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Hello viewers, This is Munnira Sheikh form ZenFusion Academy as you know we have brought to you Zen Carrier Talks which is
basically to provide a guideline between the corporate people and the
professionals who are ready to join them Zen Career Talks have been doing a lot
and you have been watching our videos and interviews from different HR
managers of CEOs of the companies who are providing you excellent guideline
that what you can do what you can prepare for yourself to win a very
good job to win your ideal dream job so once again welcome here and today I have
somebody very beautiful really intelligent expert and she is the HR
manager for Busy Internet welcome Elma hello Elma! How are you? Thank you so much
for giving us time and it’s a privilege to have you here I know you are an
expert person you have a good experience in HR and that’s why I feel that you can
provide really good platform to my viewers that what should they be doing
but before you even starting at formal interview what is about visit can you
can you tell something about busy internet right so busy by the way is the new
brand name for busy internets but I’m sure a lot of you would remember busy
internet as an internet cafe on the Ring Road and so we started out in 2001 as an
internet cafe operating from a big showroom here at busy and we were just offering
you know internet services people would come and browse we had our photocopies
we had basically business services to customers who would
walk in and walk in to access our services and of course busy has
transitioned greatly since I mean from being an internet cafe
and we are currently a 4G operator in the country and we started operating 4G
services in 2016 roughly two years ago and we are currently part of the
aftermarket group which is the Netherland based company our goal as
busy really broad purpose is to enrich trunnions through connectivity so we
want to enrich the lives of ghanians through the services that we provide
which is fast reliable and high-speed Internet and of course our goal is to
save customers our goal is to save SMEs our goal is to save large businesses and
we’ve been doing that’s very well since we launched us and a 4G or Prater
so basically that that’s what I have to say about busy and you can see that
we’ve transitioned quickly and we believe in continuous improvements and
that is what we’ve strived for since we launched us a 4G operator and so for us
really the sky is the limit great great so you are now forging
operator and NS Elma mentioned that they are the main brand proposition is to
provide fast and reliable internet and definitely the same qualities you would
be looking for in the candidates you are hiring right so what is the criteria of
busy internet what is the age of policy in terms of getting the candidates so
first of all we understand that as an employee and you need to have good
technical capabilities but it is not the core thing for us because we believe
that if you have the right attitude and of course you have the right technical
capabilities then for us at surplus and we come benefits from what you bring to
the company so and primarily we’ll look out for people who share in our values
our values our professional personable and playful
and innovative and so obviously if we have somebody who believes and this
values and it’s willing to share those values it’s very easy for such a person
who integrates easily into our culture and into our system and so that is what
we would primarily look out for obviously you also need to have the
technical capabilities like I said it’s not the primary factor so one you come
in have the right attitude willingness LM willing mr. fit into the culture and
also come with some capability because we do have a lot of programs in place
that would ensure that once you are in and you are easily you easily get into
the rule is integrated into the system we have on the job trainings we have
formal trainings so basically we have a lot of interventions in place that would
allow you to perform your job easily but there’s one thing that is hard to change
and that’s somebody’s attitude and so if they don’t have it and they come in even
with the right technical capabilities is really difficult to transform this
person eventually you’ll find that this is not a place for them the wire dog
gets frustrated and wants to leave or they don’t give off their best so like I
said we’ll look for somebody who fits into the culture easily and then also
has the technical capabilities and you asked about policy when it comes to
recruitment so one of the things we also believe in is development of our
employees so we don’t want people to feel like ok I came in as a sales
executive and I’ve been a self-executing for five years I don’t see any room for
progression so one of the things we do when we have a vacancy is to publicize
it internally so that we give the internal people an opportunity to apply
of course the only exception is where we are looking for specialist rules so if
you need a lawyer obviously if you don’t have a lawyer in-house you don’t need to
add besides advertising thoroughly but we try to give employees the opportunity
to grow within and so would advertise these rules internally and then try and
find a suitable candidates within if you can’t find one within then we look for
an external and in terms of assessment process and
we tried to have a very good system in place to ensure that we are selecting
the very best and so we would usually have an assessment center where and this
is when we have so many people to interview for very few positions so we
would have an assessment center where we put people through a number of
activities it’s not your typical interview 101 interview where you ask
them talking about yourself because it’s very easy for people to prepare for some
of these things but basically activities that would make you think of yourself in
a natural setting so that the Assessors would just see how you would behave when
you know you are in your natural settings so one thing would do it
probably is at our building exercise where we are where you’re working with
teams we see how you contribute towards the C team we see who comes out
naturally I said leader we look at your patients in terms of dealing with other
team members you know so on and so forth we also have our business case sessions
where people work as a team we give them a case to argue for or against and you
