Creating a game in Construct 2 from scratch: part 10

hi everyone we're back with our next installment of the series where we are creating a retro style pixel art game from scratch in construct construct 2 specifically and with me as always is Corey say hi Corey hey as my god and we did want to mention Corey and I both happen to have mostly open schedule for the next something like 5 to 7 days so we decided we would change things up and see if we can do a really focused kind of sprint if you're familiar with the agile system of sprints and scrums scrums our meeting Sprint's are a length of time where you game develop and so what we're gonna try to do is see how much of this game we can get made within those next 5 to 7 days so it's going to be a really hectic development cycle and editing these big step-by-step videos takes a long time so over the next several days what we plan to do is while we're going to record a lot of the work we're doing on the game I won't edit them into videos until after this five to seven day cycle so instead I'll just be doing a daily update video just explaining what we managed to get done on a particular day yeah and then we're going to once we're through that five to seven day sprint then I will start editing and uploading those videos to sort of catch everyone back up to the actual step-by-step process we took to add that logic and behavior to the game all right so let's dive into what we're going to be doing hopefully in this video and that is where we left off you can now earn these power-ups that come the heart already works you can grab it and it gives you back a little bit of health but currently nothing happens when you overlap when you grab or should be grabbing the firepower powerup so we need to make that happen so the first thing we're going to do is go into gameplay events and I'm going to go up to the top and we're going to create a new global value which will keep track of your power level so we're going to add global variable I'm going to call it fire power we'll have to think about what we're going to do later on because I think what we might want to do is have maybe each level have a different power that you get mm-hmm that's that's currently what's in my mind so eventually we I don't know if we'll want a different variable to keep track of each one or I think what's just gonna happen is at the end of this level you're just gonna lose that power and then you'll have to earn the new power in the next level kind of like altered beast realm so for now this one variable is fine and it starts at zero because you just have the regular call it so that's the first step and then what we can do is I can search for let me actually see what that item is called the health because we can copy that event so health pickup so I'm just copying the name of that and then I'm going into game play events and I'm going to go up here and search and paste that and here it is health pickup on collision so one thing that I did since we made this code was we added your art you created an animation for any item that gets grabs like a little flash effect so li- will add that before we copy this line of code so I'm going to add an action and we are going to have that health pickup spawn an item so health pickup and I think it's called spawn let's see yep under miscellaneous pun another object and then we pick the object and let's see what did I call it I think it's a grab rattle eyelash there you go G and then image points arrow that's good so we should do that before we destroy the health pick up and it does have some other sub events we can't see at the moment so let's clear this and look at 106 just to see what else happens okay so it just adds to the hit points and then updates the health meter okay we don't even need that stuff so you see yeah we will just deselect this so when I copy and then I can paste Oh interesting it didn't realize I deselect it I guess that could be considered a bug alright so now what we're gonna do is replace objects health pick up with the fleeing pickup and so I already have a sound effect apparently and it creates that and it destroys the pickup that's good but the next thing we need to do is we need to add it's going to add to a firepower one and that's it for that save progress all right so now that he should be able to actually collect it and there's a variable keeping track of whether or not he has this firepower the problem is there's not going to be any visual way to see that this is working and obviously we want it to affect the special effect of his attack and how those attacks affect enemies so the next step is going to be to go to the spriter layer and find this object which is called attack effect so I'm just going to grab that name go into game play events lease that in and then we can find everywhere that spawns the object which is right here this is for the standard attack I believe yeah so what we need to do is this will it gets created no matter what which is fine and this basically makes it face the right way but depending on which way you're facing but what we need to do is add a sub event so we're gonna add blank sub event and we're gonna bring this up to the top what we want to do is now check to see if basically see what the level is firepower if any and update the animation accordingly so it's going to be let's see and another condition and it's going to compare the variable firepower is we'll do it one step at a time is equal to one okay so if it's equal to one what we want to do is take that what is it called attack blur I think oops that SEC effect there you