BUILDING VOID WALLS – Value Lock – Kobolds And Catacombs – Warlock Constructed

so that's a four five six seven so I would need to do is grab myself so I already have the to jump so I just need a three we'd already have a two also there's a three oh but then I lose the six they do have a six I can get a six wait but then I lose but now that's fine so this is duplicate so that goes there I got myself the six wait where's the three did I just kill the three oh no I get the three with this right I wanted not that much damage on my guys I probably should have snout that's fine Oh God why didn't I play written that last turn a36 thought wasn't gonna be good enough to win needs a powerup more sometimes you make plays where the chance of you dying is pretty likely but if you make the chant if you play if you make the play that lets you survive you lose all the time this rend is the critical card in this matchup it's actually just gonna be coin Rin into seal and to seal in the seal and the seal in the seal into as re that's the game plan here piers to be a good ol rasa priest okay we'll take a moment I had ten cards in my hand remove a thing it's a this deck like lets you just casually tap a bit too much sometimes I'm gonna play a Benari and then I'll play Rin I think that lets me online point out two of the things wait a second oh crap oh crap what have I done well now we're just playing a tempo game I guess you could always have silence oh we can wait no yes can I have multiple rings that's dumb let's take stool it's fine we're putting on a lot of pressure with the two two three three four five over five five six six right there only five steals if we use the final seal on the same turn that we draw doom your door void Lord we have a 50/50 chance that you're still anti fun it doesn't mean my cube doesn't get silenced then you're trying to beat my doom guards out so you can Anduin perhaps if that happens that when I blood Reaver cool done I am going to get three Doom guards which is pretty good alright I'll play your game so I means what am i doing with the eden minute of this turn probably just a lackey mistress interesting I guess this deck can be really aggressive aggressive enough to not need guys to get in strewed and maybe aggressive enough to beat priests finally intact which rewards my patients at the card huh well any of those drawers are still good he's dead in 4 turns I usually run a little bit helium that Dyke that kill the dart boat he made it into a duck good job buddy I thought that card might make him draw the priest maybe 24 is the magic number for a burst well with the coin and he hasn't drawn enough of his deck to really have it most of the time interesting oh I see it's got a bit of a dragon package so take two but I gained two back place that's a good card Wow feels good the bully raza priest with warlock so if the doomguard survives like an umbrella cube then deal 10 damage the dark factor would be another 10 damage getrekt is down that's right it's like the thalnos oh crap it added to damage oh my god alright so I can keep how far against ooh but there never is zero pretty much it's go of the Minari this is a game where I really want to have Rin am I willing to bet that this deck is so popular that sue doesn't exist right now I think I'm willing to bet that in which case possessed like is really good in sculpting Lari isn't that good because we want rin to actually go off the file they're just the file this allows it that's not good it's pretty good so I can just file for the one two three right now we'll just without hesitation go ahead and do this so I want to play the librarian give him the chance to save himself yeah a smart opponent would trade the one went into the t1 even the dumb opponent might do that because of one one in twenty one is good belly oh hey the missing link one two three four doesn't that suck or I can just play possessed Lackey take another eight damage but then the board afterwards is so insane I'm willing to take eight that's perfectly fine too bold yeah just the right amount of green I think that deck of Isaiah can never get past the walls it should be good so I just casually take another – that's the second doomguard so there's only one soul fire left I take the damage here at upgrades to spell stone yeah what Lord just solos there Skol the malaria will always get medium guard the possessed Lackey will sometimes get me void lorry which is better than team guard and sometimes it'll get medium good I guess we did this no tapping because of sulphide that was actually double unlucky drawing this and getting that now I guess but thanks to putting in written the duck I still have written and Umbra and I'm always getting at our creeper and then the to attack mistress and mixtures or the librarian so time for some master value let's see I'm guaranteed to get Rin or Umbra guaranteed thar creeper bone mayor would killed the tar creeper or let's say blood fury potion then he would need three damage it would be possible I guess the good of the guaranteed win I just want a style someone asked like why did I not just do that the follow earlier which was a guaranteed win well the thing is it's not there's enough there's very rarely a move that's a guaranteed win I chose the play that I thought would make me more likely to win which happened to be the greedy replay which I think would most of the time be right I think that's why this game is so interesting right there's so many different ways to play it'd be boring if everyone thought their way was correct so let's see when I cube anything I'm going to summon two copies of them it doesn't matter since it looks like I'm moving the twist here or maybe this file Oh time for some calculus we have 3 4 5 – so all we need is a 1 1 2 and that'll mean I get all the manosphere for everything else calculus complete this is probably better Simon's pretty good here what River Gould on I have to imagine is really good tear that but I can do that next time I got a dim guard zoo is sad when this happens they probably should it doesn't really matter hi bro I suppose that's most likely to be some sort of temporary wreck I have the way we Ramola getting for an anti aggressive hand so going for the low stuff the good old tar creeper mistress librarian it's kind of interesting looking this possessed Lackey it's just that's enough to pretty much buy me into the late game either it pulls up the five-seven Wow what's crystal core that's incredible so it's up to me to put on a lot of pressure on him then now I have a lot of experience against quest rogue from doing the solo player content dungeon run thinking about it quickly a doom guard is still good against the five fives so make sure to file in the hellfire could still clear the board and it's still very tough for them to get past void Lord the game is definitely gonna be decided before Rin and I comes up so Rin is basically an on condition in this game a non-factor it might still be worth just playing on curve for a three six ton and I should aim to be playing the fastest tempo place and I've got the twisting nether which could devastate him if he dedicates too much on to the board let's see how a good rogue player plays unlike the adventure unlike the dungeon run so looks like he might be trying to complete it with novice engineer and this would be his last copy of novice maybe it won't it's kind of slow to do it with novice engineer also the hand is already so full I would be kind of surprised that he tried if novice actually these two cards right here are the mimic potted cards to pay attention why I was gonna try to novice engineer that's probably too slow no need to kill the ferryman since that's really son should be better than this school still actually it'll be really easy they call off the lucky because the ferryman can't die it's really tough to do novice engineer when you're at full mammoth cards and all sonatas cost – I do think that the opponent will will complete the quest and it's just up to me to put up as many defenses as I can before that happens probably a mistake to put up patches well no needed the hand size I guess tough decision to put out the patches I guess would be the answer then so Dec does run vanish but if those cards get vanished back into my hand I have this Goldman Temari it's called the menorah to pull them out okay strong temper there Quest's done without much fuss ooh I don't like that is it time for the file or do I need to play with a file onto a really tough board it's definitely time for the file that's getting rid of 3 5 5 s right then the opponent at least has to spend hopefully a full turn playing caverns below or since he's used his preparation there too a bit so 5 7 can kill a 5 2 or 5 5 would Lord can walk quite a few of these those are the biggest minions I'll ever see but I think I want to get that lucky yet since lucky gets out a demon gardener of Woodward's much stronger it's ball stone for mana til a 5/5 at least okay I'm glad I didn't little bit a defile it's probably gonna be a very important board clear for me and we have the one on the board the two on the board and that three on the board we'll see whether or not cube lot can actually have belly rug which has the quest out it's gonna be pretty exciting there's definitely either a Hellfire is a foul turn oh I was saved from mill thanks to ice-cold amun-re nice so one two three we can easily get a four out what a pain and then what's up after that I need a three now I have it free Rin it looks like all right to hell fires together can clear six twisting nether can clear a bored bored River gold done I've had one void Lord die three void blockers die two doom guards died I'll be pretty solid Wow the Sonia turn after the crystal core is actually so powerful haven't seen this yet so Ike yes I can still play Blood River gold on though I can use my doom guards to kill off Sonia that was awesome yeah man's doled out ah feels good to be behind my wall to that temple

