BLACKROCK CRASH – NEW HEIST CONTENT! w/ Togwaggle | Rise of Shadows | Hearthstone

welcome it's time for me for festival stop man how fast can you beat Blackrock Mountain let's see how's this dad go in order shall I start with hog waggle why are we stuck in giant candle at a random card your hand from another class countless seconds overpowered ten card deck – I'm not really planning on speedrunning right off the bat because you gotta count everything else but oh I'll try to play it a fairly fast cut this run for example I'm sure if I was speedrunning I would not play hunches I'm a burglar and clicking the button this takes time etc etc but God I see what all the bosses do first first run-through with all the bosses it's not a speedrun easy Oh oh the opening deck you get Brede pickaxe the candle and bag of coins do you always get exactly these three and it looks like the treasures you get are the old dungeon run treasures pretty interesting well henchman is pretty sweet let's start with it and we've got that's slow viscera J tricking Edwin under state'll how many death threats do I have almost none let's go through this rate Edwin our combo is really good at the bag of coins Baron Geddon deal 5 damage to me hero if they haven't even spent a minute Oh drew patches that seems pretty straightforward just don't have any unspent metal or do have one spent mana who really cares I imagine if you're speedrunning it would be almost always wrong to ever press this button again when we got here cutthroat plus attack that seems good preparation and at or Drake yeah let's go Catherine Alma no Tron defense system activate our keynote I'm like taking my time at first like if you try to speed run right off the bat I feel like that's not the best strategy you gotta learn the ins and outs of the bosses and Doc's they can create some abuse first I thought your clean straw is great but sadly we don't have anything that goes with it until no that's how you speedrun mental note if I'm trying to speedrun a tog boggle take Kevin Van Cleef this is a good thing this grants lair backstab Lasher Fox Cutlass test I think this best best guard you'll one damage to all minions I was like why does that seem so weak answer it's because of this well hello there yeah get the extra point I'm sorry well Oh future pack x value draw three cards are these two cost to one it's probably better than orb of the untold probably the best rate miscreant risky I think that's best I'll try me DS a couple weapon that grows as your opponent place cards okay just get the exact come to event with us bag of coins Ville ah destroy your opponent's weapon I remember this I remember in heroic mode you didn't get the destroy your opponent's weapon but I don't remember however is when we last fought these guys in what situation did we fight all these black all these bosses it was through the Black Rock Mountain DA I think you built your own deck for that I'm so forgetful guess I'll settle hurry eat it edwin vancleef how sad they're slow decent cards really slow clearly the goal is just to take the best the fastest stuff because the deck is so insane oh it's like a mix of old roles a little bit of Neff little bit of rag cute this is the slow start not good for the speed run we get enough that I am going for speed running up right now I don't know how many bored clears and etc these guys have but we'll just assume they don't have any and then when I get more clear I'll mark that off as a learning the opponent is a warlock huh three six 78 1215 1921 the whole this area now choose the coupler go fast pull each player draws two cards this is where you draw the bag coins of the edwin vancleef come on coin one time you'll like my greedy you Alyssa gram pretty bad here's the 3d pickaxe pretty good this bag of coins actually doesn't do anything at this point because my hand is full no the bag actually that doesn't really matter much but my treasure is 4 6 9 10 14 18 22 28 and I think I have lethal I don't have enough mana to oh yes I do and over foam I think that's right though I do have a lot of spells I've heard though a hand in her phone was really good for this speedrunning but Grover the Magi have like all these spouse let's go hand I guess let's go spells if it was earlier probably better agree my viscera is still seven damage is pretty good I think still not good enough to keep my Nevin vancleef one time that's the good ol Ragnar us from the old Ragnar versus in that period but importantly only starts with one mana it's not a lot of mana a very sentiment of men in fact let's rock doesn't I mean since rag doesn't have a lot of mana it's pretty easy just overcome it on the board as opposed since he shouldn't have anything that does it I remember playing wagner's vs. material enough to know he is a living bomb five six seven eight thirteen at one T damage so that's a pretty easy event it seems starting with three treasures and having the bosses not actually have anything Affairs pretty easy pupae ones have a pretty fast pace I certainly wasn't going for any world records back twenty to thirty okay he won in under an hour you want an under forty minutes well who doesn't manage to finish this in under 40 minutes too

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  1. I did king togglewhatever and saw quite a bit of spells I had so I grab me a cape of +3 spell damage. Later on after near death I got another cape and laughed. Needless to say I killed everything in less than 5 turns and finished in 40 minutes.

  2. I didn't read into all of it enough at first so I didn't know you were supposed to speed-run it and went with a value-oriented Rogue and tried to push the button almost every turn. Finished the run in like 45-ish minutes in the end…

  3. I Dr. Boom'd the hell out of him. Every pick was bombs or mechs (With bombs) Works so well when by turn 8 at least half their deck is bombs. Would have had sub 25 mins but had to leave the game for a while (Not sure if pausing it would have made a difference, I hope not)

  4. i played shaman on this and got the 1 mana growing minion and made it every minion in my deck, its a draw 10

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