Connect, Engage, and Hire Top Talent with Teamable

– [Narrator] By now, most of us are connected to hundreds or even thousands of people across many social networks. What if those connections can become an effective part of your hiring process? This is where Teamable comes in. Teamable makes it easier to connect with qualified candidates on your employees’ social
and professional networks. Let’s say Tina works for your company. Teamable can automatically match her social network contacts
to your open positions. Tina can then reach out
directly to her contact, Sam, to let her know
about the job opening. Instead of getting another unsolicited recruiting message from a stranger, Sam gets a personalized
message from her contact and, if interested, can directly respond to the recruiter, John. John then takes it from there. In the meantime, Tina can track the entire process and even compete with her coworkers to see who has the best referrals. Teamable also lets recruiters
browse employee contacts to find a good match for open positions and proactively ask for referrals. When a potential candidate is identified, a recruiter can reach out directly to the candidate’s contact to ask for an introduction. So the benefits of Teamable are real. Employees who are more actively engaged in the hiring process. Recruiters who can now spend more time talking to receptive candidates and less time chasing leads. Hiring managers with access to a broader, more diverse pool of talent who’ll appreciate the
personalized outreach. Connect, engage, and hire with Teamable. (cheerful music)

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