Buttigieg: We Can Win, And We’ll Really Have To Work For It | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. Guess what ? The ppl you see on the trail don’t matter .. they will vote for sure if they take the time and effort to come to yours on anyone else event .. it’s about getting voters out to vote that don’t show up at events

  2. The poll data is flawed when 78% of the people they polled are in their 50’s and above and of only likely Democratic voters (Democrats make up 30% of the US voting population, while Independents are 40%).
    Think harder America!!!!

  3. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8pNQZnuyOBU
    Pete pulled a Trump with his fake black support of his Douglas plan. Prominent black leaders did not support him or his plan, but he put their names on the plan anyway (even though they have told the campaign that they don’t support the plan). 50% of the 400 people that Pete claimed are black supporters supporting the plan are white.

  4. What is it with Mika and Pete Buttigieg? He just spoke for three mins without saying anything. And yet, Mika constantly refers to him as being 'nice'. Is that the determining factor in Mika's decision-making? Nice isn't going to cut it against Trump. Give me someone with clear policies who can stand toe-to-toe with Trump, a man who wouldn't know a policy if it smacked him in the face. Feel the Bern.

  5. This guy copies and wants to be Andrew Yang so bad !! Not even listening it’s on pause. I just wanted to comment #yanggang !

  6. buttigieg can't win anything for one he is establishment and is bought and paid for by corporate donors. and two trump would crush him in debates with his blatant lying and bullying nature

  7. America is tired of the daily embarrassment and idiotic tweeting that comes out of this clown president. We’re ready to turn the page.

  8. Buttigieg just steals from yang. Surprised he’s lasted this long despite taking money from large companies and the wine cave controversy. Let’s make sure the man with original ideas actually gets his spot. Yang 2020

  9. Morning Joe low-key humiliated by Pelosi, they're trying to focus on executive branch while Pelosi is doin the real slogging

  10. I believe either Sanders & Butigieg or Warren & Butigieg would be a good pair of candidates who could move this country into the direction we need to be going.

  11. Besides Biden, Warren and Sanders none of the other bozos have any chance of getting the South or Bible Belt to vote for them; so what are they up to? Even Warren and Sanders are going to be attacked as Commies! Why should our government work for us; the poor 1% need more tax breaks. Still you don't have worry, by this time next year your Idol god drumpf will have started the war, declared martial law and suspend elections! Then you will not have to worry about self-rule anymore. Your 1% owners controlled senate and installed corporate judges will back their puppet! So get your favorite Corporate Flags out, whatever flag you like, USA, The Patriots or The Yankees, it doesn't matter. As long as you bow down to your 1% owners! Our Democracy is Dead, corporation are now "We The People" and money is "Free Speech." The only question left now is, are you going to jump into your owner's grinder; or walk away and let their Beast system die? youtube.com/watch?v=Xbp6umQT58A You should watch it all, but at least @ 8:23, you'll see the start of phase 2; this is where we are today.

  12. It's now clear that the whole Republican Party must be investigated . There is a reason why they are protecting Trump at any cost . What are they all hiding ???????. Impeach TRUMP again . Mocow can't be allowed to hide those THREAT'S on the Ambassadors life

  13. Pete is proof that not all who served were hero’s! You are a phony little bitty man Pete! I’m from Indiana & you are not held in good esteem in this state. In fact, you’re an embarrassment!

  14. Pete's problem is he doesn't seem genuine, which we can see from his South Bend mayoral leadership. Pete, is someone who wants to be president to further his career, someone like Bernie Sanders has a long record of being in it to fight for the people. I'm voting Sanders for 2020!

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  16. Wow Morning Joe has a Yang surrogate on. When did Pete drop out and support Yang?
    Pete might be "smart" but he does not have any original ideas nor his he independent. He definitely does not care about people other than the establishment either.

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