet on
William Hill at an odd of 2.90 because I make more than doing
that same bet, on bet365, where they only offer me an odd of 2.80. We should always look for the best
odd for the bet we want to make because adding 1% more on each bet with the demand for a 1% higher odd, after 10 bets, we will have
more than 10% profitability.

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  3. A very good video! Could you please make the next videos a little bit longer like 15-20 min it would be alot better thanks.

  4. Paulo há possibilidades de fazer dinheiro fazendo apostas múltiplas? Vejo muitos apostadores não fazendo, você já se deu bem fazendo apostas múltiplas?

  5. Ha sempre uma segunda interpretacao.. ainda mais no futebol onde a bola é redonda… os mercados financeiros, em específico forex, mercado de moedas, nao é so as noticias.. as analises tecnicas com base na acao do preco sao bastante lucrativas

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