I will teach them a lesson now. Teach them a lesson later, first remove me from here. Stop right now or else, I will teach you all a lesson. Do you want to fight some more? Oh, you want more beating? Looks like he enjoys getting beaten up, let me beat him this time. I am not coming to get beaten up, my bike is behind you. I am coming to pick it up. May I? Ok take it away, but first tell me, whom were you guys chasing? He was king Fakermal, we wanted to catch him to take some money from him. But you have broken our bones. Thank you!! Where is Motu Patlu? King Fakirmal is very happy with them and wants to give them a prize. Go, I am their friend, I will inform them right now, thank you. Oh my lord! The King is going to give a prize to Motu Patlu. I am sure John won’t inform them about this because he is jealous of them. If I dress up like Patlu and take the prize. If I will change my looks, then I can look like Motu, I will take the prize on behalf of Motu. Oh! So you are Motu, where is Patlu? He is not. Patlu is here, my King, I am all right now. Hi Patlu, It’s good to see you here. Hi Motu, good you came here. Thankfully, Patlu didn’t recognize me. I have done a good make up, Motu didn’t recognize me. Motu Patlu, we all welcome you, everybody welcome them. Motu Patlu, we all have heard a lot about your bravery, are they all rumors or the truth? Yes, they are completely true. We are very happy with your bravery. And that’s the reason we have called you both here to give you both a prize. But let’s have some entertainment first. Yes, an entertainment should be there No, you both please wait there, you are going to entertain us all. But what will we do? You both can show us a demo of your bravery, we have already made arrangements. My lovely people, now Motu Patlu will fight with the tiger and entertain us. Mr. King, the matter is. Oh my lord! Mr. King, Motu is the one who always fights, I just give ideas. Motu, come on fight. No Motu Patlu, we all know that you don’t like to be praised. But for others happiness you need to entertain them, you both can easily defeat a tiger. Show everyone how brave you both are. Forgive us Mr. King, I am not Patlu, I am Ghasitaram. Forgive me too, I am not Motu, I am John, the Don. Whoever you both are, but now you have to face the tiger, come out fast. Chingam sir, King Fakirmal has locked me in the cage. Please come here fast and save me, sir please. Oh my god! What is happening here? Stop in the name of law, swear on mother India, and stop this right now. Hey, inspector Chingam, you are here to save them? Yes, I will save them and take them away, and nobody can stop me. If this is the matter, then look ahead. Oh my god! Tiger!! Ghasitaram, why you didn’t tell me that there is a tiger here? Sorry, Chingam sir, now please save us. Oh my god! Help!! Hey tiger stop! Please stop in the name of law, don’t come to me, ok. Mummy! Chingam sir, get up, the tiger is coming near you, you came here to save us. But now you yourself have fainted. Chingam sir, you came here to help us, but now we are helping you. Ghasitaram, please do something fast, otherwise the tiger will eat us up. Now there is no other way left, we have to call Motu Patlu. Motu Patlu, save us, come here fast. Mr. King, please leave our friends. Take them away, you both are real Motu Patlu, we have heard a lot about your bravery. Today prove it, we had planned everything for a little entertainment. Look, there is my tiger, defeat him and take back your friends. Mr. King, we won’t fight with the tiger, it is not good to fight with animals, we should love animals. Remove him from the cage, and send him back to the jungle. Yes, we will send him to the jungle, first defeat him in front of us and entertain us. What kind of brave are you? You both are not even fighting. Look tiger bro, you are the king of the jungle. Even if you attack us with your paws 100 times also then nobody will make fun of us. But if I will slap you even once then everyone will say, that Motu has slapped the king of the jungle. Am I right? You are right. So why are you spoiling your name? Maintain your reputation. Whatever you are saying is right. Come on then, no fight, let’s shake hands. Hey, What are you doing? Entertain us. Mr. King, we are now friends, now please leave our friends. What friendship? Soldiers, attack!! Tiger brother, you go back in the cage, we will face them. Oh my god! Why did you send the tiger inside? Remove him out. What kind of friends are you all? You are not helping your friends. Mr. King, now it’s your turn. Sorry, I made a mistake, forgive me, I just wanted entertainment. But all went wrong, next time I will not repeat such a mistake. Go, and stay in that cage for a month, then you will understand how it feels to be in that cage? He will go in a cage but not here, in a jail, hey King, you are under arrest. Motu Patlu, sorry, very sorry, I dressed up like Patlu, and came here to take the prize. Even I dressed up like Motu and came here for a prize, I am very sorry. Ok, I forgive you both this time, but not next time. Come on tiger, my friend, we will drop you to the jungle.

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