City at Work- Parks and Rec Fall Facilities

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Michael Kowski, Director of Parks and Recreation. We’d like to talk today
about what we’re doing in our facilities across our park system. Many of you have seen some work across our facilities. Some work is done, some is in design phase and some is certainly underway. You may have noticed at
the community center, we opened up a brand new patio space, which is a great spot to host concerts and other such events. Even for rentals. To have your parties kind
of, go from the indoors to the outdoors. It’s a beautiful space. We highly encourage you to check It out. Another great project underway is the senior recreation center renovations. This project will actually
add more square footage to the building, redo some of the finishes in the facility and move some rooms around to be more efficient. Certainly create a
better experience for the seniors who go there
everyday and enjoy the place. Behind me, we have our Old
Settle’s Recreation Center. Old Settler’s Recreation
Center, right now is going through a major renovation. About $4 million worth of work. This is in partnership with our MCDC, who funded this project, in large part. We’ll add brand new space in the facility, brand new bathrooms, a fitness center. Spaces for the community to come and enjoy this great neighborhood asset. The APEX Centre has been
open for a couple years and it’s a great success. And, it’s been such a
great success, that we are, right now, working with
a design team to explore expanding the facility. We’ve heard your feedback.
We need more fitness space, we need more gym space. We need more office space
for our support staff there and we are very excited
to explore those options. We’re also looking at the
outdoor aquatic portion of the project. You know, can we add more
slides and more water features? So, more to come on this and we are very excited to explore this. We are so excited to bring these projects to the city of McKinney,
that we encourage you to visit the Parks and Recreations page on our city website, for more information. (upbeat music)

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