thank you so attack effect so what we're gonna do is we are going to set its animation set animation to one and then whatever it is called hold on the second one it's just I've got to find what the exact name is the easiest thing to do is just double click in here and right click and choose rename and then I can just copy and paste go back here alright so this should be this and I don't you see we can do I think what we will do is make it stay the same looking as far as visual representation of its power level it'll stay looking the same for the first two increases to its power level but in last fly out farther and do a bit more damage and then when you get the third then it actually updates how it looks as well and then it'll go out even a little further and then the fourth will be the same appearance but it goes further still and does more damage still at least that's what I'm thinking right now so let's see and let's also look at whether or not it's speed bullet speed 10 enabled so is already moving theoretically when it is spawned oops wrong event sheet so let's see we're not stopping it we're just changing its direction so apparently it does already fly out a little bit even when it's just the regular thing so it's just gonna be a matter of increasing the speed so I'm going to go in here and I'm gonna choose attack effect and then under bullet set speed so the first normal one is 10 so we'll make it 15 so one and a half times faster and then that's fine fire party was – same thing same animation it'll go out a little farther some 20 and three and we will now change the animation – to just visual power level two and then scroll a little bit more to five and then finally we will do is greater or we'll just do greater than three so now it's four five six seven whatever that'll be like the next out firepower mm-hm and we'll do thirty okay so we got ready to run it and see if it works you grab my backward controller that will confuse me oops wrong frame okay another verse you don't have to go okay yes I grabbed it and yeah now I have the flame on it so I just need to grab more well it certainly seems to be working nice I see a problem though yes okay so I remember what we did we have a an event elsewhere that says if animation is default then you make the object stick right in front of the player they get on times in a specific place but you can see now that that's not having effect because the because it's not in an animation default it looks fine when you're sitting still but when you're moving forward then you can actually oh it's fine also when you're walking on the ground because as you can see the because you stop it goes out ahead of you the way you expect but when you're moving in the air forward you can actually go right inside of it it doesn't come out right so what we're gonna need to do is figure out how to add the speed that we want it to be plus the speed of the player so let's see if that'll work like if we just use that raw logic hopefully the same speed numerical speed values apply to both the the platform behavior as well as bullet speed so let's see if that works so instead of just doing these hard-coded numbers here we are going to do that would be the player box vector X that is the current moving speed Plus so I'm just gonna grab this click done paste that there so hopefully what this will do is make it look and feel right even if you're moving it'll always be moving out roughly that much faster than you I think that makes sense let's see let's see how it does once again not bad looks like if it's not completely right it's mostly right oops well it's a little off because it it still seems to get high over lighting a lot you know I don't know like and there's a little border clinic see there so it's all vertical fix all that I can do that I can only set its white to match the player that's no problem no matter what the animation is but as far as horizontally it's it's definitely staying in front of them which is good but it shouldn't see mess up a tiny bit more like he's not completely overlapping it but see it looks like it's working correctly when he's moving right but left it seems to be different like oh yeah absolute value yeah yeah yeah because he's moving that way I need a negative do I need negative numbers that's interesting I wouldn't have thought so well I'll bet you vector X is a negative number so we need we need yes we need absolute value of player box good good job catching this stuff by the way you're saving us time so I think it's EBS parentheses right so because if you're going left it's a negative number and that's slowing down thing this should fix and then actually before I do that it did also seem like it still wasn't quite perfect so I'm gonna do the absolute value player vector X and then I'm gonna do x 1.1 which will give it like a 10 percent speed increase mm-hmm okay in well or attic we – will also handle the the Y issue as well so somewhere you'll see it it'll say if animation is Oh set position here it is so it's for default or air Bosch currently it's setting the position so what we want is player box Y minus 24 that's pretty easy to remember so what we want to do is always so we're going to just add on a insert new with it above and we're going to say let's so I guess it won't matter we'll just do every tick and we're going to take the attack effect and we're going to set its Y and it's going to be the player box Y minus 24 okay let us and then I guess that you mind the spray der layout again well I was gonna say God do you have to do you now need to remove that other piece of code no