Can This Chef Make Canned Soup Fancy?

hi I’m Maria I’m a pastry producer today as always I’ve been challenged to take a common food and make it fancy let’s see what we are making fancy today drum rolls chicken noodle soup as you can guess I’ve never tried this before Andy Warhol designed one of his artwork based on this it’s very cool packaging I love soup in general but I don’t II Candice I think in the States you guys eat when you guys are sick right so here it’s chicken bunch of like noodles to go bad just a very bland flavor color it’s very yellow and very chickeny so I think it’s very challenging because we have blowing up noodles we have chicken we have three ingredients and I have to use everything I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do I’m still excited to make it fancy all right here it’s what I thought ground pork scallions ginger garlic shiitake mushroom toasted sesame seeds napa cabbage and gelatin powder from the pantry I got bread flour cake flour cornstarch sugar salt rice vinegar soy sauce sesame oil and Magnum sides sake it’s back okay let’s get started make it fancy so first I will need 1 teaspoon of gelatine 1 tablespoon of water and I’m going to sprinkle we call it bloom the gelatine it’s basically activating gelatine wait for 5 to 10 minutes at this aside open this canned chicken soup you feel sick I don’t think you can open this can somebody help me mama thank you I want to separate soup and noodles and chicken so I’m going to strain this instruction said add a cup of water it’s a little bit condensed and I’m going to need two side of the cup of mixture adding chicken soup 1 tbsp of soy sauce it’s heating up so are the bloomed gelatine make sure it dissolved well semi for 2 to 3 minutes Jardine’s dissolved and soup is boiling whisk it and transfer to a bowl so you want to cool this to room temperature and you are going to put in a refrigerator about 1 hour until it sets so next step separate noodles and the chickens then it’s not mini chicken piece eat so I’m gonna just pick it I’m going to use this with another ingredient 1 cup of corn starch and you kind of want to call each piece of noodle with cornstarch so use your gloves or use your tongue if you don’t mind your hands get dirty just use your hand in strainer going to take small amount and shake it off I have frying oil heated up to 350 so you want to fry this until it’s golden brown 3 to 5 minutes I like the sound like foosh so as you can see when bubbles start coming down it’s almost Amba I think be glq it’s the color when you’re frying stuff in Japan we say kitsune dough for golden brown color for cooking kitsune means fox when it gets like nice foxy color take this off you want to season fried food when it’s still hot so salts kind of melt I’m going to fry rest of the noodles in budgets and move on to next step I need hundred gram of bread flour and 25 gram cake flour 1/2 teaspoon of sugar 1/2 teaspoon of salt whisk and I have 1/3 cup of hot water so one thing comes together use my hand and start kneading once it’s like come together it’s gonna be something like a baby bath sprinkle a little bit of cake flour in the South Face need it’s nice and bouncy for this in a bowl cover with plastic and rest this for 30 minutes I have four scallions chopped save a little bit for topping later the rest of that combined with pork we have five ounce or pork I told you we have full ear I don’t get there don’t give me any pressure to shiitake mushroom remove the stem make it super fine out in the bowl you can use pity knife to peel the ginger above ginger the skin super soft so you can use a spoon and so maybe this is a easy task if you have kids at home and if you’re cooking together with your kids and if you could use your mom great ginger you don’t need to be too precise but I will need about 1 TSP of ginger kind of mask like porky flavor if you don’t have Michael playing you can just chop finely garlic I’m using 2 cloves of garlic so 1 TSP over socket 1 TSP of soy sauce 1 TSP of sesame oil 1/2 teaspoon of salt I’m buying a little bit those are the chicken we saved from the noodle there’s only 6 pcs but if you’re sick you don’t want to eat anything chunky maybe it’s good thing make it mix well and nice I feel like chicken disappeared somewhere cover this with plastic but in a refrigerator and I’m going to use it later the dough it’s rested and and the rustic soft like a baby back sprinkle some cake flour roll out to a long log in half into 2 cut into 5 and I have me feelings and super jelly I’m going to roll out and assemble as I go you should roll the dough and fill as you go 1/2 tablespoon of this feeling don’t overfill because it’s gonna be difficult to make the shape pick one side fold fold and keep folding it’s kind of like drapes and once you finish you just pinch the top part leave out love I’m not draw on making dampening but if you go to like dim sum restaurant there’s a people who is really good at doing it and this is baby 1 it’s much smaller if you are doing by yourself it’s a little too much but if you have like two or three friends making together one person is rolling one person it’s filling one person aids you know shaping and it’s gonna be really fun winter activity I think it’s not perfect but I think it’s really cute I’m going to finish rest of this and I’m going to move on to next step so we have napa cabbage break it the DC is going to be like a natural parchment paper and we are layering the napa leaf into bamboo steamer if you don’t have bamboo steamer you can just use regular steamer where’d the dumpling you don’t want to make it too close together it will stick together but that’s not ex and so just like make enough room each other gelatin will melt in certain temperature so it’s going to become just a sip clothes the basket put on top of there oh you want to use the pot a little bit smaller than the basket so it kind of settles well you steam it is about 10 to 12 minutes and meanwhile I’m going to do something else I have more ginger and I’m going to peel quick 3 tbsp of soy sauce 1 tablespoon of rice vinegar the ginger and this is going to be the dipping sauce so this is the fried noodle we made earlier still crunch a nice it’s already seasoned with salt put in a bowl toasted sesame and the scallion like kind of saved so this can be a fun appetizer or snacks and I’m gonna just put on plate and I’m done [Music] and it’s very nice and a very fancy [Music] welcome laundry for another make it fun see episode thank you for having me back even though I’ll never do the dance dumplings yes I see we have another bowl of stuff over here I’m not sure what this is they only eat its first its appetizer it’s a snack mm-hmm is it a fried noodle yes yeah one bite maybe mmm it’s good yay that’s it burst it and you know they did Brussels mouth is quite hot is this soup the thing you made fancy it’s not just a soup Oh noodle soup yes chicken chicken noodle soup no you chicken noodle soup yeah it might be my favorite one you’ve done yet you’re like Andy Warhol yeah I wouldn’t never have thought to do this do you feel like doing those now else you remember make you fancy make it fancy the best does he ever done oh yeah Harry Potter spell welcome oh yeah thank you for having me again yes I’ve got my piercing eye on a while ago I did a video where I got piercing you like it ray oh wow I love dumpling yeah I love dumplings I loved em yeah it’s good that’s very good yeah think you can go like one bite I don’t know I’m gonna one by baby this is something American people even when they’re sick look you’re gonna go yes that is so impressive I don’t know how you do it I don’t know how she does it till you say day make it fancy [Music]

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    Me (an army): Chicken Noodle Soup, Chicken Noodle Soup, Chicken Noodle Soup with a Soda on the Side!

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