‘Blitzchung’ suspended by Activision Blizzard over Hong Kong support

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  1. I cant believe it. Finally an issue that can (hopefully) bring the left and right together rather then separate them even further.

  2. I stopped buying anything blizzard after they released diabolo 3, tbh I was never into anything they created except for Starcraft and the old diabolo series.. there is no cow level..

    Anyways.. sucks to be him but at the same time to announce that when you have a name in lights I mean it's totally obvious it was going to happen, most of these games play a massive role in china's market. Plus you've got sponsors that now take a hit for believing in you and so I guess that makes their stock plummet also.

    It's not just this one guy either, I've heard a lot of you tubers are doing so as well and if you think YouTube won't do anything you can think again.

    YouTube, twitch, Facebook, Twitter… any social media activity tied to something or someone that can make changes by bringing an audience via free speech gets Into trouble, people talk of change and they get removed.. that's the real world.

  3. He hijacked their official stream to put them in jeopardy, he deserves what he got. Go after Chinese companies if you want to harm china.

  4. All this whining reminds me of when everyone was hating the NFL, burning jerseys and tickets and such. Couple months later, everyone had moved on, and was watching the super bowl, lol. Blizzard will come out with a new game and atleast half of you will be right back to it.

  5. fk bliz they are worthless they have killed there games and now they choose to say fk Americans, china matters not the USA!

  6. Blizzard did the right thing, no political stuff in the game world. Go to HK and see for yourself, don’t believe all the media, they turn thing upside down.

  7. Blitzchung: Liberate Hong Kong
    Blizzard: OK. Don't come back before Hong Kong liberated. Collect your pink slip on the way out.
    Blitzchung: What the fxck

  8. fox , I love you some times 🙂 but get better reporters or report better lol you missing alot of information and mix up facts but you still get A- VERY RARE for fox. usualy its a D-

  9. If I do business in the USA, I will make sure topics such as "Woman should be house wife" or "Cities with a higher black population has a higher crime rate" stay out of my premises, even though they are not of the Chinese people's concern. Every country has their own political correctness. Freedom of speech has it boundary. Just because the general American public doesn't care about the unification of Chinese territory doesn't mean they don't need to show respect on it, the way their respect Islamic tradition, gender equality for example. Again, to all Americans, neither you nor the Chinese are not the center of the world. Therefore, mutual respect is the way to go. If you truly believe in separatism in the name of your freedom of speech, USA today should at least be two countries. Yet, we are still seeing Abraham Lincoln sitting at his throne, receiving adoration from all over the world.

  10. This if nothing else, will bring into attention the matter of Hongkong fighting for their freedom against China communism among the young people. He has done what he has sought to achieve when he make the remarks.

  11. This is repression!! This is against HUMAN RIGHTS! We have the right to freedom of speech because they own everything because of Greed we suffer they are silencing the world??? Free HONG KONG! China is not the world power freedom of speech save our voices help those who want freedom.

  12. He was suspended for knowingly breaking the rules of the Grandmasters tourney wich states you will not use the platform for political expression or gain. As for the casters they told him say the 8 words and we will end the interview. Break the rules that you signed to enter and get punished. To easy the end. All of you virtue signaling give me attention whores can hashtag it up. No one really cares and this will be forgotten in a matter of days.

  13. SAVE THE UIGHUR MUSLIMS, FREE HONG KONG CITIZENS ….BRING DOWN CHINESE COMMUNIST BASTARDS. Not that I expect much from the racist warmongers over at Fox, they just make everything worse!

  14. It’s strange, Blizzard has done something that seemed to be impossible, they’ve managed to find something that liberals and conservatives can actually agree on. Astonishing!

  15. I'm glad to see this getting coverage. I cancelled my wow classic account after blizzards support of China and trampling of freedom.

  16. If you have to put money over basic human rights then you need to check that Moral Compass because when we pass on you cannot take it with you, unlike your soul. So develop what you can take with you into a good one!

  17. Thanks Fox, for covering this story. I talk crap about the organization a lot but this story needs more eyes on it.

  18. Would you dare to imagine a time that Democrats supported a strict and often brutal communist regime over freedom? It just goes to show you how lazy, angry, and sad the everyone gets a trophy generation is. They have been manipulated so badly in schools, films by our communist Hollywood and communist teachers union their minds are mush.

