Curfew: Social Distancing in Sri Lanka

hi guys hi from Sri Lanka
I’m originally from Ukraine and my boyfriend is from Turkey and now in this
hard quarantine times we stay in Sri Lanka we stay in the south part of this
country in Weligama and actually our plan was to come here and to do surf as
much as possible so we were planning to go to surf every day, improve ourselves
in this way and next month we were planning to visit our friends, because we
start our journey last year from exactly this country so I loved it so much and
wanted to see our friends in different cities. we planned, we talked, we called to
them and that was our plan, but now we stay in curfew so this is the fourth day
and what does it mean? it means that all cafes, restaurants, food stores are closed.
the beach is closed. you can’t go there because police is there and controlling
all the people, so we need to stay at home all these times and we stayed like
three days and we were hoping that it will be finished, but they make a small
break that we were able to go to the shopping, buy some food and again they
closed us for three days. of course, we can’t go to the ocean, we can’t visit our friends,
but generally our plan was come to Sri Lanka, stay around 2 months and after that
moved to Ukraine. I don’t know if this the plan will come true, we will see, but for
now actually like to stay in Sri Lanka our plan didn’t change. a lot of people
comes from all over the world here – Weligama to surf and see this
beautiful country, this nature, waterfalls temples and so on, but everybody
needs to stay home and don’t go outside so what do we do in these times? we
actually do our job, because as you might know we are digital nomads. I do interior
design and Engin does video editing. of course it’s nice
that we can continue our work on our projects, but what will be later – nobody
knows. for now, yeah. I was first two days of curfew I was finishing my project, I
worked hard and Engin was going shopping and all those things, but now I’m more
free and we have time. we need to cook, we can play games. yesterday during our
small break we went to shopping go to to the ocean, we enjoy it so
much, it was nice and we will see there left three more days, we will see
what will happen. now I want to show you a bit what do we have in our house. so
this is our area, where we can eat luckily we have a kitchen, our kitchen,
yes, we can cook as well and this is very important.
I don’t know what people can do who doesn’t have a kitchen. here our chill
out, chill out area, maybe you see it in a previous video young bloggers, we stay with a family
from Latvia and now they are staying also here for one more month. the kids
should stud,y parents should wor,k so yeah as you can see everyone has a huge
challenge. so luckily we have a really good house, it’s a big area, we have a
kitchen, we have a place where to eat, we have a nice green garden and area for
chill-out and our rooms really fresh and pleasant to stay. but can you imagine how
many people come to travel and they ran just one room or they stay in a hostel
and they don’t have a kitchen. so it’s much harder to survive. but today it was
nice also feeling that car with a bread was passing her,e so they started a
bit to sell some food. and actually we made a deal with our neighbor cafe,
it’s really close to our house and they can cook for us and it’s also made it
mach easier but anywa,y of course, we should
stay at home and be carefull these days stay healthy, stay safe and stay home. see you
in the next video!

25 Replies to “Curfew: Social Distancing in Sri Lanka”

  1. Seni anlamıyorum ama sizi takip etmek dinlemek hoşuma gittiği gibi bende fikirler uyandırıyor ;))

  2. Lena what a great place! Enjoy your chill out. Btw congratulations that you finished (almost) your project. I’d love to see finished work.
    Who can mind you go to your favourite country to do surf and goverment tells stay at home 😹

  3. Videoda türkçe altyazı mevcuttur arkadaşlar, İyi seyirler.
    Güzel mesajlarınız için teşekkür ederiz burada her şey yolunda. 🙂

  4. Hi guys! What do you do at home these days? Share with us, we need ideas 🙂
    Merhaba millet! Bugünlerde evde ne yapıyorsun? Bizimle paylaşın, fikirlere ihtiyacımız var 🙂

  5. Elena Hi 👋🏻 I heard first time your plans after Sri Lanka in this video) After that you will live together at Ukraine 🇺🇦? Or you will live in Olimpos/Antalya?) By the way When I hear about Ukraine, I think 2 person; 1) Maruv 2) Elena Anikina 👍🏻 I wish you continued success…

  6. Lenanın videolarını ilk önce olduğu gibi izliyorum. Sonra altyazılarda izleyip kendimi test ediyorum. Bu şekilde izlemek beni geliştiriyor gibi hissediyorum.

  7. Интересные хроники. Лена, желаю, чтобы была возможность выехать из страны к тому моменту, когда закончится виза

  8. Many Sri Lankans returned to the country from Italy recently. More than 5000 Sri Lankans from Italy, more than 10000 from South Korea… nearly 1000 ppl who came from Italy went home with out quarantining… that's why curfew is declared to found them before they spreading the virus in the country… Sri Lanka has 100 infected patients currently. Most of them found in quarantining centers… After curfew declared infection speed has came down which is good… Curfew will be removed in a few days…..
    Whole world has many problems and travel restrictions due to Covid19 😨
    Stay safe dear. You can have fun in the place where you stayed…

  9. sağlıklı olmanız, yiyecek sıkıntısı çekmiyor olmanız ve mutlu olmanız bizi sevindirir, kendinize ve etrafınıza dikkat edin. kısa da olsa sık sık video paylaşın…

  10. Now. Your boyfriend is from turkey. After from another country. Ukraine girls as usual famous for switching husbands and boyfriends even faster than covid19

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