Chicago’s Best Lunch Deals: Big Joe’s Backyard BBQ

(energetic rock instrumental) – This episode,
we’re cramming in a whole week’s worth
of lunch deals, which means great
food and big portions. That also happens to
be the exact words our fan, Lawrence,
used when he told us to get to Homer Glen, and
Big Joe’s Backyard BBQ. Hail to the hog,
baby. Hail to the hog. (funky rock instrumental) – I love the start
of your story. I love the beginning of
your barbecue adventure because you built your own
smoker in your backyard, your front yard?
– Yep, correct. I could fit four whole pigs, Four hundred-pound pigs. – Are you married?
– No. – Were you married
before this was built? – [Joe] Nope, not at all. – [Elliott] You were a
serious barbecue enthusiast -Yes.
-Before this place even opened. – Yeah, I always loved
cooking and things like that and just got into smoking,
and from there on, and that’s why I
built my smoker, and then we entered some
barbecue competitions, we took second place
two years in a row– – Congrats. – And from there
on, that was it. – “Just a sandwich? Anything
else for you today?” – [Elliott] Alright, what
do you like about Big Joe’s? – Oh, it’s gotta be the
quality of the meat. – It’s the greatest
barbecue food I’ve ever had. – Big Joe is the barbecue
master, hands down. – This is our lunch deals,
our meal deal episode. It’s Thursday, so what do
you guys have on Thursday? – We do special $6.50 pulled
pork sandwiches every Thursday, so you can either get
just the regular sandwich or you could upgrade
to a Big Joe’s style, which comes with jalapeno
cilantro coleslaw, a garlic mayo, and crispy
fried onion strips. – We’re gonna upgrade
on that on a Thursday. I like the sound of that. – “Can I get smoked wings,
please?” – Like a lot of other people,
Joe’s a little bit nervous and was wondering how
this was gonna go, and his sister being a good
sibling has helped him out. (Joe laughs) Do you want to
read the cue cards? – We are a
family-owned restaurant that serves freshly smoked
meats daily along with our homemade barbecue
sauces and sides. – Barbecue sauces and sides. Do you need cue cards
for anything else
today, or you good? – Hopefully not. (psychedelic instrumental) – We don’t have any
cue cards right now. (Joe laughs) Which is fine, I think
he’s gonna be just fine. He knows his way
around his own kitchen. So what cut have we got here? – Bone and pork butt. – Right. – Yeah. – [Elliott] What
do we need to do? – [Joe] You’re gonna flip
it over first, take the rub, sprinkle it on, and then
just kind of massage it in. This is my secret rub recipe,
so nobody can know what it is. – It’s going in the smoker? – [Joe] Yep. – [Elliott] And how long
does she need to be in there? – [Joe] About 14 hours.
– 14 hours. (door slams) – Being on TV, of course, you
got one ready for us to go? (door opens) She’s 14 hours of delicious, dry-rubbed, slow
cookin’ goodness. Look at the way
it just falls off. So let’s put up this bad boy. – Alright, well first, you’re
gonna grab the garlic aioli ’cause we’re gonna
do Big Joe’s style. – [Elliott] Next. – Take a good chunk of pork,
right on the bottom of the bun. Get some of that bark in there. – [Elliott] Is that too much? – No, that’s perfect. – That’s perfect?
– Yeah. – Cool, that’s what
I thought. $6.50? (Elliott laughs) – Yeah, we definitely give ’em a nice, generous portion. Drizzle that on top. Now this is our jalapeno
cilantro coleslaw. – [Elliott] That looks great. – Nice heaping portion of that. And then crispy fried
onion strips on top. That looks pretty good there. – Is that good? – Yep, that’s a perfect
pulled pork sandwich. – That’s not a sandwich,
that’s pig mountain. – [Joe] There you go. (energetic rock instrumental) – They’re a thing of
beauty, my friends. Oh, he’s already going in. We’re gonna cut our
ceremony on clinking it. I’ve got myself, it’s fine. (energetic rock instrumental) That is a damn fine
barbecue sandwich. No wonder you built a smoker in your backyard big
enough for four pigs because you know
what you’re doing. – We do everything
fresh every day. Once we’re out, we’re out, and then you just gotta come
back the next day for it. – [Elliott] Thank you, brother. – [Joe] Cheers. – That’s a Thursday to
remember right there. (energetic rock instrumental) I got my pulled pork. The heated seats in the Jeep
Compass aren’t for your butt. Oh, no. (tin clanks) They’re for this kind of butt. (energetic rock instrumental) (rock instrumental)

51 Replies to “Chicago’s Best Lunch Deals: Big Joe’s Backyard BBQ”

  1. I checked out their menu. Now I'm in love. This place has BBQ sundaes.
    Slammin Sam: garlic smashed red potatoes, smoked pulled pork, 4 cheese mac and cheese and smoked brisket.

    Big Joe has one of the Chicagoest accents I've heard on this segment.

  2. Люди уже как свиньи ходят, самая жрушая нация на планете…

  3. This is still the best food show. Oozing close-ups, drooling sauce, steaming piles of roasted meat, and satisfied customers. I've never been to Chicago but I watch these all the time.

  4. Yet another "Chicago" restaurant not in Chicago. If your mail doesn't say Chicago you're not from Chicago.

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