Couple Secretly Shares Each Side Of Their Love Story

The girl he was dating and the boy I was dating cheated on us with each other and got together This feels like guess the men I have to guess what your doing with that We’re not going to be very good at this. My name’s Emily Keather How long have we been dating? Five years? Yeah it’s been a while. Yes, go to Memphis five years Hey can you hear me right now? Okay. She can’t hear me. [hahahaha] First time I saw her really I was in so much pain. It was a girl that was putting my makeup on like for the tattoo, but yeah and she was like rubbing it off all the time with alcohol and it was Burning, and I was like hey you gotta stop and so then Emily She was doing costumes And so she came along And she started like doing it with makeup looks like it’s a little easier to use a baby wipe. And wipe it away. She’s got like really big brown eyes and everything so they always look kind of happy. rum pum pum pum Well he was tall dark and handsome, which is very attractive. I was a costume designer on Almost Maine and he was actually in the show And I drew on his arm a tattoo every night. He had a girlfriend at a time and I had a boyfriend at the time. So I knew that like I wasn’t going to flirt with him or anything like that, so we were just friends Hey, what’d you say though? You’ll know everything I said after the first question. Everything is so quiet. I was really upset with like the idea of love and dates in general So it was part of me being like ‘I’m not paying for women ever again’ We went for ice cream, and it was like two bucks and he was like how you guys going to pay it, and I was like half and half you pay your half I pay mine But then she gave me a look like no, you’re gonna pay for all of it. So I was like Okay, I paid for all of it, and then I like tipping like 20 bucks, something I’m like that, something ridiculous Cause I was like ‘thanks for 2 dollars’ We talked about our summer situation and stuff and what love meant to us and how it changed us and where we go from now, and I was like “I really wanna kiss you right now” And then she was like “yeah sure” and then we kissed. It just stopped right then! That was so weird! You didn’t overshare? No [hahaha] This is a funny story, but the girl he was dating and the boy I was dating Cheated on us with each other and got together. I walked up to him and I was like hey, so our exes are friends Maybe we should be friends too? You’re like “oh, they’re more than just friends” in front of everybody! But after that we just started texting and hanging out. We’ve pretty much been seeing each other ever since In my savagery mind, I was already thinking like ‘you know what? Imma be with Emily’. That’s what imma do, and you know what? Let me say it loud like they’re more than friends. I got her number and stuff. He actually asked me out for ice cream. and we were just going to hang out and Actually talk about our exes because they were together now and so we’re going to kind of compare notes And then we ended up kissing and it became our first date. Oh yeah, I didn’t see you tell this story Well thought I liked her more until until I hear her on the phone with her friend Lauren Right outside my window not realizing that I could hear everything, her being like ‘no, no’ ‘I don’t think, no. It’s…it’s not like a…its really nothing Because I heard you were messing with other girls, so I didn’t know that wasnt- I had just come back to school! It was like date two! Who could I do anything with? I don’t know! I don’t know your life That is the first day back. I didn’t know you And it wasn’t that day that I said that either it was later I think I said it first [hahaha] You don’t remember something, what was that? [hahaha] I kind of remember it yeah, I think yeah No, no, You don’t have no idea what the answer to this question is, you’ve been thinkin real hard Take them off What will your life be like if you had never met Kevin? Oh, gosh I’d probably be living in St. Louis Because that’s where my mom is. I would probably Still be doing costume design because right now I’m doing more freelance art in visual art paintings. He kind of supported my career change. Wouldn’t be doing stuff like this! Man.. Probably a lot cheaper. I’d have a lot more money. I’ll be honest. I’ll tell you right now since your ears are clogged If I never met, I feel like I’d still be angrier in a way Like a lot of life stuff. Ugh, gosh, I think I knew really soon after we started dating that I was in love with him just cause like he’s such a good soul and he really likes these people for who they are and When we met I was going through a hard time with a breakup just like he was and to be seen for who I really was and What makes me unique? And to not be judged to not Care just to like spending time with me and want to be with me it it meant a lot it does to this day It definitely means a lot to me I love you because You’re everything I prayed for whenever I Thought about having a girlfriend or stuff that other girls like didn’t do Literally everything and so…alright these are real now but y’all going to edit this out… I just We talk about how to change stuff up, and it’s easy change stuff up, so and You’re supportive like I’ve never had support before Yeah, I can’t lose you because I need you so Hey Now we’re talking much cat allergies and stuff Yeah, it got real emotional. I saw ‘I love you because’. I didn’t say that though I said ‘olive juice is horrific cause’ I would believe that too! then buddy over there was opening up onions and stuff it was crazy in here. Surprise didn’t affect you uhh I just said that [whisper] ah I can’t ugh You’re gonna make me cry. I don’t know what it is but your emotional is gonna make me cry I just said that like You’re everything I pray for as a girlfriend, and you’re loyal, and very supportive I said something like that, and I said it would be a lot cheaper being without you if we’re being honest Flights to New York, and you know the deal [hahaha] We break up right when we leave, you got me cryin on camera!…cause of allergies I love you baby That’s it? [hahaha] Your dad…? Oh my gosh, we’re not showing them this video [Woo] Hey, thank you so much for watching. I’m Landon from Jubilee media. Be sure to subscribe check out our Facebook and watch some more of our videos

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  1. 0:35

    evil laugh check 😂😂

    i would love to be around this guy when he’s laughing, it’s like the happiest evil-laugh-like laugh and i love it

  2. 'I love you because you're everything I prayed for' 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. 5:25 when he said I would have a lot more money I realized they are both wearing yeezys like I would say so brother😂😂

  4. They're so cute and beautiful and precious together😭😭😭 they deserve each other. So happy for them i hope they last together forever!

  5. "Yo, these are real now, but yall gonna edit these out" 🥰 God bless this couple!! They make my heart happy. Talk about finding a silver lining amongst the darkness!

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