Business ideas. Best business ideas for an International business

Hi, today’s video is about best business
ideas that work for an international business There are dozens of great ideas to choose
from when thinking to open a business at a foreign market. You may find a lot of them simply browsing
the Internet. In this video, we want to share the top
ideas which work for our clients. 1. Franchising. We have clients that use this model when,
for example, opening SPA salons or beauty salons; car wash and vehicle maintenance services. This is a great model for those investors
who don’t want to get personally involved in the daily operations of their business. 2. Investments into real estate for future lease. This is a profitable thing since the lease
of residential premises brings 7-10% of ROI, the lease of commercial real estate gives
more than 10% of ROI. So, if you have enough money to invest, buy
some property and enjoy your profits. 3. E-commerce. Currently, starting an online business is
a global trend. E-commerce offers enormous benefits to business
owners in terms of opportunities and profits. It is possible to sell products and services
from and to different countries. 4. Import and export services. International trade is one of the hottest
industries of the current century. This model offers many benefits to business
owners, for example, cost saving or ease of trading special products (let’s say sell
bananas in Europe or German beer in the US). It is easy to organize such a business – your
products may arrive from different countries to one distribution place, let’s say, in
Europe for further B2B sales. So, if you are serious about starting an international
business , consider all the options available. Once you make your choice, be bold and don’t
let anything hold you back! That’s all for today. If you have any questions or would like to
speak to us for more details, contact us from down below and don’t forget to subscribe
to our channel. Bye for now.

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