see how people contribute towards these things you see exactly who comes out as
a leader who is innovative so on and so forth and then we have these are very
interesting as well but not with the Assessor so this is the candidates
interacting with other team members because you really want to understand
how these people would behave and like I said we we are we want to be playful
wants to be personable but the same time we also believe in teamwork so for us
it’s really important to understand whether people that simply is or not and
so it’s not just about you know being good as an individual but how well are
you able to you know use the strengths that you have you know to the benefits
of the people and your team so look at all these things and then so that would
be it for assessment centre based on that and would do a short listing and
then narrow down to very few candidates then we go through the Vagos 101 into
this way you have your face and with the HR departments received and
then you have your interview with the supervisor or the technical department
and then we sit and then you finally have your interview with the head of
departments so you go through quite a number of processes because we want to
ensure that we are selecting the very best so a lot of take away from this
answer of Alma that it’s not a simple piece of document of your CV in which
you can actually get the job it’s a whole process it’s a drill basically
which you need to prepare in a way so that it becomes your natural habit if
you are a technical person and you know and you have the knowledge of technical
excellence so you will actually depict that you will your talk and the way you
behave in during the interview and all those assessment levels you go through
you will actually depict everything which you know another takeaway from
answer for you is they always look for people who have good attitude and I
always also mentioned this in my different talks that you have to work on
your attitude your attitude has to be professional your attitude has to be
something which is reasonable for the company to take in every company needs
to add value to their team because the team will actually add value to their
brand so this is my friend this is the thing you need to work on you have the
right attitude and attitude comprised of so many things your knowledge your
technical expertise your behavior your teamwork capabilities your leadership
capabilities and so on and so forth which have to go through well so now we
know subscribe to any international standard but we do have attitude tests
yes we do have attitude tests say something that we developed internally
so you’d go through that as well together with other assessments that I
mentioned and then of course the traditional face to face interviews so
this is what we have and currently we don’t have psychological tests we don’t
have all of that yet yeah that may take away from this answer is
me it is not to do because you see any person can come in and apply for the job
the people who qualify for a position for this sort of company was more
focused on brand who is very who is very particular about selecting the team they
are also looking forward to have people with the right attitude because if only
they have the right team they are if they are dealing with housing people as
their employees or 800 people as their influence they need to make sure that
those who are meeting the technical job tasks those who are meeting the
customers those who are interactive with other important areas of the
organization they have to be in the right form of mental attitude as well as
the behavior I would also like to ask you Elma is there any international
level of assessment test you go through in your hiring so we do have attitude
tests which we developed internally we don’t have I am an international formats
that we followed because we’ve not subscribed with an international body
where we can use the materials for this but we try to develop one internally in
addition to the assessments that I mentioned about the tower building and
then the business cases and so on and so forth but in how we measure whether
somebody that’s clarity when we talk about attitude how we measure whether
somebody has the right attitude is obviously through our face to face
interviews and we use them they approach the star approach now what’s research
shows is that in past behavior as a good predictor of how somebody would behave
in the future and so we try to employ this approach in our recruitment process
my interview process to be specific so that we set the scene we want to measure
somebody’s ability to influence people would assess the scene and ask you to
tell us about a time when you had to persuade somebody to do something but
we’re not willing to do you know that’s a typical example and then
person would tell you exactly what they did and some things would look out for
just to be sure that this person is telling us the truth it’s to tell us
about the situation what specific action they took what the results are worth and
then based on the response you even prefer that to ask specific questions
following what the person told you so this is the approach that’s we’ve
employed for now the star approach just to understand how somebody has behaved
in the past so that at least gets us a guide as to how this person is likely to
behave it did you find themselves in the similar situation so this means this
also is about the credibility and integrity of the person so which you can
take as a benchmark for your future things okay great great that’s nice so
what would you suggest to our professional candidates watching
learning so much what are the key points they should have in mind when they are
preparing for an interview also for me really and one is preparation you can’t
go into anything if you’re not prepared because the next candidates will come
prepared and you realize that you don’t match up to them so homey preparation is
very key and I know that a lot of us tend to use the internet a lot to
practice and says which is not bad in itself because it gives you a sense of
what’s the same but the most important thing is for you to be as honest as
possible so it’s not bad in itself to take pointers form or again get pointers
from the internet but try and related to what you have done trying related to
yourself as a person you know so that if you are asked the question at least you
know what line of response to give and also a thing is a lot of interviewers
