16 Replies to “Businessman – Right on Top (80s style)”

  1. Hey thank you. Sure it is just click the bandcamp link in the description and its the second song in the album.. I would be more than happy if you buy it and thanks again 🙂

  2. I'm seriously loving this song by the way. Something about it, just has me repeating it over and over again =) Nice work.

  3. Its a very good 80's style song. Although I think is missing something.. i dont know.. more feeling to it?

    Still, nice song.

  4. It was good but sounded more like the 70's electronic music. 80's beat was a bit faster, as an example listen to some high energy sounds 🙂
    Still a good sound though, I liked it 😀

  5. Great Job! Sure it doesn't sound completley like the 80's, but it sounds very close! Like, Fave, Comment, and Sub…. All from me!

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