Create a custom color palette: SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.1

Create a custom color palette We can create custom color palettes in a Web Intelligence document to easily replace all of the colors in a chart. In this example, we will create a custom color palette and apply it to the chart. Note that the chart style options are not available on the Formatting tab until we select a chart or chart area. Note that we can enter a name for each custom color palette we create, and color palettes are saved with the Web Intelligence document in which they are created. We will replace the first four colors in the palette with different selections. Note that the new palette is now available in the list. Next, we will apply the palette to the chart. The chart now uses the color palette we just created. We will take a quick look at the palette list. The palette we created now appears at the bottom of the list, just above the option to create a new custom palette. Visit for more tutorials on Web Intelligence and other SAP business intelligence products.

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