CSA Jobs Promotional Video! Winter 2012

Hi, my name is Mackenzie Brown and I’m the education and coordinator with Meal Exchange, with the CSA. Hi there, my name is Zoe Arghandawal and I’m the Student Help and Advocacy Centre Volunteer Coodinator Hi, my name is Dave Strachan. I’m the CSA Bike Centre Central Coordinator. My name is Krisandra Ivings, and I’m the Public Relations Coodinator for Safewalk. Meal Exchange is not-for profit agency that organizes
student led initiatives to fight global hunger issues. The Student Help and Advocacy Centre is a referral and advocacy centre, providing students with a safe place to ask any questions they’d like. The Bike Centre is a space on campus where students can bring their bikes. Where we help them to lean how to fix them themselves. Safe Walk is a program on campus that walks students home at night, so they don’t have to walk alone… …back to their residence or back to their car in the parking lot. I help to get students involved in the promotion of all the meal exchange events. We run posters, we do banners, and I come up with educational pieces for each week to help broaden their views on hunger issues. As a Volunteer Coordinator I help recruit and train SHAC volunteers in the main tenants of SHAC. In addition to that, I log hours, I schedule… …and I manage the volunteer cohort. As the Central Coordinator, my job is to be the primary liaison between the service and the students on campus… …and other bike related organizations. As a Public Relations Coordinator, I organize all of the advertising that goes on with safewalk. So any of the volunteer recruitment, any posters that are up, and I help out with the events, and such. I like my job because I get to meet the people in the community that I’m
helping and it’s very rewarding. The best part about my job is the cross-section of management and student engagement… I have a really good cohort of students that I’m working with this year who are very socially and politically engaged. This is a very rewarding experience. What I like most about my job is that I’m helping students to learn something new… and at the same time we’re taking more cars off the road, helping people to be self-sufficient. I really like that it is a safety initiative on campus. I like that I feel like I’m
helping the community. I also really like working for the CSA, it’s a lot of fun you get to meet a lot of new people that are really great.

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