because they technically they're doing the same thing on the why see it stays with it now on the why and it goes out okay you know it's still I think oh that was weird when I looked around it doesn't whip around with you question is should it if it if it stays with you on the why it should so that's the question do we want it to stay with you in the Y or is it its own thing when it leaves your attempt there anything since its flame so I get home no no is this I mean I would think it would it probably should stick to the player you know I mean for gameplay purposes right so in that case though you'd be able to whip around and it would teleport to the other side of you so let's try that actually let me restart I forgot what the behavior is with the regular one if you would flip around in the air you know to me oops oh yeah it does alright so that is the default behavior just instantly whips around but it stops doing that okay so we can just copy so what do we need to do with it that's gonna be a little tricky though okay we need to do this a different way which is no big deal let's see so what we're gonna do is we're going to instead of using bullet speed for it we're going to have a variable which is its current X position away from the player uh-huh and that value is going to automatically increase itself by this speed every frame like every 50th of a second or something right and then it's going to be just adjusting its Y position it's gonna stick it to the player but it's X it's going to be the player plus that or minus that depending on if the players facing left or right doesn't make sense so but what that means is let's see that variable again right that I mean this expression here this C right here so we're gonna make it we can get rid of this because it's always going to be the same you can see it's always the same and we're just gonna add that variable into the X equation alright so it's right now minus 16 so it's gonna be minus parenthesis 16 plus and then whatever that ever-growing value is for the attack effect so we can replace this alright so I'm going to remove our block and we're gonna get rid of these now that means every tick but it looks nicer and is easier to understand if we put that there there we go all right so every tick that's all good so but what we need to do is and that but we need to create the variable first and we no longer need this at all and so now it's in spriter it's this and let's see here we want instance variables and X from layer and I'm gonna make another variable called thanks speed and I'm gonna misspell speed on purpose just in case that's necessary and its default will be zero for when it's default okay so now so in these things instead of setting the bullet speed what we are going to do is we're gonna make let's see we're going to set its variable I think here yeah yeah we're gonna set its X speed variable speed we're gonna set that to that number so 15 and get rid of that copy and paste this a bunch of times 2025 oops fifteen Connie fine and get rid of this so now we don't need a bullet speed for this at all I think yeah and we don't need to set its angle of motion we just need to set it mirrored or not so this is now useless okay and then going back to where is it yeah set merit or not and then where is that event that sets oh yeah every tickets right here sets its position what we're going to do is first we are going to I actually will do another every tip out there for that same thing so where is that every tick here it is actually no we can't do it every tick hold on a second all right we're gonna need a new new in action so and a new event above and it's gonna be let's see I guess compared to values no we're just gonna check if one of these things exist so count is greater than zero I think only one can exist at a time but just in case so so long is one of these exists then and another condition and we're gonna do every so many fractions of a second which how do you do a 50th of a second 0.02 yeah yeah all right so every 50th of a second we are going to increase that value so we're going to add 2x from player we're going to add X speed does that make sense yes so we're we're telling you it's movement speed by when depending on its power level and then we're actually changing the X offset value by increasing it with that speed amount and then what we need to do is that here where it sets the x and y we can do player box yeah so we're just gonna do -16 plus and then we have the distance from player X from player and then the same thing here this might be too fast I just realized I think those speeds that we set were based originally on the bliz speed which is pixels per second and we're doing 50 times a second so it'll be 50 times faster I'm pretty sure so we need to they'll shoot across the screen and let you speed if I'm correct which I think I am so we'll have CEA's we'll have to correct for that but I'll run it and just to see if I'm if I'm correct plus it'll be funny so let's see so 16 plus well maybe maybe that'll eventually be one of its power yeah exactly so of course I know we weren't going for that yeah there was one time I was I was making a game a long time ago prototyping a game and accidental behavior from code was a real it was like a spaceship shmup like a vertical scrolling shmup and the accidental behavior created by these this bullet wave was really cool like ended up designing it into the game just like tweaking the bug a tiny bit there like the unexpected behavior which is a form of Bhagat ended up being a cool discovery something I would have never imagined or