39 Replies to “BUILDING VOID WALLS – Value Lock – Kobolds And Catacombs – Warlock Constructed”

  1. As I watch priest do that for the final time, rip priest Raza nerfed, hallelujah meta (fuck priest anyways)

  2. Noob here with a noob question. Why is Trump so worried about using the Skull because "Rin won't go off"? Isn't she a deathrattle? Is there another interaction I'm not thinking of?

  3. I never get how people like Trump can think for the whole turn and make their moves with only a few seconds left on the timer. I can think all I want, but with so little time left, i'll surely make a misplay

  4. it's good to see yer feelin better Jens 😀 Yer edits really make these vids so much better 🙂

    (psst, see if you can't convince trump to play doki doki literature club)

  5. That first priest was so damn lucky. Has raza and anduin, Topdeck scream, topdeck alex, has valen too, this guy should go to the lottery

  6. why the hell is everyone saying trump missed lethal at first game? do you people even play this game? wtf

  7. Has someone put together a video of Trump going "Haha, priest" dismissively followed by him getting beaten by Raza Priest? I feel like that needs to happen.

  8. This was a really fun video to watch. Something about the editing just felt wackier this time for some reason…I don't know what it was but good job!

  9. The only Trump who's walls can actually do anything besides give racists fake security while wasting money 🙂

  10. Is it still worth it to craft patches and captain at this time or should i use my dust to make something that's from the new expansions?

  11. The Defile puzzle at the beginning was pretty complicated, but man was Trump's final line a terrible one. XD

    I think that being dead set on having the Defile chain kill the 7/7's is what has led Trump (and other commenters) astray. My solution would be to send the 5/2 into one of the 1/4's, Hero Power the 3/6, and then Defile. A total of 6 damage to all minions then occurs, and then you send your two 3/1 Void Lords into the opponent's two 7/1's. At the end, the opponent's board is cleared and you have a 3/2 Void Lord and 6 Void Walkers.

  12. Missed lethal at 7:08, lost him the game. He had 8 damage on board, +14 from spellstones after kobold. He was 7 damage past lethal and he missed it. Sad.

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