20 Replies to “BLACKROCK CRASH – Hagatha Has Potential! | Rise of Shadows | Hearthstone”

  1. Was watching at the same time I played. Transmogrified an Ozruk with dice passive. Had some pretty good cost 0 5/30's on early game.

  2. speed running this doesnt seem very hard, first time playing as togwaggle and I did it in 18min. especially since you only have to be under 40 min

  3. Why not duplitransmogrify the Questing Hero? It's cheaper than The Muscle, and it's self-improving whenever you play another one.

  4. Transmogrifier with togwaggle's dice is actually insane. I was dropping that 8mana rush windfury lifesteal shaman elemental on turn 2 and then again on turn 3.

  5. 8:36 Gets Selfless Hero and Rat Trap….
    Selfless Hero: Nothing scares me, except mice
    That's a funny coincidence that he got both those cards.

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