would have been able to program if I tried but just the accidental bug behaved this way I was like oh that's cool anyway so let's get that variable here extra player there we go all right so these they should just zoom right across the screen at crazy speeds I mean they shouldn't but it will rain oh darn it but it will right now you think and we'll just have to reduce those numbers take that Birdman whoa look at that can you see it even with the ski out there fast that is yeah it's pretty cool but alright so we just need to go into the gameplay events and tweak all those numbers the thing is you have a calculator handy what's 15 divided by 50 0 point what oh we would just cut it in half right and then right yeah zero point zero that so it would be basically 0.75 or point 0 75 I think well it's it's 0.3 it's what you would do is double it and then and then move the decimal son okay zero points rack spaces yeah okay so and then 20/50 would be forty two point word and point zero four no just point four right or I guess get it at the zero first and then 25 would be five zero point five and six math is our friends friend I pluralized math for some reason I must be turning British maths see here not that there's anything wrong with that all right that seems seems to be about right yeah okay before yeah yep well it's definitely working so now it's just a matter of tweaking those numbers that definitely goes up more as you get higher ups and then it stops like that's as much out as a little dose I mean we might want to make it able to go out further than that but the important thing is it's working oh yeah we did not do it yet for Bosch so let's do it now for air Bosch I mean all right so now that that's working we just need to grab all of this that checks on the firepower and we can just copy it right into the air Bosch trigger under here but before the mirrored stuff not that that matters really it would work if it were under the marriage stuff too this is once again no longer needed we just need to change these animation names so I know it's something similar but I don't remember exactly what it is so let's do the same trick of copying and pasting the name so it's just air Bosch did I misspell airs at a typo yeah it looks like a typo down here looks like AE is that Eva she hey I are sorry Rini okay so come here and so yep so this will be that with one same thing one and here with the two left yep good you know I think Airbus is a pretty good title for the game there we go barbarian air bash bonanza yes mm you gonna have that Street deluxe straight to there yeah after that like straight to bargain been named in that format made by committee named by committee where is it oops running the wrong frame Wow Wow I didn't I didn't change what layup quit runnin the snow level that was supposed to be a secret level I ruined it really annoys me when it doesn't pop up okay let's kill this bird man wrap it and we will air bash a bet of the air or another that Oh Falcon okay it worked of course now the issue is it doesn't have any additional effect it behaves exactly like the normal version so that's what we have to fix next so we need to do this we need to figure out how to isolate those events that are specific to the what does it call attack effect so we will go back into the events we will I knew I know I didn't have to clear it and then put it back in but I'm just tired we'll call that a brain fart let's see here so we need to see when it's okay overlapping Falcon so this is the stuff right here that we're going to need to change and specifically this week don't even theoretically need to change because they died anyway it's the air best one that we need to which is here that needs to change which in this case will be air Bosch is playing set animation to hit why are we bothering I'm a little confused I thought we just immediately immediately destroyed the bird and replaced it with the bird that's going flying which is here bashed Falcon so what is this one doing Birdman attack effect overlapping is air Bosch playing trigger once innovation ahead subtract two and ten the score oh okay um yeah no I still don't get it hold on oh this is okay I'm sorry this is for the bird man I just got that this is for the bird man this is for the Falcon itself sorry all right all right so it's let's play pay attention you spawn the fast Falcon yeah yeah exactly so what we need to do is I created a clone of the bashed Falcon so all we have to do is do a check right so at another condition we're just going to compare the global value of firepower and ask if it is equal to zero then that's what it'll do let's put this over the top yeah I think this is the most optimized way to do it and then control C control V and then we're just going to excuse me edit this and make it greater than zero and we are going to select the whole thing and replace object and we are replacing the bashed Falcon with the best flaming enemy and so now the trick is we need to look for bashed to see what it does in different situations so unlit we need to trigger a screen shake oh yeah which we already do even with the little ones so we need to trigger a more violent screen shake and the the size of the explosion will depend on how big your firepower is I forgot about that part so we need we need to transfer a valuable value into the flaming bashed flaming enemy so let's go in here and let's create an instance variable called power level and so we might as well start it at one it doesn't matter because we're always gonna be setting it when we spawn it based on the players firepower mm-hmm but oops