tend to lose attention in the first five minutes and so your opening remark is
really important there somebody tells you to tell me about yourself for me
this is something I would encourage every
it’s try and master because it’s it says the probably the only thing the
recruiter will remember about you and it’s a good opportunity to sell yourself
you tell them what your strengths that so then what you’ve done in the past so
then why and try and look for key competencies in the rule that share
inside you and try and put everything into your your your opening speech so
that it stays with the recruiter for me that is really important so this means
that one interview preparation will not fit into another interview preparation
so this means you need to learn about the job you are applying for
as she also mentioned to you learn about the key competences which is the
requirement of the job of it is the requirement of HR manager who is who is
going to interview you how to once once people get the job now the next step is
they are very excited about the job in the beginning the first one is always
very new and exciting and people are really friendly and then slowly and
gradually the pile of burdens you know they come up and they start so and I am
very happy to know that you also said that you provide good training facility
which is which is very very important for good companies who hire you after
such a long process they need to maintain you they need to retain you and
they provide training but as candidate what should I be doing to myself to be
up to the mark to be up to your standard okay so this is when you join the
company it’s okay and okay then you’re not new anymore so we probably if you
give me a chance I’ll talk about our graduate training program as well but
one of the things we have preached in every orientation program every
onboarding program is to let people understand that they need to be the
captain of their development now if you know the organization can really provide
you with so much so a training like we know is capital intensive so if the
organization has run out of its budget for training in the concept provide you
with formal training what happen – you wouldn’t she wants to develop as
you know a professional because and you should have a goal and there shouldn’t
be that the company gives you things on the silver platter and as an employer of
course we want to get the best out of you we understand that it’s important
for us to train you so that if you lack a certain skill at least you fit me fill
that gap so that you’re able to do your job effectively but also the onus lies
on you to do something for yourself so that should grow professionally and
that’s why we continue to tell people that if you want to progress the
difference between person a and person B probably they should they came in at the
same time there isn’t a CB would probably move beyond a person a it’s
because they put in something extra and for me that something extra is the
realization that you are responsible for your development and so constantly you
need to ask yourself okay I’ve been doing this thing for so long I think I
can’t do it that better you know so what is it that I like that is not making me
do the very best I can or perhaps you’re doing your best but you want something
bigger than what you’re currently doing it’s not going to be handed to you on a
silver platter and so you have shown or demonstrated that sheer capable of doing
it so want you to ask yourself what skills do I currently luck okay my
organization may not be able to provide me with this but I need to put a
development plan in place for myself so perhaps I could read perhaps I would
sign up for courses they have ii are going to do some reading on the internet
or i could partner somebody who is really good and I’m doing something
let’s say even XO you realize somebody’s really good and XO hey I could even
partner this person because I see that this is their strength and learn
something from them so that when there’s an opening and it’s a it’s a it’s a
bigger room than what you currently have you would have acquired or gained so
much knowledge if it would have gained new skills you know that would of course
prepare you for that new role and that would even help you do your current role
better because you’re currently even overqualified for what you’re doing and
so my message we need to you is an employer’s
responsibility it’s obviously to train you for what you’ve been recruited for
but also for your personal development you need to do more outside of for the
employer office and that is the only way you can grown within an organization
that’s the only way you can get noticed within an organization so to be a
captain of your own personal development it’s the key point and all the same and
I really like that tell me when you post a job for example normally how much
turnover is that know how many people actually apply okay well it depends you
know we have entry rules so if you are recruiting a sales person you have so
many people applying that’s over five hundred yes if it’s a specialist rule
obviously the applications are fewer so if you are looking for a building
manager we don’t have so many people with that expertise you probably gets
between 12 to 13 applications and it is but typically for entry level rules you
can expect over 300 400 applications this means my friends that you need to
stand out your CV your presentation that is the first process of getting you
through of the Gateway to reach them and stand out so they can shortness to you
so you have to be prepared for every single step of getting that job that’s
that’s really impressive and whatever you have suggested to our viewers it’s
really very nice I would the last thing which I would go on is what is the final
message from your side upon depending on your explain and you have been working
in so many big organizations what do you think we’re people and do not focus on
where people actually take things for granted what are those things and you
think that those are the things really very important this is before they come
in or after they they come in before they come in so and I think a couple of
things people could pay more attention to as
respective employees fair more if you wants to be a fair candidates in
interviewing for a job really would be for you too you notice at the end of
interviews you ask if people have any questions and a lot of the times people
would say no I don’t I don’t have any question but it if an employer or the
