Create charts with hierarchical dimensions: SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.0 FP3

Create charts with hierarchical dimensions Web Intelligence enables us to create charts based on hierarchical dimensions, and to drill to navigate the levels of the hierarchy within the chart. We will start by creating a column chart to display open orders by country. Note that the PM_Country dimension is a hierarchy with three levels. We will close the available objects panel to make more room for the chart and table. The chart currently displays the top level of the hierarchy. Note that when we mouse over a category axis in the chart, a focus drill down tool tip displays. We will drill down into the region column. The chart now displays the next level down in the hierarchy. We have now drilled to the bottom of the hierarchy. Clicking a category axis now drills back up in the hierarchy. We can also use the hierarchical navigation functions in the context menu. We will set the chart to expand all hierarchies. All the levels and members of the hierarchy now display in the chart. Visit for more tutorials on Web Intelligence and other SAP business intelligence products.

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