so that's when we spawn flaming bashed what we need to do is set its fire set its power level set value power level to whatever the power level is or the fire power is of the player am I looking in the wrong thing I think it's right there Google vehicle value yeah I think it's fire power yeah there we go okay so we spawn it we set its firepower we do all the other stuff that's all fine so now that will help us decide how big of an explosion to spawn when it hits the ground all right so now I can do this control V and we can replace object and replace splashed Falcon with bashed flaming and but now we need to add another condition and we're gonna do we're going to compare its value compare incense value power level equals to 1 and that case we're gonna do this exact same stuff only we'll make it link 12 that's fine and we're gonna do let's say I mean I guess yeah I guess I'll make this a little tidier and do add links of event and then move this here and let's see ya move this no matter what marina had tend to score or play the explosion sound but the quake might increase depending on the firepower alright so that's more organized and then power level equals to I guess for that we'll use the same sprite and then we will quake the screen even more and then our level I think I'll just do ya know we'll do let's keep going equals three mm-hmm one more it's just gonna be greater than 3 greater than 3 and we're gonna do 20 that might be too much up that way but so with these last year though we should be spawning that different bigger explosion that I had that you had done the art for and that I think I created let's see what it's called aural infernal just replace object explosion let's see explosion – there we go ok so in those higher power levels that'll make a bigger explosion and shake the screen more save and then what else do we need to do when it hits the Birdman it needs to hurt for more damage so that would not be bashed that would be Oh actually let's stick on bash for now because it does need to hit other things right so here it is no that's not it at some point – Falcon overlapping Birdman okay hey what did that happen that was weird okay control-c control-v so we're gonna replace this best Falcon with us flaming and let's see so we are going to somewhere we subtract hip points right subtract one okay so instead of track subtracting the one we're gonna do one plus we'll just keep it simple for now power level where is that that isn't the best thing power level all right so it's hurting for more damage now the other thing that we could do is make it spawn the bigger explosion if the power level is high enough let's cuz that way even if it hits the Birdman the big explosion will appear and then if some other enemy is close enough it could get hit by that big explosion – once we work that code in but we don't need this in this we just need this in this so here and here control C and that I had them there oh I guess I just about paste it in between that's fine all right so we are creating it from there that's fine oh yeah we shouldn't shake the screen I guess since it hit you know I mean like the Birdman took the force and not the ground right so we won't shake the screen but we also need one more event that says if power level is less than three huh so that'll handle all the other likelihoods and they'll spawn the regular small explosion oh there we go I think well yeah I would say you probably need to take that one bashed flaming destroy exactly yeah not good good catch all right III was testing you now yeah and you passed all right so let's see I might as well run it and see if all of these changes are good oh my favorite friend the snow level do you like my new art right I mean for the snow level I think it's yeah that I can find out a single fault with any pixel I think that all right to remember what we're testing before – no it just exploded instead of doing the airbag yeah is it I missed something is it he's not doing more damage no image not to the birds I made that happen to the bird men but not the birds but obviously I did something wrong all right what's up with that so let's see oh they're just called Falcon right all right so we'll just look for what was it attack effect yeah so air bash oh yeah we should just look for air bash yeah so if it's overlapping Falcon oh I see if animation if air Bosch is not playing that's the problem right right so it needs to work for the yeah we need to put in those other which is what is it one fire air Bosch I think let's double check again let's see click and unroll things here bear with me one flame air Bosch I'm gonna copy and paste just to avoid typos rename copy all right Ramallah okay there we go so is there we go that's oh no I did default City here and brash what a doofus yeah I think it's like this boy a handy feature would just be a little drop-down with the animation names right there and you know cuz it's already got a tach effect that is very targeted it's like yeah that would be nice I think it might do that in construct 3 I could be wrong yeah I never remember readily and all right so but unless I did a Miss remember to name or did a typo now that won't instantaneously kill that's why it was getting killed around the Oh looks like I have to do the same thing here what's the difference here oh this is for Birdman okay all right that's cool and then so this is for air Bosch air banished firepower okay that's good we just didn't do it yet for Birdman with firepower so we're going to copy this and add it here and then we need whatever happens to him when there is firepower