BGSU Business Analytics and Intelligence

so the program here at BGSU and business
analytics and intelligence i think is a little bit different from the few other
competing programs around the country we are one of the first actually in Ohio at
least to to develop a business analytics specialization and it is kind of a
unique program it has a mixture of information systems as well as
statistics some of the students that they’re competing with just have never
taken this I think BGSU has a big advantage at first I wasn’t quite sure what I
wanted to do I just knew that I liked math and data and analyzing problems I
heard about the business analytics program at BG and it just seemed perfect
for me the skill set is a mixture of the information systems gathering of data
and database management trying to visualize data trying to understand what
that data is telling you we always try to tell students to use analytics as
kind of a differentiator to partner that with their other specialization maybe
their finance major an accounting major marketing major take analytics to kind
of give yourself a leg up on your competition well I was originally
studying just finance it but I heard in industry that there was such a movement
towards big data and driving information from this data to make it more informed
decisions so I thought it would be an excellent pairing of finance and
analytics to enter the working field one thing about the business analytics
program that I’ve really really loved is that they they really work to get you to
not just study the material but they they work to get you to understand that
and then apply it to the business world recently we took a trip over to Michigan
I helped the band director structure a business case to get us up there we were
able to go and bring this up to the Dean of the College of Music and up to the
provost office and they were able to accept the based on the cases and
numbers we’ve had what I’ve learned in class it was more of a way of looking at
problems and more of the methodology of solving these problems is what I have
been able to apply it to work in internships students have great success
in finding jobs the employers love our students they’re well rounded they have
a business background and then they have this specialization and analytics that
gives them that leg up on some of the competition just this past summer I
worked for Owens Corning as a data science intern and I’m continuing to
work for him throughout the semester and it was exactly what I was looking for in
an internship where I’m able to use my database background my statistics
background in the work that I do every single day when that has led to a
full-time position for me as well in the business analytics program I
think it’s an excellent ratio of faculty to students having a close relationship
with faculty members allows me to be comfortable when asking questions in
class inside the College of Business is that nice close-knit community it’s so
engaging everybody is just so friendly and so welcoming we get to know the
students really well I think a lot of the credit for that actually goes with
the Dean the Dean has done a great job of listening to students involving
students he always says show up be prepared be
engaged get involved and have fun and we try to mirror that and carry that over
into the analytics program as well so analytics and statistics actually can be
fun it’s a great experience being in a business analytics program

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