15 Replies to “Coronavirus Update: When Will New York Get Back To Work?”

  1. I'm glad people in New York are optimistic about this summer. I am optimistic too because I really would love to take a long weekend trip to New York City. I am planning to postpone my original trip from late April to perhaps mid to late August. I would love to have a fun time in NY while spending some money fueling their economy as a tourist from NC. This cannot last forever.

  2. It's not gonna happen like this, they're trying to have people in packs again for another outbreak. One of my friends already said his mother's best friend got it so, this ain't a game at all 🤦🏿‍♂️

  3. Hey, I personally don't have a problem with sacrifice for the common good. But not for capitalism or the billionaires who are losing their arses on the world's stock markets. Instead, let's write down the names of these billionaires and politicians wanting us to die for their investments and sacrifice them to Ódin at the next full moon. I own a sword and personally volunteer to chop off the SOB's heads and roll them down Wall Street.

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