so that makes sense so copy and paste firepower is greater than zero oh yeah and this actually that's a good point it would never be regular ear Bosch right that's a good point maybe that's part of what's messing us up over here too because this is checking for is an emission air Bosch let's see I guess we need yeah it's the window when you're spawning the Bosch yeah what I immersions yeah what I need to do is do a add a blank sub event for now and I'm going to drag all of this stuff into here and I'm going to turn this into an or block whenever I say that I think of that short-lived cartoon series called the or BOTS all right I wonder how many viewers will have any idea what I'm talking about but it was sort of like a Transformers knockoff but anyway very high quality animation actually back in the day but it did not last long anyway and there's the trivia for the day and completely pointless trivia alright so this we just need to go like that and then it would be I think on fire air bash and to fire ambush I have to double-check these names so they put one again it cannot be trusted all right oh it's flame air Bratz air better are you kidding me alright let's try that again flame oops typo F lame nursing how appropriate okay so we need to do the same thing here with this event mm-hmm wait a minute actually no I didn't even need to do that here which is kind of funny we're not funny ha-ha but funny Mike you idiot let's see so and blinks of event oh that's only haha huh big or block and then grab all three of these all right and then get rid of make or block and then get rid of this because it can't be air bash if I mean it will only be air bash if fire power is zero does that make sense it can't be flame a fire pyro is zero yeah and sanding here all right and then so we'll just do that okay I think we're getting close Oh yep good do you even need that one there that just says this the air batch playing the irregular at bat oh no the good point yeah that should have been removed okay yeah yeah that would have totally this would have never happened because that was there so I'm glad you spotted that we still have this which is for bird man air Bosch for your power yeah see this this is the same issue we need to add the the or block thingamabob er so and blanks of event scroll that ups there because is it an orb or is it a block I mean it's or block so you just have that you just haven't studied quantum mechanics enough all right so let me see if that is correct oh we need to get rid of this doctor da all right so now this is the question oh yeah here because of he's hitting getting hit with the fleeing power this should be 2 plus and then firepower and since the air Bosch is an increased attack strength we will do we won't just do the firepower itself will do firepower multiplied will do what will we do 5,000 now that could work no well that none times instead of 2 plus 4 right right two times and then the global value firepower okay I think that makes sense so he's gonna get hurt pretty bad it's gonna play regular hit it could be kind of nice eventually if we have like a 1 you know how in games like final fight if the characters got hit with a an explosion every yeah and became the same like flaming human Cocoon animation it would be kind of fun to have that for the humanoid characters too so when they get hit they like get on fire and then it dissipates but it's like a spin animation yeah I think that would be cool let's see I think otherwise we're fine all right let's see how much I messed up luckily you were babysitting to a large degree so I don't think I did too much damage I have to keep here or boys and track well that's working so far the end the end I think I noticed is they are flying straight down for some reason instead of the angle yeah but otherwise I think it's all working the way it's supposed to so we just have to figure out Oh apparently we were using the bullet movement of maybe bullet movement I didn't think so Oh maybe there's an event that makes the diagonal move that happened on the yeah yeah the horizontal movement that makes sense okay so I'll bet you if we search bashed mm-hmm oops ain't being an events from that bashed so look for something that moves something horizontally let's see here we go so apparently it's using the platform behavior and see where it's being held left or right so we just need to copy those and replace object and there we go so now they should move on the angle – I'm gonna save progress and I'm going to run 11 and see what it looks like all right give me a bird whoops look that Lowen it's hard to air bash up no I just suck that's all Oh wrong way interesting oh oh maybe we're not there's probably a an event where you're supposed to set its which way it's facing as far as the platform movement is concerned mm-hm and let's see where would that be okay we have to hear it mirror it or not which apparently we're somehow not doing oh right right above that say versus past Falcon oh no yeah yeah we spawn it obviously we're not what was it called bashed flame fast flaming or something like that we're just flaming an enemy and I can't remember bashed flaming so when we spawn it we're supposed to be checking which way the hero is facing see here mm-hmm I don't hey let me look what's the problem here fire fire is greater than zero attack effect is overlapping aha here you see here we are setting whether it's Maradona before we're creating it this has to be up here aha that is a problem okay is that the only case I think that's the only case where we're creating them since they only come from