  19. Blizzard is just rotten to the core these days. Big pride month enthusiasts but as soon as some fat cockroach chinaman waves a stack of money in their faces they forget all about western values. DIE.

  20. I hate the fact that Chinese money is contouring the games, movies, sports and consumer goods, affecting our lives…

  21. Who wants to make bets about whether or not Kotick is already in the process of cowardly jumping ship to another company he can ruin?

  22. This isn't just about HK – The Uyghiers in the eastern desert (Xinjiang), Pakistan, Tibet, Japanese islands. China are a menace.

  23. I have over 400 hours on Overwatch, but I ll never play it again. How dare Activision and Blizzard bend over for an evil dictatorship like China???
    Maybe the CEOs of these American Corporations would like to have their organs harvested or their children work in sweat shops?

  24. Do not go gentle into that good night. Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light

  25. Blizzard did the only reasonable thing which is staying neutral. If they would do nothing about Blitzchung and the 2 casters, that would be a DIRECT shot against China and they would be taking part in a conflict which is clearly not what they are supposed to do as an entertainment company. They simply say that they are no platform for publishing political opinions

  26. you people realize HK is China and nobody is invading or attacking HK except the leftist criminal protestors right….

  27. Been playing Blizzard games for 20 yrs… now I don't want to spend another dime. Whatever the rules for the event were, is really not even the issue here. Hope the backlash will be huge.

  28. I hate both Democrats and republicans, but at least I support their freedom of speech and I know I won't get thrown in prison for saying screw both Clinton and Trump.

  29. Activision-Blizzard is an American company based in California that enjoys the protections and freedoms the United States gives them on one hand but on the other hand they work on behalf of a foreign government (China) in suppressing those same freedoms from people in a region of the world China is at conflict with. (Hong Kong) You should talk to Mark Kern, he was a member of Blizzard's World of Warcraft development team and knows quite a bit about Blizzard and gaming in China. Here is a live stream with Mark Kern @3w74

  30. 评论区里这么多废青,你们这么想要光复香港可以继续你们的”和平抗议解决”方式啊,反正香港那里到底发生了什么大家都知道

  31. They also fired the two talking heads who literally hid when blitz talked about hk. Blizzard has since did a half step and are going to pay blitz the 10k but give the three people a 6 month ban.

    One of the points not addressed is the blizzard official account supporting the censorship saying it wouldn't allow for china to be disparaged.

  32. So it is not ok for Americans (European-Americans especially) and their gov when the same thing is done here in the US by lets say those athletes players who use that platform to bring an issue to the attention of others, refuse to stand up and sing the US national anthem? but it is ok and to support it when it is done in another country the same way? that's very stupid and some BS. You people are PATHETIC. The biggest brainwashed people on earth (no different than those terrorist in Syria when it comes to being brainwashed) and the biggest hypocrite ever. Stupid double standards. F out of here! Well done Blizzard.

  33. China is not that democracy. so nobody allowed to insult she and earn money from she.

    country has their warning line. freedom of America and sovereignty of China. do not try to touch that line.

    people in countries who have not be invaded humiliated murdered with a century hard to understand that feelings. in that period Chinese didn't have right of live not to say right of human. so that time will never ever happen again.
    you can humiliate a Chinese but you can't challenge the Chinese sovereignty because no China no chinese.

  34. See how this host asks questions at the end for the less intelligent viewers, i think American news stations should do the same. Not even a knock on it as an entirety, just some people do not understand if they don't follow news and technology daily.

  35. This is why we need to enforce our MONOPOLY & ANTI TRUST LAWS….Back in the 1970's federal judges used to drag corporations into court to break them apart when they got too big and we're considered a "THREAT TO THE CONSUMER". When corporations tried to merge / buy each other out it took WEEKS if not MONTHS in court and judges most of the time denied the mergers for the same reason…"THREAT TO THE CONSUMER"…

  36. So sad, all this loser cares about is a game, he is one out of tens of thousands of people who have no life outside of gaming in Hong Kong

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