Business Intelligence 3.0 by Panorama Software + Microsoft

Business Intelligence 3.0 by Panorama Software
and Microsoft Search technologies gave us the ability to
tap into huge amounts of data. However these technologies provide answers
to those who know what to search for and how to search for it. The Web 2.0 revolution changed everything. Instead of spending hours on research, we
collaborate with others to find and share information. Accumulated social knowledge allows smart
engines to create patterns and deliver relevant information to us without even searching for
it. Panorama Necto is the first to bring the web
2.0 revolution to Enterprise BI. And together with SharePoint and SQL it brings a ground
breaking way to connect data, insights and people in the organization, enabling faster
move from data to action. As VP Sales, Tom uses Necto to review recent
sales results. The system instantly identifies that there
is a problem – sneaker sales have dropped significantly in May. Through its unique relevancy engine, out of
thousands of employees who use SharePoint, Necto suggests Valerie, the Marketing Manager,
and James, the West Coast Sales Manager as the most relevant team members to collaborate
on the issue. Instead of sending out-of-context emails,
Tom pings James and Valerie within the system, asking what happened. James discovers that the decrease in sales
in May have been compensated by a substantial increase in June. He updates the discussion
in Necto showing the increase to the team. Tom and Valerie get their update in SharePoint’s
‘What’s New’ Instead of researching all the marketing data,
Valerie uses Cause and Effect to investigate the problem and receive super-fast results
using SQL In-Memory Technologies. The system automatically points out that they have reduced
marketing spending in May in order to run TV ads for men’s sneakers during the World
Cup in June. In just one click, Valarie was able to quickly find the root cause of the
problem, saving her hours of research. Tom is very happy with the effects of the
World Cup ads and suggests that they should sponsor additional sporting events to maintain
the men’s sales figures. Now that the team has found a new way to increase
sales, they can focus on more important tasks. Panorama Necto – leading the BI 3.0 revolution
with social business intelligence and automated relevant insights

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