the Falcon so I think we are good now the least bug fixing is going faster in this video knock on wood less editing to do less of her need to go into chipmunk mode a million times in one video all right give me a bird yeah he's fast and low so he's really hard I think there was still a problem yeah that way is fine like test the other way it's just harder to do it man sorry sit wow it's harder than it looks honest are we gonna have to put another really slow moving top and then exactly that's a good point that would make it easier to test yes so let's see here fire power oh that's for fire power is greater than zero but I didn't fix it for when it's not greater than zero because that I didn't grab the fire power that time I think oh yeah so we need just regular fast we won't be able to see the event dashed so fire power zero air Bosch what happened here yeah yeah same problems this belongs up here and there's even no point having this as its own sub event because it's if firepower zero oh no yeah well yeah no there's no point and – we'll be up there to land all this – we'll be up there – because the air passage is the only possibility if you know what I mean if your air bashing air best is the only possibility okay they should have fixed that problem as well safe progress in check take that all right oops I shouldn't have grabbed the fire flower because I'm oh but you know that's the one way to still what is going on did you see it well I mean reset and not grab the fire power and see what happens Oh what the right way that's fine so it's working with regular no phone no power so let me grab power now oh that's an interesting thing we don't have the flying enemies that are flaming when they hit the ground they should release orbs too so that's something we can do at some other point and I don't stretch out this video for that we'll just fix this bug sure yank we'll be good for this video so assuming this bug doesn't take forever to fix alright I think you could be just whatever whatever you just did you know to the regular bash back on it you just need to do that to the flaming because I think you might have changed it somewhat so we're spawning it and then we're setting to mirror it or not basin if the hero's burner not that yeah yeah is or somehow messing it up in this case I hope not but we can test for that let me see spawn you were spawning it we're setting its power level we're setting its Y vector destroying Falcon and ten very not mirrored mirrored not married mirror that's all the same yeah it gives me the only thing different is air brat the air Bosch flame air but let me double-check the name although I think for these I copy and paste that I want to make sure yeah what am i checking yeah this yeah to fling the Airbus or one or two one flame air about to fight a bear bells hmm alright so gameplay Vince doesn't look like anything changed as far as I can see it's I think I have a feeling somehow the the fact that this sub the vent is an or black or block is actually causing troubles somehow even though I don't see logistically why it would cause trouble but where I had one really quick speedy hack to fix this and that is to simply make a clone get rid of the work block in both and then delete one for one and the other for the other yep so now and this is all identical yep and then those have to happen best flaming best flaming spawn spawn okay oh that's interesting I'm thinking maybe because this is outside of the sub event like you see how here it's spawning it and then the sub event is marrying it or not let's see like this doesn't directly follow that one oh no it's good it must have been because it was in the or but for some reason let's test it like this and see if it works yeah that it could just be a court no I think we're in the sprayer love the snow snow scene okay we're testing you hit the fire function so I can grab that yeah hey what the one leg still all right that way is fine yep it's still going the wrong way interesting huh okay so we're gonna just really make this extremely sort of redundant to try to really make sure that it knows which thing we're talking about to mirror or not right so let's see if that changed anything if that fixes it I seem to you oh look at that nice try the other way if I don't die first oh all right looks like we fixed everything nice one last quick go and it did I keep my yeah I kept my firepower even though I died you didn't handle that contingency yet but nice oh all right I think we actually handled everything we wanted to except I wasn't really paying attention to screen shaking I'm catching up with him cuz he's slow yeah it's definitely screen shaking yeah that's the work is a little jumpier than we want just be yeah we've been variables are set but yeah we can tweak that a little bit you know exactly but hey it's working so alright well I think that's good for this video we get the you are now able to pick up the magic fire power it actually has an effect changes your attacks and makes the attacks effect the enemies differently so I think that's a good place to stop for this one and remember everyone for the next five to seven days we're just going to do very quick little update videos showing you what we've accomplished for that day but if there's going to be hopefully a video every day if something pops up that gets in our way in a given day for making any or some progress I will try to at least do an update video saying that we didn't really think any progress we'll say that's it for today thank you very much for watching

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