Change the formatting for sections: SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.0

Change the formatting for sections We can apply formatting changes, such as pagination and backgrounds, to entire sections in a Web Intelligence document. In this example, we will review and adjust the formatting of the sections in our document. We will start by selecting a section and accessing the formatting options. Note that changes made to one section apply to all sections. The General tab enables us to control the basic settings for the sections, such as dimensions, bookmarks, and auto-hide options. We will increase the padding at the bottom of each section to 1 cm. We can also hide sections conditionally, which functions similarly to a report filter. We can launch the Formula Editor for assistance if required, or enter the formula directly if we know the correct syntax. We will try hiding the section for Colorado. The Appearance tab enables us to change the background for sections. We will change the color of the background to pale grey. We can choose a predefined swatch or create a custom color. The Layout tab displays options for how the sections are laid out on the page. We will set the sections to avoid breaking across pages. Now we need to confirm our selections to view the results. Note that the background and pagination options have been applied, and the section for Colorado has been hidden. Visit for more tutorials on Web Intelligence and other SAP business intelligence products.

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