interviewees interview s asking you so many questions and you don’t have a
question to ask doesn’t matter how silly you may think
the question is but you know it’s it says a lot about how interested you are
in the rule it says whether you read about the rule whether you’re interested
in the company how much you know about the company so for me these are things
that same people need to pay attention so you don’t need to ask a question by
all means but it helps to show some interest in the rule that you’ve
interviewed for by asking some really fun questions about the job the Giants
are beautiful what the current challenges are the wired some industry
for for that’s rule to be made in to be filled
you know how about role contributes to the organization strategy so on and so
forth it helps it helps to show some interest to show that you’ve actually
read about the role and about the organization I think another thing that
a lot of people take for granted that has put a number of recruiters off
because I have had a few instances where hiring managers have told me now I don’t
want to see this candidates but I know that sometimes I know some of the
candidates and professionally and I know that they aren’t very good but they
didn’t pay attention to Komatsu car errors on their series in the spelling
so here are series and it says that notes that this person doesn’t pay
attention to did so especially if one of the requirements of the rule is
attention to detail you know so if I am on the front page of your CV there are
so many spelling mistakes so on and so forth essays and a lot about you and
it helps really for you to look through these things that make sure that every
any CV that goes out has you know the right information has the right spelling
has the right grandma and I think that that these are the two two things are
people should be paying attention to which you like you know sometimes you
feel that this can make isn’t it even in the job but he’s asking for a big
salaries so we got Sarah but let me just said cause she said funny let me just
share one story with you everywhere previous job we interviewed ten people
in a day and then we the first person we interviewed touch you know where people
describe their profile or talk about the objective so this person came with
something written and his TV about this objective in his papers and second
person comes with similar stevie third person comes with similar cv same things
written so obviously they either live Ted for more heavily looked up on the
internet and oh you know then that we have to disqualify everybody but this is
exactly what I was saying that sometimes you need to pay attention to these
things you think that same don’t go unnoticed but it’s you if you don’t take
it seriously then people will not take you seriously
and in terms of people coming with unrealistic expectations
we’ve had several so somebody straight out of school hasn’t done his homework
doesn’t know what the markets are staying and just through the figure out
there it had several instances like that and maybe another thing you need to
prepare for when you’re coming from interview is to at least have an idea
what the markets is paying for your enrolling and also check to see if you
qualify because you you get people with no technical experience applying for a
head of technology go that is requesting for somebody with five years of
experience exhibits years of experience and so
one do not waste recruiters time by sending your CV when you know that you
don’t even if it’s the basic requirements and is there not also if
you do fit their comments and you are a cold funny interview look at your
current experience and then try and mention the salary that’s be fits or
reasonable stylized up it fits your experience and what she comes to the
table with because sometimes mentioning an unrealistic figure could throw or
could put the recruiter off so these are things that you also need to pay
attention to in Britain is we have actually collected a lot of treasure
expertise from him and I’m very sure that her sharing her views is going to
help you a lot and this is so many quite so many aspects of a good interview and
how does an interview will see a candidate so what I request you as a
friend actually because we are trying to build the gap between to bridge a gap
between the corporate world and the actual world where you are coming from
that when you are applying for an interview how you should prepare for it
it’s not a good single piece of the document of a CV which will get you the
job it is your attitude it is your
preparation it is your or focus inattentive attention on the details of
the job and in the perspective of the interview so I hope that this interview
is going to help you a lot and if you have any comments you can
only set us or an email which is info and send usually Cantley dot-com and you
can also subscribe to our same Korean toxic YouTube channel so every time we
have another interview you can always watch and learn from it
friends it’s an ongoing process technology’s changing years are changing
people are changing everything is now evolving itself in two or more and once
they’re more so we need to keep on learning I would like to emphasize
whatever was said about keep on training in developing yourself keep on knowing
more better and new things keep on a check and balance on yourself
wherever you are maybe you are three years experience maybe you have five
years spirits but still you need to keep on
learning for the future before the change to the adapter so I would like to
thank you album mentioning please get me my personal gratitude to have you
you know interview it was wonderful and I wish you guys rock up for your future
or is interactive and all your success coming thanks thank you sue thank you
sue and I think that you have a very great initiative and you should keep it
up thank you thank you so thank you very much for this great initiative I think
that sanitation Academy is doing a great job and particularly to want to empower
that you think of them ready for the corporate world and there’s a lot they
learn in school but it’s not enough to prepare them for what they they coming
needs and the corporate world and I think that’s and you should keep this
thing going and I hope that you could even extend it to partnering companies
and offering internship opportunities for people who are willing to come work
for corporate organizations and learn something
great okay

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