CUBE BUT DEADLY – Kobolds And Catacombs – Constructed

it's the lab man so now that I think about with Valen I need to specifically have firefly in my hand otherwise it's generally not good enough but I guess that means I can just choose not to play Firefly in the matchups where I climbed to go that strategy and then it's a specific the prophet velen Firefly combi where Firefly is kind of like my mind blessed because fireflies dealing eight damage whereas mine blast only deals 14 damage usually Balin can really only add so much damage realistically in this time aim is we've got the classic one two three at this deck somehow divided we not have enough rip one drop two drop patches hitting three three still not good enough how unfortunate no but I'll draw a card on the way out used to forget about this all the time so the main benefit of playing this deck in this fashion is obviously because of Kazakh Strasse and doing but it might be possible that that just isn't even worth it but it means we can't plate all these cards is it outclassed well well okay it's big spell Mitch focus text time to be better right well unless you have a really good reason for not focusing it's just a question of whether or not this is a really good reason this kind of wants to aim it doomsayer maybe I bet this is gonna blow his mind it's looks like a dragon crease the whole time if I get hands like this like this is obviously ridiculously powerful at least this is a really good hand possibly could have left Illidan up since I have the primordial Drake Senate trunk trade the first step is to realize you have a problem there goes the world unless he gets the polymorph maybe I should have helped back on the Charter never draw the summon air at the archivist never and ever seven okay so if I'm shadow Reaper Anduin I currently have two 6:14 damage shall Reaper Wow by Jove we've actually done it now I definitely should have feel chain-gang oops okay so I've actually got a free from Amber and mind control in here I've got the 4 to 6 10 14 damage burst 18 if I draw another one drop so that's not really impressive enough to justify keeping this around probably so it's always mind control by my frozen heart total darkness will be my revenge he's like really did you put that in your deck for exactly one mind-control if I draw the other course there I actually have 22 maybe it's double check – 6 10 14 18 yeah 22 waffle wait but right now I have I have a team and to not be hitting the minions right now pyroblast nope 18 plus 5 can we do it push it to the limit alright I suck but hey we wrote the block that's something Oh cuz I guess I think breaking the block isn't good enough I actually have to stop myself from dying okay so I actually have 2 6 10 14 18 28 damage burst somehow is this duck so therefore I can not spend some of it but I do need to Oh hold on telling you okay wait I don't what counted anyways I need to use it to clear the board unfortunately oh my god it's favor I oh that duck doesn't even run ice block usually that's right oh my god I might have been wrong and say it this was the strongest deck in the meta its strongest Deck ever created oops run a controversial opinion across you guys think patches is weak right now I really have you played like a sec deck I think we've got a strongest Deck ever created in hearthstone right now it's cube block and that card the sois patches that deck sorry sorry wall run run that one past me again true hue block destroys patches no the pitbull that it's the strongest deck in her forever in her step it's pretty strong like oh I'm not not one to say I'm not at your lip I mean there's claims without practicing the meta Anna now we hands a good deck but definitely is it scanners I see like a five-way free-for-all among dykes right now from Maine ducks but our goal is to reach the truth that lies beyond the truth this is kind of a potion of madness bait it's pretty tempting to steal that there beetle I would like to think that if I were playing rasa Priest I would have the patience not to do it because I knew possessed like he was coming I'd like to think that but I know my mom if you are no risk you can dart pack this thing but if you'll secure enough that this will find a way to die okay there's silence sure that's kind of a thing oops that's kind of a thing I'm kind of done that did kind of need to die could have cubed it but I said not to just to get rid of cards I guess so in this matchup I imagine that the wind is most likely to happen by basically getting your combo off before their combo now we have three out of we have four out of the five pieces of the combo but I do need to dig aggressively for it I do believe that this is fine it's possible that it's actually bad for me to become blood river because it's all about the speed at which I can draw cards from my deck so I could actually do something like not anymore do I want to play Blood River gold that's a tough question it is just a matter of cycling it really is but usually it's so right to play blood miracle done but I'm fairly convinced that I'm just gonna get burst so I think blood RiRi will done is actually worse but how am I supposed to well I can do quail here and that is a that's a rough realization to me I realize that your only chance of winning is to actually come by them damn that fast I think this is the right call to make and we just want to draw as much as possible what role that card their way just realized and even draw a card this turn but I did cast a bunch of cards which is essential in order to draw cards as a fun witcha may call it Clem Fiesta – I basically have to draw into the skull of the Minari as fast as I possibly can or possessed Blackie could pull doomguard and that might work on say hey this was actually I should have played that first oh my god this skull punished but do be fair there's a void Lord in the way which means I couldn't actually clinical actually not punished because I wouldn't have played this school year it would have been not possible to get through that void Lord so the opponent's setup turn is playing shadow Reaper and ruin my setup turn is playing school the Minari but they also need a turn to set up for aza so I think I've won but my setup also requires getting them down to 2500 outside you avoid lloyd okay I do need to trade this in first because otherwise I might not get doomguard 31 32 no it's nothing not lethal it does get me through that for now okay that sets me up to do lethal all right fifty-fifty but he hasn't played rasa so I'm gonna survive next turn anyways that's fine I guess this means I can play Blood River gold on since I have everything it's just a school of summoning Doom guard waiting room sure wait a second this is actually bad because I filled up the board wait a second how many spaces do I need for this combo and you need a total of five spots available which means I'm fine since the two wood Lords are okay so the pro play here on his side would be to somehow cool off his own guys I need four spots Umbra doomguard no sorry this summons the gym guy Umbra a carnivorous cube the demon guard I think you need five I could definitely be around but we got there just perfectly enough yeah you need five spots Wow that's one of the games for Umbra winsy that is off does not when you

34 Replies to “CUBE BUT DEADLY – Kobolds And Catacombs – Constructed”

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  2. thank you for making me craft 2 cubes and play a lowbob cubelock
    value overload but kinda sucks against aggro …
    where is the balance blizzard? D:

  3. After watching the first half of the video I was wondering if it was supposed to be "Cute but Deadly" 😀

  4. 19:45 if his opponent would have killed a void lord instead of what he did then Trump wouldnt have room to combo kill him…

  5. WTF was that play at 9:55 trump? Play the mistress and ping the 2/2 gives an extra 5 damage, 1 if she kills the mistress.

  6. Hope this deck sticks. By some dumb luck, I managed to pull the exact legends and epics needed to build it.

  7. trump doesnt feel the need to heal at 8 life against a Mage that also played 2 cabalyst tomes….
    jesus how is this noob even able to get past rank 10

  8. I'm missing the Prince and 1 twisting nether to build this cube lock deck, but I have Oakheart. Any suggestions on what I should add and/or take out?

  9. Wouldn't the strongest deck ever be Undertaker Hunter or Patron Warrior? I felt like I never won vs those decks.

  10. Expects a secret from Shimmering Tempest to be EXACTLY Iceblock and doesn't play around any other secrets. That's a professional Hearthstone player for you, ladies and gentlemen.

  11. Fuck these stupid ass decks where the opponent has no way of ever responding. Fuck Otk decks sideways with a rake.

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